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Hi! :D

I guess I'll start off with my name which is Victoria, and continue on with the fact that I really dislike filling these profile (thingies) out. (Well not completely it's just awkward for me, I mean I'm going to be talking to my computer screen which shouldn't be that awkward since I talk to inanimate objects maybe more than I should. xD)

I love anime and I think it would be right to say that I'm a bit of an otaku (maybe more than a bit). I love reading fanfics which is mostly why I'm here I probably won't write that many but I might write a few considering I'm planning to beta some stories. :D

I won't tell you that much about me considering I like finding things on my own and I'd rather people just ask then me just writing paragraphs of what I think I'm like or what my friends think I'm like.

Anyway now I'm going to shamelessly promote my best friend whose stories are amazing (I know that because I edit them xD ha ha I'm soooooo nice lol). So if your looking to read some Naruto yaoi or maybe some yuri look no further (she has yet to post some Yuri but it's in the works).

Her username is: AkihikoXMisaki