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I am a geek ninja book worm chick with a love for writing! I am known as the walking encyclopedia in my family because if I don't know about it, I will soon! I am very knowledgeable about Transformers, random facts, Star trek, Star Wars and currently obsessed with Marvel superheros and super-villains (mostly Loki).

My current fanfics are:

Too Good To Be True? featuring my OC Agent Naudia Bernsteen, Loki Laufeyson, Steve Rogers, & Nick Fury as main characters. Set after the Avengers movie. Loki is sent to Earth with the only rules being that he may not be killed and he must be rehabilitated to be a functioning member of human society.

Beautiful Like A Shattered Stained Glass Window featuring Darcy Lewis, Jane Foster, Erik Selvig, Bruce Banner, and Loki Laufeyson as main characters. Darcy helps everyone deal with the aftermath of the battle against Loki, all the while dealing with Loki on a daily basis.

Better Off features Loki Laufeyson as king of Midgard. It is an Alternate universe crossover for The Avengers and X-men: First Class. It will explore what Loki's rule might have been like if he had indeed won. It will explore his ties to his family and how they view him. How the realms view him and how he will fight against Thanos when Thanos decides that he wants Midgard too. It will explore the rebellion against Loki's rule, and how he will deal with it. Your favorite Avengers are most likely dead since this story begins 100 years after Loki conquers Midgard. But nothing is as it seems, so question everything.

Trouble Is A Friend And Trouble Is A Foe features Vali, Jormungandr, Fenrir, Hela and Doctor Doom as well as all of your favorite Avengers. Why are these children of Loki here and why are they helping the Avengers fight against Doctor Doom? The answer seems like it would be simple enough. But nothing is simple when it comes to the children of the God Of Lies.

Till Death Do We Part features Servant Sigyn and Prince Loki Odinson. It chronicles Loki's journey from Odinson to Laufeyson to God Of Mischief. It also chronicles the little told tale of Servant Sigyn as she deals with all of the trouble that Loki can bring a Goddess of Fidelity and mother of twins. AU, timetravel, death and rebirth.

That's all :D