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I'm the sister of Anime_Girl! I'm also hyper! Anime_Girl and I are twins and we both love Anime! Except she lied! My name is Sora not hers! Well, actually She's named Michru. Don't tell her I told u though! I love Taiora and Takari! I mostly write Taiora though. I will write stories if u review. I will write if u want me to write anything in perticular. Oh yea! A lot of my stories I write with my sister, so they might be the same as hers! (though I have a lot more talent than she does.) Also if there's any blanks in the story, it means fill it in with whatever u want! I'm also known as Sora Rulz, but I feel like changing my s/n. K? oh yea! Soccer rulz! Soccer Rulz! Soccer Rulz! Sry I won't b posting 4 another 38 days! I gave up writing stories on the comp 4 Lent! Dunno how I'll stay alive and non-crazy though! Hope I stay sain!