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Welcome and Hello.

My name is Nimbus Demontails. Thanks to the help of both Blade and someone who doesn't want to be called I'm able to tell my stories here. Though Blade might still continue some of the stories and I will try to tell my stories. There is still a lot of stuff which makes sure we won't be able to do a lot. So be happy with every thing you see appear in your list.

Also, we decided to keep the best liked stories or else there would be people being angry at Blade... mostly my fault but I don't care.

So anyway, nice to meet you, and see ya another time.


Nimbus Note's

1: The tails
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Hey there, here is a Nimbus Note. According to the legend of the nine-tailed fox or Kyuubi, a fox gains a tail every 100 years it lived. So for a full nine-tails, it should have lived for at least 800 years and it would show it’s experience as well. But I thought to make a nice shift in the legend. Like breaking a vase and building it up from the pieces, some like it, some think it’s a nightmare. So already for future reference, let me tell you what I changed. Just like most Nimbus Note’s will do.

The part that I changed is the aging part. The fox doesn’t need to have an age between 600 and 700 to have seven tails. Every 100 years there is a test, if they pass the test, which is chosen from the amount of tails they already have, they get access to their new tail. The test are in order so there is a test every month for the individual tail, from the test for the second tail all the way to the very special ninth tail test. After that they need to wait another 100 years. So you could have a 200 year old 5 tails, or a 900 year old 5 tails, depending on the amount of tests they passed in time. But there is no way I will tell you my age with seven tails, hehe.

2: Attributes

The Nine-tails, for every tail there is a different attribute. The attributes are Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Ice, Darkness, Light and Nature. Every attribute is tied with social status, spell and preselected thoughts. For example, foxes with the darkness attribute are thoughts to be troublemakers, while light and fire attributes are known for their Royal status and powerful rule. Every attribute had their own story and piece of history, though some people broke the tradition, like someone of a lower social status climbing to a royal status. though it requires work, it was also to show that not everything was black and white.

The history about the different attributes come from the first nine-tails. The Demonfox Haku (rights go to Cosmic Break), Haku was the first recorded Nine-tails but he was a real demon. He terrorised the human race and tried to destroy everything on his path what didn't follow his rule. At one point in time some priests combined their powers to seal the power of Haku forever, but the seal only worked halfway. Haku was destroyed and gone, but instead he brought forth nine young foxes. These were from then on known as the nine sages. Each of them controlled an attribute and are the most powerful in their attribute. Together they created the Nine-tailed foxes territory where they could grow up and live in peace. Though most foxes try to mingle in with the humans and loosen the ties between them.

3: First attribute: Darkness

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