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Author has written 5 stories for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Misc. Books, and Vampire Diaries.

Favorite Originals Characters: Niklaus, Josh, Francesca, and Kieran

Favorite TVD Characters: Lorenzo, Isobel, Alaric, Victoria, Katherine, Niklaus, Rebekah, and Tyler.

Favorite Half Bad Characters: Marcus (Of course. :) He's awesome.), Nathan, Annalise, Gabriel, Rose, Ellen, and Arran.

Favorite The Walking Dead Characters: Carl Grimes, Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh, Daryl Dixon

Favorite Romantic Ships


Half Bad:Annalise and Nathan, Gabriel and Nathan, Ellen and Gabriel, Ellen and Rose (In my head-canon), Ellen and Nathan

TVD: Katherine and Elijah

NBC's Dracula: Lady Jayne and Alexander Grayson (I don't know why I like these two. But after a few episodes, I just did. It's weird.)

Supernatural: Meg and Castiel (I like Destiel, but I'm objective enough to see this ship as cool. Cas's perpetual innocent confusion at all of her remarks was amusing. It made her death sad though.) Dean and Castiel, Sam and Gabriel


Niklaus Mikaelson and my friend's OC Veruca Rowen

Favorite Friendships/Partnerships


Half Bad: Rose and Nathan (It was amusing while it lasted.)

Mara Dyer Series: Mara and Jamie, Daniel and Noah, Joseph and Noah. (The last one is just funny.)

Supernatural: Crowley and Dean ("I was inside your brother, we're practically family." Who doesn't find this at least the little bit amusing?), Dean and Castiel, The Knights of Hell

TVD: Damon and Enzo

The Walking Dead: Rick and Daryl, Carl and Michonne, Michonne and Daryl, Daryl and Carl, Michonne and Rick (Yeah...There's a pattern..)


Klaus and Ash – They’re funny together. These two actually seem more like father and son.

Favorite Familial Relationships


Nightwatchers Series: Bishop and Kraven (When they hate each other, however. Which is messed up, I know.) "Seth" and Samantha (I only liked Nathan when he was pretending to be "Seth". I hated him once he was revealed to be her dad Nathan. Fathers always ruin fictional stuff for me...Except Marcus! He makes it better. :))

Half Bad: Marcus and Nathan (Having now finished the book, I love them even more!!! I want a whole book filled with Marcus-Nathan stuff.), Marcus's family (Namely Saba. She sounded awesome.), Arran and Nathan

The Walking Dead: Rick and Carl (Once again. That scene where Carl was almost...ugh. Rick was awesome. Just proves that you don't mess with his kids. Or you get your throat bitten out. Literally. By him. Insane Rick is the best Rick.)


Klaus and Anthony (Badass twins. Lol)

The Rowens (Excluding Ethan and Blackwell)

Favorite Antagonistic Relationships


Half Bad: Marcus and...everyone, excluding Nathan and his mother. Nathan and Kieran (While Kieran's sadism sort of amused me, the torture scene pissed me off, because I actually like Nathan. And the B/W thing was just...cruel.), Nathan and Soul (I don't know why, but it amuses me.)

TVD: Damon and Rebekah

Nightwatchers Series: Roth and everyone, excluding Cassandra.

Dracula: Alexander Grayson and Lady Jayne


Klaus and Raziel... (I didn't know where to put this. o_o And this is the closest one, I guess, it is. I blame Framing Hanley for liking them anyway. Built For Sin just...

Kol and Amara

Kol and Sophie

Demetrius and… everyone he comes across.

The Originals Survey:

Klaus or Marcel

I'm pretty sure this question doesn't need answering in my case..

Carcel or Klamille

Klamille, if I had to choose.

Elijah or Klaus

It's always going to be the latter brother. I don't even like Elijah.

Davina or Sophie?


Klen or Halijah

Halijah is rushed and boring, and all of their scenes annoy me. And

Klayley or Halijah

Neither. But Halijah makes no sense. This is probably my least favorite main ship next to vomit-inducing Klaroline.

Caroline crossover to TO (Permanently or Temporarily)?

