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Hello! My name's Mako_Streak, and I'm a girl, strange, since Mako's a male name... Oh well...

Eck, anyways, my name's pronounced MAI-ko, by the way.

(Oh, I remember the days... When I first submitted Things are Different Now, the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance section only had 53 stories!)

I'm glad you came here. Hm... I love reviews and excellent stories... And dislike my acne and licorice jellybeans.

If you want me to update faster, more detailed, and better, REVIEW! Leave as many reviews as you can! Leave a review for every chapter- (gets knocked unconscious by a flowerpot)

~I am a self-proclaimed Mythology expert. I specialize in Greek and Norse myths and Celtic Legends, but I also know worldwide ones too.

~I am vegan and have two chinchillas and a BEAUTIFUL goldfish. My little sibling has a guinea pig with a mohawk, andthen there's the family rabbit.

~I m an artist and obviously a writer.

~I will add a link to pictures of events in my stories- ie. Sandath and Eponine, Marth getting lost in Victoria's Secret (you have GOT to see that!) and Samus and Falcon. Also, not sure if I should publish this, but Aria and I did the first scene from Black and Blue and Pink All Over when Fox, Link, and Capt. Falcon barge in when Samus is taking a bath. Most of them are humor pics with a sentence or passage of dialogue, like the said scene-

“Hey, check it out, there’s an underwear model in the tub!”


“Aw, Falcon, you wish- whoa! You’re right! Wow, look at those-“

“Well, just wondering, but who are you and how did you get it? It’s not everyday you see a nude underwear model in your own home-“

“I’m Samus!”

Maybe you've seen a little pervert named Aria Ztar around. Well, I have no relation to her whatsover, and she is a total stranger-

Gets fingers in eyes Aria: "Mako, me ol' buddy, how you been?"

Mako: "..."

Aria helps me with my stories, adding snappy little sexual references and innuendos and giving advice where none is wanted. In real life, we play violin duets! How cool is that? Final Fantasy songs, you name it! Sometimes Aria sings. Anyways, enough about us.

Current Obsessive Phase:

1. Samus Aran/ Captain Falcon pairings Add LOTS and LOTS of hearts here

2. Sandath and Eponine

3. Gukko and Raven (kicks Aria)

Well, currently, you obviously don't want to here about me, but you do want to read my stories... Right?

Things are Different Now and all my other FFTA stories: On hold, as I have a major, major writer's block. But don't worry, Clan Nutsy'll kick back soon!

101 Uses for an Insane Ranger- I've finished the chapter and currently, it's being editted by me. Oh yeah. I'm waiting for more reviews.

Either Way!- I've got a bunch of chapters lined up. I'm still editting and chopping away and adding, but mostly done. I'm just waiting for reviews. I love the pairing and the general mayhem in Super Smash Central. Food fight!

Black and Blue and Pink All Over- A rather creative title in my opinion. Black and blue refers to the phrase "(Beaten) Black and blue," and pink is sweet, innocent, and feminine and EXTREMELY SISSY. I love pink. (Smiles) Anyways, right now, I'm waiting for reviews as I edit. Right now, I'm working on the scene when the boys are sent to Victoria's Secret, Marth gets lost, Falcon starts acting all horny, and hell breaks loose. Yup.

Well, thanks for reading this far! I didn't think that anyone would actually care about little Mako here. Thanks so much for listening to me babble! And of course I'll ask you to read my stories and leave a review. What would any other author do?

Thanks so much!


~Mako Streak~

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Samus Aran is a tomboy and hates anything remotely feminine. First three male Smashers find her bathing. Then she gets sent to the ICU. To make her feel better, they ask Pink Princess Peach and the girls, What do girls like?
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