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Salutations to all who have come here to read a little bit about myself. My pseudonym is CityCat; friends and exclusive fans call me CityKitty.

I've been a full-blown author/writer/journalist for four years, usually juggling my hobby around my hectic student life. My inspiration derives primarily from the theatre arts, where every piece demands profound and exquisite entertainment for the audience (that's you guys!). I used to be a Broadway actor (now officially going into the medical field) and am willing to go the distance to achieve my dreams. Through my acting experience, writing fanfiction and interpreting characters go hand in hand. Both are all about characterizational skills, developing a firm and entertaining plot, and about creating a work of art people will want to read/see.

My strong points in writing include comedy, angst, dramas, and those sadistic stories that will warp your mind although you secretly can't get enough of it.

My weak points: Emotional melodramas guaranteed to make you cry, very descriptive paragraphs (as a theatre kid, I tend to include more action and dialog than going on and on about what a bedroom looks like), and prompting accents in dialog. For ecthample: thpeach impedimenth are eathy enough, but svitching frwom somevon vith a lisp to a ceetizen orf Deutschland prwooves deeficult, eef you get my drwift. Yes? Mkay!

I've been reading on this site as a guest for quite a while, and I'm very pleased about finally coming around to signing up for an account! If you have heard of me prior to this, I leave very thorough reviews of constructive criticism and praise for stories I've enjoyed. My topics of interest include: Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Insidious, ect. If it's scary and awesome, I love it!), Disney Classics (The Hunchback of Notre Dame is my favorite, Aladdin for a close second, followed by the Lion King. All three have one major thing in common: Strong Villains!), and musicals (I'm a dedicated Andrew Lloyd Webber fan, myself. Not just Phantom of the Opera and CATS, but Evita, Tell Me on a Sunday, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Starlight Express).

I'm currently working on some Volturi (from Twilight) fanfics and I am aiming to have some stories on here when break rolls around to give me some well-deserved writing time.

Thank you much in advance for your patience; it is greatly appreciated. I'll inform you upfront that I read any/all my reviews you send me and strive upon them to improve or add on to my works. I'm also open to suggestions, so if you feel that a certain book or movie needs more fanfiction under it, allow me to be the 1st to know!

The List of Love:

This is a small list I'd like to keep of my closest friends I wouldn't have met if it weren't for this amazing site. If anyone messes with them, they'll mess with me, and it won't be cute.

Sierra: SierraGem is a one-of-a-kind friend who doesn't tear you down, but only builds you up. She's read everything I've written and always leaves a review to make my day. She's my first-ever fanfiction friend and we support each other's craziness to the end.

T: Such a small name for such a bodacious, bombastic personality. She easily became my first true roleplaying friend in the first month we've met. She was Caius, I was Jane, and we had the best of times together--be it naughty, sadistic antics or the insane out-of-character intimacy nearly every Thursday and Friday. She's so nice, respectful, understanding, and dependable. She's the kind of friend you'd want to organize your wedding because she wouldn't let you down. Did I mention her "Honorable Mention" list inspired this one?

Morgana: SpinTown is my cup of Earl Grey tea when it comes to sophistication, elegance, and openness. She's a great vent-buddy when I feel like I need to share some news, and a great writer with whom I am privileged to call my writing partner for our fanfic, "Confessions of a Trophy Wife" (Aro/Sulpicia, characters from Twilight). She's approachable, dependable, and open-minded to new ideas and tips, which is a rarity of its own.

Spencer: LikeAPheonixRisingFromAshes is one peppy individual I'm proud to say I know. Fun fact: I've never actually told her she spelt "Phoenix" incorrectly in her pseaudonym. She's loyal, dedicated, and is almost always the first one to greet me every time I sign onto the roleplay forum. Her imagination extends past the ordinary and into the extraordinary, which indicates a fun time without fail. She's also one of the more talkative and interactive friends I've made, and she's the kind of friend you'd want to call up and mall around with like you've known each other forever.

Nelly: EgyptAdbydos is that person you want to hang around because you want some of her awesomeness to rub off on you. When I first started roleplaying she was my role model as Aro Volturi (While I was Jane. Coincidence? I think not.) and I absorbed more from her at first than anyone else. When she started her own forum--another first for my curious eyes--I took on the role of Aro (She in turn went for Jane) and we became fast, closer friends. She's a magnificent artist on DeviantArt and has the highest IQ of anyone I know on this site. If I could choose one word to describe her, it would be inventive, for never have I conceived in my wildest dreams the possibility of a human version of JARVIS from Ironman.

Kara: Felix.Alec.Demetri's-Baby-Girl can be considered one of the most entertaining people I've met here. She comes up with the best nicknames, most interesting characters, and could never be "just a distant friend". Her conversations run deep beyond small talk and is especially amusing to roleplay with about an hour after she's consumed alcohol. She's very approachable and open to interpretation, two qualities needed most in improvisation. Like me, she's a cultural, strong-willed woman who has certainly earned my respect and support for all that she does.

Bre: "I am Bre - Bre is I" earns the official title of supreme cuteness. She can type in flawless toddler dialect, muster the most adorable pet names for her friends, and is the go-to person for personal talks. She's very understanding and kind to others no matter what and always leaves plenty of contagious smiley-faces in her messages. She'll brighten up anyone's day with her bubbly personality and I'm glad to have met her this year.

Luis: Luis Alfredo Campos Sylvester is more than worthy to be on this list. He and I have been roleplay buddies for a few months now, and I can easily say we've become fast friends. He's so full of support and love for his fellow writers that I'm inspired to pass it on. Among several other qualities, his characterization is intriguing, distinctive, and unique, often inspired by influential individuals in his life. Luis is a wonderful, sincere, personable person and I know he'll have a successful future as a dentist.

Rania: Gosh, where do I begin with "Lovable Esme"? I met Rania for the first time through T (see above) a couple of months ago. As her current username implies, she's super lovable and approachable--two of my favorite traits in a person. I absolutely adore her and how devoted she is to the things she loves, fanfiction included of course! She makes everyone feel welcome near her, often asking people about their day and greeting everyone with a friendly hello. Rania is an absolute sweetheart and I'm proud to call her my friend.

Lilly: "LilliLillyPhantomsGirls" holds the record for the best Crazy Day roleplay scenes in my living memory. She and I started out as acquaintances for a few months now, and I'm glad that I could call her my friend today. What I love most about Lilly is her limitless ideas that may start strange and silly, but later turn out to be the most ingenious (and hilarious) sparks of originality that great writers and people are made of. She's very approachable, open to suggestions, and is the type of friend that will stick with you through your best and your worst.

If Ever Shall I Die before my time, here's the song I'd sing to my loves from Heaven:

Though the winter blows bitter cold
And bright days are done
There's a season we'll soon behold
When we'll all laugh in the sun

Though we danced and sang through the night
Now those nights are none
Soon they'll come a new morning light
We'll sing and dance in the sun

Though the fates have torn us apart
And we don't know how or when
With the dawn I know in my heart
We'll be together again

I've known you a life and a day
But we've just begun
Come with me I'll show you the way
We'll soon live free in the sun

You can find the tune on youtube:


-CityCat "You are a good person. Have a fantastic day!"

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Patches, the Volturi Pet reviews
Everybody has a dark side, some darker and more damaging than others. Meet Patches, a young man granted a second chance at life as a guard of the world's most powerful vampire coven. Starting over seems easy enough, just within grasp. But it is never so, for how could anyone escape their past and their memories?
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