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Author has written 10 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Yu Yu Hakusho, Saint Seiya, Bleach, Kamen Rider, and Super Sentai.

Your next line is, "Man, who reads profiles anyway?"

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am also on AO3 as 'CaptainSpace' and may post some of my stories from here to there. (I may use an alternate username they refer to as a 'pseud' to do so but you can always check what the base account name is.)

Disclaimer (thanks to Team Four Star for providing a 'template', as it were): The stuff I write on this website is based on works of fiction that I do not own. No copyright infringement intended. I make no money off of this, and derivative fiction is as old as fiction itself. I do not, for instance, own DBZ or any of the characters. Any of the OCs in said stories are part of that setting, so also not owned by me, but I don't think they're technically owned by the people who own DBZ either, since they've almost certainly never heard of my OCs for one thing (and didn't come up with them for another)...

...I guess nobody owns them. They exist in the creative void or something. Anyway, Dragon Ball in its various forms is owned by Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation, Funimation, and apparently Fuji TV (um...who are Fuji TV...?)

So, those people. Buy their stuff. I know I do. You would not believe how much of my money has gone into DB manga*. (And now they're releasing full-colour manga, so naturally I've got to get that too...)

(*All right, if you earn an even halfway-decent amount of money you probably would believe it, and just sort of shrug at it, but I be but a humble university student.)

I also should now add that I don't own Yu Yu Hakusho. Yoshihiro Togashi does. Oh, and Studio Pierrot. Maybe some other people, too? Uh, right, Funimation.

And even newer update, I don't own Saint Seiya, much as I wish I did. That would belong to Masami Kurumada, Toei Animation once again, and the twelve gods of Olympus.

Finally, I sadly don't own Kamen Rider...all rights there go to the Shotaro Ishinomori estate, and...uh...yup, Toei again.

Status of my stories

Break Through the Limit, Kamen Rider Tackle, Stay On Target, Poor Judgement: Complete.

Amazon vs. Gills, Best Served Cold, Dragon Road: Dropped.

The Disappearance of Yusuke Urameshi: Almost certainly dropped, slight chance of returning someday.

Eclipse, Lost Destiny, Kamen Rider: Convergence: Ongoing. Update when they update.

About Me, for Those who Care

I was born at an early age, and after a few years working as a full-time infant I entered the education system, and despite the government's best efforts to screw it up I have learned some fascinating facts about rocks which escape me right now.

I currently reside in the Milky Way galaxy, living on a diet almost entirely of carbon-based lifeforms. I'm doing my best to become a professional writer, and doing this stuff has been as good practice as any. I also have the attention span of a squirrel with caffeine for blood, so I have quite a few projects that I started but never finished. Such is the way of things.

I have once been given an award for best/worst martial arts moves. In an IT class.

QUOTES (more will be added periodically):


"...I'm a buffoon." --LucifVegeta

"thanks, global warming or the Illuminati or whatever" --Captain Space

"Becoming the best breakdancing tuna fish known in the universe." --Ultimate Black Ace

"The Monty Python fish-slapping dance seemed relevant.

I never thought I'd be able to legitimately say that." --Captain Space

"Star Wars X Wizard of Oz my OTP" --Kaise

Heard at home/from family:

"You apply bombs far too liberally to every situation."

"I appear to be whipping a small child to death."

"He's French. He's an idiot."

"Gandalf, in the coffee-shops of Narnia?"

"I think we'd be better off with Batman and Hitler."

"Aww, I have to stop killing rabbits!"

"Bombs are not the solution to every problem, only most of them."

"Are you all right?"/"Yeah, I'm just a heroin addict."

"Please stop shooting me, it's very annoying."

"You and your arthritis are distracting me."

"No, no, but yes. No but yes, I mean, no as in no, but yes as in yes! No, no as in yes!"

"I don't need elevators! I have guns!"

"Monasteries can be built in different directions."/"Not my monasteries, sir!"

"No, [name] , that's not how you play with humans, that's weird!"

"...I did not eat that biscuit nearly as competently as I thought."

Me (helping sister with revision): "Question 2!" Sister: "NO!" Me: "YES!" Sister: "...okay."

"I love you."/"I WANT BURGERS!"

(angrily) "Spoons! Multiple spoons!"

"I want to learn how to use guns and knives. No reason. Just because."

"The pig represents the goat."/"How does a pig represent a goat?"/"Because we don't have a goat!"

"Your face is a random Christmas tree on the edge of a lake."

High School (names have been removed to protect the innocent, and the guilty too because I'm just nice like that):

"I wouldn't be surprised if there were crisps in my shoes."

"It' a really naff council of evil!" (speaker was referring to me and my friends...)

"Owls hang upside-down, like bats. They're like elephants."

"Okay, I can understand the biting..."

"I don't think we need Mandela."

"I am my own father."

"Yeeesss! Suffering!"

"Which is better than Welsh people, to be fair."

"It'd be a great way to kidnap kids."

"He's like a plastic elf."

"Oink oink, mother#*@!er."

"...UKIP have been infiltrated by Islam."

"I'm in sausage roll troubles."

"See, I have a good segregation system going on."

"Nobody kills a giraffe, it's the king of the jungle."

"He's done so much heroin he's become imaginary."

"Why aren't your flamingoes?"

"French people are the worst."

"I forgot I had two hands."

"I feel like I'm a toddler having dinner."

"Chinese men are, in fact, sadists."

"If there was a famine, I would live and you would die."

"Why would anyone want to be a biscuit?!"

"It does smell good. Sniff the book!"

"[name] looks like diced fish."

"You look like Jesus from here."

"I'd forgotten I was Chinese."

"Look, 'normal' is relative. Nobody's 'normal'." /"I'm normal!"/[uproarious laughter]

"I can't find it, I've stuck a periodic table over it."

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Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 86 - Words: 956,823 - Reviews: 2477 - Favs: 1,090 - Follows: 957 - Updated: 7/30 - Published: 1/21/2012 - Goku, Bulma, Vegeta, Bardock
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Kamen Rider - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 7 - Words: 33,057 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 4/13/2012 - Published: 4/5/2012 - Complete
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Soi Fong. Tatsuki. To give your heart and life to another, and see her walk away with him. Soi Fong knows what happens to the knight who is no longer needed, but she won't watch history repeat.
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Kamen Rider: Convergence reviews
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