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You know, if you google "Linus Ferrie" or "Shedding Skins" then my story is like the first result and that makes me feel like I've achieved something in life.

Okay, I'm well aware that this account has stagnated over the past few months, with a grand total of one update. BUT. I'm getting interested in this again. No promises because I'm a lazy fuck and I've started watching Prison Break so I spend most of my free time streaming that, but hey, interest is something, right?

I scrapped what little work I had done on TLALSOTJ chapter four and redid it, and I started a new SS oneshot which I'm currently 2k words or so into. And that was in the past day. There's hope for me yet.

As far as reading, I mostly read OT Pokemon fics, although I'm insanely picky about which stories I read. Recently I've encountered an absolutely perfect tale titled "Wine Red" that's in my favorites if you're interested. And The Game Of Champions is perfect also - even though I hate Red/Ash, this guy makes it work so well - although I seriously doubt it needs me to advertise it, it's garnering enough attention as it is. I recommend both, as well as anything by Crukix, they will not disappoint you.

I try to reply to most of the reviews I get, but I suffer from chronic laziness, so it's sometimes a struggle. Although I do absolutely despise it when someone reviews anonymously 'cause I can't reply to them. PM me whenever, even if we've never spoken before or if it's just for a chat. I like talking. That's it really.

The stories around here - mine included - don't update anywhere near often enough. ALL THE FANFICS I FOLLOW HAVE NOW BEEN UPDATED YEEEEEEEEES

So, yeah, wander about my little corner of the internet here and feel free to read my generally dark ramblings. This profile is like a little piece of my mind floating in the internet. It's a dark and scary place.

The Sugarflier is becoming my actual alter ego.

I am totally not amazed by this whole new 'Strikethrough' text I swear.

My FictionPress account - even though I haven't published anything yet =>

I don't even know why this is here. It takes up space.

Current Projects


The Long And Lonely Story Of Trainer J

Prepare for an intensely unpleasant trek across the Johto region here. It's going to be realistic. It's going to be dull. It's going to be bleak. It's going to be angsty. It's going to be dark. It's going to be depressing. And it's going to be good(I hope lol)

The story is a far more realistic portrayal of Pokemon training than I have ever attempted before. It's also not going to be set in the same universe as Shedding Skins, The Correctional Facility and A Dance In The Dark, which is more or less a first for me.

Chapter 4 - 5100 words (51%)

I'm Still Here

Linus is still here.

No, it's not a sequel. It's going to be a collection of Shedding Skins one-shots and the like, from before, during and after the story itself. Mostly just because I miss writing about Linus. So whenever I feel the need to bring a little bit more Linus psychopathy back into the world, I can just write something and post it here.

Various one-shots at various levels of completion so far.

The Correctional Facility

When Barry Savage is taken from his relatively normal, breeder-in-training life and thrown into The Correctional Facility for a crime he didn't commit, he's understandably not happy. So, along with some oddballs and psychopaths, he forms a plan. A plan that makes him realize, maybe he is cut out for this kind of life after all.

Yes, this is the same Barry as the one in Shedding Skins! This is his story, telling tales of his life before the Johto Civil War, even before Linus' journey began. So, if you have read Shedding Skins then you've probably already guessed this, you can expect his known allies, Kevin and Damian, to turn up as major characters, as well as the brief appearance of Linus and co.

If you liked Shedding Skins, you should give this a try.

And guys, I promise, Pokemon are coming soon. I absolutely promise, they'll get here eventually.

Chapter 14 - 0 words (0%)

A Dance In The Dark

In the aftermath of the Civil War, Diamond's Johto is not a place that any trainer really wants to be. Ralph Heenan, an intellectually gifted, smart mouthed teenager with multiple myeloma and absolutely nothing to lose, knows what he's going to with what little remains of his life, though.

Here you go! Set after the Civil War that was the basis for the plot of Shedding Skins, this story explores Diamond's Johto in greater detail, although it has little to do with the Shedding Skins plot. If you enjoyed Shedding Skins, why not give it a try?

Chapter 20 - 600 words (30%)


Set in a world where Gardevoir and Gallade have built a civilization in place of Humans, the former are weak due to their easy lifestyle and the latter are treated no differently from the other wild Pokemon species. The story follows the lives of a human and a Gardevoir.

Just a fun little idea that my mind conceived after thinking about psychic types in general. I'm not really sure where it's going, so I can't say how long it'll be or if I'll even finish it - although I guess I'll try.

I've also decided to make a lot of major plot revisions, so I've removed the one existing chapter and replaced it with a new one. But! I've rewritten the first chapter, yet again, and maybe this time I'll actually stick at it!

And another thing, I care not about the biological inaccuracies regarding the humans. I'll explain them with Pokemon logic.

Chapter 2 - 1000 words (33%)

Doctor Who


This story follows the attempts of a mysterious time traveler, Leader Adrian Hale, to evade persecution for crimes he has committed, while travelling through time and space, picking up friends as he goes along.

Although it's based in the Doctor Who universe, I'll be using original characters, enemies, locations, etc, for the most part. Just warning you.

And, before anyone just assumes this, Hale is not a Time Lord.

Chapter two is impossible, I hate life.

Chapter 2 - 400 words (?%)

Finished Stories


Shedding Skins

The story of a teenager who decides to become a trainer and hopes to be the best the world has ever seen, not realizing that it's a great deal more complicated than that.

And it's finally finished, after over a year. I'll admit it guys, I cried when I posted the last chapter.

Not exactly what you would call an original idea, but oh well. I'm warning everyone though, this is a long story. It's also somewhat dark, and probably angsty at times as well. Just giving you all a heads up.

You know, I think it's so nice that people are still reading this even after it's finished. Idk, I just feel happy about that.

Also guys, Shedding Skins' paraquel is now up! If you liked Shedding Skins, give The Correctional Facility a try! And A Dance In The Dark is also up, go check that out too.

Little World Of Infinity

Strictly speaking, this is not a Pokemon story, but it fits in better there than it does anywhere else. So, this is basically a story about me. It's about my personality versus my writing persona, in short.

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Wine Red by Whimsical Acumen reviews
This is not a happy tale. The story I am going to tell is about breaking, about choices, about truth, about power, about loss, about strength, about growth, about defining love, about revenge, about time, about the dark and what it means to let it consume you. This is my story. You may wish to get comfortable: it's going to be a long one. OT fic
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A Dance In The Dark reviews
In a post civil war Johto where training has been banned, those wishing to pursue a life with Pokemon are branded outlaws and hunted by government forces. Ralph Heenan, an intellectually gifted and smart mouthed teenager with multiple myeloma and absolutely nothing to lose, decides what he wants to do with the rest of his life, though. Or what little remains of it anyway.
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When Barry Savage is convicted of a crime he didn't commit and incarcerated for it, it obviously doesn't sit too well with him. So, along with some psychopaths and oddballs, he forms a plan. A plan that makes him realize that maybe he is cut out for life in this vicious underworld after all.
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I sacrificed years of my childhood just to get a shot at pokemon training as a career. And I got that one shot. It was an arduous, gruelling process but it paid off, and now I can go and endure some of the most difficult, but also some of the richest years of my life. And maybe, just maybe, if I'm lucky, there's a life in there for me too.
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A series of Shedding Skins related one-shots, mostly focusing on Linus, just because I miss writing about him and his team and his friends. Will probably mostly just consist of mindless violence when I'm in the mood to write some.
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