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The Tournament of Legends: Completed!

Can Percy ever catch a break?: It's now CuriousGuest's story now. Sorry PJ Fans. I am Betaing CuriousGuest's story and it's awesome. He's writing a lot before he posts the first chapter!

Burnt to Ashes: Chapter 8: 0/7000. 7000 is a minimum I want to have for my chapters. I will not start writing chapter 8...I'm back int he hospital :( This story is on TEMPORARY hiatus...Sorry! I will continue this story though!

I'm honored to say that my beta for Burnt to Ashes is KingFatMan25! If you haven't read any of his stories, please check them out. The stories are some of the best I have ever read!

Burnt to Ashes Pokemon:


Charizard- His loyal and ferocious starter Pokemon.

Moves: Smokescreen, Dragon Rage, Flame Burst, Flamethrower, Slash, Fire Spin, Sunny Day, Flare Blitz (Egg move), Iron Tail, Will-o-Wisp

Pidgeot- Caught in Viridian Forest

Moves: Hurricane, Quick Attack, Whirlwind, Twister, Wing Attack, Steel Wing, Tailwind, Air Slash, U-Turn, Mirror Move, Heat Wave, Brave Bird

Pikachu- Caught in Viridian Forest

Moves: Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Electro Ball, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Slam, Double Team, Agility, Iron Tail, Brick Break, Volt Switch

Kabutops- Found as Fossil (Kabuto), resurrected, and evolved, to protect Ash from AJ

Moves: Mud Shot, Protect, Slash, Giga Drain, Rollout, AncientPower, Aqua Jet, Endure, Night Slash, Ice Beam, X-Scissor, Scald

Blastoise- Former leader of Squirtle Squad. Evolved to fend off Team Rocket.

Moves: Bite, Rapid Spin, Protect, Skull Bash, Iron Defense, Hydro Pump, Dig, Scald, Ice Punch, Gyro Ball, Flash Cannon, Muddy Water (Egg move)

Ivysaur- Former guardian of injured Pokemon. Joined Ash to get away from them, after they didn't need him

Moves: Vine Whip, PoisonPowder, SleepPowder, Razor Leaf, Double Edge, Synthesis, Seed Bomb, Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball

Riolu- No moves known.

Bagon- No moves known.

Gyarados- Thrash, Dragon Rage, Aqua Tail, Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Outrage, Iron Tail

Gengar- Hypnosis, Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Shadow Punch, Sucker Punch, Payback, Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Destiny Bond, Nightmare, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Sludge Bomb Perish Song


Wartortle- Starter Pokemon, received from his Grandfather.

Moves: Water Pledge, Scald, Ice Punch, Rapid Spin, Protect, Hydro Pump, Bite, Iron Defense, Rain Dance

Scyther- Caught in Viridian Forest

Moves: Slash, Wing Attack, Swords Dance, Agility, Double Team, X-Scissor, Night Slash, Air Slash, Razor Wind

Nidoking- Caught right before Cerulean City, as a Nidoran. Evolved with Moon Stone.

Moves: Double Kick, Thrash, Earth Power, Megahorn, Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Sludge Bomb

Nidoqueen- Caught right before Cerulean City, as a Nidoran. Evolved with Moon Stone.

Moves: Poison Sting, Body Slam, Earth Power, Superpower, Dig, Ice Beam, Sludge Wave

Omastar- Found as fossil in Mt. Moon, resurrected.

Moves: Water Gun, Hydro Pump, Rock Blast, Shell Smash, Rollout, Protect, Brine, AncientPower, Gyro Ball, Mud Shot

Electabuzz- Caught near Vermilion City.

Moves: Thunderpunch, Protect, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Brick Break, Thunder Wave, Dual Chop, Cross Chop (Egg Move)

Primeape- No Moves Known


Ivysaur- Starter Pokemon received from Professor Oak

Moves: Same moves as Ash's Bulbasaur

Persian- It is unknown how Persian was caught. He was caught as a Meowth though. Evolved during training.

Moves: Fake Out, Faint Attack, Swift, Slash, Pay Day, Night Slash, Power Gem, Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam

Eevee- It is unknown how Eevee was caught.

Moves: Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Bite, Take Down, Double-Edge, Baton Pass, Dig, Shadow Ball, Rest, Protect, Iron Tail, Sleep Talk

Vileplume- First used against Lt. Surge. Unknown how she was caught.

Moves: Stun Spore, Sludge Bomb, Petal Dance, Facade, Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Body Slam, Solarbeam, Sunny Day

Poliwhirl- Fished out near Vermilion City.

