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Hey, welcome to my profile page! Feel free to browse my various stories. I don't claim to be a great author, but I try my best. Any fans of my Wanderer's series, please vote on my poll!

Character Bios are redone from the ground up. Take a look!

Status with United We Stand: Still updating as quickly as I can, though new chapters are only coming out every few weeks.

I'm in the process of writing "journal entries" for each of my characters in each of my stories per the style of the actual KH games. Take a look if you want, they are under their profiles!

As of right now, I am on 64 Favorite Author's list!

Celeron96 has taken over as my official artist on DA. He's done quite a bit of work that no one has taken notice to, and he's worked really hard. He's done sketches of Jack, Marek, and Pierce, along with all of their Keyblades, Eclipse, and will be doing more in the future. If you could please go check them out and give him some good feedback, I would really appreciate it, guys! The link is:

Name: TerraKH. Or Marine_son18 on Playstation Network. My real name's TOP SECRET. Just kidding, if you really wanna know, then ask me.

Age: older than 15 and younger than 25

Gender: I'm a guy.

Favorite authors on Fanfiction(I'll add this in for personal reasons):

Lucenthia- While I can honestly say I've only had a chance to get to one of his stories so far, there are few authors I've seen who do a better job taking their time and making sure to give every chapter the details and characterization they need. While I am a more battle-oriented author, he is the exact opposite, and does an amazing job with whatever challenge he sets for himself. On top of his writing, he is an invaluable friend and ally to me, and I know without a doubt that I can go to him for anything. I'm so blessed to have come to know him through this site.

TWI1IGHTMAST3R- I wasn't very far into my first story on this site when I asked Twilight, an author that I was following at the time, to give my story a look and help me make it better. Her advice and support have meant the world to me, and she kept me going at a point where without her support, my Wanderer's Series would have died off before ever making it past the first story. Ever since then, she has been one of the closest friends I've had on this site, and I really value her and everything she's done for me. I don't think I've met a more selfless person, who will drop anything she's doing to help someone out. I'm fortunate enough to have gained her attention and friendship.

The Unknowing Herald- Of course, anyone reading this should know I can't forget Herald, haha. Halfway through my third story was when Herald found my stories, which was through another author and friend of mine, and he's been a loyal reader ever since. While he doesn't always give me only the good things about my writing, he has helped me grow exponentially as a writer, and I think the improvement just in my story A New Path, A New Wanderer proves that. In many ways, I consider Herald not only a fellow author, but a vital friend and mentor to me. You might not always like what he says about your chapters, but anything he does say is said because he cares, and I know that first hand. Herald is a great guy with great goals, and I'm glad to know him.

Celeron96- Out of the several people that I personally, and to great happiness with myself, have inspired to come on this site and start their own stories, Celeron definitely stands out. He was one of my very first readers, and he knows exactly how far I've come with my writing. Likewise, I've followed him since he began writing, and I've watched him grow so much. When you have Herald and to some extent, myself, as mentors, you certainly go a long way. Celeron is proof of that. I'm so proud of him in how far he's come, and I know he will only continue to improve. I don't expect it to be long before he's a better writer than I am.

Shadowdragon1317- I am very proud to say that I(at least she has told me this) am the reason that Shadow joined this site and began writing. She reviewed some of my stories as a guest, and then one day joined the site under the name she has now. Since then, I have valued her reviews and feedback, and I have also followed her stories since her beginning. She has grown so much, and I am so honored to have been a part of that. I am happy that I have been able to show others how amazing this site is, and Shadow makes this list due to her unwavering friendship and loyalty, not only to me, but to this site and her writings, as well.

There are several other authors that I know and interact with, so please don't be offended if you aren't on here right now. I will be changing and making additions to this list, as well. In a few words, I think what I have said above shows the value of this site. Not only do you come to find enjoyable stories to read or write stories to better your writing skills. Because of this site, I have many friends that I most likely would never have met otherwise, and I am so thankful that I have met all of these people, and all the others that have supported me and have met me on this site. And I don't have closed ranks either, I'm always willing to meet new people. Well, I suppose that's enough babbling for now, so I'll let you check out the rest of my profile page or move on to a story on Fanfiction, which is one way or another why we all came here in the first place. Take care and God bless,




Jack Rikkison. (Ricky-sin)

Memorable Quotes(3): "I am not a Denizen of Light, but neither am I a being of Darkness. I never followed the path of Twilight, and yet I do not walk the Road to Dawn. So then, what else could I be?" Jack talking about himself, Wanderer's Chronicles.

"Every story must have an ending, but mine will not end here." Jack's resolve, The Final War.

"I am so tired of it all. We always rise to battle the darkness, and all the other threats that we have faced. We triumph, and yet those same threats never stay down. They always rise back up to get in our way again. I'm ready to end it all for good. Whether you wish that I remain the LE's leader or not, I will see this through. My final mission, my final destiny. This is it, there is no going back for me. Light, Darkness, Corruption, Maechil, Eclipse, Xehanort, I don't even care what evil calls itself anymore, it's all just a facade. We've weathered all the storms we faced in the past, and I will stand tall among the Rikkisons. Let there be none who said I did not do my utmost to protect the light. I embrace my destiny with open arms, not caring where it leads me. This leads to the end of it all." Jack speaking to his closest comrades, United We Stand.

Character Theme(s):

1: Final Hour, X-ray Dog.

2: The Truth Revealed, Final Fantasy X.

3. Something to Believe In, Epic Score(for United We Stand).

Appearance: dark brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin(but not nearly as pale as his brother), both eyes open but has a scar covering the whole right side of his face. From RTDoD until late BTDV, he wears a headband over his right eye, which has been scarred by his brother.

Alternate personailty: Dark Wanderer Jack(also known as Vessel-Jack or Jack-Xehanort): The appearance of Jack seen in the waning chapters of IDoD and also seen briefly in WC and RTDoD, making a return as an Absent Silhouette in BTDV. It is a mix of Jack and Marek put together. Jack has white hair and yellow eyes, and in battle he also has a purple claw on his right hand.

Voice Actor: Liam Hemsworth.

Attire: 1: black long sleeve shirt, black armor vest, camouflage pants, black shoes.

2: white sleeveless shirt, black pants with gold and silver lining, white gauntlet on his right arm, and black shoes, black headband over his right eye, which has been scarred by his brother Marek.


18(IDoD), 19(after the birth of his daughter Rayne), 24(Beyond the Dark Veil and United We Stand) 34(Picking up the Pieces and NPNW).


Keyblade: Wandering Redemption, Darkness' Embrace, Wanderer's Call, Wanderer's Judgment. (Each of the 'Wanderer's' names are just the same Keyblade renamed. The current name is Wanderer's Judgment.

Sword(Hunger Games).


Unsurpassed swordsmanship, free-running, rock-climbing, peak endurance, lifetime training, spear throwing, knife throwing, all of these are augmented when he merges with Light, and he gains flight abilities.


Sora, Terra, Aqua, Ven, and the heroes, along with his family.


Organization XIII, Illusion, the Divine Beings, Eclipse.

Status: varies.


Kingdom Hearts 3: Into the Depths of Darkness, Wanderer's Chronicles, RTDoD, My Stupid Life, Hunger Games: Wanderer's Version, Kingdom Hearts 3: Dawning War, Catching Fire: Wanderer's Version, WC: Untold Stories of TAVJ, Picking up the Pieces, Normalcy? Extremely Overrated, A New Path; A New Wanderer, Veritas et Caulem, Beyond the Dark Veil, United We Stand.

My Stupid Life belongs to AngelicWinds.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Dawning War belongs to Celeron96.

Normalcy? Extremely Overrated belongs to the Unknowing Herald.

Veritas et Caulem belongs to Lucenthia.

Journal Entries:

Kingdom Hearts 3: Into the Depths of Darkness: "A young man with a clearly troubled past who is known merely as the Wanderer. What this title could mean is anyone's guess, but he seems to have ties not only with Aqua, Ven, and Terra, but also seems to have some troubled history with Xehanort himself."

Birth by Sleep to the Depths of Darkness: Wanderer's Chronicles: "Our hero, though hero may perhaps be too strong a word. Though he grew to become a renowned warrior and wanderer during the Second Keyblade War, his childhood was much more complicated. From his time with Xehanort to his whereabouts during Sora's first two journeys, he proved capable of undertaking an enormous amount of pressure, tasked with Eraqus' most important mission, and also entrusted by Yen Sid with a nigh impossible task. Now he has chosen to let his friends see his past unfold."

Returning to the Depths of Darkness: The Final War: "Known as the Wanderer for the last decade of his life, Jack Rikkison has recently returned from the unknown to confront a threat more powerful than his former master Xehanort, that of his brother Marek, also known as Illusion. Whilst struggling with the remnant of Xehanort lodged within his heart, he now must prove himself capable of becoming the hero the worlds need, and pave the way as the light to combat the darkness of their adversaries."

A New Path, A New Wanderer: "Known as the greatest hero across the universe, Jack Rikkison is a legend larger than life. Standing proud among heroes such as Sora and Riku, Jack was an influential part of the struggle in the Second and Third Keyblade Wars. In the former, he struggled to overcome his own failures while dealing with his former master Xehanort, and in the latter dealing with the enigma known as Light dwelling within him and rising to the front of the heroes' ranks to battle the Illusion, he has crossed an unforgettable journey and is widely renowned as possibly the greatest hero to ever hold a Keyblade."

Beyond the Dark Veil: Finding My Way: "The second born son of the renowned Keyblade Master Jason Rikkison, Jack was gifted and blessed by the light almost from birth. Tasks that his older brother struggled with came naturally to him, and his mother's approval and favoritism eventually began to cause a rift in their relationship. Despite the tension in their bonds, Jack remains one of Marek's only allies and confidants, actively trying to help him and reconnect their all but destroyed brotherly love for one another. Marek would never admit it, but he regards Jack as a warrior and hero, letting his brother be one of the select few to earn his genuine respect."

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "After spending his life battling Xehanort and the Divine Beings, Jack stood alone when his brother Marek faced off against Eclipse. He was the only one who stood by his brother, and that has left an impression on the rest of the Agency. Now that war has been declared, there are many among the LE's ranks who wish Jack to become their Grandmaster, something he does not desire himself. However, he is learning that he cannot abide by what he wants, and that he must do whatever is best to protect the worlds from the True Organization XIII. He was mentioned in a Prophecy foretelling the events of the war, and is regarded by most of the Organization as the greatest threat to their plans."


When he first appears on the scene, Jack Rikkison is known merely as the Wanderer, a hooded outcast who appears randomly throughout the worlds. His past remains shrouded in mystery, even as he adds his Keyblade to the Second Keyblade War. Bearing guilt and sadness over constant losses in his life, he battles to overcome his own past. After the Second Keyblade War, he steps forward to lead the heroes against the Illusion, creating the Third Keyblade War. Though he struggled with darkness during his childhood, he bears a heart that is unmatched in power with light. He and his brother Marek are total opposites, and he has a destiny hidden from his sight that will change his life forever. He serves as a supporting character in Kingdom Hearts 3: Into the Depths of Darkness. He moves up to being the main character in both Wanderer's Chronicles and Returning to the Depths of Darkness, before moving back to supporting character in both A New Path, A New Wanderer and Beyond the Dark Veil. Now, he will return as the main character for United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts.

Hunger Games bio:

For some reason, no one in District Twelve has seen Jack more than a few times. He volunteers for Peeta Mellarck in the 74th Hunger Games. He enters alongside Katniss Everdeen. He personally killed several tributes, including Marvel, Glimmer, Cato, and Foxface. During the events of Catching Fire, he returns to the arena not only alongside Katniss, but also Gale Hawthorne and Jack's own girlfriend Mist.

Jason Rikkison. (Ricky-sin)

Memorable Quote: "Illusion is your actual brother. When you two were born, I took Illusion and tried to free him from his Darkness. I now see the folly of that act. It wasn't him I should have freed...it was you." Jason being corrupted by Illusion, The Final War.

"I know I failed both of you, and I know it's too late to make your brother see it, but all I ever wanted was a world for you, away from Xehanort, Light, the Keyblade, all of it. I just wanted normal lives for you and your mother. But I see now that it is my own folly that has ripped my family from me and cost me the love of both my sons. You have to know that I am sorry, Jack. For everything. And I will do all in my power to prove it to you." Jason speaking to his son Jack, United We Stand.


dark brown hair, green eyes, middle-aged.

Alternate Personality: Illusion's Pawn: He carries an aura of darkness around him and has yellow eyes. Seen for most of RTDoD while he is under Marek/Illusion's control.

Character Theme: changed to "They Fought as Legends", Epic Score.

Voice Actor: Matt Mckenzie


typical Master's robe, colored silver. He wears an all silver outfit.


Cleansing Light.


Was able to hold his own in a duel with Yen Sid, and he proved himself a capable warrior when he and Pierce met in the First Keyblade War.


Eraqus, Yen Sid, the LE.


Xehanort, Eclipse, and more.


