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Hey people, if you're viewing this page hopefully interested in my work and not serving me notice for breach of copyright.

Here's some brief info about me:

Occupation: Student

Books I like:

- Romance of the Three Kingdoms;

- Name of the Wind

- Night Angel Trilogy

- Zero Sight Series

- Neuromancer

- Dresden series

- Monster Blood Tattoo Trilogy


- Basilisk

- Ergo Proxy

- Fate/Stay/Zero (like the Natsuverse in general)

Fan Fiction Stories

Kaleidoscope Effect

Story outline and progress report:

1. Endless Rain — Complete

2. A New Path — In progress — 7000 words and counting

Iga Naruto

Story Outline and Progress Report:

1. Intro Arc

- Chapter 2: Added extra scene

showing Akeginu creating the ebon ropes, plus more general detail about them.

- Added scenes depicting some of Naruto's training.

-Added scenes

that showed evidence of training (rather than just summarizing what he had done eg. hits a rabbi with a shuriken shows he' had traiining in shurikenjutsu rather than just saying he had such training).

- tweaked Naruto's characterization, trying to show elements of his trickster nature and how is natural tendencies that we see in canon are being tempered by his education and training.

- Chapter 3: Several new scenes

added to demonstrate mental development, not just skill development as was previously the case.

- Chapter 3: Infiltration of the Hokage re-written. No significant changes, except that Naruto now copies the info on the scroll instead of stealing it.

- Chapter 4: Slight re-write of Itach v Naruto

. No changes to outcome, just tightened up the description of the fight. Added material to suggest Itachi and Naruto do know each other, and that Itachi is aware Naruto is more than he seems.

- Chapter 5:Added scenes depicting Naruto's education in nature manipulation

. Greater emphasis placed on the difference between Senpuu Kamataichi/Iga style wind manipulation and Narutoverse style wind manipulation i.e. Atmosphere manipulation as opposed to cutting with wind blades. Attempt to provide Naruto with a more esoteric style of wind manipulation, consequently in future chapters he will not know the wind cutter technique.

- Chapter 6: Rewrote first meeting with Kurama.More tentative start to their relationship instead of making a deal in their first meeting; Naruto no longer posses high speed regeneration. Slight amendment to fight scene with Aoi.

2. Graduation arc


Chapter 8: Yugao is now the one to introduce Naruto to chakra flow (instead of Naruto just knowing it). Yugao changed to a sensor class nin as depicted in recent episodes of the anime. Provides a more plausible reason for Naruto's progression in that area.

Chapter 9: Yugao chastises Naruto about genjutsu (using it on her). Reflection about Naruto's lack of teamwork, or rather how he is used to doing missions by himself.

Note: I haven't uploading these changes yet. To avoid inconsistencies —particularly for new readers — I will be uploading the changes to all chapters in one go once I've completed them all.

3. Wave arc


No major changes, just making sure everything is consistent with changes made to the previous chapters.

4. Chunin exam arc

- In Progress/UPDATING

4.1 Leaf Politics - Complete

4.2 War Games - Complete

4.3 The Calm Before the Storm- Complete

Currently conducting a revision of the story (see above). Amendments being made to all preceding chapters. Updates will all be released simultaneously at a future date.

4.4 Messy Business - Complete

4.5 Finals/Invasion- In progress — 15,000 words and counting

5. Post chunin/Search for Kouga arc/ Jiraiya/ Tsunade

5.1 Fallout/The Toad Sannin

5.2 A Kouga in Iga

5.3 Tsunade

Iga Naruto: Part II

6. Oto Infiltration arc

7. Rogue Naruto arc

7.1 Resurrection

7.2 Iga meets Kouga, old enemies reunite

8. Ruins of Uzushiogakure/ Naruto's Legacy

9.Bloodline civil war arc

10. Snow Country arc

Character Profiles — Kaleidoscope Effect

Kagami (Shepard)/Shrike

Age: 6-7

Birthplace: Ame

Affinity: Fire

Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan


Character Profiles — Iga Naruto

I've had a lot of questions about what jutsu Naruto will be learning etc, hopefully this will give you an idea of the direction I'm going. I've also posted info on any Basilisk characters that will be appearing.

