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Favorite TV Shows: Teen Titans, The Batman, Batman TAS, Scooby Doo Where Are You/ Scooby Doo Show, FRIENDS, The Simpsons, Young Justice, Doctor Who, House of Anubis, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Bands/ Singers: Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, Harry Potter Audio Books, Kula Shaker

Favorite Songs: White Blank Page, Little Lion Man, Hush, Home, So Cold, All Good Things, Radioactive


Teen Titans Season Six

Doctor Who

House of Anubis Season Four

The Confrontation

House of Anubis Season Five

Charmed: Book Four

Upcoming Stories:

Teen Titans Season Seven

Buffy Season Eight

The DA (FRIENDS x Harry Potter cross-over.. sort of)

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From Worst To Best:

Buffy's Worst Episodes-

10) Beer Bad- In a true series low, Buffy drinks her sorrows over douche-bag-Parker away, only to end up going 100 BC. Not beer bad, just bad.

9) Never Kill A Boy on the First Date- Meh, good advice, bad episode. Very forgettable. The shocking reveal of the Anointed One is alive- only to be destroyed by the worst child actor EVER! However, points for foreshadowing all of Buffy's relationships (ending in heartbreak)

8) Reptile Boy- Let's start with the name, the name Reptile Boy, sounds so dull visa vis a dull episode, and I get rebellion. I do, but this just seemed very re-done.

7) Where the Wild Things Are- Or the episode where Buffy and Riley constantly boink. It's humorous in the beginning but turns very repetitive. Definite points Giles brilliant rendition of, Behind Blue Eyes.

6) Teachers Pet- Two Words: Jail Bait. Then another two words: Praying Mantis. It's nice for Xander to stop ogling Buffy for an episode, but remember those eggs at the end of the episode? Neither did the writers!

5) Shadow- The reveal of Joyce's Brain Tumor sets up one of the most difficult Season 5 Story Arc. The CGI Snake is bad, but when Buffy begins beating the dummy reptile, it get's worse. With that out of the picture, the last few minutes of the episode is very sad.

4) The Pack- Aside from the really dull metaphor of Social Groups, the only good thing about this episode was seeing Xander's dark side (meaning almost sexually harassing Buffy)

3) Out of my Mind- This episode is really just about Riley and his struggles from Season 4. There was a few interesting moments; the first sign of Joyce's tumor and Spike in love with Buffy, but just really all about Riley... Next!

2) Doublemeat Palace- I love season six. It's my favorite season. But this seemed a bit more depressing than most episodes in this season. Buffy is still in a state of depression, even more so when she works at a fast food joint and begins to smell like meat and has sleazy alley way sex with Spike, and it doesn't help the feeling of being dead inside.

1) Into the Woods- I did like Riley, I really did. But this is just ridiculous! Buffy is worried about her mum's tumor, and Riley feels left out so he lets some vampire whore suck on his blood, and gives her an ultimatum? Yeah, it's all Buffy's fault. But I think the last few minutes are pretty sad... for Buffy at least.

Buffy's Best Episodes-

10) Graduation Day- It's nearly impossible to list all the great moments of this Season Finale. Lets Highlight the major parts; Buffy's showdown with Faith leading to Faith being in a coma, Angel drinking from Buffy and Sunnydale High going against Mayor Wilkins, an ultimate ending to Buffy's High School era!

9) Two to Go/Grave- The surprise Big Bad is Willow- or Dark Willow. It's great to see her with so much power and awful to see her enraged and out of control. Giles' triumphant return is one of the best surprises in the entire season, but so is Xander saving the world with the famous Yellow Crayon Story and is heartbreaking when Willow comes to turns that Tara is really gone.

8) Surprise/Innocence- Buffy was never subtle with it's great metaphors, but when Buffy lost her virginity to her boyfriend in a sea of turmoil and turned out not be who everyone thought he was, it started up one of the best arcs of the entire Buffy series.

7) Restless- There has been no better dream episode on TV than this one. Filled with nonsense, dream logic, humor and foreshadowing. Of course danger in the form of the First Slayer. A great finish to a fairly bad season.

6) The Gift- Get ready to start bawling your eyes out Buffy's death, long foreshadowed and unbearable. The final scene is tragic, when Willow and Spike are breaking down. "The hardest thing in this world is to live in it" Truer words never been said.

5) Chosen- Season 7 ended right- no- amazing. Spike sacrifices himself, is the perfect ending to his arc. Buffy finally no longer has to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders and can share it with all the potentials, and that final shot! Go ahead, cry.

4) Hush- The Gentlemen come to Sunnydale, stealing everybody's voices with intentions to cut out human hearts. An almost silent episode, with music and glances to replace voices and fear and humor results in a great episode indeed. Also the introduction of one of the best characters on Buffy, Tara Maclay!

3) The Body- No music and few cuts make an incredible hour of television (and I think critics agree) because Buffy and the Scoobies deal with the death of Buffy's mother. It's very effective and depressing because this is a mortal death, unlike any in the series. So unexpected and explores mortality in a difficult way and is inspired by Joss Whedon's own way of dealing with death when he was younger. An episode very much worth watching and nearly impossible to watch again.