Mid-Forties(RTDoD), Early fifties(BTDV and WS finale), early sixties(NPNW and Picking Up The Pieces).

Status: varies.


Jason Rikkison first appears in Wanderer's Chronicles, revealing himself as a Keyblade Master and Jack's father. Though he reveals little to nothing of his past, it has been made clear that like Xehanort, he was obsessed with the secrets of the First Keyblade War, and even walked out on his family to seek them out. This action caused his son Marek to turn to the darkness, which in turn caused his wife Anna to die of depression. His remaining son Jack then fell into the snare of Xehanort, becoming the man's first apprentice, though his second attempt at one(after Marek). Now that he has reappeared, Jason adds his great wisdom to the heroes' strengths, and while he serves as Grandmaster of their order, he does little as an active wielder. The Keybladers have prospered under his leadership, but it goes with saying that his son Jack would be a better candidate for the job.

Catching Fire: WV Bio:

Alluded to by his son Jack in the 74th Hunger Games, he is an outcast of sorts among the people of District 12. He supposedly trained Jack to enter the Games and win back their family's honor, but this statement has been recanted by both Jack and Jason himself. He is at work behind the scenes in Jack, Mist, and Katniss' lives and knows more about the Capitol than anyone in District 12. He has a secret alliance with Haymitch, but as to what remains a mystery.


Wanderer's Chronicles, Hunger Games Wanderer's Version(mentioned), Returning to the Depths of Darkness, Catching Fire: Wanderer's Version, Picking up the Pieces(mentioned), A New Path; A New Wanderer, Beyond the Dark Veil, United We Stand, Veritas et Caulem.

Journal Entries:

Birth by Sleep to the Depths of Darkness: Wanderer's Chronicles: "A master that Jack was tasked with slaying by his mentor at the time, Xehanort. Though he showed considerable prowess in battle, he was nowhere near the level of his son Jack, though this might be due to his time of wandering the worlds for almost a decade and having been out of practice. He stated he was Jack's father, but who was he really? What did he really want?"

Returning to the Depths of Darkness: The Final War: "Initially hiding his identity beneath a shrouded hood, Jason revealed himself to be alive and under the control of Illusion(albeit through the power of Corruption, but none were aware of it). Although he spends most of his time doing his oldest son's bidding, some part of his true self seems trapped deep within. Perhaps this old master might have a bit left to play in this story..."

A New Path, A New Wanderer: "Jason Rikkison, one of the oldest living names in Keyblade history. Along with Masters Eraqus, Yen Sid, and Xehanort, he certainly is among the oldest. After the catastrophe that was the Third Keyblade War, Jason began to work on uniting all those with Keyblades under one banner, and so he founded the LE, or Light's Enforcers. The father of Jack and Marek, as well as the grandfather of Pierce and Rayne, he was the first Rikkison to exhibit symptoms of Light, the tyrannical being cursed with Rikkison blood. Though he fights little now, he remains the watcher of the worlds and the de facto leader of the LE."

Beyond the Dark Veil: Finding My Way: "The leader of the LE and Keybladers, as well as Marek and Jack's father. His obsession with the secrets of the First Keyblade War led him away from his family for many years, and by the time he had what he sought, it was too late to save them. His wife, Marek and Jack's mother, had given in to depression and grief after not only Jason's disappearance, but eventually when Marek disappeared during a storm, as well. This left only his younger son Jack on the islands alone, who eventually fell into the snare of Xehanort. Marek has never forgotten the failures of Jason, nor is he likely ever to forgive his father, despite how truly sorry he is. It has taken much time for Jack to even begin to come around to respect him, but both of his sons are far from accepting him as family."

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "Yet remaining the Grandmaster of the Light's Enforcers at the onset of the war, Jason is realizing more and more that there is little he can do. He has resigned himself to a political figurehead and represents the Agency on the Council of Sovereigns. Now more than ever, he finds himself a go-between while Jack clashes heads with Mist, Rayne, and others among the LE. He loves both of his sons with his entire being, and not even light can tell how much he would give in order to protect them."

Mist Oenial(later Rikkison). (O-en-ee-al)

Memorable Quote: "Marek tortured me, Jack. There were times when I wish I had died. But I knew that you would come for me, so I continued to resist him." Mist on her imprisonment by Illusion, The Final War.

"No, Jack. I'm not gonna sit by and watch you go off to war again. If this is a losing fight, then I'm still going to be right there, fighting beside you. Don't try and stop me. You know you never could." Mist speaking to her husband Jack toward the end of United We Stand.


black hair, green eyes, same age as Jack.

Alternate Personality: Illusion's Ragdoll: she carries an aura of darkness, yellow eyes, and a blade of blackest night. Seen very briefly in the beginning of RTDoD while under Illusion's control.

Character Theme: Undying Love, Two Steps From Hell.

Voice Actress: Rachel Leigh Cook.


black pants and long sleeve shirt. Dark grey boots.


18, 19(after the birth of her daughter Rayne), 24(BTDV and United We Stand), 34(Picking up the Pieces and NPNW).


She is an able mage. She was able to strike down Vanitas using only magic. She wears a gauntlet on her right forearm which amplifies her magic prowess. She briefly wielded a blade of darkness while under Illusion's influence, and receives her own Keyblade during the later stages of BTDV.


Magic, decent strength.


Jack, Terra, the LE.


Xehanort, Vanitas, Illusion, and more.

Status: varies.


Wanderer's Chronicles, Hunger Games: Wanderer's Version(mentioned), Kingdom Hearts 3: Dawning War, RTDoD, Catching Fire: Wanderer's Version, WC: Untold Stories of TAVJ, Picking up the Pieces, Dissidia: Keyblades and Wanderings(one cameo), A New Path; A New Wanderer, Marek's Story, United We Stand, Veritas et Caulem.

Journal Entries:

Birth by Sleep to the Depths of Darkness: Wanderer's Chronicles: "A young woman who somehow managed to follow Jack's cold trail from Destiny Islands to the Keyblade Graveyard in time to save the young wanderer from Vanitas. After their escape, they separated, with Jack seeking out Eraqus and Mist taking residence in Twilight Town, but it was love at first sight. The two have been inseparable since. However, Illusion might have other plans..."

Returning to the Depths of Darkness: The Final War: "The journey that Jack embarked on immediately after the Second Keyblade War proved fruitful: it indeed proved to him that Mist was still alive, after all, but alive as a prisoner of Illusion, who filled her with the power of darkness and raped her, mixing the darkness of his body into the unborn baby that already had Jack's light, thus forming the child as the true X-blade. After her rescue at the hands of Jack, she looked away from the battlefield and toward her toughest trial yet: parenthood."

A New Path, A New Wanderer: "While not a Keyblader herself, Mist Rikkison, Jack's wife and Pierce and Rayne's mother, is not a woman to be pushed around. Though not as highly regarded as her famous husband, her opinions are just as essential to the LE and to Jason when Jack is too stubborn to meet with his father. In Pierce's eyes, he relates more to his mother than his father, who is mostly a mystery to him before his true journey begins."

Beyond the Dark Veil: Finding My Way: "Though not an important hero at this time, Marek's sister in-law Mist has a heavy burden still: raising her and Jack's five year old son Pierce. Marek and Mist's relationship is virtually non-existent, but as he begins to open up more to Jack, one can hold hope that he will eventually open up to his family."

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "Having trained for the past several months in the art of Keyblade battle, Mist has forsaken her role as a parent in order to go into the field and better serve the Agency. Though she is now more independent than ever, she frequently finds herself at odds with her husband Jack over various issues. She knows the war is taking its toll on him, but he seems more reclusive than ever."


First appearing in Wanderer's Chronicles, Mist Oenial(later Rikkison) was trained in the magical arts in a secret compound in Destiny Islands. None of her friends or acquaintances were aware of this, but she also held a strong crush for Jack Rikkison, one of her classmates who was known as a rogue child after his family fell to pieces. When he disappeared from the Islands, she found a way to follow him, and the two have been inseparable since. Now she is the mother of both of his children, Rayne and Pierce, and the two are happily married.

Hunger Games Bio:

Mentioned during the 74th Games by her "brother" Jack, she is called his sister, but many know that is a lie. She becomes friends with Katniss before the events of Catching Fire and is always quick to offer kind words to her. She loves Jack like a brother, but the reason for their deception and who she really is remains a mystery.

Marek Rikkison(Mare-ick)

Memorable quote: "Brother, we will make the final war. That is what I have set about doing. You will gather your army of Light, and we will forge the final storm. The one who is chosen is the one who shall live. Gather your army, Brother, because together...we are returning to the depths of darkness." Marek to his brother Jack about the war that he is creating, The Final War.

"You know you can't win this fight. I suggest you tuck your tail between your legs and run on home to your master like a good dog." Marek being awesome while talking to Braig, NPNW.

"Stop trying to tell me you understand, brother. We both know that you're the one blessed by the stars themselves. Jack 'Lightblessed' Rikkison! Every child knows your name! They've heard the stories of how you rallied the legendary Keybladers together and took down the big bad Illusion during the Third Keyblade War! I AM the one stuck in the shadows, like I always have been. You don't even know me, or my past after I left the islands! Xehanort manipulated you?! Aw, do you want me to hold your cheek and tell you how sorry I am?! GROW UP, Jack! The only thing I care about now is making Eclipse pay! Vengeance is all I have, and you know how dangerous it is to take a bone from a dog. I am going after them, and no one, not even you, are going to stand in my way!" Marek clashing with his brother Jack, Beyond the Dark Veil.


The self proclaimed Lord of Darkness, Marek Rikkison was first glimpsed in Wanderer's Chronicles under the name Illusion. At the time, he was under the control of a Divine Being named Darkness, who is the namesake of all dark energy in the universe. He returned as a full fledged character in Returning to the Depths of Darkness, as the main antagonist. Little pieces of his true self could be glimpsed through the facade Darkness put on, and in those instances, it became clear that Jack's older brother had always been jealous of him. After being freed by his brother at the end of the Third Keyblade War, Marek remained a loose cannon, much to the LE's chagrin. In battle, he is the most adept wielder of darkness in the universe, owing to his time spent as Darkness' puppet. He is a reckless maverick who relies much on brute force, and is a savage warrior. He is trademarked for his sarcastic comments and his intimidating persona, even forcing Braig to back down just by threatening him. Though he is far from being a hero, Marek is a force to be reckoned with, and Jack knows that if his brother were to ever go on a rampage, he would be hard pressed to stop him.

Appearance: Identical to Jack, except with white hair, yellow eyes, and no scar. Green eyes when not influenced by darkness.

Character Theme 1: ORIGINALLY He Who Brings The Night, Two Steps From Hell. Recently changed to: Archangel, Two Steps From Hell. Character Theme 2: Wrong, Depeche Mode. Theme for United We Stand: Make Your Own Fate, Epic Score.

Alternate personality: Illusion: controlled by his own darkness and manipulated by Xehanort, this is the form seen of Marek until the last few chapters of RTDoD, where he regains his true self and finally shakes off his chains of darkness. In NPNW, Illusion was revealed to be Darkness, one of the three most ancient divine beings being used by the Ancients, an old civilization dwelling within Kingdom Hearts, of which Dawnomar is a part of.

Voice Actor: Sam Witwer.


Sleeveless black shirt with the Heartless symbol on the chest, black pants and shoes. Chains cover his chest and stomach(RTDoD), Long sleeve gray shirt, black pants, gray shoes, black cloak with a hood(NPNW). (Marek's Story and WS Series finale): Black and white evenly blended armor that covers him from head to toe. On his chestplate is an insignia of a golden sun being eclipsed by a crescent moon. The importance of this is yet known only to Marek himself. Underneath his armor, he wears a hooded shirt with an armored quality of the same design as Pierce's gray one. Along with this, he also carries a new Keyblade, with white being the dominant color.


18(beginning of RTDoD), 19(after the birth of his niece, Rayne), 24(Marek's Story and WS finale).

Weapon: Darkness' Embrace(WC and RTDoD), Wanderer's Legacy(NPNW and United We Stand), Vengeance Seeker(BTDV). Unless he is in his Illusion form and wielding Darkness' Embrace, he pairs his Keyblade with a broad bladed dagger, and is the only Keyblader to duel wield a Keyblade with a normal weapon.


similar to Jack, controls all of Darkness while under his Illusion persona. Still maintains a sizeable control over darkness while himself and uses this to combat Lorans and other threats.

Allies: Jason, Barthandelus, Golbez, Hades, Garland, Miraz, Weiss, Shuyin, Vanitas. He commands the Specters and the Heartless(RTDoD), Pierce and the rebels(NPNW), Jack(somewhat, BTDV and UWS).

Enemies: Jack, Terra, Sora(RTDoD), Lorans and the Council of Sovereigns(NPNW), Eclipse(BTDV) The True Organization XIII(United We Stand).

Status: Alive.


Wanderer's Chronicles, RTDoD, Kingdom Hearts 3: Dawning War, Dissidia: Keyblades and Wanderings, Picking up the Pieces, A New Path; A New Wanderer, Marek's Story, United We Stand, Veritas et Caelum.

