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Hey guys,

Okay, first off: I'm still brand-new at this fanfic thing (in case you hadn't gathered as much already), so if/when I start writing my own stories, I appreciate any and all feedback (positive or otherwise). I do ask that you keep a civil tongue, though. I'm not too familiar with this website's censoring, etc, so I feel I should just put that out there.

Okay, a little about me. I'm an American (born and raised), and am VERY proud of my country. Our leaders may not have always made the best decisions but, to me, that just proves they're human. Even when times get bad, I'd still MUCH rather be living in this country than anywhere else. I'm always amazed at how people act these days. Call me old-fashioned, but it seems like what once was common sense has been replaced by a sense of entitlement, coddling, etc.

One more thing (at least for now): I relish intelligent conversations, whatever the topic. Politics, religion, what-have-you. If anyone wants to discuss something with me, please feel free! Personally, I'd rather speak with someone with an "opposing" viewpoint on a given topic who knows what and why he or she chooses that particular "side" than someone of a similar mindset to myself who, at least for all intents and purposes, does so "just cause" (parents believed, that's all they know, etc). No offense intended to anyone who may be in the latter category, just...I'd prefer to discuss deep issues with someone who knows at least a bit of another "side". To quote a favorite author of mine, I admire people with convictions. Even if those convictions are different from my own.

So far, I only have one story with a few chapters, but I hope to get more material out relatively soon. Please read and review what I have, and check back every so often. I'm open to any ideas (chapters, topics for new fics, etc). I can't promise I'll use every idea, but I will do my best to at least respond to any review/pm/etc.


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