Moves: ?

Vulpix- Unknown how she was caught.

Moves: Quick Attack, Confuse Ray, Faint Attack, Flame Burst, Will-o-Wisp, Payback, Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Dig, Flame Charge

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Name: Eclipse Silverline

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Birthday: April 25th

Hometown: Celestic Town, Sinnoh

Appearance: Eyes-Emerald Green
Hair-Silver with a sleek look to it. (Aristocratic) Long enough to tie a medium sized ponytail…just below the shoulders.

Body-Well toned and slightly muscular from living and training in the mountains. Tan skin and a very political shaped face…pointed and handsome.

Clothing Everyday: Black jeans with a black belt. He wears a simple white tee-shirt with a black dress shirt left unbuttoned. He dones black cowboy boots when outside battle. A pair of stylish sunglasses and a black onyx ring with a diamond center and a silver ring band that his mother left him. (The ring is always on, even in battle.)

Stadium: He wears a black suit that has blue marking along the sides of the legs and arms. His shoes are formal wear with black on the top and white along the edges. He also wears a black cape with a dark blue interior and a hood so he can avoid people.

Training: Black Sweat pants and a black tank top.

Sleep: Dark Green pajama pants and a dark Green button up pajama shirt. Silver trimming goes around the edges.

Personality: He is a cold person towards others because of his childhood. When with his pokemon he is very different, he is like a child again, playing with his pokemon including his more fearsome ones. He also hates the media, whenever he has won a competition, he tries to get away as soon as possible. He enjoys learning about the history of the legendary pokemon and wants to capture at least one from each region. Inside, he longs for love and hopes to find someone who he can share a future with.

History: When Eclipse was 5, his father left and took everything with him, leaving Eclipse and his mother on the streets. After getting their lives back on track, he was going to start his journey with the Gible his mother gave him but her sudden dead caused him to wait a year. So he left at the age of 11 with his starter Gible. Wanting to be the best, he decided to train before entering the leagues. He traveled the four regions for three years capturing and training pokemon before going Kanto to test his power. Along the way, he met Paul and had a battle with him. He defeated Paul and the two started to talk and became friends. They traveled on separate paths but kept in contact, trading secrets to make them both stronger.

At the age of 16 Eclipse received a message that his father had passed away and left a massive financial empire to him in an attempt to gain forgiveness. The Empire was in pokemon items such as tms, pokeballs, and many other trainer friendly items. Eclipse sold the company for a large amount to the Pokemon League in hopes of finally getting rid of his father.

Eclipse hates the weak with a passion and if he views someone as such he will go out of his way to beat them in battle.

Family: Mother-died when he was 10
Father-Left the family when Eclipse was 5 but died, leaving Eclipse with a huge fortune.

Battle Style: When raising pokemon, Eclipse raising their stats to the max and will often spend hours with his pokemon making sure they have decent resistance to their weakness. In Battle he likes to end things quickly with powerful attacks but if he is forced to continue, he will toy with his opponents and use status to gain a major advantage. One of his favorite things to do is have his pokemon defend with Sword Dance by spinning rapidly. This not only breaks any incoming attack but raises his pokemon's attack stat for a quick finish. One thing that has made Eclipse famous was his ability to make "fusion moves" that combine attacks together to form a new one.

Battle Cry: "Pokemon" Secure my victory!"

Accomplishments: Eclipse has defeated both Battle Frontiers and gotten the respect of Scott. Scott is after Eclipse to head up both Frontiers as the "Final Brain" for Kanto and Sinnoh but Eclipse has yet to budge. He sees the Pokemon League as a calling to weak trainers and the only one he ever did was his home region of Sinnoh in which he won in his first try. Since then he has refused to take part in any league because he doesn't see the challenge.
Sinnoh League (First)
Kanto Battle Frontier (Winner)
Sinnoh Battle Frontier (Winner)

Love Interest: Has a weakness for powerful women trainers. (Clair/Cynthia/Sabrina)

Character Options: Main Character or Rival.