Journal Entries:

Birth by Sleep to the Depths of Darkness: Wanderer's Chronicles(Illusion): A being of darkness thought to be the darkness of Jack's heart made manifest in flesh. Though he was seemingly born out of Jack's heart, there is something more than what he is letting on. One thing is for certain: he has a grudge against Jack, and his vengeance is coming."

Returning to the Depths of Darkness: The Final War: "Illusion, real name Marek Rikkison, the brother of Jack. Through events unknown at this time and for reasons known to none, Marek merged with the being called Darkness many years ago, transforming him into an adversary far more powerful than Master Xehanort, and with a vendetta against Jack to boot. Can Jack merge with his Light in order to defeat his darkness-infested brother once and for all? Can he still be saved?"

A New Path, A New Wanderer: "A Keyblade Master known almost to none despite his skills, but perhaps he prefers it that way. Marek has never been one to take the spotlight, but now he must. For in the absence of any other true master and mentor, Marek must step up to train his nephew Pierce for the fight that will inevitably come, and on their journey together, both worries and smiles that his nephew is slowly turning from the shy pupil into a fearless and arrogant warrior like himself. Sometimes reckless and outright cocky, Marek is the epitome of darkness, and there are none that can rival his power with it. But underneath his tough exterior, he hides a broken man that mourns the loss of his brother Jack. To this end, he will see Lorans pay, and stands behind his nephew to ensure it. He made it out of the Purge alive. They made it personal."

Beyond the Dark Veil: "None could guess why Marek is the main focus here now. When he started out, he was just a vessel of Darkness, and seemed doomed to his fate, to be defeated and fade on into nothingness, forgotten by all. But now, he has risen out to challenge the gods themselves, while settling a personal grudge against an old friend turned rival, a bounty hunter named Eclipse. Marek may not be the hero his brother Jack is, nor does he claim to be, but the worlds be damned if Marek Rikkison doesn't get what he says he is going to, and right now, he wants revenge. Can Jack stop him or talk sense into him? And who is this mystery girl tied to his past? Perhaps Marek has more to show us than he is letting on. It's going to be a bumpy ride."

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "After his famous clash against Eclipse and Anetar, Marek fell off the radar yet again. At the behest of his brother, he resurfaced in order to fight, but he still refuses to join his name to the LE. In short, he is fighting not for himself, but for his brother and for the friends he made on his journey. Maechil sees him as the greatest threat to their plans regarding the darkness, and Marek is among his list of most important targets. Knowing even Riku cannot rival his power with the darkness, Marek is a wild card in the war's equation, and has much more to contribute than anyone realizes. Getting him to contribute it, however, may be a bigger challenge than the war itself..."

Rayne Rikkison(Rain):

"So this is it. I thought I would be more...I don't know...amazed. It's just an old fortress. He could be inside too. Stay back, little brother. I'll handle this alone." Rayne's confidence at becoming a Keyblade Master, United We Stand.


Black hair, hazel-green eyes. Extremely fit like her parents.

Character Theme: Scars and Bruises, Epic Score.

Voice Actress: Christina Puccelli.


Long sleeve shirt colored both black and white, black pants with a white knee-length skirt over them, black shoes, black fingerless gloves.


12(during the Third Keyblade War), 27(during Picking Up the Pieces and NPNW), 17(BTDV and UWS).


agility, acrobatics, Keyblade wielding, magic.




Jack, Mist, Terra, Sora, Ven, Aqua, Pierce, Ava, Griffin.


Marek(RTDoD), Lorans(NPNW), Corruption and Eclipse(BTDV).

Status: varies.


After the events of Wanderer's Chronicles, Illusion realized that he could not take on Light on his own, and so he sought to retrieve another piece of Kingdom Hearts: The X-blade. Not the weapon used by Vanitas, but a living person who fully encompassed the power created by Kingdom Hearts to protect itself. Rayne was already in her mother's womb, infused with the light of her father, but then Illusion took his own darkness and imbued her with it. Thus, Jack and Mist's firstborn child was conceived as the living X-blade. Due to Mist's imprisonment in the dark realm for twelve years, when she was freed, Rayne grew rapidly. She was born within a few days time, and within another week, she had the body of a twelve year old. She struggled for so long with the power she had been given at birth, but now she is starting to accept who she really is, and her place in this war.


Returning to the Depths of Darkness, Kingdom Hearts 3: Dawning War, WC: Untold Stories of TAVJ, Picking up the Pieces, A New Path, A New Wanderer, Beyond the Dark Veil, United We Stand.

Journal Entries:

Returning to the Depths of Darkness: The Final War: "the firstborn child of Jack and Mist, Rayne was born through some unique circumstances. While she would have been a normal child blessed by the light of her father, her uncle intervened, intertwining her fate with that of a being with the perfect mixture of light and darkness. Thus, she was and is the living X-blade. While her father struggles with his own destiny, Rayne must grow up and master her powers in time to stop Marek from destroying the universe with the power of Darkness."

A New Path, A New Wanderer: "When Jack and the LE went to make their last stand against Lorans, Rayne stayed behind to watch over Soriah, at least until Marek decided to take the baby and go into hiding. Meanwhile, Rayne waited for her brother and his companions in the ruins of their old home and joined their fight, serving as their pilot and an instrumental source of support for Pierce. She has powers far greater than most of their companions, but tends to stay in the background most of the time, like her father in that manner."

Beyond the Dark Veil: Finding My Way: "The youngest member of the LE, Marek's seventeen year old niece is widely underestimated by her fellow agents due to her youth and inexperience. However, on various occasions, she has shown herself to be much stronger and wiser than most of the LE was at her age. Her unique childhood likely contributes to this factor. She revels in the trust her father places in her and eagerly jumps at any opportunity to prove herself. She is also one of the only agents unbiased toward Marek."

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "Unbeknownst to her, Rayne is one of the most important figures in the war. As the X-blade within her heart makes itself known, Jason and the others realize how much Maechil wants her for himself. For Rayne, she does not yet know that she will soon become the turning point in their struggles, and that she is possibly even more powerful than her father and uncle. Much of her birth and childhood has been assumed, but soon all shall come to light."

Pierce Rikkison:

Memorable Quote: "But someone has to carry on when you're gone! I'm your son, Dad! Train me, and help me be ready to make you proud one day!" Pierce to Jack, Picking Up The Pieces.

"God forgive Lorans, because heaven knows I will kill him." Pierce taking up his father's mantle, NPNW.

"You think you're such a big man now, but other than your name and your father, who are you, pretty boy?!" "Oh, I'm no one special, just the one bearing the most powerful being in the universe, the lone survivor of a group you did your best to wipe out, the TEENAGER that you fear the most...oh yeah, and I'm the one who's going to kill you." Lorans and Pierce during the final battle of NPNW.

"I know you're not HIM, but that doesn't mean your different. Just please, I need help and guidance, and I can't get that from my father now. I'm here to the end, and I'm here for whatever you need me, just say the word...Jack." Pierce speaking to his "father", United We Stand.

Voice actor: Matt Cohen.

Attire: Jack's black vest, gray short sleeve-shirt, white camo pants, black gauntlets, black spiked boots, black headband that is all that's left of Jack's hooded shirt.

Appearance: Mist's green eyes, Jack's brown hair(dyes it black early on in NPNW), eventually has a scar like Jack's except on the left side of his face.

Character Theme: To Glory, Two Steps From Hell, (UWS)Rebirth, Two Steps From Hell.

Keyblade: Hidden Resolve.

Age: 16(NPNW Part One and Two), 5(BTDV, UWS, although his 17 year old post NPNW self will also be seen, but how will not be revealed as of yet).

Allies: Rayne, Marek, Ava, Griffin, Luriel, Shin, Terra Branford, Kain Highwind, Ventus.

Enemies: Lorans, the Council of Sovereigns, Xehanort.


The second child of Jack and Mist, Pierce was kept unaware of his father's history as a Keyblade wielder, although he did know that Jack was a great hero, perhaps the best there ever was. Jack hid this from him because he did not want his son to covet a Keyblade of his own, something that would attract Light and the other Divine Beings to him. Regardless, when a villain calling himself Lorans appeared on the scene, it proved a great thing that Pierce had been training under Eraqus as a wielder, for he realized that he now had to step up and lead a new generation of heroes against the enigmatic man. First appearing in NPNW and quickly becoming a fan favorite of the Wanderer's Series(Second only to Marek), Pierce bore the mantle of main character through a harsh and unforgettable journey. Now, he will add his Keyblade to that of his father and LE as he returns as a supporting character in United We Stand.

Status: Alive.

Stories: Picking up the Pieces, A New Path, A New Wanderer, Beyond the Dark Veil, United We Stand.

Journal Entries:

A New Path, A New Wanderer: "The second child of Jack and Mist Rikkison and also the lesser talented, at least in hindsight, between he and his sister, Rayne. Throughout Pierce's early childhood, he remained unaware of his father's heroic deeds throughout the Second and Third Keyblade Wars. Jack kept this from his son because he wanted neither of them to have any more to do with the battlefield. But after Lorans intervened and took out the entire LE, Pierce must now find his feet and prove himself capable of leading the new generation against their enemy. Aided by powerful warriors such as Rayne, Marek, and Kain Highwind, along with a band of colorful rebels, Pierce has declared war on Lorans and the Council of Sovereigns, and he will do everything in his power to avenge his fallen family and the LE."

Beyond the Dark Veil: Finding My Way: "The five year old son of Jack, Pierce remains blissfully unaware of the struggles going on around him at this time. He knows next to nothing about his uncle Marek, who hasn't taken an interest in him or cared to be around. Right now, he remains home on Destiny Islands with his mother Mist, while his father and Jason try to unite the LE against Eclipse and his master. Ultimately, however, only Marek can deal with Eclipse, but fate would dictate that Pierce might have more to contribute than what he already has. History remembers him, as Dawnomar quotes: 'He who became the universe's greatest hero."

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "Seeing how desperate they are for skilled help, Dawnomar reached into the time split and pulled Pierce and his four comrades into the new war. In response, Maechil summoned Lorans to combat them while simultaneously working against them. Pierce may not be the one leading the charge, but he shows himself to be wiser than most of the senior members of the Agency, having gone through much worse events than they have. Maechil has secretly made Pierce and his team his highest priority because he knows how dangerous they are. Only once in all of history have the Ancients been forced to step in and resolve a crisis in the human worlds. At the core of that crisis were Pierce and his friends, the only ones in all of history to have forced his hand. He will not underestimate them, but Pierce will prove to be an important figurehead in the days to come."

Lorans(Lore-Ahns) Antismo:

Attire: Golden armor that covers his entire body, white cloak and hood that covers his face from his mouth up.

Appearance: Tall, broad-shoulders, five claw mark scars cover his face, a last gift from Jack Rikkison before he is killed. His true face will not be told here as it is a MAJOR spoiler for the plot of NPNW.

Character Theme: False King, Two Steps From Hell.

Memorable Quote: "You think so highly of your lineage. How pitiful that I am to be the one to open your eyes. None of your ancestors did anything heroic or worth remembering. Jason was the first to change. He and Jack were merely 'new leaves' in the stained history of the Rikkisons. In the end, they too changed nothing. Your road ends at the same destination." Lorans to Pierce, NPNW.

"Light may no longer be a threat, but new threats are born every day in different forms and faces. This is no different. We settled our differences, Pierce, but do not think for one moment that I will let you stand in my way again. Interfere, and I will crush you, boy." Lorans to Pierce, United We Stand.

Voice Actor: Crispin Freeman.

Age: unknown.

Keyblade: Former Glory: a stained black blade whose handle was once golden, and its blade was once a shining blue.

Allies: Xehanort and the Council of Sovereigns.

Enemies: Light's Enforcers Organization, The Rikkison family, and the surviving Keybladers.

Bio: The man called Lorans is an enigma. No one truly knows where he came from, only that he is arguably the most powerful human in the universe. He singlehandledly wipes out the known Keyblade wielders and declares war on any survivors. He makes an enemy out of Pierce Rikkison and his group, a mistake which follows him over a long period of time. When his true face is revealed, it turns the heroes' worlds upside down completely. He met his match with Pierce in NPNW, but now he has returned as a member of the True Organization XIII in United We Stand.

Status: varies.

Stories: A New Path, A New Wanderer, Beyond the Dark Veil(mentioned and cameo), United We Stand.

Journal Entries:

A New Path, A New Wanderer: "An enigma from the future who appeared on the scene with a grudge against Pierce's family and the Light's Enforcers. He wiped the heroes from existence and has set his eyes on Pierce and his allies. Who is he beneath that hood? What has he truly come here for?"

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "Just as Dawnomar called Pierce into the war, Maechil called forth the only man who had ever stood up to him, Lorans. Despite his true identity now known, there is no resemblance of the man he once was. Lorans has seen the world Maechil intends to build, and realizes that he has no choice but to cooperate. In return, he has been granted a seat in the True Organization 13."


Other Names: N/A

Attire: N/A.

