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I have been putting this off, telling myself that fanfiction is a silly thing, that it is like a narcotic – you take it only if you really have to, and for as little time as possible. Once the pain that comes with the end of the Harry Potter series eases, then fanfiction will no longer be a part of my life.

Be that as it may, I have now dedicated hours to my life to writing fanfiction, and I suppose I should suck it up and write a profile.

I am 22 years old (far too old for the angst of fanfiction, I tell myself), a college student, an office assistant (not an exciting job), a lover of stories in any form, and an adorer of characters.

It is my dream to one day be a professional author. I justify my writing of fanfiction by saying that they are writing exercises, helpful in times of writers block, and a good way to get creative juices going for my own stories. I think it might even be a little bit true. Reviews and (constructive) criticisms are always welcome.

Story referrals are also welcome; I find it very frustrating and difficult to comb through the mountains of – forgive my bluntness – horrific fanfiction in my efforts to find one of those rare jewels that make it worth it. Any recommendations for stories, especially stories about the Marauders, will result in much gratitude. I would send you cookies, but my pride demands that I remain anonymous.

About my stories...

The Marauders are the four (well, three) loves of my life. I would marry Remus, Sirius or James in a heartbeat. Especially Remus. I tolerate Peter because canon demands that I do so, and I try to portray him fairly. I find their stories to be the most fascinating stories in the entire HP series, and I am having a rather difficult time coming to terms with all of their deaths. (Yes, even James's, even though he's been dead since before the stories began.) I want desperately to know how they went from those boys on the train first year to the tragic characters they become later. I would love nothing more than for JKR to write a book explaining exactly that. However, in the absence of that book, I feel compelled to write my own story to deal with my grief. And that's exactly what the "Year by Year" series is meant to be – the story of how those boys became what they became.

I try to stick 100 percent to canon; sometimes I fail. I've heard repeated insistences that WPP don't find out Remus's secret until second year, and in my story they find out first year. That is without a doubt the biggest slip-up I've made (although I absolutely can NOT find anywhere in canon that says that, including the Shrieking Shack scene). There are a few others that are fairly small (Andromeda being older than Bellatrix, for example) and I will probably go through and try to fix these at some point. If you notice other errors, feel free to let me know - I won't be offended.

Some things that you WON'T find in my fics:
-Slash. It's just not my cup of tea.
-"Jamie." I absolutely cannot see this ever happening. James is James. Same goes with "Siri" or "Remmy."
-Lily as a Marauder. She was James's girlfriend seventh year - that is all. Peter WAS a Marauder. Lily. Was. NOT.
-Mary Sues. At least, I hope not. I don't really like OCs in the first place, so I write them as little as possible, and I generally try to get rid of them quickly. You will certainly never see a mysterious fifth Marauder that pops up out of nowhere and is warmly welcomed into their little group.
-Decent titles and summaries. I'm just not capable of them. Because of this, the title/summary of a story may change multiple times during the course of the story.
-A Peter POV fic. I try to do a good job with Peter in general, and there will most like be Peter chapters, but I don't want to write an entire Peter fic and you don't want to read one.

Now, the stories...

Losing Sirius is the first (and for a very long time, the only) fanfic I ever wrote. It's a one-shot about Harry grieving that was written immediately after OotP.
The Walk is a one-shot about Harry trying to help an angry, angsty adolescent Teddy that reminds him very much of himself.

The Marauders: The Year by Year series
One Year is the story of Remus's first year at Hogwarts, how he became friends with James, Sirius and Peter, and how they found out his secret.
Finding Home
is the story of Sirius's second year at Hogwarts, his alienation from his family, and the development of his friendship with James.
Night is a short outtake from Finding Home.
Three and One
will almost definitely be renamed. It is the story of James's third year and his helplessness in the face of his friends' problems. It touches on Voldemort's rise to power and the Animagi business.

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