1: Garchomp


Ability-Rough Skin
Type: Dragon/Ground

Moves: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Giga Impact, Brick Break, Dragon Dance, Protect, Dragon Rush, Stone Edge, Dragon Tail, Flamethrower, Surf, Sandstorm, Iron Head, Draco Meteor, Sword Dance, Crunch, Rest, Sleep Talk, Double Team
Fusion Moves: Dragon Impact (Dragon Rush Giga Impact)…Garchomp charges up dragon rush and then focuses his energy to Giga Impact. Impact wraps and contains the dragon rush and fuses the attacks together. Most powerful move Garchomp Knows and usually results in an instant K.O. Large recharge time

Info: He was Eclipse's starter pokemon and his most powerful of his normal pokemon. Is obsessed with trying to become more powerful and is the ladies man of the group. Can often be seen taking ice attack in order to increase his defense. Has a massive crush on Cynthia's Garchomp and has a fantasy of meeting her. He is Eclipse's most powerful pseudo legendary and his last resort in battles.

2: Lucario
Nickname: Xavier
Ability-Inner Focus
Type: Fighting/Steel

Moves: Bullet Punch, Drain Punch, Bulk Up, Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Extreme Speed, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Protect, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Extreme Speed, Bone Rush, Flash Canon, Sword Dance, Blaze Kick, Rest, Sleep Talk

Fusion Moves: Elemental Combat (Ice Punch Thunder Punch Blaze Kick Close Combat)…Charges the three elemental attacks before repeatedly sticking opponent.
Dragon Sphere (Aura Sphere Dragon Pulse)…charges attacks in separate paws and combines to form more powerful move

Aura Pulse (Aura Sphere Dark Pulse)…charges aura and dark energies in his middle before sending out a large wave of dark aura.

Info: Xavier is all about nobility and loyalty. He will do anything short of losing his life to make sure Master Eclipse wins the battle. He always kneels on one knee with his right paw over his chest as a sign of respect for his Master until he is told otherwise. When Xavier isn't battling he is sparring with Eclipse or one of the other pokemon. He also enjoys meditation on a rock in the middle of a spring that resides in the garden at Eclipse's mansion. He is in a fierce competition with Salamence to decided who is the second strongest in the team.

3: Salamence



Type: Dragon/Flying

Moves: Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, Hyper Beam, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Thunder Fang, Protect, Draco Meteor, Stone Edge, Steel Wing, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Dragon Tail, Roost, Dragon Rush, Double Team, Attract, Aerial Ace

Hatched from an egg. She is very aggressive and is also very unique. Her father was a Milotic thus making her able to use Hydro Pump. She is Eclipse's main means of transportation and loves to fly and perform very skilled moves in the sky. If her master is ever threatened, she is very dangerous. Under her hard cold outside is a very soft pokemon. She has an unbelievable crush on Garchomp and is always trying to impress him. She is in a fierce completion with Xavier to decide who is the second strongest in the team.

4: Snorlax
Nickname: Don
Ability-Thick Fat
Type: Normal

Moves: Curse, Body Slam, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Earthquake, Rest, sleep talk, Giga Impact, Protect, Amnesia, Double Team, Surf, Iron Head, Outrage, Counter, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Brick Break

Fusion Moves: Thunder quake (Thunder Punch Earthquake)…Don charges thunder punch on both hands before slamming into the ground with them. The electricity travels along the fissures causing massive damage.
Ice Age (Ice Punch Earthquake)...Charges ice punch on both hands and slams them into the ground. Field freezes over and causes damage to opponent.
Fire Quake (Fire Punch Earthquake)…Same as other two but uses fire punch.

Info: Don is odd for his species for his more active side and readiness to battle. He wears a white tuxedo top with a bow-tie and gives the impression of a Mafia Boss. Don is Eclipse's Surprise Pokemon and will often bring him out after making his opponent think they have a chance. Don is very proper and has a habit of enforcing manners and proper dress code.

5: Kabutops


Ability-Swift Swim
Type: Rock/Water

Moves: Aqua Jet, Night Slash, Stone Edge, X-Scissor, Sword Dance, Protect, Waterfall, Scald, Giga Drain, Ancient Power, Brick Break, Waterfall, Iron Defense, Rest, Sleep Talk, Ice Beam, Double Team, Stealth Rock, Giga Impact, Aerial Ace, Rain Dance

Fusion Moves: Ice Slash (Night Slash Ice Beam)…Focusing the energy from Ice Beam, Kabutops forces the energy to travel to his blades where he traps the energy from night slash. His blades become encased in ice with an eerie dark purple glow.
Ice Edge (Stone Edge Ice Beam)…Launches the stones before using Ice Beam on them to increase their damage.
Sword Defense (Sword dance Iron Defense)…Kabutops spins at a furious rate to break any attack that comes at him. At the same time he increases his attack and defense sharply.