2) Once More, With Feeling- Show's like Grey Anatomy have made musical episodes, but not as creative and brilliant as Buffy did. Full of amazing songs, great set ups and the musical reveal of Buffy telling of being in heaven and being ripped out of it. Where do we go from here? It's flawless. Just one more...

1) Becoming- There are great Buffy episodes after the second season finale. But none breaks our hearts like this one did. Joyce kicks Buffy out, and while Angel becomes re-ensouled and he and Buffy share a moment, a hell dimension opens and Buffy is forced to put a sword through him. Heart broken and alone, she leaves her mother, her friends, Sunnydale and her Slayer Duties. That final scene is very heart wrenching. Buffy at it's finest.

Worst Buffy Characters-

10) The Anointed One- Worst 'villain' ever! He never does anything, just sit there- thank God Spike and Drusilla come to Sunnydale and put us out of our misery.

9) Shannon- After her little run in with Caleb, she basically fades into the background. Poor Shannon.

8) Hank Summers- Just a bigger douche than Parker! Yes, he was 'present' in the early seasons of Buffy, but he then he goes MIA after the second season. Not talking to Dawn and Buffy after their mother died is UN-FORGIVABLE!

7) The Trio- I'm not doing the nerd squad separately, And as smart as they are, they're idiots. They had no reason to go after Buffy! Let's start with Johnathon, he had no motive to go after Buffy! In fact Buffy, has saved him numerous times, so why does he go to attack her! Andrew, wasn't even introduced until Season 6, so how did he know about Buffy and he had no grudge either to her, so why bother! Then finally, Warren. I loath him. Buffy had saved him too from his girlfriend. The misogynistic bastard, had killed her real- ex girlfriend after attempted rape, shot Buffy, and killed Tara! Willow had every right to flay, that nerdy scum! Whoo, I got a load off, now onto the next!

6) Adam- Okay, I have to say something. Adam was not that bad. Created by Maggie, using demon, human and electronic parts, Adam was created for the sole purpose of destruction. His evil plan was not that bad either. To lock up both the humans and demons as they battle it out and end up killing eachother, so he can make the an army of ADAMS. Genius! But the reason he is bad character is mainly his look, it doesn't look realistic, he has a weird fixation with Maggie (or Mother to him) and killing a child was kind of on the nose.

5) Molly- Another Slayer, this one has a stereotypical London accent!

4) Parker Abrams- Just a man whore- douche bag, what's worse, he does it to Buffy... AND HE MUST BURN FOR HIS CRIMES!

3) Glory's Minions- As Buffy said, "their Hobbits with Leprosy" not much else to say.

2) Forrest- His pure dislike of Buffy, is probably tied to The Initiative... I'm assuming this how he lets out his sexual frustration from not getting any

1) Kennedy- The snobby, bitchy Slayer's only use in the series was to keep Willow's sexuality alive, which I would be okay with if she wasn't such a flirty brat!

Best Buffy Characters:

10) Angelus- I have ranked Angelus slightly higher that Angel (Angel would have been around 12) because he has one of the greatest story lines in Buffy history. Being reawakened, Angel turns to Angelus, a true soulless vampire only with one aim to kill the Slayer. His lust for Drusilla (and Buffy for that matter) is somewhat humorous, especially when Spike get jealous. And his ways of leaving his 'mark' (as in vampire bite as an example) is very... creative. Truly a great villain.

9) Mayor Wilkins III- Come on, such an obvious answer. The family oriented villain is so gosh darn giddy about everything. His care for Faith, as if she is his own flesh and blood is what I love. Plus super awesome points for breaking up Buffy and Angel, that is diabolical!

8) Tara Maclay- Ah, the wonderful Tara Maclay. I ranked her higher than Oz, because of her level of maturity and was willing to give up Willow, the love of her life, to Oz to make him happy. That is a descent human being right there, and when Tara and Willow reunite after Willow brings back her sanity, it slays me! But what slays me more is Willow mourning over Tara's lifeless body... she did not deserve to go out that way...

7) Anya- Xander's ex demon and ex Fiance are clearly so meant to be. Either at his side or throat, Anya has always been funny and her ways of learning Human interactions and their ways cracks me up every time. Plus her amazing speech in The Body gets me crying every time I watch it- I-I cant!

6) Xander Harris- Let me tell you, I would kill anyone who says Xander is useless to the TV Show. He is NOT! Xander is full of quick wits and wise cracks, even when he goes through his depression phase, which was perfectly understandable. He is truly the heart of Buffy, and even saved the world from Evil Willow. Plus when his eye is gouged out by Caleb, and he and Willow try to remain happy, I get teary eyed (I'm a very emotional person, sue me!)

