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Author has written 3 stories for Twilight, and Les Miserables.

I love French things, lovely things, old things, odd things and things that make me think beyond my normal mind's capacity. I love to be challenged, and I love playing with characters that I can relate to.

I don't want to call myself a "Twihard", as I am not. I do, however, love the characters, and I ship the oddest couples in this fandom!

I love having a damsel in distress, with a dominator, a suppressor, and a quarrel.

I'm kind of an old soul when it comes to reading, writing, music, and thinking. I believe in the power of love, and the power of healing. And, of course, magic.

Enjoy how my mind wanders.


As I write about Twilight vampires, I do not tend to go toward the sparkling, stone-like creatures that the author portrays. I write with vampires that look the same as the actor does when portraying them, but in actuality, they are a mix between Anne Rice's vampires, and L.J. Smith's vampires.


A simple bite to all of the major arteries would be in order. The change would last for about 24 hours, and would end with the newborn being made to drink from the vampire in order to live. If they were to refuse the blood of the one that changed them, they would slowly die.


They feed on humans and animals, but not each other. They must feed at least once every two weeks in order to survive. Their strength will return with blood, and depending on how often they feed, they will strengthen. They are able to eat, drink, and smoke, but the solid food is quickly absorbed into their bodies, and they do not expel it.

Food may have certain benefits to the vampire's body. For example, coffee is widely used to help the temperature of the body to rise. This is because it is absorbed into their tissues and surges through their blood stream to warm them. However, something like steak would be rejected by the body, because it only can absorb the blood from the meat. It cannot absorb the meat itself.


Unlike most vampires, they can cry, bleed, and heal. A simple stake to the heart is what will fully kill a vampire, but they can come alive after they've been staked if not immediately burned after. They must drink blood in order to heal properly. When brought into the direct sunlight, they will burn to ash unless they wear a certain ring that has been worked on by a witch. Most rings are no where to be found, as witches do not practice any longer; and these rings are hundreds of thousands of years old.


Vampires rely mostly on their ears and noses. They have perfect vision, which can be used at night for hunting. They are very quick, but precise. When they are thirsty, and need blood, they will be alerted by a dry mouth, a nagging headache, and very light eyes. For example, if a vampire had dark brown eyes naturally, they would end up with at least 3 shades lighter than dark brown. They have fangs that retract when feeding, and they can also trigger them when threatened, or feel that they are needed. Their pupils turn very small and pin like when thirsty, and they will often be very sensitive to light, sound, and surroundings.

Generally, a vampire has a well built, toned structure. For males, it may be different, as it would be for females. Both gender vampires cannot gain or lose weight except with excessive over drinking and over eating, or vise versa. The female structure is generally a very beautiful figure, with a nearly perfect bone structure in the face, intense hair color, and perfect curves. They are themselves perfected x 100. The male structure is very well put together, with a statuesque and often intimidating figure. They generally are quite built, and have a nearly perfect bone structure as well.


Fleur Blanc

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