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Author has written 5 stories for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Transformers/Beast Wars, X-Men: The Movie, Star Wars, and Avengers.

I'm human, yes human.

Well, I like reading other people's stories, and review them as well; I don't mind if it's het or yaoi I'm just looking for good fics.

English isn't my home language, but don't worry I have a great beta reader.

I haven't had any problem with the archive but just in case for M and R fics, you can find them here:

or here:

and if you know russian and want some Boba Fett/Darth Vader slash, check it here:

or spanish:

I can be found lurking on the web at:


here are some of my fandoms and ships both het and slash:


Saint Seiya: shura/aioria, shura/aioros, hyoga/isaak, seiya/jabu.

Saint Seiya the lost canvas: el cid/sisyphos.

DBZ: piccolo/gohan, trunks/goten, mirai gohan/piccolo.

Captain Tsubasa: genzo wakabayashi/karl heinz schneider, tsubasa ozora/taro misaki, genzo wakabayashi/taro misaki, misugi jun/tsubasa ozora, hikaru matsuyama/taro misaki, misugi jun/hikaru matsuyama.

Goal FH: hikaru tatsumura/takuya miyamoto.


DCAU: batman/flash, wonder woman/batman, lord batman/wonder woman, vigilante/shining knight.

DC Animated films: ultrawoman/batman, supergirl/batman.

Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes: captain america/wasp, captain america/viper, iron man/captain america.

Wolverine and the X-Men: wolverine/maverick.

X-Men Evolution: cyclops/angel, wolverine/captain america.

Clone Wars: anakin/rex, cody/obi-wan, cody/rex.

MIB animated series: elle/x.

Gargoyles: goliath/elisa.

Max Steel: max steel/troy winter.

G.I Joe sigma 6: snake eyes/kamakura, snake eyes/scarlett, snake eyes/baroness, snake eyes/jinx.

Beast Wars: tigatron/airazor, cheetor/tigatron.

Beast Machines: silverbolt/nightscream, jetstorm/thrust.

Shadow Raiders: pyrus/zera, cryos/tekla.

Defenders of the Earth: flash gordon/the phantom, rick gordon/the phantom.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers: captain planet/linka.

He-Man 2002: stratos/buzz-off.

Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends: wilt/frankie.

Generator Rex: rex/six, holiday/six, six/five, six/black.

Thundercats 2011: tygra/cheetara, tygus/leo.

TMNT: leo/april, leo/karai, leo/lotus. 2k3 leo/2k12 karai.

Next Avengers Heroes of Tomorrow: francis barton/james rogers, tony stark/james rogers.

Ninjago: cole/zane.

Legion of Super Heroes: brainiac 5/superman x, lightning lord/saturn girl.

Green Lantern The Animated Series: razer/aya, razer/bleez.

Loonatics Unleashed: tech/lexi.

Penguins of Madagascar: kowalski/marlene.

Transformers Prime: arcee/tailgate, arcee/cliffjumper.

Kung Fu Panda: tigress/crane.

Young Justice: arsenal/guardian/red arrow.

BoJack Horseman: princess carolyn/mr peanutbutter.

X-overs: MIB animated series/Generator Rex: elle/six, x/holiday. KFP/TMNT: tigress/leonardo.


DC: batman/superman, green lantern/green arrow, superboy/robin. OT3: trinity.

Marvel: captain america/carol danvers, daredevil/captain america, captain america/human torch, captain america/invisible woman, captain america/iron man, captain america/scarlet witch, captain america/sersi, iron man/spider-man, spider-man/captain america, spider-man/daredevil, hulkling/wiccan, captain america/rikki barnes, thor/captain america, black widow/captain america.

Wildstorm: threshold/burnout.

X-overs: DC/Marvel: batman/captain america, captain america/wonder woman.


X-MEN: kurt/jean, pyro/iceman.

Star Wars: darth vader/boba fett, boba fett/princess leia.

The Mighty Ducks: adam banks/charlie conway.

MCU: steve rogers/tony stark, steve rogers/maria hill, steve rogers/thor, steve rogers/howard stark, steve rogers/scott lang, steve rogers/peter quill. OT3: stark spangled banner.

Star Trek 2009: spock/uhura, spock/kirk.

Harry Potter: harry/cedric.

Cars: doc hudson/lightning mcqueen.

Rise of the Guardians: aster/jack, toothiana/aster.

Narnia: peter/caspian.

John Carter: john carter/kantos kan.

Man in the Iron Mask: d'artagnan/lt andre.

Gattaca: vincent/jerome.

Troy: achilles/hector.

Push: nick grant/cassie holmes.

Gunfight at the OK Corral & Tombstone: wyatt earp/doc holliday.

Kingsman: harry hart/eggsy unwin.

X-overs: The Losers/Push: jake jensen/nick grant. Jumper/Snowpiercer: griffin/curtis everett. Frozen/Rise of the Guardians: elsa/aster. Big Hero 6/Rise of the Guardians: tadashi/jack.

Tv Shows:

Smallville: clark/oliver, clark/bart, oliver/a.c, oliver/bart, oliver/kal.

Heroes: peter/claude, future hiro/peter, adam/peter.

AtS: wesley/connor, wesley/angel.

BTVS: wesley/dawn.

Dexter: dexter morgan/jonah mitchell.

Supernatural: dean/castiel.

Power Rangers: hunter/cam, conner/tommy, sky/jack, cole/merrick, cole/zen-aku, wes/eric, ecliptor/zhane.

X-overs: smallville/4400: clark kent/shawn farrell. heroes/supernatural: peter petrelli/sam winchester. AtS/dollhouse: angel/daniel perrin. The Flash/Arrow: eddie thawne/tommy merlyn.

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