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Hey chums

yea I am reading Nancy Drew, get over it. The books are really good, if you like mystery. Anyway I do not think anyone will actually read this so if you do I want u to review any of my stories, and somewhere in the review type " toaster thief named oavtio" ok?

some stuff about me

i have glasses

i have light brown hair, but everyone else says I have light blond.

I play soccer, for a travel team

Team Chicago look it up

If u want to know more than review

( I doubt u would want to)

what I live by

The Maximum Ride Pledge.

I promise to remember Max

When someone has leadership skills

I promise to remember Angel

When I see something with gills

I promise to remember Fang

When someone doesn't talk a lot

I promise to remember Ari

When someone is forgot

I promise to remember Gazzy

When I see a giant bomb

I promise to remember Dr. Martinez

When I see a great mom

I promise to remember Nudge

When someone talks to much

I promise to remember Jeb

When someone hates my guts

I promise to remember Iggy

When I see someone blind

I promise to remember Dylan

When I see a face I want to grind

I promise to remember Total

When I see a little dog

And I promise to remember The Flock

When I see birds through the fog

I promise to remember Maximum Ride

Where ever I go

i found this on fanfiction, it was really cool, the credit goes to



these are the quotes I like

" that was worth a penguin party" from under the same stars. It's a maximum ride and twilight crossover. Very very very funny

"everything happens for a reason"

"Say No to drugs, say Yes to tacos"

"when nothing goes right, go left"

i hav a lot more but I am tired of typing

good night

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