Appearance: varies on his current host, but his presence always makes his host covered in white fire with completely white and glowing eyes.

Memorable Quote: "The time has come to purge this world of the darkness. This "Lorans" is all that stands in my way. I will destroy him, and the world with it!" Light during the battle of Radiant Garden, NPNW.

Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson.

Age: Immortal.

Keyblade: varies on his host.

Allies: none.

Enemies: Darkness and Corruption.

Bio: A being as old as the universe itself, Light was created by the Ancients along with his counterpart, Darkness. Light and Darkness coexisted harmoniously for many centuries, but they began to struggle over their creators' affections. Thus, the struggle between Light and Darkness that has so plainly been seen, had begun. However, from these struggles was born something that not even the Ancients foresaw: a third being, who would come to be known only as Corruption. Together, these three form a sentient and powerful trio, each seeking to uproot and destroy the others. Few are aware of Light and Darkness' true identities, and fewer still know of Corruption. However, there is an even more powerful Divine Being, one that Maechil and the Ancients have kept a secret since its birth.

Status: Varies.

Appearances: Wanderer's Chronicles(cameo), Returning to the Depths of Darkness, A New Path, A New Wanderer, Beyond the Dark Veil, United We Stand.

Journal Entries:

A New Path, A New Wanderer: "It is during Pierce's journey that it was revealed that Light was a separate being from Jack altogether. In fact, Light is one of three, a sentient trio called the Divine Beings. What he wants is unknown, as are his origins."

Beyond the Dark Veil: Finding My Way: "After the Third Keyblade War, the Divine Beings lay defeated and weakened, for a time. While Darkness was imprisoned within the Vault of Venezia by Corruption, Light sought to piece himself back together, as well. Corruption was the only one who remained intact, and used this to his advantage, taking over countless worlds while also using Jack's absence to take over the LE through his old host, Jason. These three beings would have a larger role to play in the future, however..."

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "Having been at the heart of the conflict that began the war between the Ancients and humanity, Light and his brethren receive their orders directly from their creator. Though they feign absolute loyalty to their master, the Divine Beings each have their own goals in mind. Light and Darkness, in particular, have taken notice of the instability of the worlds without the Council members, and are willing to save the universe in order to save themselves."


Bio: The son of Sora and Kairi who is still an infant when Lorans begins the Purge. Marek Rikkison takes him from Destiny Islands after the heroes are eliminated, but Lorans ends up finding the baby. Marek manages to rescue him when the Council is distracted by Pierce's capture, and stays with him until Marek joins the group. After that, Rayne began to care for him like her own child.

Appearances: A New Path, A New Wanderer.


Bio: The scribe/messenger/spokesperson of the Grand Council of Ancients, the leaders of the civilization that dwell within the true Kingdom Hearts. Although he hinted at the Ancients not being very fond of the human world, he expressed interest and kindness to Pierce Rikkison after the boy's final victory against Lorans. Not much is known about him, only that he either has very long life or is somehow immortal like the rest of his people. He has aided Jack, Marek, and the LE on occasion, but is no doubt a neutral party. Apparently, he has spent more time around humans than the LE originally thought, however. He has a legacy of his own...

Appearance: thin, old, and feeble looking, but by no means is he a pushover.

Attire: Simple clothes, a cotton shirt with dark brown leggings. A red cloak and hood conceal most of his face and make him somewhat of a mystery to the few he has revealed himself to.

Character Theme: We Ruled the Earth, Epic Score.

Memorable Quote: "The Ancients are a race beyond any normal mortal's understanding and comprehension. They do not grant audiences with citizens of the mortal world." "Well, good thing I'm no citizen. Now take me in there or just get the hell out of my way." Dawnomar speaking with Marek Rikkison, Beyond the Dark Veil.

Voice Actor: TBD.

Age: Immortal.

Weapon: Carries a walking stick, but whether he is an able fighter or not is unknown at this point.

Allies: unknown.

Enemies: unknown.

Appearances: A New Path A New Wanderer, Beyond the Dark Veil, United We Stand.

Journal Entries:

A New Path, A New Wanderer: "An enigma in all but name, Dawnomar appeared to Pierce's ancestor Naithyk long ago. He claims to speak for a civilization who call themselves the Ancients, but nothing else about him has come to light thus far."

Beyond The Dark Veil: Finding My Way: "Now more willing to walk among humans, Dawnomar has shown himself to members of the LE along with Marek. Of his entire race, he seems the most trusting of humans and seems to care about humanity much more than his Ancient counterparts. He distrusts most of the Ancient Council, and has begun his own investigation into the mysterious man holding Eclipse's leash.

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "When Maechil made his intentions known, Dawnomar was the only one of his fellow Ancients to stand against him. Choosing humanity over the body he had served for millennia, Dawnomar has proven invaluable with his wisdom and contacts throughout the Golden City. Always appearing with much needed information and never losing his composure, the Ancient has gained the trust of his newfound allies. Only he knows the full truth of Jack's destiny, and is actively working to prevent it."

Eclipse/Aaron Drennan:

Bio: Eclipse, AKA Aaron Drennan. A bounty hunter with a strong connection to the events of Beyond the Dark Veil. Long ago, he was the founder of the Deathmakers mercernary group and led it alongside his partners Storm and Illusion, also known as Kalanna and Marek, respectively. He never fails a contract he signs on to and he has a unique birth and past which lead to his supernatural powers. It has been revealed that he and Marek were friends long ago, but that friendship is gone now. In its place is a burning hatred for one another that will only be sated through their fated clash. He is somewhat of a rival to Marek on his journey after the ending of RTDoD. Regularly seen in Beyond the Dark Veil, and knows more about the mysterious Rikkison's past than even Marek himself.

Memorable quote: "For all you heroes have accomplished, you all still remain unbelievably ignorant. The old man, Jason, the former Nobodies, the three who were lost, even the big shots like Sora and Riku, all the way up to the big man, Jack and his family. You don't hold a torch to any of them, Mary, so why are you even here? You're no hero. You're no more a hero than I am. You're just a hooded vigilante who goes around breaking people's arms when they spit the truth in your face. You only see the path before you. You have no ambition, and you think you don't have to answer to anyone. Well, let me let you in on a little secret. There's a storm coming, and there ain't no way you're gonna face all of us alone. We will stomp you into the dirt. You can't beat us all, and the reason you hate me, it wasn't even me who did it. So let me ask you one more time. Why are you here?" "I don't pretend to play the hero, Eclipse. Never have. But anything that gets in my way, it's going down. Why am I here? Heh, that one's easy. I came here to kill you, and deliver your head to your master." Eclipse speaking with his long time rival, Marek Rikkison, as the latter merges with Darkness, becoming Illusion reborn.

Voice Actor: John Kassir.

Theme: Be True to your Honor, Epic Score.

Appearances: Beyond the Dark Veil, United We Stand(cameo).

Journal Entries:

Beyond the Dark Veil: "Aaron Drennan, designation: Eclipse, was and is a bounty hunter and mercenary for hire. He was the first Overseer of the Deathmakers Organization long ago, and ran the agency along with Marek and Kalanna, who went by the code names Illusion and Storm at the time. Unknown events turned him and Marek against each other, while Kalanna's whereabouts are still a mystery. Eclipse has reappeared on the scene with a grudge against his former friend and a dangerous client who is willing to do almost anything to 'sever the bonds between the worlds.' This is a fight that Marek has been waiting years for."

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "After the great clash between Marek and Anetar, the defeated and weakened Eclipse disappeared into the shadows. Blaming Corruption for his loss, Eclipse is now discovering the true consequences of his merge with the Divine Being."


Bio: Known as Storm to her colleagues in the Deathmakers organization, Kalanna was a friend of both Marek and Aaron Drennan, also known as Illusion and Eclipse, respectively. What caused the two friends to turn against each other and where she is now remain a mystery. Marek has stated to know where she is, but no one else knows anything of her identity or who she really is.

Journal Entries:

Beyond the Dark Veil: "A sincere young woman Marek regarded as his closest friend. She seems tied to his past, but her current whereabouts remain a mystery."

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "The love of Marek's life who was killed by Aaron Drennan, the mercenary known publicly as Eclipse. Marek regards her death as his greatest failure, and it is in her memory that he dedicates his unending fight for the Realm of Light against the Ancients."


Bio: A dog that Marek had befriended during his childhood on Destiny Islands, and was his only friend there. When Xehanort used Darkness to manipulate Marek, Bane attempted to attack the old man in order to protect the boy, but was struck down. Marek used the power of Darkness to heal him, but it changed his dog forever. Many years later, Bane resurfaced during the Mercenary Crisis to fight at Marek's side. Due to the sliver of Darkness used to heal him, he has been forever changed, now much more feral and vicious. He apparently has some history with both Eclipse and Liquid Ocelot, as well.

Journal Entries:

Beyond the Dark Veil: "A friendly dog who Marek grew to care for during his childhood years, but disappeared after being wounded by Xehanort and being left vulnerable to the darkness. Now, he has returned to his master's side in an attempt to assist him in stopping Eclipse."

United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts: "Marek's pet dog who was struck with darkness and gained incredible powers and the ability to speak. When Marek was left vulnerable by Eclipse and Darkness, Bane saved Marek's life in return for the man saving his so many years ago."

The Grand Council of Ancients:

The eight supreme rulers of the entire universe who very rarely involve themselves in the struggles of the mortal worlds. The majority of them are disgusted with the human race and see no reason to help them in any way. Only Dawnomar seeks to aid them, and the rest are idle for almost all eternity. The Council consists of:

Adenar, the Martial Master.

Maynaimar, the Commander of the Storm Fortress.

Kunomar, the Daughter of Dreams(later Mistress of Illusions).

Dawnomar, the Stoic Scribe.

Anetar, the Father of Phantoms(later used the alias of Master of Illusions)

Saenatar, the Dealer of Destruction.

Tsunetar, the Tsunami Wraith.

Maechil Omnivion, the Supreme Sovereign.

Name pronunciations:





Dawnomar(see above)




Maechil's Theme: Creator of Worlds, Epic Score.

Maechil's voice actor: Robert Carlyle.

Appearances: A New Path, A New Wanderer(mentioned by Dawnomar), Beyond the Dark Veil, United We Stand.

The Divine Beings:

Light is included in this group, but for his full bio see Light when you scroll up a little bit. The divine beings are the life force of the universe and everything within it. Their power stems from the Council of Ancients. The two foremost Divine Beings, Light and Darkness, have waged holy war against each other for millenia. The third, Corruption, is much more secretive by nature and has only been seen a few times throughout all history. Light is firm and pure, not allowing for anything to stand in his way of cleansing the worlds. Given his way, Light would destroy everything, and in an alternate version of the Wanderer's Series, this came to pass, causing the Time Paradox(see A new Path, A New Wanderer for details). Darkness is calm, cunning, and deceitful. Darkness wants to seize control of the worlds in order to destroy Light, the only real obstacle in his path of dominating the mortals. Corruption quietly waits behind the scenes and lets the others destroy each other before making his own bid to seize the worlds. He took advantage of Lorans' grief in NPNW. All these three are the strongest threats ever faced by Jack, Sora, and the rest of the heroes, but they all cower in fear before the power of the final Divine Being, who will be seen in United We Stand.

Light's Theme: TBD

Darkness' Theme: He Who Brings the Night.

Corruption's Theme: TBD

Theme of ? ? ? ? ?: TBD


Bio: A Heartless as old as history remembers, and the most powerful one ever born. His true name has been lost in the mists of time, but he was once the first human Keybearer, torn apart by the Divine Beings and transformed into the monster he remains to this day. He has become the sovereign of the Dark Realm, calling himself the Guardian of the Dark Realm. He has ties to Chernabog, who serves as his Gatekeeper. Despite never leaving the Dark Realm, something forced him into the realm of light, where he was quickly sent back by Jack Rikkison, taking advantage of his weakened state. It is said that he who wishes to harness the power of the Dark Realm must first win the allegiance of Wrythenann, something no man has ever accomplished...or returned from his lair.

Appearances: United We Stand.

Andrix Rameer:

Bio: A young man whose strength of heart granted him the power of the Keyblade. He was located by Sora, who brought him into the Agency and took him as his apprentice. Though loyal and headstrong, he suffers from anger issues due to his past, which he doesn't like to talk about. Appears only in United We Stand.

Tahara Lexon:

Bio: A young woman whose strength of heart granted her the power of the Keyblade. She was found by Roxas, who recruited her into the Agency and took her as his apprentice. A quick learner and an agile fighter, she makes much faster progress than her fellow apprentice. She has mentioned a family that she left behind, but offers no further explanation regarding their whereabouts. Appears only in United We Stand.


Bio: An Ancient who lived in the early days of the World. He was the greatest smith among both his own people and among humanity, creating the Anvil of Keys and being the forger of the X-blade. He made the weapon for Maechil, but after seeing a vision of the war that would inevitably come, he tried in vain to hide it away. After being betrayed by his closest friend Adenar, he was dragged before the Ancient Council and accused of treason. He was executed, the X-blade was claimed by Maechil, and Adenar took his former friend's destined place on the Council of Eight. His legacy lingers on in the memories the X-blade holds and in his surviving son Norran, and he has not yet made his final mark on the world of the living. Appears only in United We Stand.

