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Harry Potter and the Origin War

This story is my first real foray into actually posting anything I've ever written. It was something where I just sat down to write one day, and it became the first chapter. Thank you all for reading and appreciating it.

I'm just going to say right here that making Harry a Dire Wolf was in no way a reference to Game of Thrones. I've never read them or seen them, and used Dire Wolves in my imagination long before I'd ever heard of the series. I did basically rip the methodology of Sympathy straight from the Kingkiller Chronicles, but that's just because Mr. Rothfuss made the best explanation for that kind of magic I've ever seen. I reference books/movies/TV all the time IRL, so there will probably be a lot of references in the story, and I might not even realize that I'm doing it.

Pairings that I like reading

This isn't all that simple. I am wholly against Hermione as a character, she's overbearing, bossy, and needs a serious attitude adjustment. I don't like her in the slightest and will not read Harmony stories.

Ginny is an odd character, she's often portrayed as having nothing in common with Harry, but she has more in common with him than the vast majority of girls. Harry lost his parents to Voldemort he has scars that will never fade from the madman. Ginny was possessed by him and nearly killed every muggleborn in the school. She can't recover from that easily, and would be scarred forever. She's a very strong character, with six older brothers and a strong will, evidenced by her not being wholly susceptible to the darkest mind in a century. I think that J. K. Rowling did it wrong by not giving her any development, but I do not disagree with Harry/Ginny in the slightest.

Daphne is a blank slate. We know her name, we know her house. We know she had a sister, and that her sister married Draco Malfoy. There is so much potential from Daphne that she's interesting. She's a Slytherin, and cliche'd as the 'Ice Queen' I like that cliche honestly, so I've used it. Stories with Daphne are often more political, given her house, and I like that.

I'm on the fence about Fleur, I like her, but I also really like her with Bill. One complaint I often have is that as a seventeen year old male, I find absolutely nothing alluring about fourteen year old girls. I don't think that there would be much of a difference in the genders, so I think fourth year is too early for a romance, and there is no other good time for it. She also seems so much more mature than Harry, as she should be given who and what she is, and I just don't really like to read that. It's just a bit weird to me.

I'm straight, and don't have anything wrong with gays... But I don't think that anyone should take a straight character, and make them gay. Harry is straight, and interested in girls his age, why would you put him with Draco or Severus?

People I don't like

Severus Snape, how can people like him? Did they read canon? Neville's greatest fear is his own potions master people... Not the people who tortured his parents into insanity, not the uncle who tried to drop him to his death, or almost drowned him. He's not terrified of Voldemort, or of Snakes/Spiders/Vampires. He's afraid of a teacher. How can you think that just because Snape's last thoughts were of Lily that he genuinely loved her? He's obsessed with her memory. If he loved her, he would have changed to reflect it.

Severus Snape is a sadistic man who enjoys inflicting suffering on those who he doesn't like. He constantly berates Neville, he belittles Hermione, and is simply unfair to all Gryffindors. His position as a spy doesn't change that fact. Hell, Bartemius Crouch Jr. was a nicer and better professor to Neville in one year than Severus was in six.

I don't know what to think of Dumbledore, the man's odd.

The Marauders

The Marauders were good enough that Voldemort personally asked Lily to join the Death Eaters. Let's say that again. The Dark Lord asked a Mudblood to join a Pureblood-Supremacy group, because she was just that good. If Lily was that skilled, so would the rest of the Marauders. In book seven Remus used Wandless and Wordless magic very simply. Sirius was underpowered and underused in canon, and I can't stand people who make him out to be an idiot.

None of the Marauders could have been idiots. They used magic to prank Transfiguration mistresses, Charms Masters, and even probably the 'greatest wizard of their time' Dumbledore. In order to go over the head of the Masters of magic, they would have to be Masters as well. Yes, even Peter, although he was probably overshadowed by his friends.

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