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Name: Most people just call me "that bitch"...and usually under the circumstances I have to agree, but my legal name is Shelby. Yes, I was named after a materialistic object.

Age: I’m eighteen goin on three

don’t tell me i’m too young because trust me, i’m bitter, and cynical enough for all of us.

Gender: Im a cold heartless ice bitch, as I’m told by Exs’

Species: oh god. why did i write this question again? I think I need to redo this...

Location: The deep recesses of my mind.

Excuse: Must be the rap, i blame everything on rap, rap and the damn republicans and the hippies and the canadians, and the non-canadians, and the government, and the youth and the damn old people and all the stupid trend fallowing brain-washed morons out there who think just because mommy and daddy drop you off at hot topic with the credit card means that you are a free thinker and against “The Man” you especially can kiss my pale ass, go shut yourself in your room and listen to good charlotte and avril, feeling sorry for yourself because nobody understands you when really they just don’t want to deal with you because you think you are so high above it and spontanious when in reality you are the most predictable creatures known to man! (take that you sheep...baaaa baaaa)

Fav colors: Red and grey

Music of choice: Rock, Techno, Punk, and Jazz.

Where my life went wrong: As soon as I hit puberty. From there on out, everything pretty much sucked.

How I get my kicks: Reading fanfiction and the like, you twat! (HA! i just called myself a TWAT!)

preferred video game system: Playstation II baby woo hoo! i can't wait for the new platform! i'll probably get a 360 too! and guess what! i won't be able to eat for a few months in order to save up! (oh well...Best. Diet. EVAR!)

footwear: Thong...flip-flops...but only because people would call me crazy if i wrapped underware around my feet...

I don't really write fanfiction. I'm horrible with other peoples characters. But I'm thinking about posting some AU's or something...

Hmmmm...I'm bored, someone fucking e-mail me.

i think something just touched my shoulder...
screams and dives under desk
oh no,
oh waitwaitwait...
it was my hair
my bad!

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