Darian Voltare, the Keyblade Hunter:

Bio: An Ancient first encountered by Jack and Marek, who seemed unremarkable at the time, although he had known Dawnomar for a long time. He was thought dead for months after the Rikkison brothers crashed his ship into the Keyblade Graveyard, but now he has returned, calling himself the Keyblade Hunter. He has already claimed the life of one high ranking member of the LE. Yet, there is much more going on with him than he has revealed thus far. Appears only in United We Stand.

Sacron, the Devastator:

Bio: Commander of the Kingdom Slayers after Zane's ascension to Captain of the Honor Guard, Sacron has proven himself over a millennia of bloody victory. He earned the title of Devastator after he defeated Lukas the First, the first human to gain the Keyblade's power. He defeated Lukas and twisted him into the darkness, creating the powerful Heartless entity known as Wrythenann. His strongest lieutenants are Anzin the Savage, who has made a reputation by felling enemies of the Golden City, and Vathina the Merciless, a cold young woman who was originally Zane's apprentice.

Alix Crescent:

The leader of the Kingdom Slayers in Sacron's absence, his ties are secretly with the LE and not with Maechil. Forging a powerful resistance group from inside the Golden City, he provides Jack with a sizable force of Kingdom Slayers and Ancient warriors. Unbeknownst to him, his defection would split the remaining Kingdom Slayers in two. Those who rebelled with him would remain Kingdom Slayers, but those loyal to Maechil became the Keyblade Hunters in irony of Darian's surprise twist.


The youngest and last of the Divine Beings, Oblivion is also the most powerful among his brethren. Deemed uncontrollable shortly after his creation, Maechil elected to lock him away from the realms of the living. Only one time in history did Maechil ever temporarily release him, and that was to harvest the great loss of life that was the First Keyblade War. Still, Maechil imprisoned him again because he could not be controlled, instead electing to use Oblivion's power to keep humanity in check over the next thousand years. Like Justice took on the name of Light when he interacted with humanity and Discord became Darkness, as well as Decay becoming Corruption, Oblivion has also chosen a new name for himself reflective of the powers he has been given: Death.

The Dark Wanderer:

A former member of the Council of Sovereigns' elite Honor Guard, Ezekiel Doram lost his family at Maechil's hands and blames Jack Rikkison and the Keyblade Wielders for their deaths. Now calling himself the Dark Wanderer, he has taken the trappings of the Keyblade Hunter and become a dark mirror of the man he hates. To service his need for vengeance, he has pledged himself to Oblivion and leads his Cult of Divinity as its chief acolyte.

Cameo OCs:

Matt and Lily: Two phantoms of darkness sent by Xehanort to attack Jack at the Land of Departure. Both were subsequently killed by the young wanderer after briefly corrupting Terra and Aqua. Seen in one chapter of Untold Stories.

Blaze and Naithyk Rikkison: Two ancestors of the Rikkisons that Pierce had the misfortune of meeting in his trip to the past. Naithyk was the wielder and protector of the X-blade, and was killed in the first Keyblade War by his son Blaze in order to gain power and the powerful weapon. For reasons unknown to any but the true Organization XIII, Blaze has been called out of the past and given a place in the Organization, returning as an antagonist of United We Stand.

Thorne: A rival of the early Rikkisons who sought the X-blade and rose an army to take it, clashing with Naithyk's army in what would come to be known as the first Keyblade War.

Anna Rikkison: The mother of Jack and Marek, wife of Jason, and grandmother of Rayne and Pierce. She died shortly after Marek's exile from the islands and Jack's tenth birthday. The most likely cause of her death was depression and regret from the loss of both her son Marek and her husband Jason.

Finnian: The lieutenant of Alix Crescent and the second in command of the Slayers loyal to the LE.

Hectur: One of the few surviving Deathmakers, the mercenary build once run by Marek, Eclipse, and Kalanna.

A New Path, A New Wanderer Main Theme: After The Fall, Two Steps From Hell.

Beyond the Dark Veil Main Theme: Love and Loss, Two Steps From Hell.

Beyond the Dark Veil Ending Theme: Prepare for the End, Epic Score.

United We Stand Opening Theme: Requiem for a Dream(Lord of the Rings version)

United We Stand Main Theme: You were born for this, Epic Score.

United We Stand Ending Theme: Time will Remember Us, Epic Score.

Original Worlds:

The Crossroads.

Info: As Xehanort was attacking Jack from within, Jack and Terra noticed an ally of Illusion flying toward this planet. Along with Kain, they followed him down there. The Crossroads are an empty world long abandoned. It is a world that determines the strength and purpose of one's heart, and caused Jack and Terra to temporarily separate, with Jack rescuing Mist and Terra helping the others defend Twilight Town.

Later on, Kain Highwind brings Jack's son Pierce here to relive the experience that his father had gone through there. During Pierce's journey into the past, he met his ancestors Blaze and Naithyk Rikkison in this world, but at the time it was known as Grand Crossing.

The true history of the world will be further delved into in Beyond the Dark Veil and United We Stand.


Info: A lost and dying world once inhabited by the Ancients before they left the mortal realm for the Golden City. It is said that Kamirran is where the ancient Anvil of Keys is located, and that it is also the place where the X-blade and the original Keyblades were forged on that same Anvil. While the Anvil holds unmeasurable power, Kamirran is filled with traps and other foul things to safeguard its treasure. The dark world has been lost and forgotten over the last several millennia, and Jason Rikkison is the first to rediscover it, having come in search of the Anvil.

Kingdom Hearts, Sacred Realm of the Ancients.

Info: A different location than the heart shaped moon where humans gather after death, the Realm of the Ancients was the first realm to come into existence. The ruler, Maechil Omnivion, created it as his base of power and a shining city for his people. Unequaled in beauty and isolated from humanity, this Realm is known to few humans, and fewer still have ever seen it with their own eyes. Important locations include the Crystal Castle, the Endless Ocean, the Hall of History, the Wing of Weaponry, and the Chamber of the Grand Council of Ancients.

Important Events in the Wanderer's Series-chronological order:

1. The Brothers Exiled- Master Xehanort warps the minds of both Jack and Marek Rikkison to pursue his own plans. While Marek breaks free of his own control and goes on to become a mercenary, Jack is left behind to become Xehanort's apprentice, causing the events that lead up to the entire series.

2. The Doomed Confrontation- After the death of Eraqus, Terra, Ven, Jack, and Aqua met and clashed with Master Xehanort and Vanitas in the Keyblade Grveyard almost a decade before Sora came on the scene. The battle might well have been won, had it not been for the intervention of Illusion, who stopped Jack from aiding Terra against Xehanort. The battle ultimately ended with Terra going missing and Ven losing his heart. Not long after, Jack and Aqua both ended up trapped in the Dark Realm, separately.

3. The Light's Chosen- Twelve years later, Sora emerges after his battles against Xemnas prepared for his final battle against Xehanort, and with Mickey, Riku, and Kairi at his side, he sets off on a quest to bring back Eraqus' lost apprentices. Jack meanwhile has resurfaced separately and walks his own path while Aqua is rescued from the Dark Realm by Sora and Riku.

4. The Second Keyblade War- All the pieces have been laid. Xehanort has taken both Terra and Jack to his side to serve as his vessels of darkness while Sora has prepared his Lights to battle him. With the X-blade being forged and the fate of the worlds at stake, Sora defeats Xehanort with help from the Lingering Will and restores Terra and Master Eraqus. As Jack overcomes Xehanort's control, as well, they unite once and for all to defeat the dark seeker, and succeed in doing so.

5. Period of Absence- Following the demise of Xehanort, Jack took what was left of the old man's soul into his heart in order to save Sora. After briefly being assumed dead to the heroes, he does little more than confirm his survival while he travels across the universe in search of his brother Marek, who had become Illusion. Marek meanwhile has taken Jack's girlfriend Mist and imprisoned her in a deep stasis that stalls her aging and that of her unborn child.

6. The Illusion Rises- After reuniting with his friends, Jack reveals that Illusion has gathered several allies along with an endless army and is preparing to unleash a third and final Keyblade War. Together, they move to stop the threat.

7. The X-blade Born- After Jack manages to rescue Mist from Marek's clutches, she gives birth to their daughter, Rayne. Due to Jack's Light and Marek's Darkness infusing with her while she was in the womb, Rayne is born as the true X-blade, one of five pieces tied to the universe's survival. At the same time, her time in stasis causes her to grow rapidly until she reaches the age of twelve, making her barely seven years younger than her parents.

8. Xehanort's Last Stand- Now fully desperate as he hangs on to what is left of his life, Xehanort's spirit makes a final charge to take over Jack's heart and body. He would succeed, were it not for Sora's intervention, who has gone through a dive to Jack's heart in order to help him defeat the old man once again. Xehanort, having used up the last of his strength, fades into darkness after his defeat, leaving Jack with a permanent scar but no longer fearing possession.

9. The Third Keyblade War- After the death of Yen Sid, Jack is prepared to lead their forces against that of his brother. They travel to the Keyblade Graveyard with the intent of ending it all. Jason manages to free himself from Marek's control and switches sides. While the armies clash with each other, Jack and Rayne make their way to Marek's plateau. Then, the brothers clash one on one as they become the Divine Beings that lie within them, Light and Darkness. Their clash is one to be remembered for all of history, and after Marek frees his mind of Darkness, he attempts to sacrifice himself to Kingdom Hearts in order to save the rest of the universe, as an ultimate act of redemption. The Ancients return him to the world, however, deeming him worthy of living on.

10. An Agency's Founding- After the ending of the Third Keyblade War, Jack hands over leadership of the Keybladers to his father Jason and goes home to be with his family. Jason in turn takes over Yen Sid's position as Watcher of the Worlds, and takes up residence in his old tower. Under Jason's leadership, the remaining heroes form one united agency to represent all those with Keyblades, and call themselves the Light's Enforcers, or LE.

From here, the timeline splits into two parts, that of NPNW and the events of BTDV and United We Stand.

11. The Time Paradox(includes The Purge and The New Rebellion)Fifteen years after the Third Keyblade War, a maniac from the future calling himself Lorans arrives on the scene. He single handedly wipes out the entire LE and Rikkison family. The only ones to survive are Ven, Marek, Rayne, and Eraqus' newest apprentices, Lea's son Griffin, Ven's apprentice Ava, and Jack's son Pierce. Over time, they form a formidable group to combat Lorans, and in the end, Pierce defeats him in single combat. After that, Dawnomar convinces the Ancients to set back time and ensure that things could never happen that way again.

12. The Mercenary Arc- five years after the Third Keyblade War. As the third Divine Being, Corruption, makes a bid for the worlds, the LE begins a search for Marek, who remains on the loose after the war. At the same time, a mysterious benefactor hires a skilled assassin named Eclipse, who also happens to have ties to Marek's past. Eclipse is tasked with "severing the bonds between the worlds." Due to Jack's efforts, the LE realizes they can not handle the threat of Eclipse while going to war against Corruption, and so they turn to Marek.

13. The War for Kingdom Hearts- Now facing an enemy far more dangerous than any they have faced before, the LE scatters across the worlds in order to gather what allies they have left, knowing that if they fail, the universe as they know it, shall be forever lost. Jack finally steps forward to lead the LE, and does so with what strength he can muster, although his faith in himself and his destiny is shattered when he learns more than one life-changing secret that had been kept hidden from him. This is the final act of the Wanderer's Series.


I use abbreviations a lot, so here's a list to avoid confusion.

IDoD=Kingdom Hearts 3: Into the Depths of Darkness.

WC=Wanderer's Chronicles.

RTDoD=Returning to the Depths of Darkness: The Final War

NPNW= New Path, New Wanderer.

BTDV= Beyond The Dark Veil.

UWS= United We Stand.

Alright, here's the order of my stories you should read them in. If you're reading my KH stories, then follow this.

1. Kingdom Hearts 3: Into the Depths of Darkness.

2. Birth by Sleep to the Depths of Darkness: Wanderer's Chronicles.

3. Returning to the Depths of Darkness: The Final War.

4. Picking Up the Pieces: A Wanderer No More.

5. A New Path, A New Wanderer.

6. Beyond the Dark Veil: Finding My Way.

7. United We Stand: The War for Kingdom Hearts.

And then in any order:

Wanderer's Chronicles: Untold Stories of TAVJ.

If you're reading my Hunger Games stories:

1. The 74th Hunger Games: Wanderer's Version.

2. Catching Fire: Wanderer's Version.

All of my stories include Jack Rikkison in them. I understand if you're not a fan of ocs, but please don't flame. Jack was never meant to have as big a role as he grew into. His popularity gained by the end of IDoD led into a prequel about his life, and then even a sequel and one-shot finishing his story.

His son Pierce is the main character of the sequel to my Wanderer's Series.

