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Hello! My name is EmeraldgreenTomboy, and welcome to my profile page.


@@@@@@@@@@MAY 24, 2013 @@@@@@@@@@

Oh dear god, I haven't been online for nearly three months. I guess I just had a lot of writers block, been busy with school (last semester is always hectic for me- final exams and reviewing). Meh, still upset about my crush but whatevs. I'm kinda used to this. Anyways, today (May 24) I'm home sick, so I'll be catching up a bunch. after I update my page I'm gonna go and start finishing my shtuff and probably post it tonight or tomorrow.

ALL about ME!

Name: Emerald. Not in real life, though. But on FF, that's what they call me! You can call me Emmie, Em, or Emmers. Where did I come up with the name, might you ask? Emeralds are my favorite gemstone. Green is my fave color. And I'm a tomboy, big-time.

Appearances: My height is good for my age. Not too tall, not too short. Medium. Rather muscular. Normal head. Brown eyes that go different shades depending on my emotions. Brown, long, curly, poofy, crazy hair. Tanned face. My stomach is very flat. Hips are narrower than most ladies'. Muscular, but kinda short, legs that are toned from horseback riding. Big feet. XD

Hobbies: Horseback riding, tennis, badminton, cross country running, track, swimming, playing violin, surfing the web, reading and writing fanfiction, reading books, playing with my dog Hannah, and being weird. Also playing Legend of Zelda, MarioKart and other video games.

Languages: English (go figure), Russian, Armenian, a bit of Spanish, learning French at school.






-Tendency to be lazy

-Perverted but not too bad




Style: Completely casual, baggy shirts and pants at home, jeans and a tee at school, Uggs, sneakers, baggy sweatshirts, NO makeup, mix not match.

Peeves: Girly girls, sexists, racists, bullies, math, when people wake me up too early

Fears: 1D, my crush finding out who I like, death, illness, the dark, rabies, shots (I really have a phobia of shots. I can't stand them. They scare me so bad.)

Faves: Green, pizza and chinese food, Legend of Zelda (more info below), Harry Potter, horses, dogs, Arabian horses, Nintendo

Prized Possessions: Um, my gaming systems, my family, my dog, my laptop, my violin...idk!

Extra Side Notes:
I love horses so much it hurts. My dream job is to become a horse farm owner and teach riding lessons to kids and adults of all ages. I am currently begging my dad to get me a horse. Not working. But honestly, I really love them. More than I can say. They are my life. I spent my childhood reading encyclopedias of horses by the day and researching them and making my own quizzes for myself and research packets and drawing pic of them and riding once a week. They are amazing animals.

I hate sexists. Sexism. You name it. I am sick and tired of everyone's bull crap about how girls are weaker than boys. How they are stupider. How they are only made to carry babies. I hate them. With all my heart. I'm sick of it. My parents give me enough of it as it is. Girls are equal to boys. Boys are equal to girls. I don't give a damn about your stupid stereotypes, you cruel sexists. I will not have my life ruined by you. I'm a girl and proud of it. Get over it.

My Video Gaming Life

I have a

-Nintendo 64






And I am currently trying to buy a WiiU, but they are god dang expensive.

I am obsessed with The Legend of Zelda series. Its an amazing game. It has breathtaking music and plot and everything!!!!!! I just can't explain how much it amazes me! I play it everyday for hours at an end, I read fan fictions about it, I listen to it's music on Youtube and dance to it, heck, I'm so obsessed. I- just- ugh! No words to explain it.

My opinion about some of the games:

Twilight Princess- An AMAZING game. Loved the darkness. Midna is so funny. I also loved Epona in this game, she was very realistic looking this time. The temples were fun and engaging, and the game's settings were rather realistic. The enemies were fun to battle, and the game had tons of plot in it. I didn't like the way that Zelda was not involved as much as I would have liked her to be. I also believe Link and Midna were only very good friends, nothing more. The final boss fight with Ganon was really fun, but it was so easy. I guess that's good, right?

Ocarina of Time- Just so fun. The temples were amazing, but challenging at the same time. The music in Gerudo Valley and in the forest were so cool! Spirit Temple was soo hard and Shadow Temple was so scary. Once again, I liked Epona and the horse farm. When I was little, I spent all my time at Lon Lon pretending that I owned the ranch and was running it and everything. Haha! I loved the way Zelda is Sheik and Impa is so cool!!!!!!!! The Bongo Bongos were scary... I swear I almost got a heart attack the first time I saw one. But it was a true Zelda game... with some Zelinkyness to it. I HATE HATE HATE the ending tho! Zelda should not have sent Link back in time.

Majora's Mask- An awesome game that was different and more unique than others. The temples were much more challenging, but that just made it more fun. I loved the Young Epona and Young Link in this game, they were both cute! The side quests in this game were thrilling and kind of funny. There were a ton of sad moments in this game... like Mikau's death and the goron's death... I almost cried. Alright, I did. It was a unique and difficult game to beat, but it was a most definite favorite of mine. The boss battles were kind of hard, IMO.

