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As is spectacularly clear, my pen name is Melt into the Air. Most of the people who frequent this site that could possibly know me would have known me as Luvergirl of Books. I felt it was time that changed -- I've long felt it to be juvenile and irrelevant, but stuck with it for the sake of habit. I chose Melt into the Air because it is the title of an original work that I have written and of which I am immensely proud. You can find me on Tumblr at, where I repost mostly Undertale (or my more prevalent blog of where I post 3 black and white edits of Jacksepticeye and Markiplier every day).

Call me Aylah. My simple alias. (As in, just a riff off the word "alias." Keeps things simple, allows more focus toward more important endeavors.)

So I've grown, as people tend to do. My interests have changed, my range of shows expanded. I am a proud member of a great many fandoms, far more than I could list. I'm currently in college working toward a degree in English Education, so I don't know about how well my fanfiction writing is going to go, but I'm attempting to re-ingratiate myself into fanfiction reading.

Favorite authors? John Green, Dean Koontz, Margaret Atwood, George R. R. Martin.

I still enjoy the Ranger's Apprentice fandom, though am not quite as obsessive as I once was. Still have all the books which I have read multiple times, but my focus has broadened. I most likely will not be writing new material for the RA fandom, but might possibly post some of my old stuff that is buried in the depths of my computer's memory. If I were to be writing any other fanfiction, it would most likely be along the lines of Undertale, Fringe, Sherlock, Doctor Who, or Supernatural -- if I write any more at all.

I have some original work that I may one day edit and post here, but most likely not. However, there is one multi-chaptered RA fic that I had written a while back, of which I am particularly proud. Once I re-work the first few chapters, I just might post them. :)

I've missed this. It's been a long time. It may take some effort, but I just might work my way back into the FanFiction community.

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