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Name: Call me Violet or for short VAP

A little about myself: My grammer and punctuation skills suck but I am improving. I hope you enjoy the stories I might right in my spare time. Since school started, I might not be able to write as often but since I'm an author, I shall not let you readers down ...

Age: Not telling...

Hobbies: Reading and drawing... and anime. Cannot forget the anime!

Favorite Color: Violet.

Update Info: (04/29/13) (10:04 PM) Darn it! I am so sorry for not updating in like, what, half a year? So yeah, I have been typing during my free time and some stories will be removed since I am no longer interested in finishing them. My concerns go to the AQWorlds stories, they will be finished! I personally guarantee it! Should I make a back story for AQWorlds fanfiction I am writing to better understand? In the end, your opinions (the reader) are what counts and my drive to keep typing.

AQW: 13 Lords of Chaos- From Good and Evil to Chaos

Because I got addicted to this game that my friends introduced me to, I decided to make a fanfiction about it. Yes, don't worry, Miki x Tobi is my real game name in AQWorlds. Here is a review with a spoiler for the planned Chapter 3, it may change depending on what requirements DVbR might have. Examples would be more action, gore, or visualization.

I just stood there, paralyzed bout the events that I had witnessed before-hand. My parents, killed, right in front of me. I held my grip on my baby brother whom was still only 11 months.

Slowly, with making as little noise as possible, I scrambled to my feet and headed for BattleOn Town. I turned around and saw an Undead Warrior scanning my parents' lifeless bodies. I no longer turned back but focused on how to protect my brother from further harm. ' I promise I will raise you and protect you like any sister would' I whispered as my baby brother stirred. 'I hate you, Evil...' I grudgingly growled

"Robina! Naniei! dawn eyes! Clear the castle of the Undead, I will protect the king!" I ordered as the four of us parted ways and slashed through Undead Warriors.

Using my Clockwork Scythe, I made a straight path leading into the Throne Room, every step felt longer than the last.

"I am no longer afraid of you... in fact, you should be afraid of me..." I said particularly to no one.

Pairings: Artix x Hero x Drakath and many Hero x Hero Rated: T Chapters: Unknown Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance Language: English Characters: AQWorlds Status: In-Progress

Update: (04/04/14) (2:51 PM)

I am sorry for not updating over the past few months. I have been very busy with school and personal things but I did update a few days ago after six or seven pages of drafts. I decided to change the flow of the story and gave up on all other fanfics I have started with few exceptions. Since these two main stories I have been planning and drafting endlessly are long, I decided to delay other projects I had in mind.

Those two projects are:

-AQW: 13 Lords of Chaos - Light After Darkness (the renamed version of the previous update)

Preview for the next chapter:

The earth began to shake violently below our feet, so much that we struggled to maintain our balance. Large portions of the cliff began to detach and fall under, creating a small rock slide. A loud explosion was heard in the distance but too awfully close for us, followed by an immense heat began that spread like a wildfire.

“Look!” I yelled out while pointing to the sky.

Artix looked up and gasped at the sight. The nearby volcano had erupted, skyrocketing its lava into the sky and illuminating the darkening sky.

It would have been beautiful if it were not for the figure standing dangerously close to the summit, the two dragons (one being the kingdom of Evil) and the undead swarming the mountains when the figure raised its blade towards Swordhaven and the nearby tower.

“Shadowfall…” I heard Artix mutter under his breath and he clenched his teeth together. -Chapter 2

Pairings: Artix x Hero/OC x Drakath and many Hero/OC x Hero/OC Rated: T Chapters: Unknown Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance Language: English Characters: AdventureQuest Worlds Status: In-Progress

-Behind all Emotions (this one has yet to be completed)


“You may not realize this but, this is only the only area that has little to no royal influence. You are the lucky ones. Others have died because they want freedom. And you call that safe ," I looked at the boy," And you, you brainwash children like this boy into believing such a nonsense? It is of no doubt that those bastards control your thinking."

“Are you saying that I am incapable of thinking for myself?”

“Take it however you want it,” I grabbed the boy’s shoulder, “He will not stay with the likes of you. I would rather kill him than have him become mindless and incompetent of thinking for himself.”

“Well then, slay him there! He believes the Insurgence is evil, just like the rest of us!” He argued.

The boy looked at me with eyes filled with horror. -Chapter 1

Pairings: OC x OC Rated: M Chapters: Unknown Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance Language: English Characters: AdventureQuest Worlds (DragonFable?) Status: Developing

{Art for both stories are to be made and posted up soon}

Thank you for your time! -VAP

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