Skyward Sword- ... I frikking love this game so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was totally astounding. The temples were fun and not too challenging, there was so much romance between Link and Zelda, the sidequests were so much fun and the plot was well thought out and the songs were so AMAZING AND JUST UGH!!!!! no words to describe how amazing this game was. Is. The boss battles were so much fun and Ghirahim is so cool and Zelda is so cute and Link is so hot and the music just makes me want to cry and everything!!!!!!!!!!! it is by far my favorite... Well, battling with TP, maybe. But this game was so amazing. I'm using that word too much.

Those are my four main games right now. I'm currently waiting impatiently for Nintendo to release the next game. For the WiiU. Which is why I am desperately searching for the console.


Special Note: I don't read any Yaoi or Yuris- ever. But please, I mean ABSOLUTELY no offense to ANYone who does. You can like what you want. I just don't read them. I also don't have too many shippings, because I'm really picky. But I will post the few that I have here.

Link x Zelda- I love love love this couple! They are from Legend of Zelda. I love this couple in any game, they are just meant for each other. I hope Nintendo makes them kiss in a game. But thats unlikely. One can only hope. I usually only read fictions featuring this couple in games I have played. One of my favorite couples of all time.

James Potter x Lily Evans- Harry Potter series. This couple is currently running against Link and Zelda for my favorite pairing contest. I love them so much! I especially like the ones featuring broom cupboards- those are rather funny. But I am so curious as to how they got together in seventh year. I also love James. His personality is so amazing.

Mugen x Fuu- From the Japanese anime Samurai Champloo. Not my most favorite couple, but they are good together. Mugen is cool.

Henry x Danielle- Ever After. They are rather cute together, but there is not a huge archive of fanfictions for this couple.

Ella x Char- Ella Enchanted Book! I dislike the movie. But still, one of my fave couples.

Howl x Sophie- Howls Moving Castle. Movie Only. They are so cute together, and Howl is really hot. Definitely my third or fourth most fave couple.


*where you can find info on my stories, when the next chapters are supposed to be up, stories that are coming up, and more*


Next Chapter Release Date: Chapter 5 Airing before (updated) May 29


This is kind of going to be like my Valentine's Day Blast, where I wrote some oneshots and updated a story on Valentine's Day. Except this time, I'm going to write several "easter eggs" or oneshots, and post them on Easter (March 31, 2013). They might be a bit late, or be posted on April 1, considering I only have about 8 days to write the oneshots I want to. I have technically written the fifth chapter of Maybe, but I just need to edit it. I've been going through a rough time... see above if you care. Which you probably don't.

Anyways, I've already come up with some ideas!!!!! And since my spring break just started, I have all day to write and write and write. And I have a sore throat, so I get to lye in bed and be on my laptop all day.

I'm super determined to get these stories done. I love the idea of this project. So, I WILL finish it.

Anyways, I'm not going to tell you my ideas because that'll ruin the surprise. I've always thought of Easter as like "Oh, surprise you found an Easter Egg". Cuz ya know, in an easter egg hunt, they never tell you where they hid the eggs unless they're damn cheaters, so when you find one you're all like "surprise!"... shutting up now...

I'm not even gonna tell you the couples, but I plan on writing at least three fanfics, including Chapter 5.

But anyways, this is my new project. I plan on having these kinds of projects for several holidays...

Thanksgiving Turkies

Christmas Presents

Valentine's Day Blast

Easter Eggs

St. Patrick's Day Clovers

Ya know what I mean? I think its fun and an interesting way to write fanfiction.

My craziness aside, PLEASE

Keep a lookout for the Easter Eggs!!!

AIRING ON MARCH 31- APRIL 1. I might post them all on April 1, because March 31 is kind of a holiday and most people won't be on ff.


I know I promised these for Easter, but I was busy read above please. Anyways, I assure you most of my stories that I was writing for my Easter project should be out before the end of May. I'm super sorry for my procrastination. Forgive me, pweez?

*Final Notes*

Thank you for reading my profile page. Here are some important notes for you all.

- I try my hardest to reply to all my reviewers, favoriters, and followers with a PM. However, if you are a guest user, I can not reply to you in any way. But please know, I love all my reviewers!!!! Your reviews are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!! As of May 24, 2013, I will be responding to EVERYONE! I will PM everyone who likes my stories or follows them, or reviews them. Your support is greatly appreciated, thanks.

- I'm really sorry for updating so late. I've never written a multi-chapter before and what with school and my family issues and all I've been so busy. But I'm trying my best, please remember that.

-If you have ANY questions or comments about my profile page, stories or if you just want to talk, please PM me. I will always respond as fast as I can. I'm super friendly and nice and funny! So PM me if you want.

-Also, if you have a request for a story, please PM me. I'm not making any promises, but if you never ask, the answer will always be no. Please please please ask! Chances are, if its one of my shippings I can do it.

Enjoy your read. Thanks!


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