My Hunger Games Jack began when I wanted to test my writing ability and put my already well-known character into one of my favorite trilogies. These have some success, but not nearly as much as my KH stories.

Here's a list of my stories and others I'm planning:

The Wanderer's Series(Trilogy, sequel trilogy and spinoffs):

All of my stories except for my two Hunger Games stories are a part of my Wanderer's Series. The main trilogy(IDoD, WC, and RTDoD) are centered around my very first and most popular OC to this date, Jack Rikkison. The three books follow his life from his first notable appearance, as the apprentice of Xehanort when he was very young. After the birth of Vanitas, he realized Xehanort's true purpose and fled, ending up meeting Eraqus and his apprentices, before becoming one himself. He became best friends with Aqua and Ven, but Terra was the closest friend he ever had. After the three vanished to their own fates, Jack returned home to find the love of his life, Mist, taken by his corrupted brother Marek. After being trapped in the dark realm for twelve years, he returned to fight alongside Sora in the Second Keyblade War. In the final book(RTDoD), he led the way in the Third Keyblade War alongside Mist, his father Jason, and his twelve year old daughter Rayne, fighting to defeat and free Marek once and for all.

The popularity of these caused me to write many spin offs and a canon sequel to the trilogy. Picking Up the Pieces shows Jack many years after the Third Keyblade War alongside his family, including his son Pierce, who is first seen here.

Untold Stories is a series of drabbles concerning Jack, Terra, Ven, and Aqua during the four years they spent together at the Land of Departure.

Finally, my latest trilogy(NPNW, BTDV, and UWS) was created in response to the fanbase the original gathered, and ends the series with a bang.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Into the Depths of Darkness

plotline: Directly after the events of Dream Drop Distance, Sora and Riku rescue Aqua from the Dark Realm and begin to search for Terra, Ven, and a mysterious fourth apprentice known as Jack.

Main characters: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Aqua, Ven, Terra, Jack.

Main villains: Xehanort, Disney villains, Final Fantasy villains, and other KH villains.

Worlds: Keyblade Graveyard, Yen Sid's Tower, Twilight Town, Radiant Garden, Olympus Coliseum, Gaia, Spira, Disney Castle, Destiny Islands, Realm of Darkness, World that Never Was, Narnia.

Length: 40 chapters

Status: Complete!

Other notes: Second book in the Wanderer's Trilogy.

Birth by Sleep to the Depths of Darkness: Wanderer's Chronicles.

Fall back to before Birth by Sleep began. Witness the rest of Jack's story brought to light. See his impact on Xehanort and Terra, Ven, and Aqua.

Main Characters: Jack, Terra, Ven, Aqua.

Main Villains: Xehanort, Vanitas, Illusion.

Recurring Characters: Master Eraqus, Mist, Mickey.

Worlds: Destiny Islands, Keyblade Graveyard, Enchanted Dominion, Land of Departure, Twilight Town, Gaia, Radiant Garden, Olympus Coliseum, Dwarf Woodlands, Realm of Darkness, The World that Never Was.

Length: 40 chapters

Status: Complete!

Other notes: Prequel to IDoD and first book in the Wanderer's Trilogy.

Returning to the Depths of Darkness: The Final War:

Directly after the IDoD secret ending, Jack has been missing for several months. On a visit to the Land of Departure, Terra finds Jack drifting in the Lanes Between, badly hurt. He gathers Sora, Riku, Ven, and Aqua as Master Eraqus revives Jack. Jack reveals that he has heard rumors of a being leading the darkness, who is preparing to destroy all the worlds and kill Jack personally. This one is revealed to be none other than Jack's dark brother, Illusion, who is controlling one of Jack's past terrors to lead an army of Specters against the heroes of Light. This is the conclusion of the Wanderer's Trilogy.

Main Characters: Jack, Terra.

Main Villains: Illusion, Jason, Barthandelus, Golbez, Hades, Garland, Weiss, Miraz, Shuyin.

Recurring Characters: Sora, Riku, Ven, Aqua, Mickey, Eraqus, Mist.

Worlds: Land of Departure, Yen Sid's tower, Destiny Islands, Olympus Coliseum, Gaia, Spira, Narnia, Camelot(Merlin), Keyblade Graveyard, Crossroads.

Length: 50 chapters

Status: Complete!

Other notes: third book and conclusion to the Wanderer's Trilogy.

The Hunger Games: Wanderer's Version:

This follows the first book's storyline, except instead of Peeta competing in the Games, an altered version of Jack does. See the difference in the story when a cold and battle ready Jack stands at Katniss' side instead of the shy baker's son.

Main Characters: Katniss, Jack, Gale, Peeta.

Main Villains: Snow, Cato, Clove, Marvel, Glimmer.

Length: 20 chapters

Status: Complete!

Other notes: first book to the Wanderer Hunger Games trilogy(possible).

Catching Fire: Wanderer's Version

Sequel to Hunger Games: Wanderer's Version following the events of the second book.

Main Characters: Katniss, Jack, Gale, Mist, Peeta, Finnick.

Main Villains: President Snow, Brutus, Enobaria, Cashmere, Gloss.

Recurring Characters: Prim, Johanna, Beetee, Plutarch, Haymitch.

Length: 40 chapters

Status: On hiatus until further notice.

Other Notes: Second book in the Wanderer Hunger Games Trilogy.

Wanderer's Chronicles: Untold stories of TAVJ

Drabbles about Jack, Terra, Ventus, Aqua, and Master Eraqus during their lives at the Land of Departure. Takes place during the time gap within Wanderer's Chronicles. Some chapters might be AU to the series.

Main Characters: Jack, Terra, Ven, Aqua.

Main Villains: N/A.

Recurring Characters: Eraqus, Mist.

Length: 13 chapters.

Status: Complete!

Other Notes: Spinoff to the Wanderer's Trilogy.

Picking Up the Pieces: A Wanderer No More

A one shot following the end of RTDoD. It shows Jack having finally settled down with Mist, Rayne, and their son Pierce.

Main Characters: Jack.

Main Villains: N/A.

Length: One chapter.

Status: Complete!

Other Notes: Final scene of the Wanderer's Trilogy.

Son of Gondor: A Change of Fate

LOTR. What if the others had made it to Boromir in time during the battle at Amon Hen? What if Lurtz was shot by Legolas before he could fire an arrow? Will Boromir return to Gondor or continue through Rohan with Aragorn and the remaining Fellowship?

Main Characters: Boromir, Faramir, the Fellowship.

Main Villains: Sauron, Saruman, the One Ring.

Length: TBA.

Status: Coming at a future date.

Other Notes: Stand Alone.

A New Path, A New Wanderer:

Fifteen years after the events of Returning to the Depths of Darkness(While also occurring within a different timeline than Beyond the Dark Veil and United We Stand), Master Eraqus has been training three new apprentices, Pierce, Ava, and Griffin. However, when an enigma known only as Lorans appears on the scene and 'purges' the universe of the Keyblade wielders, these three apprentices find themselves the worlds' only hope, and so they begin creating their own team of allies in the hopes of defeating Lorans once and for all. 'Fan Favorite' story of the Wanderer's Series.

Main Characters: Pierce, Ava.

Recurring Characters: Luriel, Shin, Terra Branford, Marek, Kain, Griffin, Rayne, *spoiler*Ventus*end spoiler*.

Main villains: Lorans and the Council of Sovereigns.

Length: 70 chapters.

Status: Complete!

Other Notes: Sequel to the Wanderer's Trilogy and its spinoffs.

A Draconian Light: A Clash Never Meant To Be

cross over written by both me and my good friend The Unknowing Herald. When Lezard Velath and Marek Rikkison kidnap Terra Branford and Rayne Rikkison, two men will do whatever it takes to bring them back. But when Shin Verus and Jack Rikkison go after the villains to recover their loved ones, the villains reveal their sinister plot: to force two of the worlds' most powerful beings to clash in the Rift in a deathmatch to be seen in the heavens. With the victor promised to be returned their loved one, Shin and Jack reluctantly clash in this cross over and tale of ultimate love, loyalty, and valor. Link to Part 2:


Main Characters: Shin Verus, Jack Rikkison.

Recurring Characters: Terra Branford, Rayne Rikkison.

Main Villains: Lezard Velath, Marek Rikkison, Xehanort, Kefka.

Length: 3 chapters.

Status: Complete.

Other Notes: Stand Alone.

Lucenthia is writing a story greatly based off of elements from my Wanderer's Series, please do check it out! Link is here:


Beyond the Dark Veil: Finding My Way:

Five years after the ending of the Third Keyblade War, Jason Rikkison begins gathering all of the known Keyblade wielders under one banner, creating the Light's Enforcers. But even five years after the war ended, many of the members still hold suspicion and mistrust on someone known to all of them. Jack Rikkison, although not an active LE member, stands before them and personally vouches for his brother Marek Rikkison, the still lost and solitary soldier that tries to force his past from his mind. Although he appears as a tough and stoic person on the outside, within Marek's consciousness, a fierce storm rages endlessly, and has ever since he first touched the darkness as a boy. But as threats unknown to the LE begin to rise to the surface in the form of an old rival, Marek quickly abandons the heroes in disgust when they refuse to help him due to not trusting him. Only Jack truly believes him, and goes against his orders to follow his brother and watch his back. Marek reluctantly heads out to face destiny itself and forces not even he could have ever foreseen in this next installment of the Wanderer's Series! This leads to the epic conclusion of the entire saga.

Main Characters: Marek, Jack.

Recurring Characters: the LE, Kalanna.

Main Villains: The Bounty Hunter Eclipse, The Cloaked Figure.

Length: 50 Chapters.

Status: Complete!

Other Notes: Fifth book in the Wanderer's Series.

United We Stand: The War For Kingdom Hearts:

Summary: after events that culminate in the ending of Beyond the Dark Veil, Jack, Marek, Sora, and the rest of the LE and Rikkison family scatter across the worlds in an attempt to rally their strongest allies. Meanwhile, their enemy already moves against them, and it is a race against time as both sides call both old and new faces to their side in this, the true epic conclusion of the Wanderer's Series! All shall be risked in war, and none can see the dawn coming, rising out of the darkest hour in their history.

United We Stand Tagline: "My name is Jack Rikkison, and my story is drawing to a close."

Status: In progress and Main Focus.


My top ten favorite chapters that I've written(does not yet include United We Stand):

Returning to the Depths of Darkness chapter 36: Sora to the Rescue.

Returning to the Depths of Darkness chapter 47: Light and Darkness.

A New Path, A New Wanderer chapter 39: Darkness Over Spira.

A New Path, A New Wanderer chapter 60: Light's Benevolence.

A New Path, A New Wanderer chapter 68: It Has To Be This Way.

A New Path, A New Wanderer chapter 69: Journey's End.

Beyond the Dark Veil chapter 17: A Clash of Wills.

Beyond the Dark Veil chapter 38: Illusion Reborn.

Beyond the Dark Veil chapter 47: Bane of the Ancients.

Beyond the Dark Veil chapter 48: Justice and Vengeance.

My favorites:

Quotes(I apologize that the majority of these are from Final Fantasy X):

"I SAY NAY NAY!" John Pinette and they words I now live by.

"This is it. This is your story. It all begins here." Auron, Final Fantasy X.

"Boy oh boy, The Price of Freedom is steep." Zack Fair, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7.

"You may be my master, but I will not let you hurt my friend!" Terra, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

"One day, our paths will lead us there. The Tower Guard will call out, 'The Lords of Gondor have returned." Boromir, Lord of the Rings.

"I've returned to my senses!" Kain Highwind, Final Fantasy 4.

"I know it's selfish, but this is my story." Tidus, Final Fantasy X.

"Bazinga!" Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory.

"Got it Memorized?" Axel/Lea, Kingdom Hearts.

"Swooping is bad." Alistair, Dragon Age Origins.

"Embrace your dreams. If you want to be a hero you need to have dreams, and honor." Angeal Hewley, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7.

"This I swear: I will do my utmost to protect you until the very end." Warrior of Light, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

"Life is but a passing dream, but the death that follows is eternal." Seymour Guado, Final Fantasy X.

"Even if the morrow is barren of promises, nothing shall forestall my return." Genesis Rhapsodos, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7.

"That's right. I am your living legacy." Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children.

"I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!" Sam Gamgee, Lord of the Rings.

"My friends are my power, and I'm theirs!" Ventus, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

"You see how powerless you are to save them? Savor that rage and despair. Let it empower you!" Master Xehanort, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

"I have lived my life as best I could, not knowing its purpose, but drawn forward like a moth to a distant moon. And here at last, I discover a strange truth, that I am only a conduit for a message that eludes my understanding." Ezio Auditore, Assassin's Creed Revelations.

"I'm honest!", "Please, Martin, you wouldn't know honest if I tied you up and spanked you with it!", "You tie him up, I'll go find some honesty." Martin, Isabela, and Hawke, Dragon Age 2.

"Now, this is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!", "Yuna needs Kimahri, Kimahri protect Yuna!", "I'd never forgive myself if I ran away now, even in death, Ya!?" Auron, Kimahri, and Wakka, Final Fantasy X.

