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Author has written 7 stories for Artemis Fowl, Doctor Who, and Teen Wolf.


Q: Is the squid fic part of the Foul Team canon?

A: Yes, the squid fic is FT canon. We’re actually preferring to think of it as canon-canon, too. It would explain so very much.

Q: Are you actually two people?

A: I swear we are multiple. There are actually two physical people behind this keyboard. I mean, these keyboards. I mean, WE mean. Uh.


There’s two people working on all the fic that gets posted to this account (unless something’s a solo project, which will be stated in that fic’s A/N). Winged works in a print shop and is going into marketing, while Freud is a barista who’s trying to figure out what on earth you’re supposed to do with an English degree. We’re both massive dorks who write a lot, and we’re trying to cohabitate.

We try to remember to sign individual messages, and we usually have each other read PM’s and responses before they go out from this account, but sometimes we forget. Winged does most of the admin stuff from this account, so if something’s not signed, it’s a safe bet that it came from her! Even so, we’re pretty much always on the same page about stuff.


Q: How does your collaboration work, then?

A: We do a lot of our writing when we’re actually in the same room, usually snatching the same keyboard back and forth as inspiration strikes (sometimes mid-sentence). When we’re not in the same physical space, we keep a Skype chat open so we’re still in communication about everything. All our drafts are kept in a shared Google Drive folder, so we can both see and edit everything in real time. Unless otherwise stated, all our fic is a result of that shared process.

In terms of the writing itself, a lot of the wonderful character and worldbuilding stuff is Winged, while Freud is responsible for fitting a lot of the logistical plot details together. That's not a firm divide, though, and we both end up doing a bit of everything!

Q: Do you have personal accounts?

A: Winged does have an active ff account -- you can find it here!

We’re also on Twitter, live-tweeting most of our adventures (@Wingedflight and @freudiancascade).

Q: Where else can we find you?

A: We’ve got an AO3, though we can be slow to update our fic on there.

We’re also on 8tracks, because we’ve got a big enough combined ego to make fanmixes for our own fic. Freud’s responsible for most of those.

Speaking of music, TheBigCat recorded Icky's revolution manifesto song here!

Q: Do you two have a vlog, shared blog, or podcast?

A: We might actually start that up at some point, but at the moment, nope. For the record, a lot of our fics’ banter comes from the two of us snarking at each other as we write. So yes, we actually talk like that -- check our Twitter feeds if you don’t believe us.

It’s kind of sad, really.

Q: Wait, are you SURE you’re two people?

A: We just checked, and the answer’s still yes. Winged is allergic to cats, and Freud is not. What more proof could you need?

Q: But seriously, the squid fic --?

A: Definitely canon. Message us. We’re happy to talk about it.

Q: Are you actually Eoin Colfer in disguise?

A: We are still so baffled that people have asked us this more than once!

Thanks for the compliment, but nope! We’re two Canadian women, and we definitely don’t own the original stories or characters.

Q: Why does it take your fic so long to update?

A: The short answer is “life is hard.”

The long answer is, we’ve got a couple of reasons. Primarily, a group of OC’s who we’d planned to have a small role in FT took their story hostage and demanded we write it properly. Somewhere along the line it stopped being fanfic and started being its own series, but by that point it was too late for us to do anything about it. Now we’re working on a trilogy about ghost hunters and government conspiracies and road trips and found families, and it takes a lot of attention away from our fic enterprises!

That’s even when we have time to write which, unfortunately, isn’t always the case. Real life happens, and (due to being two people) syncing up our schedules and creative mojo can be really tricky. But even if it’s been a few months since our last update, we still see every review, fav, and follow! We may not reply right away (and sometimes we do forget to reply at all) but each of these notifications is so appreciated.

We haven’t abandoned any of our fic -- if we do, we’ll definitely post an update about it. Please assume we intend to come back to ongoing stories unless we state otherwise, and feel free to poke us if we’re being really slow about updating (the motivation and reminder really does help!).

Q: But the squid --


Q: What other projects do you two have planned?

A: On the AF front, we’re definitely not done yet! We’ve got season three of Foul Team mapped out, even if we’re taking our sweet time actually writing it. Freud’s got a sequel for Past Paradoxes brewing, too. We’ve also had a Time Paradox AU floating around on our hard drives for literally years now, in which Holly and Artemis have to take the long way around to get back to the present day, and sooner or later we’re bound to flesh it out properly. Maybe after Foul Team? We shall see.

We’ve also got another Teen Wolf fic coming together. It involves an epic road trip, Stiles and Lydia being BAMF detectives, lots of witty banter, and Isaac being the reason why we can’t have nice things.

We doubt we’re going to write any purely Doctor Who fic in the future; we’ve both lost interest in the show lately.

This list definitely isn’t complete, so don’t be surprised if we come up with things that aren’t listed here! In all honesty, a LOT of our fic isn’t planned out in advance. It just hits us over the head and runs away with us for a few days or weeks at a time.

Q: Will you read my fic?

A: Possibly, but no promises. Freud’s BA in English has absolutely wrecked her ability to read things just for fun, and Winged hasn’t been reading fic much lately at all. We’re sure your story is great, and if we don’t get around to reading it, we’re sorry and it’s nothing personal! If we do read it, we’ll leave a review so you know. (Also, Winged is likely to review from her personal account.)

Q: Are you two ever going to write smut?

A: Well, seeing as there ARE two of us having to communicate and agree about all the nitty-gritty details of everything that goes up (or down?) on this account, that could get really awkward.

Most of the time we are nowhere near drunk enough to even think about it, so don’t hold your breath!

Q: Do you really have a plan for FT?

A: We swear we haven’t been throwing darts at a corkboard! … Okay, we totally have been (once!), but there is a set plan for the important stuff. We have an outline document that’s nearly 20,000 words long and takes forever to load every time we need to check something.

So yes. We do.

Q: So, if you know what’s going to happen next in FT, what is it?

A: We’d tell you, but then we’d have to kill you. And Freud is really not down for having to hide another body this month.

Winged would like to clarify that Freud is joking about hiding bodies. That’s Winged’s job.

Freud would like to clarify that if Winged just implicated her in the actual murder itself, we’re THROUGH.

The Siri on Winged’s phone would like to clarify that, since neither of them has googled any corpse disposal sites lately, it’s unlikely they’ve actually killed anybody recently. She hopes.

Q: I’m still wondering about the squid --

A: I think we’re done here.

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