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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter, and CSI.

Cris. 23. Female. United States. Artistic. Brunette. Bartender. Colorful. Filipina. Friendly. Hyperactive. Irish. Kind. Random. Talkative.

Yeah, that about sums it up. I've been on FF for many years now, mostly just lurking and reading stories. I've decided to try my hand at writing. We'll see where that goes. I have one Harry Potter story published that I really am not that keen about, but here it's been 6 years since I posted it and it still gets the occasional review or fave. That's the only reason it's still up. That and it helps toward being a beta reader. Haha. My other story is a lot more recent and in the CSI fandom. I'm quite fond of that one, despite it's lack of reviews. *shrug* I'll just keep pushing forward. :D

Likes: Muse. Techno. Most music, really. Harry Potter. CSI. Supernatural. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Gir from Invader Zim. Randomness. Colorful things. FCKH8.

Dislikes: The fact that FF is telling me "filipina" is spelled wrong; it's not. Stupid people. Bigots. Homophobes. Bugs.

The pairings I ship are:

Harry Potter - Harry/Draco (OTP), Ron/Hermione, Remus/Sirius, Neville/Luna, Severus/Lucius, Albus Severus/Scorpious, Drapery (Draco/Snape/Harry), Blackcest, and really, if it's written well, just about anything.

CSI - Nick/Greg, GSR (Griss/Sara), Yo!Bling (Cath/Warrick), and only if it's really, really well written, Greg/Hodges because after Bump and Grind, the idea of their man-date was quite entertaining. Haha.

Supernatural - Destiel, Wincestiel, Sabriel, Cas/Balthazar, Cas/Crowley, Cas/Meg, Chuck/Becky, Dean/Jo, Sam/Sarah, and I'm open to other possibilities.

Invader Zim Quotes:

Gir: Gir, reporting for duty!
Zim: What's the 'G' stand for?
Gir: I... don't know.

Zim: Why was there bacon in the soap?!
Gir: I made it myself!

Friends Quotes:

Ross: Oh, really? Well, I guess Monica should know about Atlantic City.
Chandler: Du-ude!
Monica: What happened in Atlantic City?
Ross: Well, Chandler and I are in a bar...
Chandler: Did you not hear me say, "Du-ude"?
Ross: ...and this girl is making eyes at Chandler, okay? So after a while he just goes over to her and, uh, after a minute or two, I see them kissing. Now, I know what you're thinking. Chandler's not the type of guy who just goes to bars and makes out with girls. And you're right. Chandler's not the type of guy just goes to bars and makes out with girls...
Monica: You kissed a guy? Oh my God.
Chandler: In my defense, it was dark, and he was a very pretty guy.

Rachel: Can you take care of Emma just for today?
Ross: Sure, just lend me your breasts and we'll be on our way.

Chandler: Can you see my nipples through this shirt?
Rachel: No, but don't worry. I'm sure they're still there.

Ross: So, uh, what did the insurance company say?
Chandler: Oh, they said, uh, "You don't have insurance here so stop calling us."

Joey: Hey Ross. If homo sapiens were, in fact, homo sapiens, could that be why they're extinct?
Ross: Joey, homo sapiens are people.
Joey: Hey! I'm not judging here.

Ross: You know what the scariest part is? What if there's only one woman for everybody, you know? I mean, what if you get one woman, and that's it? Unfortunately, in my case, it was only one woman for her.
Joey: What are you talking about? One woman? That's like saying there's only one flavor of ice cream for you. Let me tell you something, Ross. There's lots of flavors out there. There's Rocky Road, and Cookie Dough, and Bing. Cherry Vanilla. You could get them with jimmies, or nuts, or whipped cream. This is the best thing that ever happened to you. You got married, you were, what, eight? Welcome back to the world. Grab a spoon.
Ross: I honestly don't know if I'm hungry or horny.
Chandler: Stay out of my freezer.

Chandler: I got her machine.
Joey: Her answering machine?
Chandler: No. Interestingly enough, her leaf blower picked up.

Ross: Everything's going to be fine. The baby's sleeping.
Rachel: What if she jumped out of the bassinet?
Ross: Can't hold her own head up, but yeah, jumped.
Rachel: Oh my God! I left the water running!
Ross: Rach, you did not leave the water running. Please just... just pull yourself together, okay?
Rachel: Wait, did I leave the stove on?
Ross: You haven't cooked since 1996.
Rachel: Is the window open? 'Cause if the window's open a bird could fly in there and--
Ross: Oh my God, you know what? You know, yeah, I think you're right. I think, you know what... Listen! Listen! A pigeon, no wait, an eagle flew in, landed on the stove and caught fire! The baby, seeing this, jumps across the apartment to the mighty birds aid! The eagle, however, misconstrues this as an act of aggression and grabs the baby in it's talon! Meanwhile, the faucet fills the apartment with water! Baby and bird, still ablaze, are locked in a death grip, swirling around the whirlpool that fills the apartment!
Rachel: Boy are you gonna be sorry if that's true.

Story Quotes:

"And this is — Castiel!"
Castiel jerks up sharply. Anna is standing in front of him, arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed together. Behind her, Pamela is snickering.
"I wasn't asleep," Castiel says defensively. He sits up, wincing at the mild ache in his lower back. "I was ruminating. It has been a very taxing day."
"This is Castiel Reeves," Anna says, sliding back into the formal speech of her introductory spiel. There's a small group of students behind her, most of them wide-eyed and bushy-tailed enough that they have to be freshmen. "Yes, that means he's my brother, so I hope you'll believe me when I tell you he's harmless."
Victor snorts. "I don't know about harmless."
"I love you, too, Victor," Castiel says. -- It's Always the End of the World Somewhere by Annie D

"Moseley pulled you in for smoking and all you got was two weeks?" Ash raises a fist. "Rock on."
"Indeed." Castiel solemnly bumps Ash's fist with his own. "The rock, it is on." -- It's Always the End of the World Somewhere

And when he'd propped Cas up, he must have had some kind of palpitation from all the stress or something because when the dude gave him that tiny, private smile, his heart had freaking… fluttered. Like he was an eighth-grade schoolgirl and Castiel was Justin Bieber. --Damn Straight by thecouchcarrot

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