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Hello! I'm Chirayla, a lazy, hardworking, 16 year old author/artist that likes adventure, romance, and tragedy! I work and go to school, so that leaves me with little time to write. I also game so some stories will be delayed. I have multiple fandoms that include: No. 6, Yu-Gi-Oh, The Legend of Zelda, Tokyo Ghoul, Cirque Du Freak, Seraph of the End, and many more! I don't particularly have a main fandom but enjoy many stories that please me! I mostly write YGO and LOZ, but I'm trying to expand the fandoms I write about! I will take constructive criticism but if you express hate/bashing of a certain character's traits you will be immediately blocked.

If you are a member/associated with Critics United and you comment and or email me about my stories you will be blocked, no matter the content of your email.

I mostly write M/M Ships because I get irritated with all the F/M Ships, but I won't hate/bash on any ship/shippers of a F/M Ship. So I ask the same of you! I also won't flame on a certain character under ANY circumstance!

Here are the material(s) I WILL NOT write:

  • My NoTPS-Listed below
  • Incest ships
  • Explicit rape
  • Smut/Lemon
  • Ship/Character Bashing
  • Romanticism of violence, rape, phobic material of the LGBT Community, racism, sexism, ETC.
  • Unhealthy relationships unless focused on unhealthiness of relationship
  • M!Preg
  • Anything that will degrade/offend a certain group
  • I will also upload a chapter every Monday

    If I'm not too busy! Well, I hope you enjoy the stories I've created! Oh, I am also writing my own original story, so I sometimes will distant myself from fanfiction. But I will still write for you guys when I see fit!