"Come, Vegnagun. Let us purge this repulsive world!" Shuyin, Final Fantasy X-2.

"Disappear on us, will ya?! Rotten son of a Shoopuf!" Wakka, Final Fantasy X.

"Toss aside your blade...and say good night.", "No thanks. It's not my bedtime!" Warrior of Light and Lightning, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

"You're gonna get shown the door, Old Man." Terra, Birth by Sleep.

"Being dead has its advantages." Auron, Final Fantasy X.

"All this ugliness must end. Vanish with the rest of Spira!" Shuyin, Final Fantasy X-2.

"I am not a denizen of Light, but neither am I a being of darkness. I never followed the path of Twilight, and yet I do not walk the Road to Dawn. So then...what else could I be?" Jack Rikkison, Wanderer's Chronicles.(I know he's my oc but you know that's his most epic line ever)

"You?! What are you doing here, Tidus?!", "I'm taking you down, old man. What else would I be doing here?", "Is that it? They called YOU here to try and beat me, did they?", "Can the talk already! Bring it on, or are you too scared?!", "Stupid kid, gone and gotten yourself brainwashed." Jecht and Tidus, Dissidia 012.

"The warriors of Cosmos have suffered loss after loss. Not one of them holds memories of previous struggles." The Emperor, Dissidia 012.

"You can spout threats all day! We're not turning back now!" Lightning, Dissidia 012.

"So ephemeral, Lightning.", "Oh, I'll show you how Lightning strikes!" Kuja and Lightning, Dissidia 012.

"Bite me!" myself.

"Do you take me for a fool? I'm well aware of our position. Abominations, can you hear me!? Do you even have minds of your own? If you are aware of the world around you, you'd best rue the day you came here. I'm about to teach you pathetic mockeries the difference between you and a real man!" Kain Highwind, Dissidia 012.

"Every story must have an ending." Auron, Final Fantasy X.

"1000 years of agony!" Shuyin, Final Fantasy X-2.

"But now, when I look back, the ones who should be smiling with me aren't here. I don't want this anymore. I don't want friends to die, or fade away. I don't want battles where we have to lose in order to win. Give me your resolve. Believe in Yuna." Yuna, Final Fantasy X-2.

"I wanted to change the world, too. But I changed nothing. That is my story." Auron, Final Fantasy X.

"It's been...long enough. This...is your world now." Auron, Final Fantasy X.

"I am a part of Sin. I am one with Sin! Immortal! Now nothing can stop me!" "We'll stop you!" "By all means, try!" Seymour and Tidus, Final Fantasy X.

"This is my story. It'll go the way I want, or I'll end it here!" Tidus, Final Fantasy X.

"What's the matter? Afraid I might bite?" "Jecht..." Jecht and Auron, Final Fantasy X.

"One does not simply walk into Mordor." Boromir, Lord of the Rings.

"Legolas, two already!" "I'm on 17!" "What?! I'll have no pointy-ear outscoring me!" Legolas and Gimli, Lord of the Rings.

"Sour ale, vomit, and the smell of desperation." "And this is one of the better taverns in the city." "They let you in. It can't be that much better." Fenris and Anders, Dragon Age 2.

"Opinions are like testicles. Kick them hard enough, it doesn't matter how many you have." Varric, Dragon Age 2.

"We now have a dog, and Alistair is still the dumbest one in the party." Morrigan, Dragon Age Origins.

"Go ahead. Tell everyone about how you got beaten by a blind man." Matt Murdock, Daredevil.

"I am Lightning. The rain transformed." Raiden, Metal Gear Solid 4, Guns of the Patriots.

"I've been on a horse all day." "Is your little bottom sore?" "Yes. It's not as fat as yours, dollop-head." "That's not a word." "Yes it is." "Describe Dollop-head." "In two words? Prince Arthur." Merlin and Arthur, Merlin.

"You've no idea what you're dealing with." "What is this, Shakespeare in the park? Doth Mother know thou wearest her drapes?" Thor and Tony, The Avengers.

"If I can't use magic, then what have I got?!" Merlin, Merlin.

"Enough! I am a god, and I will not be bullied by-!" (Hulk grabs and smashes him repeatedly. Loki whimpers weakly) "Puny god." Loki and Hulk, the Avengers.

"What happened to the boy, Merlin?" "He grew up." Gaius and Merlin, Merlin.

"Do you know who I am? I'm Robin Hood." Robin, Robin Hood BBC.

"Knights, the gift of freedom is yours by right. If this be our destiny, then so be it. But let history remember that as free men, we chose to make it so! Rus!" Arthur, King Arthur.

"Oh, so that's what it does." Agent Phil Coulson, the Avengers.

"If you're with us, I want to see you fight harder than you ever have." "Hm, then you've nothing to fear." Lightning and Kain, Dissidia 012.

"Nobody tosses a dwarf! (almost falls as Legolas grabs him) Oh, not the beard!" Gimli, Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring.

"I would have followed you, my brother...my captain...my king." Boromir, Lord of the Rings.

"You, Dog. Do you know how many of your kind urinated on me while I stood frozen in that village? If I see one leg move even an inch in my direction, Pow! I'm glad your kind can at least be reasoned with!" Shale and Dog, Dragon Age Origins.

"It figures it would be me, after everything that I've done. I can't escape my fate, nor will I run from it." Marek Rikkison, Returning to the Depths of Darkness.

"Good thing we didn't do nothing stupid like shoot it." T-Dog, The Walking Dead.

"This new Gandalf's more grumpy than the old one." Gimli, Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers.

"Come on, we can take 'em!" "It's a long way." "Toss me." "What?" "I can't jump the distance, you'll have to toss me. Just, don't tell the elf." "Not a word." Gimli and Aragorn, Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers.

"I bid you stand, Men of the West!" Aragorn, Lord of the Rings Return of the King.

"It unscrews the other way, Peeves." Minerva Mcgonagall, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

"Do you mean to tell me that you undermined Professor Umbridge, yelled at her, and called her a liar in her own classroom?!" "Yes." "Have a biscuit, Potter." Harry and Mcgonagall, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

"Are there any around this table who will join me?" (Lancelot stands up) "You taught me the values of being a knight. I believe in the world you will build. (Leon stands up) "I've fought alongside you many times. There is no one I would rather die for. (Gwaine stands up) "I think we've no chance, but I wouldn't miss it for the world." (Arthur looks around him) "Merlin?" "No, I don't really fancy it." "You don't have a choice." "Alright!" Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin.

"Outside the dream world, life can be harsh, even cruel, but it is life." Auron, Final Fantasy X.

"Auron? That grouch never tells me anything!" Tidus, Final Fantasy X.

"I'd look like a jackass going against Yevon, though." "Only a jackass can change the world." Gippal and Auron, Final Fantasy X-2.

"There are but a few men who embrace destiny. These are the ones that change the world forever." Flemeth, Dragon Age Origins.

"I told myself this was about justice, about protecting the weak...but I was wrong." Raiden, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

"Howl in terror, Shinra lapdog!" Genesis Rhapsodos, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7.

"I guess I have no choice. It's time...to save the world." Vincent Valentine, Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy 7.

"Hurled into the chaos you fight, and the world will shake before you. Watch for that moment, and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly." "Cheap advice from a dragon." "We all have our challenges." Flemeth and Hawke, Dragon Age 2.

"We cut down people in your name, but the sword was never ours to swing. The world is on their way to you, but they're tripping over me." Jesus, Friend of Sinners, Casting Crowns(my all-time favorite song ever).

"Axel? Please! The name's Lea, got it memorized? You had the perfect little script, but you kinda forgot to write the sequel! Now, let's find out what happens!" Lea, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.

"Snake, let me do this. I'll go to the server room. My body's half-machine, I can take it." "No, this is a one man job. I got it. Your body is a machine, but your heart is human." "Snake, I have nothing left now." "You still have your youth. Don't waste it. We tore the world apart. Made your life a living hell. It's my duty to put an end to all this." "Alright, I'll make sure they don't get through." Raiden and Snake, Metal Gear Solid 4.

"You'll never stop at one! I'll take you all on!" Optimus Prime, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

"Looks like a little Mexican standoff we got here." Sideswipe, Transformers Dark of the Moon.

"Bloody yanks, I thought they were the good guys!" "Stay frosty, Ghost!" Ghost and Soap, Modern Warfare 2(best COD game ever).

"Destiny is never left to chance. The broken boy who failed to be the blade, the misguided master who sacrificed herself to save her friend, and the feckless youth who became my new vessel. I merely guided them to their proper places." Master Xehanort, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.

"Release her now, and I will not pursue you. Take her, and I will come after you. I WILL find you...and I will kill you." Brian Mills(Liam Neeson), Taken.

"I didn't forget everything. I remember how to kill you, Asshole." Martin Harris, Unknown.

"Oh, great, a freakin' munchkin. Little people are mean, tell him he's tall!" Wheelie, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

"It was never gonna work out for me. It even rained the day I was born." "No, you've got it all wrong. You were the lightning in that rain. You can still shine through the darkness." "The lightning..." Raiden and Snake, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

"I have always been alone. Always. Don't leave me here, Snake." "Don't be an idiot. You have a family. Look at me. I have no future. You still have something worth living for." Raiden and Snake, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.(Raiden's my favorite MG character ever!)

"You'll be up on your feet by tomorrow." "Where are you going? This isn't over yet. There's no tomorrow for me, unless I beat you today!" "Pesky little runt. Who do you take after?!" "Go ask yourself!" Jecht and Tidus, Dissidia.

"After the Patriots, I thought I could walk off the battlefield, and into a normal life. I forgot the most important thing about myself. I'm Jack the Ripper!" Raiden, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

"I know all about his past. He did some horrible things, but that's not the Raiden that I know. The Raiden that I know...is a hero." Sunny, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

"Hey, Rude! You're alright!" "Yeah, I'm just peachy..." Reno and Rude, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children.

"I'm fed up with all of it. Companies like ours...yours...bend the law when it suits business. So why not bend it when it can save innocent lives? I have to do this. The world can't have any more Jack the Rippers." Raiden, Metal Gear: Rising Revengeance.

"The only way back to the light...is through the darkness." Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance message.

"I've got my own war to fight." Raiden, Metal Gear Rising ending.

"Enough, my son. Or should I call you...brother? It's time for you to throw away the gun...and live." Big Boss/Naked Snake, Metal Gear Solid 4.

"Can you kill this mere mortal? How about it, undying man?" "Sorry, but I can't die just yet." Vamp and Raiden, Metal Gear Solid 4.

"That 'means of justice' stuff? That was just a wake-up call to what I really believe...who I really am!" "What are you saying?" "I'm saying...Jack is back!" Raiden and Monsoon, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

"I know more than you could possibly comprehend!" Dragoon the Great, Merlin.

"Is this really as fast as you can walk?" "When you are my age, we'll see how fast you'll be walking. I need to rest a moment." "We don't have a moment!" "Well, then perhaps you should carry me." "Alright." (kicks Arthur) "Did you just kick me?" "Now who's wasting time?! Hyah!" Dragoon the Great and Arthur, Merlin.

"Nanomachines, son!" Armstrong, Metal Gear Rising.

"This is about more than just us! The whole of England will fall unless we make a stand on this day! In the name of King Richard, we will fight for all that's right! Today's a good day to die!" Robin, Robin Hood BBC.

"Your blade yearns to bathe in the blood of your enemies, but you hold it back! You say your cause is just, or is that just what you tell yourself?" Samuel, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

"Oh, not again!" Raiden after getting his arm cut off by Sam, Metal Gear Rising.

"Lasers, he's got lasers!" Nightwing, Batman: Under the Red Hood.

"The most secure building in Gotham...my royal behind." Nightwing, DC New Earth.

"I learned young that killing your enemies felt good...really good. I tried to shake off my past, but who am I kidding? I was born to kill!" Raiden, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

"Armstrong! I told you my sword was a means of justice. Not to be used for bloodshed. Or vengeance. But, you know what? This isn't my sword!" Raiden holding Sam's sword, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

"We ride at dawn." Arthur's favorite line, Merlin.

"Smoking is hazardous to your health, Snake." Otacon, Metal Gear Solid series.

"Maybe you people are better off without me. You think you can do better? Fine, go on. Let's see how far you get. No takers? Fine, but if you're staying, this isn't a democracy anymore!" Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead.

"He who wishes to walk on water must first learn to swim." Tallis, Dragon Age 2.

"Jack, put aside the Wanderer, and become the Keyblader that Eraqus raised you to be." "I deserve to wander in darkness forever. The last time I abandoned the mission, I lost Mist. I have nothing left now." Yen Sid and Jack, Into the Depths of Darkness Final Mix.