5) Rupert Giles- Even though he didn't really go through any big changes in the series, doesn't mean he isn't awesome! He does not put a foot wrong in the TV Show. He is bookish, British (Like me!) badass and sarcastic. Everything about him is awesome! When he leaves in season six, this creates a development for Buffy, Willow and Xander to become adults in which case, were not ready. Giles is the shows anchor, without him, the show wouldn't be the same, he was very much like a farther figure for Buffy, and I thank him for that.

4) Spike- People would think he would be higher on the list but no, they are only thinking of the good not the bad. Lets start with the bad, he had slaughtered half of Europe and killed the last two slayers (Although looking like a badass while doing it) But what was un forgivable was his attempted rape on Buffy. Not cool! However the British Vampire had made real development. From his time of being a drunk, chipped, un caring vampire to a true hero. Saving the world from Glory and trying to save Dawn, falling in love with Buffy, and he himself being the hero saving Sunnydale and finally finding his soul in his last few minutes (which stings apparently) It's very heartbreaking to see him go, especially when Buffy declares her love for him.

3) Buffy Summers- Let's face it she is a true hero. While everybody had fun, she is out putting her life on the line to save everyone. She has lost many of her loves, in heartbreaking ways. And people might not like her Season 6 dark period because it was depressing, but I did. I would feel the same way if I was ripped out of heaven by my friends. It was so upsetting for her to undergo so much traumatic experiences such as clawing her way out of her own grave, almost being raped and having to work at a fast food restaurant to provide for her family and feeling as if her life would end no where good, even when Dawn begins to slowly distrust her. But the weight of the world is released off her shoulders when, the Potentials become slayers. A great ending to a great heroin.

2) Faith Lehane- The sexy, party animal slayer is one of the best characters in Buffy History! From being a dangerous evil slayer (which was fun to watch, if I'm honest) to being a true super hero. She feels disowned by everyone and has never been treated the right way. It was really hard to see the stone heart slayer break to pieces in Angel. But when looking down into the Sunnydale crater with Scoobies, she does not stand out, she fits perfectly.

1) Willow Rosenberg- No contest. Absolutely no contest. No other Buffy character has gone through any transformation like Willow did. From being a shy nerdy girl, to lesbian witch (God I hope thats not out of context) then to the season big bad and finally, bringing the Slayers as one. From pining after best friend Xander, to halving Oz as her boyfriend and finally having love with Tara. From struggling to levitate a pencil, to making every potential a slayer (I know I have said this twice, but that just so cool) She can be funny and heartbreaking, and the witch is allowed to screw up in life. Both of good Willow and Dark Willow, they're basically both Willow! Dark Willow fueled on magics and rage, it's really hard to watch her be out of control. It's not a demon possessing her or anything like that, it's just Willow going down a dark path. But when her hair becomes light white, we know how ether dark she had gotten, that was gone now. Willow is now good, and most of all, happy. Like I said no contest.

Blog: 14/02/2015 I have just uploaded a Charmed story, and I have finished my MOCS so I am looking forward to a little break :)

Blog: 08/03/2015 More MOCS... when will it end?

Blog: 27/05/2015 Ugh... why are there more exams and frickin' GCSE's! I've only just got back into my writing (at the worst possible time I might add) but I have to revise loads. I also like to use Photoshop, and watch TV, because it is easier. I have to go... and revise... ugh!

Buffy Seasons, Worst to Best:

7) Season Four: A popular choice among many, Season Four was the worst. I repeat, the worst. With very few great episodes, bad storyline, and a horribly designed antagonist. The villain Adam was to comical looking and too fake- as if the makeup artist fell asleep halfway through the creating the disgusting villain. The first half of the season, believe it or not, good! A few episodes needed tweeking here and there, but overall a well rounded job- until like ten episodes in and then the shit hit the fan, introducing Adam. Now Maggie Walsh, or 'Mommy' as Adam liked to call her, would have made a much more impressive villain(ess) bringing in more flower power, sarcastic comments between her and Buffy, and sexual tension between her and Giles- and Adam could have been the henchman of Walsh's that Buffy could easily slay- and could show how insane professor Walsh really was. However it had some great episodes (mainly non-Adam centric ones) such as the Emmy nominated episode Hush, the season finale, and This Years Girl- with the return of Faith. The said departure of Oz left us feeling like a whole can never be filled until Tara came along and filled it up to the brim beautifully. But sadly, to its various Pros, they cannot out way the Cons.

6) Season One: Yet another popular choice. I guess why Seasons One was weak, was because some of the 'teen angst' episodes such as The Pack or I Robot You Jane. The best teen angst episodes are when they really punch your gut, like Prophecy Girl, which showed Buffy's need for a social life and the pressure of being a teen girl. Another reason is that it didn't have the regular 22 episodes, which meant Story Progression was a little bit fast paced, we didn't fully explore the magical world as we would like to, and there wasn't enough character progression for characters such as Xander. But that being said, Whedon did have its great episodes, like the season finale, and Nightmare which cleverly looked into the human mind.

5) Season Seven: Some would say Season Seven was the series worst, due to some of the annoying characters introduced (Andrew and Kennedy come to mind) There was also unnecessary relationship moments and dull episodes, that took too long so the story line was a little rushed.





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