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Author has written 4 stories for Familiar of Zero, Fate/stay night, Strike Witches, Matrix, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, Majikoi - Oh! Samurai Girls!/真剣で私に恋しなさい!!, and Infinite Stratos/IS<インフィニット・ストラトス>.

On the Author

An old boy who doesn't celebrate his birthdays. Far more literate in English than his native language. In fact, qualified to teach English but has never done so professionally. Veers more towards British English than strictly necessary. Apparently has a "thing" for languages. Probably from speaking at least three and learning a couple more. Writing is one of many hobbies, reading is another. Prefers playing god building worlds and crafting settings than any actual need to tell a story. Doesn't care much for the attention but what's the point of a story if not shared? Would be very interested in collaboration. However, is quite lazy with no set schedule despite being too imaginative for his own good. Also has a terrible sense of humor. Truly an unreliable human bean. Should avoid sentence fragments. Likes cats.

On Writing and Reading

I'm very interested in seeing new premises and situations, which is why I'm partial to crossovers. While treading the same beaten path is all good, few do it well due to all the ruts people fall into. Most if not all who succeed at enticing me usually forge their own narratives or combine things in creative ways. Otherwise it's either cathartic, but mindless, power-tripping or general WAFF-ling about with no real conflict. Those kinds of narratives get boring fast. Not saying that it doesn't happen in crossovers mind and I could give examples but I don't think it'd be particularly appreciated if I did. It's also one of the reasons why I abhor meta. I'd prefer to waste my time discovering your story instead of instantly being turned off by "first-timer" or whatever passes for an excuse around these parts.

On another note, I really don't trust the review system. Reviews do not necessarily reflect the majority of my readership, only the loudest. Praise is nice but it doesn't really tell me what's right, or wrong, with my writing. I take it about as seriously as any "Comments" system on another website since real reviews are few and far between. Yes, some have been helpful, even when they're wrong about certain things. No, I won't bend my back over for you if you find something disagreeable. In the end, whether I stray from canon, or, God forbid, depict a consensual heterosexual relationship for the sole purposes of procreation indulge in your sick fantasies is entirely up to me. If you have arguments, I will certainly listen to them. You might just be able to convince me then.

Need interesting ideas? Look no further!

Of course this doesn't mean I won't be using them but you're free to have a go if you want. I'd love to see someone have a go at these. Some of them are self-explanatory but others are worth considering surely.

- Harry Potter's Wizarding Britain in the future world of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: It's only 2095, the Master of Death is still alive and kicking surely. Maybe he's gone in to teaching, while hiding his no doubt Strategic Class Ancient Magic. Mostly a world building exercise.

- Hufflepuff House Mafia: There's two takes to this. One, Harry has a fascination with EDM and is a prospective DJ. Hufflepuff House is just a rave in the making when he joins. Play it for laughs. Two, Hufflepuff House is an actual organised crime syndicate that has connections so deep no one outside of the House knows. You work hard, show loyalty to the House and you will be protected, rewarded even. Take your cues from The Godfather and explore their take on Voldemort's wars.

- Kaname Junko drive tanks: Maybe throw in a disgruntled younger Nishizumi Shiho as rival for added humour.

- A Counter Guardian in an Academy City: Again two takes. One, set aboard the Chrome Shelled Regios with our favourite EMIYA propped up as a literal school janitor. Course you could tie this in with Nasu's Notes and make it all complicated. The second take is detailed below.

- Abusing an amnesiac Academy City style: Touma's memory loss is a great jumping point for a totally different story. Like what if someone saved him and made an impression on him in that moment of vulnerability? What if he adopted the ideals of A Certain Counter Guardian. He could literally be anyone.

- Aleister Crowley has children problems, or is it the other way around?: Remember the line in Mondaiji where Izayoi mentions that Asuka came from before "the War"? He didn't really specify which war now did he? Now assume they are all plucked from the same timeline.

- A Dispute Mediator in Halkegania

- Strike Witches...IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAACE! or maybe in subs (they're long, hard and full of seamen): I've already done the former so lets talk about the latter. Not necessarily subs, but there's a naval aspect to be explored. The Fleet of the Fog seemed reminiscent of the Neuroi in a way. You could also try KanColle but I'm not touching that with a ten-foot pole.

- The consorts of vampire princesses shoot the breeze: I can already see at least six series where "vampire princesses" and "teenage guys" are involved. Maybe they can commiserate?

- Kischur Zeltrech Schweinorg, Planeswalker (I have a card if you're interested): The last words you want to hear from Zeltrech are, "This reminds me of that one time in Ravnica," especially if you're the Living Guildpact.

- Yuuno Scrya thinks with portals: Why does he never telefrag anyone? Why doesn't anyone?

- The Alien Common Sense of Dream Demons: The Dreameater Merry would probably take offence to a Reality Marble.

- Sword and Board: After saving Fuyuki, and the world, from imminent Grail-related destruction Shirou gets a job offer from S.H.I.E.L.D.

- Nasuverse Advice Column: Inspired by the Onion's Ask a Navy SEAL and other such fine advice columns.

- Bodacious Valkyrie Pirates: Rejoice, Katou Marika, you've inherited a space pirate ship. Being paid to interdict all traffic not sanctioned by the NUN Spacy isn't so bad. If only they had told her about the bug-like aliens before hand. How was she going to prep her club for next year's Vanquish series race at this rate?

- False Priest, True Assassin: Come to think of it, Altaïr became the "Old Man of the Mountain" didn't he? I think he'd do some good for Kirei.

- Artemis Fowl: The Fifth Magic: Arty fudged up in his calculation as some of you may remember. He just didn't think he would end up in the lap of Aozaki Aoko is all.

And a quote since so many are fond of these

"At all events, the next best thing to being witty one's self, is to be able to quote another's wit."

Bovee, C. N., Intuitions of Summaries of Thought Vol. II, p. 124, 1826

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