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Howdy, I'm rewriting this for you Chess! ;)

Okies name's Kt, I'm 17 & live in England! Yay! (Not, I'd rather be living in America, as they get all the games & animés I want!)

My live journal is: ">" target="new">

Apparently I'm clinically insane, sound American, (too much Simpsons,)overly aggressive, non negioate & funny...a pissing monkey, an idiot for fancying animé & game characters, dumb for not believing in love, a failed padawan, a pathetic fledgling & I've recently been labelled a freak by my psychology teacher Jean.

I got into fanfic & then yaoi last year, (even though I used to be a slash hater as all my mates kept saying Jack Bauer, Owen Wilson, (as Hutch,) & Kaworu Nagisa were gay, so I started calling everything gay...this went on for about 4 days...so yeah, I'm trying to forget that...)

I also really got into animé last year, (Thanks Sarah!) Although sometimes I regret it due to the angst, but still...tis great!

The first animé I ever got was CLAMP's RG Veda, when I was about six, I loved it to death & once every couple of years I get really obsessed with it, it happened in year 8, then in year 10, so really I'm due for another bought of it sigh

Animés I've seen: (all my fav characters always get killed off...)

RG Veda, (YASSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHAAAAAA, was surprised o learn of yaoi in this! Gotta love Ashura & Kujaku!)

Neon Genesis Evangelion, (loved it, though in my eyes the film never happened & Kaworu is okay I WANT HIM!)

Martian Successor Nadesico, (fucking brilliant, so funny, as before though the movie never happened. I bought the first DVD of this!)

Excel Saga, (the most random & outrageous comedy ever! The last episode shouldn't have happe...aww hell I'm glad it did!)

Read Or Die, (Why? Nancyyyyyyy! cries awesome.)

X the Movie, (what is it with animé Decapitation & Crucifixions? WHYYYYYYY? I really wanne see the series & read the manga though, Tokyo Babylon too.)

Ghost In the Shell, (wanna see the second film, when sex robots, (gynoids,) fight back!)

Spirited Away, (this one rocked my world.)

Princess Mononoke, (good,but wtf?)

Vampire Hunter D, (talking hand! Gotta see the 2nd film!)

Blood The Last Vampire, (got it, its sooo brilliant, just one problem...way to short! I lurve Saiya's don't 'fuck with me' attitude!)

Hellsing, 1st six episodes, (I love it so far, but Integra is a woman? Also gotta love the English stereotypical voices, like in Read Or Die, coz we all sound like that y'kno! ;) )

Azu Manga Daioh, (a class act so far, really funny! Chiyo-Chan! Kawaii! Seen the first three DVDs.)

Final Fantasy Unlimited, (so what its for kids I love it! I also want Makenshi & Madoushi...so fine! Gotta see the last two DVDs.)

The Animatrix, (first dvd I got of animé, with soundtrack, brutally disturbing, but fantastic. Fav episode is 'Beyond'.)

Perfect Blue, (Shit! I was watching this & freaking out at one in the morning!)

Techi Muyo OAV, first three DVDs. This is soooo funny! I always feel sorry for Ryoko & Ryo Ohki is adorable, (did anyone notice how Shelinda from FFX & FFX.2 sounded like Ayakas little sister, Sasami.) Mihoshi is you Chess! I adore Little Washoe, she's great!

Fruits Basket (I've seen the first two DVDs, its such a sweet & thoughtful animé evoking such feeling, just like George said at the Christmas Party! No giant robots, much to my Dad's distaste: Dad:"Oh no they broke the door! They broke it again and again...its so boring, nothing happens!" Me: "You just like it as there's no action and it had emotions!") I'm a rabbit! Yay! I so love 'Prince' Yuki, Kyo Kyo, Shigure, Momiji, Haru, Hatori & Akito. Poor Hatori, he loved Konna! I hope he gets back with her! Is it just me or is the entire family gay & crossdressers, poor Yuki in the pwetty dress! And him & Kyo? Sexual tension...wink)

Manga I've Read:

Ranma Vol 1, (Got it and...Hilarious!)

Demon Diary Vol 1, (the actual story was great but the two side stories made me cry and my friend didn't warm me so I'd get upset!Bitch!)

Diablo Vol 1, (Great, but a bit depressing, well actuallly a lot.)

Love Hina Vol 1-3, (Aw this isso funny! I always feel so sorry for Keitaro! I love Kaolla, she reminds me of me!)

Chobits All Volumes, (I own 1-6, but when I read the ending I had a huge tantrum as it really sucked, it was all so unbelievable and didn't explain anything, such a disappointment! Still a good read though.Love Freya's gothic dresses, so beautiful.)

Legal Drug Vol 1-2, (I'm so glad I bought these books, even though the guy who sells em' to me jacked up the price by 50p to piss me off! Rikuo and Kazahaya are so great, the whole thing is a flawless and commical piece which always has me in stitches every time I re-read it! BRILLIANT!I want the 3rd Vol!))

Eerie Queerie, (Also I'm glad i got this as it had me in hysterics! The whole thing is just FABULOUS! I can't wait to get the 2nd Vol! I loved his erotic dream! Squee!)

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