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Why am I here already…ah, yeah, writing a profile…Let's get that show on the road!

Name: Az-Bebere. I won't use my real name here but might give you a clue by PM if you ask. Politely. …Hell, depending on the circumstances I might outright give it.

Age: Old enough to know better I presume…

Birthday: 23rd of February

Gender: Male

Location: In a dark cave around Dis…You really think I dwell in the Divine Comedy's pages?

Appearance: Whatever your mind may conjure…but not a sparkly vampire: I have standards.

Likes: Tea (prefer black, particularly vanilla), sugar (prefer cane, particularly molasses), role playing-games, games in general, travelling, foreign languages, coding, cooking…

Dislikes: Racists, bigots, sparkly vampires (like vampires aren't difficult enough to kill as it is…), M Pokora. Yes, I don't hate much, and you can ask me why for M Pokora.

I am usually not a writer (for good reason) but you can thank IXResoleon Sevil Nugliar for having given to me the itch of writing. Read my poor excuses for stories and despair.

I might review stories catching my interest and think up outlines of mad cross-overs, Gag Reels and other crazy ideas around a story…occupational hazard, I presume. And some of the things I don't say here are open secrets, to be completely honest.

However, beware and heed my words: I am at times painfully sarcastic and my words often have a blunt edge…okay, a blunt everything.

My results of the "What Blazblue character are you?" quiz. Thought it would be fun to do.

Q: You are confronted with a locked door, with an object you desire behind it. How you will you get around this obstacle?
A: Break the door down! (Mwahahaha !!!)

Q: After leaving a store with a friend, you realize that he has shoplifted a candy bar. What do you do?
A: Reveal that you have shoplifted more then him. You win! (My true answer would have been "Steal his shoplifted candy bar!", but that will have to do)

Q: After borrowing a video game of yours, your friend reveals that the disc had been destroyed. After a lengthy explanation it is clear that it was an accident. What do you do?
A: Forgive him. Accidents happen.

Q: You're in a crowded public building where you find a wallet laying on the floor. What do you do?
A: Pick it up and hand it over to the authorities as you found it. (Lost and found office for the win!)

Q: Your friend asked for a specific item for his birthday. However, you also want the same item. The store you are currently shopping at only has one last copy of the item. What do you do?
A: Buy it and give it to my friend; it's his birthday.

Q: You're walking home when you encounter a homeless person on the side of the road. He is asking if you have money to spare. What do you do?
A: Just give him a few bucks, he kind of needs it.

Q: After coming home after a long day, you decide to pop in a CD of your favorite band. What kind of music is it?
A: Not too loud but not too soft, either.

Q: What is/was your favorite subject at school?
A: Science!

Q: What would be your weapon of choice?
A: I know magic doesn't exist but if it did…I'd use it!

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: Other! Yes, other! (Ah, the gold sheen of jewellery…)

The result is…

Bang Shishigami: 5

Noel Vermillion: 5

Tsubaki Yayoi: 4

Arakune: 4

Litchi Faye-Ling: 4

Hakumen: 3

Lambda-11: 3

Jin Kisaragi: 3

Iron Tager: 2

Hazama: 1

Carl Clover: 1

Ragna the Bloodedge: 1

Rachel Alucard: 1

Taokaka: 1

It says that: "You are BANG SHISHIGAMI! The ninja super hero and champion of justice! You believe that the best path in life is that of truth and righteousness. You are always honest and always working your hardest at whatever you do. Sure you aren't the smartest person around and you are a bit naive but your pure determination and hard work will carry you a great distance in life. You like to say your name and have a deep hatred for lies and evil…and lies…and… BELLPEPPERS!"

How in the nine hells did I manage to get Bang Shishigami? The correct parts would be those about truth and righteousness and the totally random end — I often do random things — but…always working my hardest? aren't the smartest around? *grmmbl* I knew my answers had some…twisted reasoning behind, but they're honest *grmmbl*

I won't often use them in fanfics, but it's time for the…

OC Corner!

Name: Elhindor Peldraco
Age: 20-ish
Gender: Male
Weapon: Swords
Sub-weapon: More swords
Sub-sub-weapon: Even more swords
Sub-sub-sub-weapon: A magic ring to control via telekinesis said swords
Skills: Speed, parrying and dodging.
Interests: Sword-collecting (mainly replicas…down to the powers, curses…), hobbyist blacksmith and travelling.
Featured in: A remarkable eating contest, BlazBlue.

Name: Jane Miller
Age: 25-ish
Gender: Female
Weapon: Knives
Skills: Stealth, spying.
Interests: Gambling and being a bookie.
Featured in: Dilemmas of a part-time cook, BlazBlue.

Name: Rikard Velthomer
Age: 29-ish
Gender: Male
Weapon: Spears
Skills: Aircraft pilot, bodyguarding
Interests: Good drinks, new aircrafts, darts
Featured in: Dilemmas of a part-time cook, BlazBlue.