Info: The first fossil pokemon that he captured. Kabutops has a very sadistic personality. Has an obsession with battle and has had to be restrained by several of Eclipse's pokemon on occasion. When he isn't fighting, he is usually sharpening his claws or cutting objects into pieces. After a battle, his signature stance is to lick his blades after striking an opponent. Kabutops is the bodyguard of the group.

6: Charizard
Nickname: Leviathan (Shiny/Shoots black flames instead of normal color.)
Type: Fire/Flying

Moves: Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Solar Beam, Flare Blitz, Ancient Power, Protect, Slash, Shadow Claw, Hyper Beam, Rest, Sleep Talk, Dragon Tail, Thunder Punch, Roost, Blast Burn, Iron Tail, Hidden Power (water)

Fusion Moves: Shadow Blitz (Flare Blitz Shadow Claw)…Shadow Claw is charged on both hands before Leviathan charges with Flare Blitz. The orb of flames takes on a dark aura from the mix. Takes recoil damage after attack.
Dragon Blast (Fire Blast Dragon Pulse)…Charges up Dragon Pulse and then launches out a Fire Blast. The two attacks meld together and form the a bluish green version of the Fire Blast.

Info: Captured during Eclipse's travels around Kanto as a Charmander. Eclipse found him hiding in a cave from a group of pokemon poachers who were collecting rare and alternate colored pokemon. After defeating the men, Eclipse offered the young fire type to join his team and promised to make him a Charizard. Leviathan, like all Charizard, is very proud of his status as a fire type and even more so of his rare coloring. He is very hot headed and will challenge anyone that irks him the wrong way.


1: Dragonite


Ability-Inner Focus


Moves: Dragon Claw, Thunderbolt, Ice beam, Flamethrower, Hyper Beam, Dragon Rush, Protect, Earthquake, Extreme Speed, Dragon Dance, Body Slam, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Hurricane, Dragon Tail, Roost, Thunder Wave, Draco Meteor, Iron Head, Aqua Jet

Fusion Moves: Thunderstorm/Ice storm/ Fire storm (Thunderbolt, Ice beam, Flamethrower Hurricane)…Depending on the element type, Dragonite charges up one of the three element types to her wings and then launches a massive wind with the element charge within. Short recharge time

Dragonite has a motherly nature about her. She battles and trains so she doesn't fail her Master and tries to learn from her mistakes. She is the third Pseudo Legendary obtained by Eclipse and hopes to one day battle alongside her Master against a legendary or against one of the Dragon Masters.

2: Gengar




Moves: Shadow ball, Shadow punch, Hypnosis, Will-O-Wisp, Thunderbolt, Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball, Hex, Dream Eater, Dark Pulse, Psychic, Confuse Ray, Destiny Bond, Payback, Sucker Punch, Toxic, Drain Punch, Ice Punch,

Personality: Very dark and cold like Eclipse but with a sick twisted sense of humor.

3: Gliscor


Ability-Poison Heal


Moves: Roost, Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Sword Dance, X-Scissor, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang Protect, Payback, Giga Impact, Stealth Rocks, U-Turn, Poison Jab, Night Slash, Cross Poison, Iron Tail, Sky Attack

Fusion Attacks: Poison Slash (Poison Jab Night Slash)…charges each attack on each claw and attacks.

Personality: Fun loving and determined. Loves to fly with Eclipse during training.

4: Aggron


Ability-Rock Head


Moves: Double Edge, Earthquake, Iron Head, Flash Cannon, Dragon Claw, Protect, Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Stone Edge, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Surf, Shadow Claw, Payback, Dragon Tail, Rest, Sleep Talk, Head Smash, Curse, Outrage

Personality: Strong battler and loves to learn as many move as he can.

5: Alakazam
Type: Psychic

Moves: Calm Mind, Psychic, Energy Ball, Recover, Shadow Ball, Psyshock, Hidden Power (Fighting), Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Miracle Eye, Future Sight, Protect, Hyper Beam, Charge Beam, Signal Beam, Focus Blast, Rest, Sleep Talk

Info: The wise mage of the group...Alakazam was captured early in Eclipse's journey as an Abra. Alakazam is always looking to better himself in defense as well and finding challenging mental puzzles. Alakazam can talk to his master via telepathy and is often Eclipse's go to pokemon when he is troubled.

6: Electivire


Ability-Volt Absorb


Moves: Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Protect, Earthquake, Giga Impact, Thunderbolt, Light-Screen, Brick Break, Discharge, Psychic, Cross Chop, Signal Beam, Dual Chop, Iron Tail, Rest, Sleep Talk, Magnet Rise, Rock Tomb, Flamethrower
Personality: The Prankster of the group. Always enjoys a good laugh but loves to win battles more.

