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Mrs. Prongs & Mrs. Padfoot

First, let us introduce ourselves. Stephanie is known as Mrs. Prongs and Alexandra is Mrs. Padfoot. Obviously our names are homages to our favorite Marauders respectively and certainly not who we're most like (because Alex is definitely totally Remus-y and Alex claims Stephanie to be completely Post-Azkaban Sirius).

We both first met online on May 31, 2003. Our friendship progressed quickly and soon we decided to write fanfiction together after realizing we both had an undying love of Harry Potter and the Marauder-era in particular. Basically, this tidbit of a conversation describes our writing partnership in a nutshell:

Stephanie: What would be a shocking Stephanie thing to do?
Stephanie: Besides writing, Alex.
Alexandra: You took my answer =(

And this conversation basically describes our relationship and ourselves individually as a whole:

Stephanie: you can toss ideas at me though
Alexandra: ideas for what?
Stephanie: for our new fic
Stephanie: we
Stephanie: are writing a new fic
Stephanie: if you didn't know
Stephanie:you probably didn't
: ...what about the unfinished ones?
Stephanie: oh who cares
Alexandra: ugh, well.

We claim to be "e-twins", because we're completely alike yet completely different and we understand eachother on levels that no other online friend could understand another. It's quite scary at times. Though, truth be told, we have nothing in common whatsoever besides Harry Potter. We just mesh well together and we entertain ourselves with talk of supermarkets and shopping. We can probably explain it better than this because we've discussed it before, but we don't want to bore you with it.


Name: Stephanie Glenn
Location: Eastern United States
DOB: June 30
Four words Alex uses to describe me: Opinionated, facetious, ostentatious, rad.
Role Models: Mother, Grandmother, Audrey Hepburn.
Talents: Musically inclined, illustration, photography, HTML/PHP.
Fangirl: Star Wars, Harry Potter, Sumarai X: Rurouni Kenshin.
Television: Gilmore Girls, The Andy Milonakis Show, Family Guy.
Music: Rilo Kiley, Metric, The Velvet Underground, The Beatles.
Movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Pulp Fiction, Alice in Wonderland, Reservoir Dogs.
Books: Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, Red, Emma, Pride and Prejudice.


Name: Alexandra Joy
Location: Boulder, Colorado
DOB: October 17th
Four words Steph uses to describe me: Overanalytical, eloquent, asinine (sometimes), amazing.
Talents: Well, I like to pretend that I can write, play piano, occasionally act, and have the ability to stand up on ice skates. And I have an A in French. Sorry, lame inside joke. Actually, I can paint. But only watercolors. And only flowers. So, really, I can't paint. Nevermind.
Fangirl: Harry Potter (obviously), The O.C., Star Trek, The X-Files
Music: Michelle Branch, Beulah, Lisa Loeb, Frank Sinatra, Rooney
Movies: Bringing Up Baby, The Philadelphia Story, On The Town, Meet Me In St. Louis, Holiday
Books: Harry Potter, an obscenely obscure trilogy called Exiles, Shakespeare, and, if I'm feeling girly, Jane Austen or The Sisterhood Books. I know, I'm lame. I also have an odd attatchment to "Ella Enchanted" even though it's very much a 9-year-old book. I would say Catcher in the Rye, but Stephanie already did, and I'm not going to steal more than one of her books, dammit.

Alex: And I really can't remember
Steph: YES
Steph: GEEZ
Alex: or =/
Alex: one of the two
Steph: or -_-
Alex: That's from your end.
Steph: So it is.

Stuck With YOU: It's honestly been so long, we can barely remember how we got the idea. When we decided to write together, we had to brainstorm what we wanted to write. At this point, we didn't know we'd go for humor. After a few minutes, Alex said "Let's have them play sardines.", and after explaining to Stephanie what it was, the idea flowed from there. We finished it in a few days.

Project the British are Coming: Sadly, we consider this to be the worst fiction we've written. After the first couple of chapters, we started writing LWY so it was extremely neglected. It had it's moments, but we aren't particularly proud of it. Alex says it has the best summary ever, though.

Left With YOU: We knew we had to write a follow up to SWY. It was only natural. We decided to go with the same plot line (stupid game, insanity ensues, of course) and Stephanie suggested the scavenger hunt. As you notice, the relationships between the characters are a bit different and also the characterization. They've had time to change/get closer to one another (especially Lily and James being Head Girl and Boy together). IF YOU ARE CONFUSED BY ANYTHING CONCERNING RELATIONSHIPS/TIME EVENTS CONCERNED: SWY is meant to be set in late September/early October-ish of 7th year and LWY is set in April/May.

A Merry Little Christmas to You: The idea came when we decided that we must write a holiday fiction when we were having one of our few and far between phone conversations. We quickly discussed what the plot should be in a matter of minutes and hung up with eachother to begin writing immediately.

Some Kinda Love: This first chapter of this one was in the making for several months before published. We knew we wanted to go for a different writing style/situation and thus this came to be (after, of course, Ally said "Lily's pregnant." and Stephanie said "Chaos ensues!").

Stuck With YOU Revised Version: Quite self-explanatory. Stephanie decided (after cringing while reading the original version) that it should be revised and reposted to flow better/not be so hard to read. And of course, she was trying to get out of writing for SKL (though she's done half of chapter 6! Honestly.).

Big, Fat, Important Post Script: In regards to the theifing of plot lines. We have never, ever intentionally stole someone elses plotline. We are never inspired by another fanfiction author's work. Most likely (and we mean a HUGE most likely), our fiction was written way before the one you claim us to have stolen. And please, when you accuse us of such a thing, don't review anonymously. We don't take you seriously.

Also, other people stealing our plotlines and/or writing style: It's pathetic. You're pathetic. You might think you're sneaky or what have you because we'll "never find out", and usually, we don't unless a reviewer points it out because we don't have time to look through thousands and thousands of fanfictions to see if one is similar to ours. We certainly hope you enjoy the reviews you get for a stolen piece of work.

-Mrs. Prongs & Mrs. Padfoot

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