Name: ᛃ-12, aka Jera-12, aka Jera
Age: Appearance-wise, late teens/early twenties.
Gender: Female
Weapon: Spears
Skills: Annoying the hell out of Noelle & Mu
Interests: Games, parties and friendship
Featured in: Tenants of the Azure, BlazBlue.

Please ask before using my OC, more details on request. To be perfectly honest most of them are PC of mine in various tabletop RPGs in vacation.

And to end this profile, now we'll talk about…

Story and projects!

Completed stories

A remarkable eating contest: Inspired by AceThompson17's Not an ordinary cooking contest, it tells the tale of an eating contest where Noel is amongst the cooks: will someone win? It's my first fanfic. One-shot.

Stories in progress

Tenants of the Azure: Inspired by Azuri-nyan's one-shot Doppelganger, it's a drabble series recounting the struggles for control over their shared body, the disputes born from their clashing personalities and their discussions when getting said body proves to be too difficult between Noel, Noelle — Noel's doppelgänger, property of the exam-slayer —, Mu and Jura — Mu's doppelgänger, this one is mine —. The title is in great part because none of them is quite the landlord of their body: even the more frequent front-room resident, Noel, is a tenant. Mu was likely the one at the fore at their creation, she just got a hit from Take-Mikazuchi and got down for some years…enough for Noel to serve as acting landlord. Third drabble out.

Dilemmas of a part-time chef: Inspired by Noel's Continuum Shift Gag Reel, it asks the question of what would happen if the discussion between Hazama and Noel just after the latter's Gag Reel had some…lasting consequences. It began on the idea that Terumi is perhaps that much of an hate-bringer because he needs it for survival, that absent that necessity he might be more of a trickster…but upon returning to it, my muse promptly had other ideas on what should happen and the jury is still out on if these ideas are accepted…Granted, not all of these: the proverbial jury already ruled out introducing Alia-Aenor in this madness. Fifth chapter out.

Story projects

The titles are all provisional and if you want to take them, go right ahead! Unless they're already at the drafting stage I don't have much of a plot drawn up anyway…and even then I like to see multiple takes on the same basic story. But in any case, please send me a word if you're taking one of these: I'd like to know what you do of them.

Girls night out for Boundary Explorers: Inspired by an old idea of Elemental-Overlord in Resoleon's forum, it will be a one-shot either about a girls' talk or a family reunion between the three Murakumo Units (Lambda, Mu & Nu). The original idea was that Lambda & Nu would annoy Mu talking about Ragna, but I'm not sure about what will happen. Still at the blackboard.

Exchange between Mu and Nu: Inspired by Ragna's CT endings, specifically those where he fuses with Noel rather than with Nu. The idea is as follows: given that both Noel and Nu can merge with Ragna to give the Black Beast, what if Nu and Noel swapped their roles? That is, Noel — or more likely Mu — is the Murakumo trying her level best to merge with Ragna and Nu is the one saving him before the Black Beast can come. But then, the most important question is what would Nu do? Would she, like canon Noel, chase Ragna or just be here at the right time? And what would her relationships with the rest of Blazblue's cast be? At least, they're both mainly ranged fighters, so giving Bolverk to Nu is not that bad of an idea…Still at the blackboard. Crazy idea nI-don't-count-there-are-too-many: if Mu swapped places with Nu and Noel with Lambda?

Food fighters: If I find an universe where people may fight using their cooking — I know of some, such as Artelier collection, but having some choice there would be good — and which is amenable to a crossover with BlazBlue, I would like to throw Noel in that universe, have her fighting using her cooking rather than her guns, and see what happens. However, I don't know how to send her there: a mission? Fleeing her enemies? A mishap with dimensional magic? …Now that I'm thinking about it, an universe using alchemy could also be appropriate, given the properties of Noel's cooking. What is before the blackboard already…Still a post-it on the blackboard I guess…

Kagutsuchi nights: An idle idea of mine, again. It will be a retelling of Arabian Nights with BlazBlue's characters. Provisional cast: Tsubaki as Scheherazade, Jin as Shahryār, Noel (or perhaps Makoto: Jin does hate Noel) as Dunyazad…Some of Scheherazade's stories, depending on who is chosen as the character might be fun — For example, I'm envisioning Hakumen being Sindbad and Tsubaki daydreaming during all of Sindbad's travels…with Noel trying to get Tsubaki back to earth — but my biggest problem is that I need to get my hands on a version in English of Arabian Nights. I also wonder if I should keep Scheherazade's tales as they were in Arabian Nights of if I should replace some or all of them by stories taken from Blazblue's universe's lore, such as the Six Heroes' tale or the fight of Bloodedge against the Black Beast. A very long term project which is still very much a post-it on my blackboard…I will in any case wait for Chrono Phantasma's console launch and perhaps even X-Blaze in order to have more pieces of BlazBlue's universe's lore to work with.

Tsubaki Vermillion and Noel Yayoi: An old idea of mine in Resoleon's forum: what if Tsubaki and Noel exchanged their roles? We could just have a personality swap or Tsubaki thrown into Noel's life…A post-it on the blackboard, buried under all the others.

That's all folks!

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