Naruto - A Rank (S Rank - in the future)

Affinity: Wind

Kekkei Genkai: Mystic Eyes:

Grants the user the ability to neutralize any ninja technique. It is unknown exactly how this is achieved. There are several limitations, the greatest being the requirement for eye contact. It is an ocular technique, without the necessary eye contact it will not work. This allows the technique to be countered by long range jutsus, use of proxies such as puppets or by simply refraining from eye contact while fighting. Also, the mystic eyes do not affect purely physical techniques such as taijutsu or kenjutsu. The final limitation is timing. Eye contact must be made while chakra is being channeled. The one exception is passive techniques such as fuinjutsu or juinjutsu. In the case of those two they can be neutralized by making eye contact with the person who is affected by the seal. The mystic eyes are also known to have a detrimental affect on supernatural creatures and an established ability to sever symbiotic relationships between Yokai and humans.


Taijutsu (kenjutsu): 3 (4.5), Ninjutsu: 3 , Genjutsu: 4 , Intelligence: 4.5 ,

Strength: 2 , Speed: 4 , Stamina: 5 , Hand seals: 4

Total: 31


Blood Projection

Blood Manipulation: Blood Mist (Hiden Jutsu)

Blood Manipulation: Blood Tag (Hiden Jutsu)

Chakra Flow: Wind

Doton: Doryuheki (Earth Wall)

Ekōrokēshon (Echolocation)

Fuinjutsu: Counter seal

Futon: Daitoppa (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough)

Fūton: Shinkūjin (Wind Release: Vacuum Blade)

Fūton: Kazekiri no Jutsu (Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique)

Genjutsu: Kakushi Ken (Genjutsu: Hidden Blade)

Genjutsu: Akai Shinkirō (Genjutsu: Red Mirage)

Genjutsu: Suimin Yuudou (Genjutsu: Sleep Induction)

Genjutsu: Nyu-Shokku (Genjutsu: Neural Shock)

Genjutsu: Sakasama no Sekai (Genjutsu: Inverted World)

Kage Buunshin

Senpu Kamaitachi

Kibaku Fuda (Explosive Tag)

Mikazuki no Mai (Dance of the crescent moon)

Mikazuki no Mai/ silent killing variation (Dance of the crescent moon/silent killing variation)

Shunshin (Body Flicker)

Basing his character build off Basilisk techniques mostly:

1. Kenjutsu: Iga Ryu, Tenzen's style, Battojutsu/Iaijutsu Chakra Channelling Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki (yep, the ultimate battojutsu technique from Kenshin. Faster draw due to the change in footwork, and the unblockable vacuum suits Naruto's style and preference for that type of wind maipulation).

-Genkenjutsu (Use of genjutsu with kenjutsu, same principle as the Raikage's nintaijutsu).

1.1 Legendary sword - Kusunagi is a katana in the manga, but i'm thinking on using another one(need to do some research) that he finds in the ruins of Whirlpool.

2. Taijutsu: Jiu jutsu, based of locks, throws and breaks (i.e. not relying on physical strength) instead of the tempo styles you see a lot of in Naruto. Also has some acrobatic evasions worked in fore no restive defence.

3. Blood manipulation Blood Mist Silent killing Red Mirage (see below under 6.2)

4. Kamaitachi Vacuum Creation: Essentially an area of effect vacuum– extremely powerful (would be one of the most powerful offensive jutsus around, SS rank). It will be a combination of wind chakra, kamaitachi, and fuinjutsu. I'm using Type-moon again here, Naruto will create a 'field' in which he can temporarily create his own reality, in this instance Naruto will be using this field to create an area of nothingness and absence in space.

5. Ebon Ropes Wind Chakra Ropes Chakra Ropes

6. Kyuubi:

6.1 High Speed Regeneration/Semi-immortality - check

6.2 Kistune Illusions: Naruto uses pheromones to induce illusions - check

- Red Mirage: High level area of effect genjutsu, combines genjutsu with blood mist. Similar to the second Mizukage's technique. Naruto creates phantom's in his blood mist to distract and confuse opponents.

- Butterfly genjutsu: Similar to Itachi's crow genjutsu; Naruto uses actual butterflies as a medium to extend the range of his pheromones. Similar in principle to red mirage (i.e. extending range of pheromones using a vector), however where as red mirage is an area of effect genjutsu, this is much more focused.

- Echo Movement: Leaves a trail of afterimages when moving.

