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Author has written 5 stories for Teen Titans, and Legend of Korra.

Hey, thanks for visiting my page. If you PM me and do not wish to write the arduous title "The Seventh Circle", then simply refer to TSC, or nothing at all, your choice. And for those who knew me before the name change, it won't be the least bit confusing, so no worries.

I have completed three stories now:

Corruption (Teen Titans; Slaven) Romance/Drama

Agni Kai (Legend of Korra; Amorra). Romance/Drama

Domesticated (Teen Titans; Beast Boy and Slade). Drama/Angst/Horror/Action

I can't really disclose what I am working on at the moment, because I don't want to set it in stone.

I work on what I feel like, and hopefully I will be able to sate any hungry reader that stops by but, more times than not, putting myself on a schedule simply deters me from writing anything worth while, and makes the wonderful experience less enjoyable.

Remember: No one is perfect.

Update Notifications

Malfeasance (Corruption re-make; aka Teen Titans) Once a day updating (usually)- Chapter 10 up.

Puppet Strings (Legend of Korra; Amorra) *New story* Fluctuating updating (ranging from once a day to once a week, but there will be continuous updates!)

In case you haven't noticed, reviews are the lifeblood of a story and keep the writer from losing interest. So if you like a story, REVIEW!

Warning: All stories are rated T-M for a reason, people. Don't like? Don't read.


Read them if you like. *COUGH* Review! *COUGH* Hope you enjoy them, thanks for reading!

Romance is the name of the game. Don't wear it out, although I will.

I'm open to constructive criticism, please let me know if there's anything you want me to improve on. But I won't take it idly, I'll counter back if I feel the need to. Unless of course it's a grammatical error, then I can't really debate that one. ("What? Of course that's how you spell lackadaisical...")

Who Am I? (Basic info)

Aspiring/just for shits and giggles author.

Will mostly write about Legend of Korra/ Avatar the Last Airbender, Teen Titans...whatever seems to be tickling my fancy day by day, month by month.

I focus on villains, especially the masked ones, and their relationship to heroes. Most of mine, if not all, have intense/disturbing moments and shouldn't be read lightly.

Not the best smut writer, just can't write it without cracking up and deleting the whole thing. Like sex, you have to be in the mood.

Favorite Book Series: The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy

Favorite T.V. Series: Teen Titans. Though I do love me some Legend of Korra, Batman, and ATLA.

Favorite Movie: The Devil's Carnival

Favorite Video Game: Age of Mythology

Favorite Song: Vices by Memphis May Fire

Favorite FanFic: Master of Beasts

Fun Facts

Heavy Metal/ Death Metal/ Metalcore/ Deathcore fan (Slipknot, Attack Attack!, Whitechapel, Motionless in White, etc.)

I have a mask fetish. Slade, Amon, Darth Vader, Sauron, Members of Slipknot/Hollywood Undead, V for Vendetta, Phantom of the Opera, etc.

Puppies are cute.

Anyhoo, that's pretty much me in a nut shell. Thanks for actually reading this, if you did. Helps me think that I'm actually important when I'm really all. Gotta love insecurity, am I right?

Favorite Quotes/ Lyrics

"I have to say Raven, when I found out the truth I was very impressed. All this time I had no idea of the power lurking inside you. The glorious destiny that awaits. It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?"--Slade, Teen Titans (Birthmark)

"I received your invitation young Avatar. Our showdown, while inevitable, is premature. Although it would be the simplest thing for me to take away your bending right now, I won't. You'd only become a martyr. Benders of every nation would rally behind your untimely demise, but I assure you, I have a plan. And I'm saving you for last, then you'll get your duel, and I will destroy you."--Amon, Legend of Korra (The Voice in the Night)

"You are mine, you will always be mine. I can tear you apart, I can recombine you. All I want is to covet you whole, you belong to me. I will kill you to love you." --Iowa, Slipknot (Iowa)

"I see this world so clearly behind my mask, and everyone's guilty of striving for sovereignty, striving for victory over the rest." --Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, In Fear and Faith (Self-Titled Album)

I OWN NOTHING. Not Avatar the Last Airbender, not Teen Titans, not Legend of Korra, etc. So don't sue me.

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