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Author has written 5 stories for Thor, Lord of the Rings, and Avengers.

Hello! I am Vana Jedi, but you may call me "Vana". Before I had an account, I reviewed on stories under the pseudonym "Ayy Kaim". I have a sister, AaylaKitofNilfheim.

About my name: Vana is the name of a very minor Valar, which are the sort of angels of Middle Earth. Vana is also the adjective that is sometimes placed in front of the names of the Vanir from Norse Mythology (e.g., Vana Freyja). And Jedi, well, is self-explanatory. I was trying to cram as much fandom as I could into a short penname, and I think I managed it pretty well.

My Gender: Well, what does Vana sound like it is? I'm female.

If you want help writing, I'm available as a beta for the Star Wars, Avengers, Thor, and Lord of the Rings fandoms. I could probably beta other stuff too (depending on whether or not I've, you know, read/seen it), but those are the fandoms I have the most experience in.

My Favorite Things: Aside from raindrops on roses and warm woolen mittens, I like Star Wars. I think the "Jedi" part of my name says that for itself. And Norse mythology. And because I like Norse mythology, then by default I like Thor. I also like the Avengers. So I basically like Star Wars, Marvel, and mythology. Oh, and Lord of the Rings. Hobbits in particular. So if you ever see me muttering something about wanting to hug a hobbit, that is why. Well, you won't see me, because this is virtual. But, you know, if you virtually see me--you know what? Never mind.

By now you've finished the important stuff (or what I feel is important, and I'll admit that that's horribly biased), so just feel free to click the little "end" button on your computer to get to the stories. The rest is just stuff I like and don't like pertaining to fandoms and fanfiction in general.

About My Writing

If any of the people who read my stories are on here, please leave a review on them. It can be as boring as "i like that story" or you can go more into detail, but it brings me such joy to see the email notification that says "new review". If you do, thank you, if you don't, thanks for reading and I hope it made you smile.

As of the moment I think I'll be writing more hobbity Lord of the Rings one-shots. For any Avengers fans, "Don't Call Us" is still in-progress and I haven't forgotten about it, but expect delays with updates.

I don't have any plans to write any more multi-chapters. I am not cut out for them, as "plot" is something that does not spring easily to my mind. I think "Don't Call Us" will be my last one.

My biggest annoyance: Actors/OCs. There is no reason for it, and it's against the rules. You had to read the rules before posting on this site, so it shouldn't come as a terrible surprise to you when someone reports it. I'll usually leave a review before I report it, because I want to help you move it to another site that allows it, but some people won't. In which case, don't be surprised when someone takes a story involving an actor, your OC, and an MA rating off the site.

Star Wars fandom dislikes: Catgirls. It can be done tastefully I suppose, but a word to all those writing catgirl stories in the Star Wars universe. Don't throw around random species names and say that they are catgirls. I have seen a story where a catgirl was "of the Felucian species, who all appear to have cat ears and tails". Felucians look sort of like turtles without shells. Main point, if you're going to have a Star Wars catgirl, at least do your research. Also, weird and convulted pairings. (I do not want to see a story where Luke goes back in time and falls in love with one of his parents or anything. Which happens. Yeah. It's a weird fandom.)

Star Wars fandom likes: Stories with research done, and stories in the original trilogy.

Avengers and Thor fandom dislikes: Thorki. "Vana, why?" you ask. "They are not even related, so it is not creepy at all." It is creepy. If you have a sibling, imagine that you just found out you're not related to them. Would you therefore want to be in a relationship with them? The answer is probably, "Heck no!" That's probably what Thor and Loki would feel like, this feeling is amplified by the fact that they are currently enemies.

Avengers and Thor fandom likes: Stories with young Loki or Jotun Loki.

A minor Lord of the Rings fandom dislikes: I can't really pinpoint one thing, but if I had to pick a minor thing, it would be vegetarian chili. No, wrong simile. I love vegetarian chili. I meant, it's like sweet potato fries. Ever had those? For me, sweet potato fries are just sort of a "oh whatever, I don't care, it's there and some people like it, me not particularly, but you go ahead and eat your sweet potato fries if you want. Anyone got vegetarian chili?" So here are my sweet potato fries dislikes: slash with the hobbits (they're just so small and adorable, and I can't see them in a romantic context. Also, most of them are related), OCs (there are so many of them. Here's a test--click on the Lord of the Rings archive page. Guaranteed, there is at least one on the very first page), and people who write things that contradict the book and then say that these piddly little details like Aragorn being eighty-seven years old matters not. I'm not a major Tolkien freak ("Your story is wrong under section 6 in Appendix F.17!") but if it's a detail you could easily pick up on by reading the book and you refuse to change it when it's pointed out to you, it ticks me off ever so slightly.

A major LotR fandom dislike: Boromir: come on, guys, Boromir is not sexist. He will not gasp at your character and say she can't be a warrior because she's a girl. Boromir is a great warrior who had the misfortune to be tempted by the Ring. He's friendly with the hobbits, and for that matter all of the Fellowship. He's not a jerk. Got it? Good. (I am somewhat biased, for I adore Boromir with all of my soul. But still, the point is made.) Going with our food similes, this is like oatmeal. I despise oatmeal with every fiber of my being. And then even worse is the oatmeal with raisins. As if the raisins are supposed to make up for the fact that you're eating a mush of oats in boiled water. It has to be good, because it's got a few token shreds of sad, dilapedated, worn out dried fruits in it. You ask what's for breakfast, and they say, "Oatmeal!" Come on, you complain, I hate oatmeal. It's all mushy and awful. Then they look at you with an expression of horror and say, "But it's got prunes!"

Lord of the Rings fandom likes: Hobbit hurt comfort or angst stuff. They're so tiny and they've been through so much, they could use some angst once in a while. Except the hobbit h/c or angst is more of (oh, all right, I'll continue with the food similes) chocolate chips. I like them, and I'm gonna eat one or two if I'm making something with them, but I'm not going to just grab a cup and scoop out a bunch to devour. But I still like them. As much as chocolate chips. Perhaps a little less.

This is making me hungry. I'm stopping with the food similes.

Stuff I don't like pertaining to writing: People who use their age, English not being their first language, or other things as an excuse for poor writing. I suppose you might have a tiny bit of leeway if English is not your first language, but the point is that there are many things you can do for help. You can get a beta. You can use spellcheck. If English isn't your first language, you can just write in the language you're accustomed to using. If you use one of these as an excuse, my first question will be, "Do you have a beta?" If yes, you should get a new beta. If no, you should get a beta. Does your word processing software have spellcheck? Then use it. There are a million things you can do for help, and simply sitting back and whining, "I'm only fourteen!" "I'm French! (I mean no offense to French people, first country that popped into my head)", "I don't have spellcheck!" "I'm dyslexic!" won't work. The age excuse is the worst, but even if you're dyslexic, there are things you can do to make your stories better. I suggest you do them.

That, I think, is all for now.

Remember these token things!

It's dangerous to go alone, one does not simply walk into Mordor, the cake is a lie, don't cry it's okay Rory and Amy get to live a happy life in another century, and he's dead Jim.

May the odds be ever in your favor, may the Force be with you, live long and prosper, and remember that you do what you want!

(Note: No, this does not mean I am encouraging you to do whatever you want. This is a famous quote from comic-book Loki. Vana is not responsible for any deaths or injuries that may occur while visitors to this page are attempting to live like Loki, these injuries not excluding getting your mouth sewn shut, getting tied to a rock with a snake dangling over your face, giving birth to an eight-legged horse [yes, even if you're male, or bringing about the end of the world.)

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