6.3 Bakemono (Shapeshifting): Intended to allow Naruto access to replace Amayo's body dissolve technique and Roussai's taijutsu which requires serve changes to the bodies joints.. Not till much later as this is Kurama's unique and most powerful ability, will probably require removal of seal.

Keep in mind Naruto will need to bargain for these techniques or convince her too give him access to them, at the moment he's only got the regeneration.

Use it to perform physical and tangible hedges, and maybe shape shift into an animal. Also will allow him to change his molecular structure, turn his body into water etc. No huge shape shifts though.

7.Takagari (Falconry)/Spirit link - Rich history of this in Japan (along with hawking). Naruto will be using an Owl instead of a falcon or hawk.

9. Fuinjutsu: Will be good at this. Hiraishin good? Not for a while anyway. Learn this from Jiraiya and Kurama, may find Uzumaki scrolls (thinking they may be in Danzo's possession). I don't know if he'll learn Hiraishin or develop his own teleportation seal - i'm thinking one that allows short distance teleportation within an area of effect.

- Time distortion: Uses a complex seal to create a field of effect where Naruto can manipulate time. Essentially allows him to separate time inside the field from time outside the field. Inside the field Naruto can slow or accelerate time, but not reverse it (cannot change cause and effect).
See Type Moon/Kiritsugu Emiya for reference.

- Various Uzumaki seals

10. Sensor: Comparable to Kouga ninja Hyouma's skills.

- Ekōrokēshon: Taught to him by Yugao, Nauto sends out a wave of chakra which resonates with the chakra of nearby living creatures. The feedback to allows Naruto to locate nearby shinobi.

- Kyōyū Chikaku (shared perception) - A variation of Hotarubi's technique. Naruto can share sensory inputs (sight, sound, smell etc) with creatures (humans included) by linking his chakra to theirs. Will be more difficult to achieve with humans due to complexity of their minds.

- Tenmon: Using shared perception technique Naruto can use animals sensors to understand the environment, and predict changes in weather.

- Matter sensing: A contact type sensory-technique which allows Naruto to detect any presence that come into contact with the matter to which he is fused (using Gyoubu's matter merging technique). Akin to Tobirama's sensor abilities.

11. Kouga skills:

11.1 Gyoubu Kasumi's Matter Merging technique (Allows the user to merge with solid objects. User must be naked and weaponless when using this technique) Matter Manipulation (User can manipulate the matter he is merged with)

Limitations: Can only 'merge' with something of equal or greater surface volume. I.e. Naruto won't be able to merge with a sword or something smaller than him. It's restricted to things such as walls, ceilings etc. Must be naked, so no weapons. This forces Naruto to rely on either jutsus, taijutsu or Nenki's hair jutsu which he will learn (maybe a kouga skill as well). Naruto will learn Akeginu's blood clothes technique as well to deal with the being naked issue.

Could use Kuchiyose: Raikō Kenka to overcome this limitation if he put the seal on his skin.

Akeginu - S Rank (Bingo Book Name: Crimson Death)

Akeginu's appearance (from Basilisk anime)

Akeginu's appearance (from anime) Image#2

Akeginu's appearance (from Basilisk anime) Image #3

Akeginu in action/bloodmist (short youtube video)

Affinity: Water


Taijutsu (kenjutsu): 4 (4) , Speed: 3.5 , Stamina: 4 , Ninjutsu: 4.5 , Genjutsu: 2 ,Intelligence: 4, Strength: 3 ,Hand seals: 2 (Based on the fact she doesn't use them for much since she primarily relies on her hidden jutsu which requires no hand seals)

Total: 27

She'll be up and running eventually, when she is her control over blood will be significantly better than Naruto's (she's been practicing for 1000 years), and she'll have access to chakra.

Blood mist Poison Mist (Collaboration Technique/Kagerou) Blood Storm (Infuses high voltage of lighting into blood which is conductive - Naruto should also be able to do this.)

Blood manipulation Blood Volumen: For those who have seen Fate/Zero and are familiar with Volumen Hydragyrum you should understand straight away, for those who aren't its essentially the ability to manipulate fluids. The mages who could use it could control mercury to amazing effect, Akeginu will be able to do the same thing with blood. Provides a devastating offensive/defensive/support justsu, very high utility. Essentially a malleably blade that can extend to any length and move at any angle while also acting as a shield. It will look similar to Danzo's Ura Shisho Fuinjutsu only red.