Not at all. I'd quit TO. Klaus doesn't need a dog collar. My brief moment of liking this ship has passed. I once again find it disgusting. I don't like any Klaus ship. They all suck ass. Klaus doesn't need a dog collar to electrocute him when he does something it doesn't like. Oh, he doesn't go gloat over Katherine? Give him a treat and fuck him. He does something you don't like? Spite him and say he will forever be bad. Please. I don't need the patheticness that Klaroline and its fandom represents.

Girl or boy (baby)?

Girl. Though I'd prefer if it just didn't exist.

More flashbacks or less?


Klaus's next torture victim, you pick:

Mikael. I don't how this piece of garbage can look down his son, as a child, and don an expression that pretty much says "you are everything wrong in the world". A kid doesn't have the emotional maturity to deal with that.

Elijah's family oriented rants or Klaus's plans?

Klaus's plans. No one hurts my family and lives? Kol not family? I mean, seriously, what the hell? And what about Finn? No vengeance for him? ..-sigh- And don't even get me started on the whole "you only want to use the child for its blood, Niklaus" speech. Because what does Elijah go do? Uses the baby for its blood. -_- And...that "I will always choose him" garbage. Please.

If you had to kill off one of the three remaining Originals who would it be?

Had to? Elijah.

Evil baby or dead baby?


Klamille or Klayley.

Klamille. And only because Klayley doesn't make sense right now.

Hayley or Niklaus?

Klaus, obviously. I hate Hayley Canon wise. With her speech in the last episode, I wanted Elijah or Klaus to just be like, " know what Hayley? That is a fantastic idea. We'll get right on that." And then kill all of the wolves and vampires. See if she felt smart then. Honestly, I don't like her partially because of the writers. She is completely objectified, and has absolutely no character development. Not to mention, she adds nothing to the show. If anything, she brings it down. If Hayley was gone, nothing would be missing. Hell, ratings would probably go up. I just...can't stomach her. Every time she opens her mouth, I roll my eyes. lol.

Vampires, Witches, or Werewolves

Wolves, only because of Tyler Lockwood. The wolves on TO come across as obnoxious, annoying, frat boys. Seriously, they're so bad, that they made me fans of Tyler. Nothing they do comes across as wolf-like, to me. Tyler actually has, since S1. It's offensive that he is a part of the same species. Even Klaus is less wolf-like than Tyler. lol. The vampire are just boring at this point. The only witch in the TVD/TO 'verse I like right now is Davina.

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This time, Camille dreams of his hands: rough and wide-palmed, with charcoal stained finger-pads. Palms tainted with splotches of paint; green and blue, like his eyes. If he touches her, if he dares to, with those hands: tugging at her clothes, and weaving themselves in to her hairs. She wonders if he'll mark her skin like a painting. —-KlausCami, Cami-centric
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Marcusovich reviews
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"The name 'Old Nick' for the devil is really fitting right now." - "I do not exactly sympathize with his 'I'm hurt and only a child' act. He compared someone, who was being perfectly civil with him, to human waste. And he comes back here, and acts as if I'm a bother to him." Klaus/Finn human-era one-shot. Drabble plot-wise, done only to alleviate some boredom.
Vampire Diaries - Rated: T - English - Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,894 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Published: 3/1 - [Finn M., Sage] Klaus, Rebekah - Complete
Regardless reviews
Rebekah and Klaus sibling centered human-era one-shots. *Ended due to loss of interest.*
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The relationship between two species that lead to something "wrong" and "unnatural": a nexus. Demon father and angel mother. Nathan and Anna. One of the only interesting things out of the Nightwatchers series, and I'm pissed Michelle didn't go into more detail on them. So I'm going to. Reading the books from the series isn't necessary. T for now. Subject to change. I'm fickle.
Misc. Books - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,089 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 12/20/2013
Only Three Can Exist In This World
"There is the dead and the wicked, Father. And in the midst of the wicked, there are the delusional who believe themselves to be pure. I've learned this and have thus been able to accept myself as one of the wicked for I am Adam Samil Jekyll. A past delusional. Descendant of Dr. Henry Jekyll. " *The original story serves as a back story. You don't have to know the story by heart.*
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Rated: M - English - Drama/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 973 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 7/20/2013
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