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Haaaiii(: I like to write but I have writer's block fever! I tend to create plenty of one shots that are meant to last! But they don't! o: Hahaa, but I hope you can overlook that! Huuuge BBxRae Fan here. Woo! Here's a lil bit about me!

-I used to have two other accounts! One of them was XxFlawedRainbowxX, the other was like, TechxX or something like that xD Darn you terrible memory! Ha but I'm back for good this time! I think! :D So if you've ever read any of my stories from my other accounts and enjoyed them, stop reading this, scroll down, and read more! xD

-I'm a giiiirl :)

-I'm about five hundred and seven, minus four hundred ninety years old.

-I looove sports! Woo!!!

-I can't remember all of my fav fanfiction authors, but I can think of a few:

TheForceIsStrongWithThisOne-great author! Go look em up! :D

...okay so I don't remember the other ones right now! I will check as soon as I recall my account logins! :3

-Here are some shows and fanfiction I enjoy:3

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Teen Titans, dur

Danny Phantom


Wicked the Musical!


But usually I spend my life here on Fanfiction reading the Teen Titans! God, I miss this show! No idea why they b.s.'d Beast Boy and Raven's relationship >.> But oh well! ;_;

For my fics here's how it'll go down:

Raven Roth: I will seldom ever call her "Rachael" because I prefer not to o: She's 18, about 5 3'! Dry humor for the win, lol. Her hair lies in flamboyant violet locks that fall past no farther than her shoulders.

Beast Boy: I will often call him "Logan" because Garfield makes me think of...you know, Garfield. XD The fat orange cat! And "Beast Boy" makes me think of the silly lil green guy from T.V. I think of him now as a sexy green BEAST. Yes. I said sexy green beast. He's well built now 8D Thank God for weight lifting! Hahaha, so anyways, he's a little over six feet at 17ish years old, and his hair will be a traditional male cut, you know, imagine his hair how you wish when you read XD

Robin will look the same as ever, about the same height as BB at six feet. He is 19, and as for his mysterious eye colour...are they blue? Are they brown? How about green??! x) You'll have to read on!

Star will obviously have a gorgeous body, just sayin, you know, something like Angelina Jolie with more curves. (man Angelina is hot. whew.) 5 7'! She's 18, and red locks reach the small of her back.

Cy's doing great! Looks the same, but with upgraded armor >:D 19, and still remains the tallest Titan at about 6 4'.

Red-X is the same height as BB and Robin. He's soooo dreamy. Whew. Dark locks that fall over his eyes, kind of like Ezra in the first season of Pretty Little Liars. Icy blue orbs because that's sexy.

That's pretty much the only fic I'll be working on, since I've never written much anything else! XD But here are my pairings!!

DannyxSam, obviously



Since I don't give a poop if Aang gets with anyone, but I DO care if Toph gets someone, i'll just stick them together. x) AangxToph


RED-XxRAE OMG RED-X IS SOOO HOT. (the version that's NOT Robin xD)


CyxJinx! They're so cute!


When Sam and Freddie actually got together I was nearly disgusted at their relationship xp It ruined everything! But I still love the thought of the two together, strangely enough..! FreddiexSam

Carly was awesome with Griffin! He's so hot! And his pee-wee babies...oh geez..that was so weird XD But she shouldn't have been like that! CarlyxGriff

ElphiexFiyero!!! Yay!!


Bolin is so sweet though!! Hmm...it's hard XD

-I suppose my best fic, (based on feedback and the plethora of emails I received stating, "your story 'within your arms added to _'s favorites!" :DD) was "Within Your Arms" by XxflawedrainbowxX. Here's a link if you wanna read it! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6051999/1/Within_your_arms

Well, I guess that about covers it. I'm too lazy to find my old accounts and simply copy and paste all of that jazz here XD I hope you all gimme a chance! Flames are accepted! Criticism is what I need to make my pieces even better :) So thanks for the support! I hope to hear from y'all in the near future!

Meet Me In The Night reviews
It was not merely yesterday the changeling had set his sights on the young half-demon. He had fallen for her many ago, but had never really found the valiancy to "do the maning up", as his Tameranian friend, Starfire had often suggested, until recently, where Raven and Logan have been meeting in secret in the quiet nights of Jump City... *Chapter Fic! ReadxReview! :
Teen Titans - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 3 - Words: 2,941 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 10/29/2012 - Published: 8/16/2012 - Beast Boy, Raven