Blood Bending: Akeginu's control of blood does not stop at her own. In close quarters she can extend her influences over to other people's blood allowing her to control their bodies like a puppet. Adopted from Avatar.

Blood dress: In Basilisk her kimono is actually made of blood which makes her very dangerous in close quaters as she can activate 'Blood manipulation/Volumen without having to extract her own blood.

Uzuki Yugao - A Rank

Affinity Earth


Taijutsu (kenjutsu): 3.5 (5) ,Ninjutsu: 4 , Genjutsu: 3 , Intelligence: 3 , Strength: 3 ,Speed: 4 ,Stamina: 4 ,Hand seals: 4

Total: 30


Doton: Shinju Zanshu no Jutsu

Doton: Doryudan (Earth Dragon Bullet)

Doton: Doryu Taiga (Earth Flow River)

Doton: Doryuheki (Earth Wall)

Doton: Doryuso (Falling Earth Spears)

Doton Kage Bunshin (Earth Shadow Clone)

Futon: Daitoppa (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough)

Kage Buunshin (Shadow Clone)

Katon: Endan (Flame Bullet)

Katon: Karyudan (Flame Dragon)

Mikazuki no Mai (Dance of the crescent moon)

Suiton: Suiryudan (Water Dragon)


Okoi (Basilisk anime) Image #1

Okoi (Basilisk anime) Image #2

Affinity: Earth

The first Kouga nin I will introduce. I was stuck on how to introduce the Kouga nins, since she died on Iga grounds she will be the first Kouga ninja Naruto encounters. She'll also be the means by which Naruto will locate the Kouga ruins.

She brings a lot of personality to Naruto's group, and is a generally pretty likable character (she was one of my favorite character in the anime version). The fact that she's Saemon's sisters also adds another element to the story.

This brings it to three Kouga nin, and three Iga nin (if you count Naruto as Iga). I won't add anymore Basilisk characters (five is enough). I ended with more females in Naruto's group than originally intended, but they just tended to be the more interesting characters (in my opinion). The best male was Saemon (who I've included), and after him Tenzen (who I haven't included because I want Naruto to be the leader of the group).


Blood absorption: Skin contact allows her to suck a persons blood out of their body. Suction is so great that once she touches you escape is practically impossible. She needs to vomit up the blood once she's finished draining her opponent (I can see Naruto using a seal to circumvent this issue).

Combination technique: Blood absorption/Matter Merging: Okoi can drain the blood of anyone in contact with the same surface she is merged to Provides range for her blood absorption technique.

Chakra absorption technique: Variation of her blood absorption, only it drains energy instead of blood. It is a defensive technique which she can apply in a similar way to Pain's Preta path, though unlike Pain her absorption ability it is not unlimited. The ability to neutralize ninjutsu will force most opponents to use taijutsu against her, which is exactly what she wants.

Passive energy absorption:Has the ability to absorb natural energy.

Blood absorption means her Taijutsu is extremely dangerous.

Tanto mastery

Kagerou - S Rank

Kagerou's appearance - Image#1

Kagerou (anime) - Image #2

Affinity: Fire

As with Akeginu her poison abilities/control will be more advanced after 1000 years. She'll no longer need sexual arousal to trigger poison and will be able to do so at will. This will make her basically impossible to beat in close quarters combat unless you have high immunity to poisons or high speed healing like Naruto. Abilities could be viewed as analogous to Hanzo's.


- Shikomizue: Sword cane (hidden sword coated in poison/ Iaijutsu)

- Master at shuriken jutsu

- Poison senbon (Dangou's technique)

- Poison Breath

- Genetic immunity from all poisons

Poison touch: ability to poison opponent upon skin to skin contact. Poison of her own origin, unique, will make her touch lethal, thus making her taijutsu extremely dangerous.

- Poison cloud: short range cloud of highly toxic poison.

- Poison blood mist: collaboration jutsu with Akeginu, combines her poison with Akeginu's blood mist. Uses blood as a vector to spread poison over wide area of effect.