"Military cyborg, you are not authorized to operate in this area!" "Guess you better arrest me then." Cyborg policemen and Raiden, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

"I will scout ahead. You will follow me." Bladewolf, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

"It's like a dog with a bone." "Canines admire bones. My body is shaped like a canine. Amusing on two levels." Raiden and Bladewolf, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

"I was wrong about you." "Am I finally getting through? We'll save this world, you'll see, Jack." "You're not greedy...YOU'RE BATS* INSANE!" Raiden and Armstrong, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

"Screw you, man." "You seem like the kind of guy that makes a habit of missing the point." "Yeah? Well, screw you twice." Merle and Rick, The Walking Dead.

"Hide your daughters, ya'll. The Dixon brothers are coming to town." Merle Dixon, Walking Dead Survival Instinct.

"Deliver your prayers to heaven." Kain Highwind to Yuna, Dissidia 012.

"Put a shirt on. What, are you showing off for two guys?" "At least I don't stick my chest out to make it look big whenever Aqua comes in the room." Terra and Jack, Wanderer's Chronicles.

"I will not fail again, boy!" "I will cleanse myself of this corruption. I am meant to be Light. I will become...my destiny!" Xehanort and Jack fighting for control, Returning to the Depths of Darkness.

"You too, immortal?" "No, I just don't fear death." Vamp and Raiden, Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots.

"People are always overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Isn't anyone ever just 'whelmed?" Robin, Young Justice.

"Kaldur, look. You, me, and Wally...we founded this team. With what happened...I need a break from the Team." "I understand. I hope you find what you are looking for." "I'm not looking for anything. I'm just trying to reshape my own destiny." Nightwing and Aqualad, Young Justice.

"I hate this place." Auron in the Via Purifico, Final Fantasy X.

"They sure keeping us busy!" "Better than freezing to death." Wakka and Auron, Final Fantasy X.

"You hear that noise? That's God laughing while you make plans." Jim, The Walking Dead.

"Where is the sense in all this? Let us turn back! There must be another way! I cannot accept this! I cannot watch you...die!" Auron to Braska, pre-Final Fantasy X.

"I thought I had made up my mind long before. But as I stood here, my resolve wavered." "Hm, go figure. Legendary Guardians choke sometimes too, ya?" "Legendary Guardian? I was just a boy. A boy about your age, in fact." Auron and Wakka, Final Fantasy X.

"Hey, you knew about this, didn't you!? Why didn't you tell us?!" "Look not to others for knowledge. This is your journey, too." Rikku and Auron, Final Fantasy X.

"Once Lady Yuna fixes her hair, we leave!" Auron, Final Fantasy X.

"I am the Lord of the Dead!" "Hm, no wonder no one wants to die." Hades and Auron, Kingdom Hearts 2.

"I lived my life defending others. But now...there's no one left to protect. Maybe...it's time I shaped my own story." Auron, Kingdom Hearts 2.

"I guess I could spare a few words. Thanks for meddling." Auron to Sora, Kingdom Hearts 2.

"I don't see Sephiroth today, but...are you game?" Genesis to Zack, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7.

"The world needs a new hero!" Genesis Rhapsodos, Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7.

"I feel naked...and not in a fun way." Artemis, Young Justice.

"Stop touching yourself!" Artemis to Kid Flash, Young Justice.

"But make no mistake, Fido. Once I'm finished with your master, you're next." "I was not designed to fear termination. But expiring here would violate my directive." "Hmph." "That's a good boy." "However, Raiden helped me. He helped me see the world a different way. My place is at his side." Armstrong, Wolf, and Raiden, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

"Raiden." "Wolf?!" "Begin playback: Two years I've been working toward this, and on the last day, Blondie has me doubting the whole thing. Let's leave it up to fate, then shall we, Wolfy?" "Sam...?" "I cut him down and that's that. But if he beats me...if I die here...the lock on my blade will disable after a couple hours. What happens after that, is up to you, Wolfy." Bladewolf, Raiden, and Sam, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

"Not much has changed in ten years..." Auron as the party fights endless Fiends, Final Fantasy X.

"Some men are born to...plow fields. Others live to be great physicians. Others...to be great kings. Me? I was born to serve you, Arthur, and I'm proud of that...and I wouldn't change a thing." Merlin, Merlin.

"Kain..." "Surely you do not mean to stop me, now with the end so near." "I believe...I owe you my thanks. I had begun to abandon hope. I had thought the cycle endless, and Cecil...beyond saving." "Our work is not yet finished. If we fail, it was all for nothing." "Should you go on, your undoing is assured. You are certain you do wish to see the next battle?" "Not all roads have a future waiting at their end, but this is mine." "Then far be it from me to stop you from walking it to the end." "There will be an end to this, a true end. I promise you that." Golbez and Kain, Dissidia 012.

"No killing unless you have to, Carter." "Spoilsport." Robin and Carter, Robin Hood BBC.

"Who's this handsome fellow?" "This is Little John." "Little? Hard to believe there's a part of you that's little, Big Bear." Queen Eleanor and Robin talking about Little John, Robin Hood BBC.

"You can't visit the cells unless I say so!" "You did say so! You said so and I did so!" "Who are you?!" "What kind of fool question is that? I am who I am, I am who I was, and I am who I always will be! There's no other answer than that!" Dragoon the Great tricking a guard, Merlin.

"My name is Ezio Auditore. When I was a young man, I had liberty, but I did not see it. I had time, but I did not know it. And I had love, but I did not feel it. It would be thirty long years before I understood the meaning of all three." Ezio Auditore, Assassin's Creed series.

"Desmond?" "He's talking to me...!" "I heard your name once before, Desmond, long ago. But now it lingers in my mind, like an image from an old dream. I do not know where you are, or by what means you can hear me, but I know you are listening. Who are we, who have been so blessed, to share our stories like this? To speak across centuries? Maybe you will answer all the questions I have asked. Maybe you will be the one to make all this suffering worth something in the end. Now, listen..." Ezio and Desmond, Assassin's Creed Revelations.

"Brothers! Sisters! The whole city rises against us while Yusuf's murderer waits and watches in the arsenal, laughing! Fight with me, and show him what it means to cross the Assassins!" Ezio Audtiore's anger, Assassin's Creed Revelations.

"Where have you been?" "Looking ahead." "What brought you back?" "Looking behind." Thorin and Gandalf, The Hobbit.

"This is it. We rise to the occasion because we're a team. The world needs the X-Men." Wolverine, Wolverine and the X-Men.

"Was everyone that bitter when they left?" "Look up Nightwing someday, kid. He's got stories." Terry McGinnis and Barbara Gordon, Batman Beyond.

"Now I'll be able to go into your brain even if you're wide awake." "My brain's not a nice place to be." Batman owning Doctor Destiny, Justice League.

"A CLUE, NO!" Sheriff Vasey, Robin Hood BBC.

"He stole my horse..." Guy of Gisborne talking about Archer, Robin Hood BBC.

"DEATH TO ALL PIGEONS!" Shale, Dragon Age Origins.

"Uh, I didn't do it..." Anders, Dragon Age Origins Awakening.

"Did ya think every battle in history was all part o' some big ol' conspiracy?!" Sundowner, Metal Gear Rising.

"Parshaara. Take these and eat them. I'll gladly part with them if it means being done with this." "COOKIES!" "Where did you find those, Sten?" "There was a boy in the last village we passed through...a fat, slovenly thing. I relieved him of them. He didn't need to eat any more of them." Sten, Templar, and the Warden, Dragon Age Origins.

"Good, it has returned. Now it can watch me pop this demon's head like an overripe grape! YES!" Shale, Dragon Age Origins.

"My mabari hound will be my champion!" "Uh, Warden...no. We can't leave the fate of all Fereldan up to your dog. Anyone with a leftover ham bone could find his allegiance. Choose someone else." The Warden and Arl Eamon discussing Dog, Dragon Age Origins.

"Maric once told me that the valor of a man is determined by the prowess of his enemies. I do not know whether this is a bigger compliment to you or I." Loghain to the Warden, Dragon Age Origins.

"Give me a command." "Fine, throw Oghren as far as you can." "Hey! No dwarf tossing!" Shale, the Warden, and Oghren, Dragon Age Origins.

"Please try not to get eaten. If the beast should fly about afterwards and poop it out, irony would dictate that it would land on me. I simply could not take that." Shale the BEST character in all of Dragon Age Origins.

"Kenway! In a world without gold, we might have been heroes!" Blackbeard just before his death, Assassin's Creed Black Flag.

"ECLIPSE! I don't care who thinks I'm right! The only thing that matters is me giving you my vengeance, and it will be terrible. Your journey, and your path, end here...AT THE END OF MY BLACK BLADE!" Marek to Eclipse during the final battle of Beyond the Dark Veil.

"It is a good life we lead, Brother." "The best. May it never change." "And may it never change us." Federico and Ezio Auditore in the beginning of Assassin's Creed II.

"This decision is yours alone to make. Only do so quickly!" "Yes, Uncle." "Give it here. You can do with it as you will later." "Bene!" "Jump!" Mario Auditore with his nephew Ezio in the beginning of AC Brotherhood.

"Ezio Auditore. Brave of you to stand alone against me, but also quite foolish...Assassin!" Cesare Borgia speaking to Ezio as the latter is being a badass.

"Claudia, dearest sister. I have been in Acre for a week now, safe and in high spirits, but prepared for the worst. The men and women who have fed and sheltered me here also give me warning that the road to Masyaf is overrun by mercenaries and bandits not native to this land. What this could mean, I dread to guess. When I first set out from Roma ten months ago, I did so with a single purpose: to discover what our father did not. In a letter written the year before my birth, he made mention of a library hidden beneath Masyaf castle. A sanctum full of invaluable wisdom. So what will I find when I arrive there? A host of eager Templars, as I fear most strongly? Or nothing but the whistle of the cold and lonely wind? Masyaf has not been home to the Assassins for 300 years now. Can we still claim it for our own? Are we still welcome there? I am weary of this fight, Claudia. Not because I am tired, but because our struggle seems to move in one direction only...towards chaos. Today I have more questions than answers. This is why I have come to so far, to find clarity. To find the wisdom left behind by the great Altair, so that I may better understand the purpose of our fight, and my place in it. Should anything happen to me, Claudia...should my skills fail me, or my ambition lead me astray, do not seek retribution or revenge in my name. MY STORY IS ONE OF MANY THOUSANDS, and the world will not suffer...if it ends too soon." Ezio's monologue during the opening of AC Revelations, showing that he is the best character of the series.

"Who is this, your brother?" "That is my wife!" "And this goblin half-breed?" "That's my wee lad, Gimli!" Legolas and Gloin, the Hobbit Desolation of Smaug.

"Your body submits, your heart succumbs, so why does your mind resist?!" Terra-Xehanort just before his battle with the Lingering Will, AKA the most epic battle in all of KH, Birth by Sleep.

"You have succeeded Angeal's spirit, and carry a part of Sephiroth within you. Thus the three friends are reunited once again, and LOVELESS is reenacted." Genesis to Zack, Crisis Core.

"Patience is a virtue!" "So is virginity!" my best friend and I during English class.

"So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause." Padme, Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.

"So, you are aware of what happened in my past. I cannot change what happened back then, Brother." "I know, Marek. But you can use that knowledge to change the future. Only then will you know what it is you truly want." Marek and Jack Rikkison, Beyond the Dark Veil: Finding My Way.

"If he pulls a dragon out of his ass, I'm leaving!" Varric, Dragon Age 2: Legacy.

"The bow is the wise man's weapon. You can defend your city without ever opening its gates." Sebastian Vael, Dragon Age 2.

"Mages in glass houses shouldn't throw fireballs." Fenris, Dragon Age 2.

"That which is lost cannot be found by looking ahead, but looking behind never yields whole answers. It is by looking at the past that we make the choices that shape our futures forever." something I wrote.

"Who would you be without me, Prime?!" "Time to find out." Megatron and Optimus Prime at the climax of Dark of the Moon.

"OHH, look who came sashaying back!" "Hair growin' like a Chia Pet, look at him!" Skids and Mudflap, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

"So you offer your life in exchange for theirs?" "Of course not. I offer yours." Exdeath and Kain Highwind, Dissidia 012.

"To make sure my best friend...sleeps in peace. Fair enough, you could say I am...the biggest Nobody of them all." Riku, KH Days.

"Fine, go on! You just keep running! But I'll always be there to bring you back!" Axel to Xion, KH Days.

"Trevor died a long time ago, Father. You made me what I am. I stand here before you, reborn, a vampire. I am Alucard." Alucard/Trevor Belmont, Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2.

"Of course. Only my father, Gabriel Belmont, can destroy Dracula." "It is too late for me. The roots of evil are deep, irreversibly so in the hearts of men. It is their nature...their destiny. I was their most devoted warrior, a champion of the light. But I fell, fell into darkness. And now, I am feared as the very prince of darkness. Ironic, don't you think?" Alucard and Gabriel Belmont/Dracula, Lords of Shadow 2.

"Nothing is true. Everything is permitted." the Assassin's Creed.

"Why would I want anything with a mind of its own bobbing about between my legs?" Sherlock Holmes, A Game of Shadows.

"You throw away all feelings and rely on logic. Love is the one emotion, the one thing, that makes us humans stronger." Pierce Rikkison, A New Path A New Wanderer.

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