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Ladies and Gentleman, Hobos and Sluts, Cross eyed mosquitoes, and bow legged ants! Im your ring master for the night and I must warn you...things may get weird --

You may be wondering who I am, the answer to that question is that I'm the undiscovered love of your chin mole with the name of bob... haha.. No. Lets get serious here!

My name is Tonianne. (Pronounced Toe-Knee-En).. the exact type of person your pairen'ts have warned you to stay away from. (Not in the dangerous way, in the loony bin way!) I like writing, reading, eating, breathing, sleeping, feeding my cat, talking into my fan, shimmying to random tunes... you know. Basic stuff. My age is somewhere between negative zero and infinity *just encase you were wondering*

My biggest turn on is music, the guys don't have a chance baby! (Not like they'd wan't one because I'm outrageously weird and obnoxious.)

I'm a people person. (Whatever that is) Hyper, annoying, childish. People hate me, But more people love me. So it's all good right!? Haha. Yeah... no.