Name: Infernape
Gender: Male
Ability: Iron Fist
Type: Fire/Fighting
Moves: Flamethrower, Mach Punch, Flame Wheel, Close Combat, Calm Mind, Flare Blitz, Protect, Bulk Up, Toxic, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Shadow Claw, Stone Edge, Sword Dance, Thunder Punch, Iron Tail, Dual Chop, Rest, Sleep Talk, Blast Burn
History of Pokemon: Infernape was found by Eclipse as a Chimchar after being abandoned by his previous trainer. The little fire type was very cold towards Eclipse and challenged him to a battle. Eclipse defeated him using Leviathan. Upon seeing the power of a fully evolved fire pokemon, Chimchar decided to go with Eclipse and quickly evolved into his final form. While he doesn't utilize the fusion moves that Eclipse is famous for, he makes up for it with deadly power and speed.

Name: Rampardos
Gender: Male
Ability: Sheer Force
Type: Rock
Moves: Headbutt, Zen Headbutt, Head Smash, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Brick Break, Flamethrower, Sandstorm, Payback, Giga Impact, Protect, Rock Polish, Stone Edge, Sword Dance, Dragon Tail, Iron Head, Surf, Rest, Sleep Talk
History of Pokemon: Power…is the only description for this prehistoric pokemon. Rampardos was revived towards the end of Eclipse's Frontier Journey in Sinnoh and quickly became an asset to his master. He looks up to Kabutops and hopes to one day be as strong.

Name: Floatzel
Gender: Male
Ability: Swift Swim
Type: Water
Moves: Ice Fang, Crunch, SonicBoom, Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, Bulk Up, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Brick Break, Protect, Payback, Scald, Focus Blast, Aqua Ring, Iron Tail, Rest, Sleep Talk, Ice Punch, Giga Impact
History of Pokemon: Floatzel is like most of his species and is always ready for a fight. Fast and strong, he loves to battle stronger opponents even if he has a strong chance of losing. The difference is that he feels the need to prove himself to Eclipse and the rest of the team.

Fusion Moves: Ice Impact (Ice Punch Giga Impact) Floatzel charges ice punch on both hands and then charges with Giga Impact around him. The attack takes on an icy blue color and has a moderate recharge time.

Ice Jet (Ice Beam Aqua Jet) Charging a ball of energy in his mouth, Floatzel then uses aqua jet before firing the beam and encasing himself in ice.

Name: Haxorus
Gender: Male
Ability: Rivalry
Type: Dragon
Moves: Dragon Tail, Toxic, Dragon Rush, Hyper Beam, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Giga Impact, Protect, Draco Meteor,
History of Pokemon: Haxorus is the only pokemon the Eclipse found worth his time in the Unova Region. While he is rather young he is still determined to prove he is a dragon of his own and tries to become as powerful as Garchomp.

Name: Empoleon
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Type: Water/Steel
Moves: Aqua Jet, Brine, Drill Peck, Hydro Pump, Sword Dance, Hydro Cannon, Iron Defense, Stealth Rock, Rest, Sleep Talk, Signal Beam, Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon, Grass Knot, Scald, Shadow Claw, Surf, Waterfall, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam

History: Caught shortly after Infernape, Empoleon was very timid at first being surrounded by so many powerful pokemon. He and Infernape formed a friendship being the two youngest at the time. Since then he has shed his timid nature for a more aggressive one. While not at the front of the party he can hold his own against most opponents, including ones who have a type advantage. Along with Infernape, Empoleon form up a tag team should Eclipse need them.

Fusion Moves: Flash Beam (Flash Cannon Hyper Beam). Empoleon charges the flash cannon and then the hyper beam. The two meld together and form a silver beam of massive power. Moderate recharge time after attack.

Ice Jet (Aqua Jet Ice Beam) Just like Floatzel

Sword Defense (Sword Dance Iron Defense) Same as Kabutops

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Four years after the disappearance of Percy Jackson, a book called The Queen's Champion is delivered on the Winter Solstice meeting on Olympus, warning the gods and their children of what is to come. Over-used plot but hopefully mine is alright. All credit to Anaklusmos14 for his amazing story. Read, Review and hopefully enjoy!
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Burnt to Ashes reviews
Ash is smarter, darker, and calmer; like he should have been in the anime. Starts off with Charmander and not Pikachu! No pairing for Ash until he is older. Eclipse Silverline (OC of KingFatMan25) in here as well! On TEMP hiatus.
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