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Hi, I'm Katy. I'm 21 on the outside, 12 on the inside.

What happened to all the awesome slash? Now I walk into the Wrestling section of, and drown in a flurry of indistinguishable OCs. I want to see the wrestlers make out. Now. One of these days I'm gonna go nuts, and you're gonna find my profile littered with a bunch of awfully written crackfics.

I like TNA and WWE. Shock and awe, it's possible to like both! Currently I like TNA more but this is subject to change once the orange goblin starts his reign of terror. I have been to the Impact Zone more times than I can count. It smells funny. I met James Storm and Hernandez, and they are very very nice men who I would like to give hugs.

I like a lot of wrestlers. Some of them are more popular, some of them aren't. There's few people I actually seethingly hate. Honestly, right now, my hate list consists of "Bobby Lashley". I also think Ted Dibiase Jr.'s looks are incredibly overrated but I don't want to incur the wrath of the fandom so I'll shut up on that one (CODY IS WAY WAY WAY WAY BETTER, AND HAS THE TRIFORCE).

The Eternal List of Sunshine and Love:

I like these people. Some of them I want to do, some of them I just like as wrestlers. Wanna fight about it? I probably left some people out, but these are the main ones deserving of the list, honestly.

TNA: James Storm (Current King of my Pants), Robert Roode (Because he's Storm's boyfriend, obviously), Eric Young (He predates all my TNA favorites. He was the gateway drug.), Hernandez (WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?), Homicide, POPE!!, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin

RAW: Evan Bourne, Cody Rhodes (Keeper of the Triforce), MVP, Kofi "IS THAT A BUG ON YOUR HOOD, RANDY?" Kingston, Sometimes Randy Orton, Sheamus because TOO MANY LIES!!

ECW: Hurricane, Forever and ever and ever until I die a painful death. Christian, similarly until I die a painful death. TRENT BERETTA TRENT BERETTA TRENT BERETTA (so glad he finally got called up.) Zack Ryder, WOO WOO WOO YOU KNOW IT. I liked Vance Archer back when he was Lance Hoyt and actually did interesting things. Josh Mathews, Greatest Announcer Who Ever Lived.

Smackdown: JoMo in Sexy SloMo, Dolph Ziggler and his tiny pants, CM Punk, Chris Gelatinous Parasite Jericho

Girlies: Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Mickie James, Melina, Alissa Flash, Daffney, Hamada, Taylor Wilde, Sarita, Tara, Awesome Kong.

... That is pretty much it.

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