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Hello. I am not your average young adult, though I do lead a pretty average life. Middle class. Broken family. Too little pay, too many bills. But strangely content. I aspire to be a fantasy writer and have a deep love for stories of adventure, romance, political intrigue and humor in exotic locations far, far away from this world yet close, close to my heart. I live in Tennessee, and the canopy of stars, plentiful natural beauty, and tranquility of my subrural home give me inspiration in spades. It turns out that getting a novel done, much less a three-part one, is very difficult. I have no doubt I will get it done one day, but I will have to stop rewriting the story at some point.

It's interestingly parallel to my dilemma with Slayers Forth. I just can't stop refining the story.

My real name is indeed Ivan, though my real surname isn't Inverse. I am also known as Soja in many realms beyond FF.net, and that is the first name under which I published Slayers Forth in its prototype on my website. In fact, SF has been deleted once for not citing that fact.

Slayers Forth is an ongoing project that I had planned since early 2002, written partially in 2003-04, completely scrapped and rewrote in middle 2005, and am only updating majorly in early and late 2006. This means that I should be finished by 2010! So far, I am on schedule. I absolutely intend on finishing the story of Slayers Forth before the year is out.

The story of Slayers Forth begins fairly unassumingly. Much like the original novels that started the Slayers phenomenon, Slayers Forth is written from the first-person viewpoint of Rina Erris. Who the Hells might that be? That would be Lina Inverse's great-great-great-great granddaughter, who is damned with the countless demonic enemies that Lina Inverse made in her lifetime. Also joining her are descendants of other Slayers characters -- Judas, whose family was a wealthy merchant dynasty until his transformation; the Royal Family of Saillune, whose King and Heirs trace their lineage to a Sainted Amelia; Karius, a vagrant swordsman with a strange case of hereditary slow-mindedness; and Sorin Dragomir, an all-powerful priest with radical designs on global revolution. They are all tied together by a scheme perpetuated by grander forces that have waited a long time for vengeance, and with all obstacles to their prior success now taken by that which all living creatures are bound to -- time -- they have no one to stop them.

Save one.

Now read it, and leave lots of reviews!

Another story I am working on is Left Alone, a story that will in time detail the harsh realities of why Amelia and Zelgadis, in spite of their feelings for each other, cannot be together. Torn between happiness and responsibility to her station, Amelia is forced to make decisions she in her youth never hoped she would have to make. Zelgadis returns to Saillune, barely alive, to warn Amelia of impending, encroaching danger. And Sylphiel, now head healer at Saillune's healing house, slowly uncovers more and more of the dark veil hiding would-be usurpers within Saillune's very walls.

I also promised a Lina/Gourry fic to Ahria's Slayers Forum here on this very site, but I have yet to deliver. I have a strong sense of where I'd like to go with that, though, so perhaps soon.

I indeed wish I could put summaries of this length into the summary fields, but I can't; here they shall lie instead.

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