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Author has written 4 stories for D.Gray-Man, and Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ.

Ohayo! I'm Smoke on Mirrors! It's nice to be here and to FINALLY get myself an account.

I hope you enjoy my stories! And if you flame, I'll use those to feed Natsu from Fairy Tail.

So, uh...about me?

Name: Smoke on Mirrors. You didn't think I would actually tell you my real name, did you? If you wanna call me something else, SOM or Smoke will do, kay?

Gender: This is the only straight forward answer you will get. I'm female.

Age: I'm old enough to be on here, all right?

Personality: I don't really know what my personality can be. I'm reserved, yet I kinda contradict myself?

Other: I've been active on this site, but I never made an account. *rubs back of neck* I'll do my best! I'm a procrastinator, which you probably need to know.

I'm trying my best to become a writer. Isn't everynoe else on this site wanting to do that?

Texas born and raised, man!

My sense of humor is weird. Deal with it.

I'm good at confusing people with words and talking fast.

I have weird thoughts.

Being open minded isn't bad. It's pretty fun!

You have to enjoy life to the fullest. Because even when you think there's nothing to live for, you've always got to know that someone out there loves you. They might be pulling a Hinata, watching you and being really shy. Or a Sakura, trying to let you know that they're there. Don't worry about the people around you.

Dr. Seuss is very inspirational.

"Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because
Those Who Mind Don't Matter
and Those Who Matter Don't Mind.”
-- Dr. Seuss

Sometimes, you realize that people who aren't real at all can touch your heart in ways that real people can't.

"I want to become a destroyer who can save." -Allen Walker; D. Gray Man

"Don't wallow in the pain... Think... only about victory...!!" -Komui Lee; D. Gray Man

"We might be scared but that's what makes us stronger!" -Maka Albarn; Soul Eater

"You know what they say-- When in Rome, eat lots of pasta!" -Soul Eater; Soul Eater (REPETITON!)

"What the point of worrying about the past? A real star keeps moving forward." -Black*Star; Soul Eater

"It's not the face that makes someone a monster. It's the choices they make with their life!" - Naruto Uzumaki; Naruto

"I'm going to prove that in this world.. Heroes do exist!" -Naruto Uzumaki; Naruto

"Didn't you know? Women have to be tough to survive." -Sakura Haruno; Naruto

Just because things happen in your head, doesn't mean they aren't real. Everytime a writer comes up with a new idea, a new dimension is made. It grows as the story grows. It's the character's entire world. Crossovers are the universes combining together for the short period of time for which it is needed. So how would you feel if you were put on hiatus, your whole world stopping, freezing.

You might be aware of it.

Or you may not.

Discontinuing it? They now have nothing to live for. You don't know if the guys will get the girl or the evil person will finally topple from the throne. They wait for something that might never come.

Deleting a story is deleting their world. They'll only watch as bit by bit, the story comes undone, floating off to wherever the deleted and unwanted go. Am I the only one who thinks of it this way?

This may only be FanFiction, but it could mean something more to someone else. Why don't you think on that?

Is black the presence of all colors, or the presence of none? If so, does that make white the opposite?
My friend's opinion: "Well even if it's none or all, they still made a color out of it. So it must be a color!"

Do pink and blue still make purple?

I stand by you, my friend, through the thick and the thin. I'm praying for you, and remember that I'll always love you.

"Sir, we're surrounded!"
"Excellent! Now we can attack from all directions!"

"You wanna know why I smile? Because it's worth it."-Marcell the Shell

No one should not have a reason to smile. If you don't, find one.

I am proud to say that I watch anime.

Patrick: "I can't hear you. It's too dark."

No one might ever read this profile, but it's still good to ramble.

Christian and proud!

Romans 12:2

Psalm 23

John 3:16

Jesus said we should love our neighbor as we love ourselves. So I'm giving you this virtual hug, and saying that I'll pray for you!

God gave us life for a reason, so live out that reason, and don't waste it.

The world needs someone to change it. Wanna join God's Army with me?

I don't curse. Well, not by my mouth. I may make references, but I will keep up resistance and try not fall to temptations.

Keep your mind wide open, because there's a whole 'nother world out there waiting for you.

Most girls want to kiss the one they have a crush on. All I want to do is save the world with the guy by my side. For reals. Because I'm gonna be the one that:

-Will be in front of them when an akuma fires their bullets. (D. Gray Man)
-Protect them even if it means getting a scar across my chest and certain death. (Soul Eater)
-Run up and catch them from the tower they are falling down from. (Fairy Tail)
-Keep on believing in them and stand up for them, even if they betray me and leave me on a cold bench. (Naruto)
-Will take a poison dagger for. (Percy Jackson)
-That I will keep going to save. (Inuyasha)
-Keep searching for a solution. (Fullmetal Alchemist)
-Break up with them so they would be safe. (Harry Potter)
-Would do anything to get them back. (Hunger Games)
-Keep doing everthing I can to find them. (Kane Chronicles)
-Stay by their side. (Divergent)
-Will protect them, no matter how weird they are. (Spellbound)

That's the one I'm going to be. You got a problem with that? If you do, too bad. I don't live to please people's bad opinions of me.

The thing about yaoi: you know it's not good, but you keep wanting MORE after your first one. GAH.

For some reason, I want to know if there are any guys out there that like anime. I know one, but to me, it's like the fan base is all girls or something.

So I guess that's it. I'm kinda passive, so I don't really feel like starting a fight. If you gotta say something, then say it. Thank you for looking at my stories, and I hope you enjoy them

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We'll Pick You Up reviews
Idea from alternative27angel on Tumblr. It's the match against Rakuzan during the Winter Cup, and Kuroko endangers himself while trying to keep the ball in-bounds. Kagami saved him, but Kuroko's already reminded of the dark days of the third year in Teiko. However, although Kuroko's old team pushed him down, his new one will pick him right up.
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