Kisaragi Saemon: S Rank (the Mimic)

Kisaragi Saemon (from Basilisk anime) Image #1

Affinities: Earth

Like the other Basilisk ninja Saemon will be extremely strong. He has earth affinity which will give him even greater control of clay. He's not a front line fighter though despite owning just about everyone in the manga. He has extremely good basics, being good at just about everything but his unique talent (clay face) isn't a battle technique. He uses acting and his clay to disguise himself and is so good at it he can even fool family members. Since his infiltration skills are of the charts i'm also making him a saboteur, he will be good with explosives.

Master swordsman: Kouga-ryu (Iaijutsu style. He's very good at this, capable of stopping hand seals — type in 'Death of Hotarubi' in you tube for example).

Master of Hensojutsu (infiltration arts)

Master actor/mimic - Has unique vocal chords that grant him a huge vocal range. Allows him to mimic the voice of practicably anybody - man, woman or child.

Master of Jui Jutsu (seriously good at this)

Master of Kajutsu/Kayakujutsu (explosives/gunpowder/fire starting)


Clay face technique Mimicry: extension of clay face technique that uses chakra and earth affinity to cover his whole body in transformative clay which takes on the appearance of anyone he had moulded into the clay. Combined with acting and miming abilities this technique allows for an almost flawless impersonation of another individual.

Explosive Grenade (various): Gunpowder based. He makes his own explosive mixtures etc.Were available during his time, but not prevalent in Naruto so I think having someone with non chakra based explosive would be interesting.

Hotaru Bi - S Rank ( Butterfly Mistress)

Hotaribi's appearance (from Basilisk anime)

Hotarubi's appearance (from Basilisk anime) Image #2

Hotarubi (Basilisk anime) Image #3

Hotarubi's death scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJxIt6Qn-e0

Affinity: Wind

The scary, tanto wielding butterfly woman is back. I originally was planning on her just having a cameo (to teach Naruto spirit linking) but I'll probably open it up for discussion since she's awesome. I'm basing her off the novel in which she is much, much more powerful. In the novel she can control ANY reptile or insect in the immediate area and she does so by influencing the creatures minds. Considering given her some telepathic abilities or some form of senjutsu.

Scattering Butterflies Technique: Similar to Aoba's use of crows: uses a swarm of butterflies to hide movement and distract.

Mind Control Pulse: Sends out a telepathic waive allowing to take control of all insects and reptiles within range. Particularly dangerous in the forest of death considering the size of the insects and reptiles.

Spirit/mind link - Vipers

Expert with Tanto/Knife fighting

Nenki's Hair jutsu: Allows Hotaru Bi to use her hair as a weapon. She can use her hair to strangle people or even harden it and use it to pierce a person's body.

Fukiya (blow dart)

Kyūjutsu (art of archery)

Butterfly summons/Snake summons

Seven Days of Darkness : An Iga clan potion capable of sealing shut a persons eyes for seven full days. In Basilisk she uses her viper to spit this potion in Gennosuke's eyes, effectively sealing off his dojutsu for the rest of the story.

Genjutsu immunity: Her insects and snakes an not affected by genjutsu.

Sensor:Connection with insects and reptiles makes her very hard to sneak up on.

Sensor blocking: Uses her butterflies to mask her presence and provide a degree of immunity from sensory ninjutsu.

Tayuya (A Rank)

Will join Naruto at some point in the future. She brings brings another strong genjutsu user to the team, and is extremely intelligent. She also knows a number of collaboration and barrier techniques which she will show Naruto.

Affinity: Water, Earth


Cursed Seal (Orochimaru influence removed)

Sound Based Genjutsu

Demonic Flute: Makyō no Ran/Mateki, Genbusō Kyoku/Mateki,Mugen Onsa

Summoning: Doki

Kuchiyose: Rashōmon

Barrier Ninjutsu (main supplement to her genjutsu):

- Kekkai Hōjin (Barrier Encampment Method),

- Shishienjin and Shikokumujin (Four Violet Flames Battle Encampment)

-Doton Kekkai: Dorō Dōmu (Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison of Magnificent Nothingness)

- Will add some Uzumaki water barrier techniques.

Jikūjutsu Shiki: Yomi Tenshin (Space-Time Technique Formula: Underworld Turnover)

Excellent Strategist (probably the aspect of her skill set that attracts Naruto the most)

Kama (Taught by Akeginu)

High frequency attack that induces unconscious (similar to Tousen's first release from Bleach). Still thinking up a name.

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Discontinued From My Other Profile
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