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who wants to know about me? YOU?! okie dokie then...

name: Gilraen

age: 15

sex: female (no duh)

lives: Western Australia

likes: Elijah Wood, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter books, Pirates of the Carribean, Elijah Wood, rainy days, Wheel of Time books, my radio, Elijah Wood, my mobile (my preciousss), Kath and Kim, Captain Jack Sparrow(drool)... did i mention Elijah Wood?(even more drooliness!)

dislikes: orlando bloom, mean people, bitches in boarding school and other annoying stuff like that

the third chapter is written after much procrastination...

Aha! i have a title! it's not very good, and the summary sux even more, but hey, i'm getting reviews!

yahoo! i have written the first chapter of the story in collaboration with littlefurryscrubcreature. i am still thinking of a title though...

chao, Gilraen Ar-Feiniel
ME4EW ;)

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