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Author has written 18 stories for Resident Evil, Ironman, and Star Trek: 2009.

Checking in to say -

Fic is still on something of a temporary hiatus. I've kinda lost some of my groove for it. It won't be permanent (not with Iron Man 3 and Star Trek coming out so soon!) but I can't promise it'll dissolve as soon all those shiny new movies come out. I'm also trying to juggle a social life, job-searching, and working on personal projects with fic writing, which basically means that things are slow, and I'm sorry. I am not done writing, I just have to regain control of my time and start managing things better.

My name's Erin. I'm a 25 year old Graphic Designer who dabbles in psychology, science, reading, writing, politics, and current affairs, though I tend not to talk about the latter two interests online at all.

I tend to cycle through certain fandoms, including Resident Evil, Transformers, Star Trek, and Iron Man (among others), and those are the fandoms I tend to write fic for the most. My livejournal (I have the same account name over there) has a more complete list of my other interests and fandoms. Likewise, my LJ is a good place to check for additional fic, the status of my fics, as well as art and other insights into me and my brain.

I've been on a Marvel kick for the past year or so, as reflected in the sheer amount of fic coming out of me for that fandom. I have been dabbling in fic for other fandoms, though, it's just slow going as my muses are clearly occupied elsewhere.

Current Fics and Status:

Estimated Life Expectancy: Complete at chapter 5/5. As mentioned in the Author's Note in the final chapter, however, I may end up continuing the story. I haven't made any decisions, though, and will update this when/if I do. UPDATE: I will most likely NOT be continuing Estimated Life Expectancy. Though I do like the epilogue I had planned and partially written, I feel that trying to stuff more content into this particular story will not be true to the tone and emotion already in it. I'll just have to be satisfied with knowing I inadvertently called some of the events in RE5. ;D

Down the Line: Incomplete at chapter 4 (of ?). Dunno how long this is gonna be or just how often I'm going to be able to update it, but I'll do my best to wrap it up ASAP. UPDATE: Lol, sorry guys, but this is undergoing something of another rewrite. I realized as I was writing chapter 6 that I needed to shuffle some things in the later chapters around, and doing so meant there were a few small bugs I needed to iron out with all of the earlier chapters - most notably to include the South American branch of the BSAA to a larger capacity. So I'm working on that whenever I can, and hopefully everything will be up to date by the end of the summer.

Space! Time! Zombies!: Incomplete at chapter 2 (of ?). Just so you guys know, this one is on my projects back burner. I'll be updating it much more slowly than the others projects I have up. Update: So chapter 1 is up and I haven't quite started chapter 2. I have ideas scribbled down in a notebook, but nothing concrete. I'm still working on hashing out some of the details for later chapters (such as which BOWs are likely to show up and how to swing the political side of this fic) so it might be slow going. I'm still hoping it won't take me another two years to get the next chapter rolling.

Elements of Life Series: Incomplete at 10/41 fics done. I've got about 9 stuck in WIP status and another 7 of vaguely outlined. This series is starting to get away from me, I'm afraid - I originally wanted to keep the stories small, more like exploratory character studies or slice-of-life fics involving the Iron Man verse only, but then I saw Thor and Captain America and now it's taking everything I have not to turn it into a Marvel Movie!Verse party. So there is a good chance that more and more of the extended Marvel Movie!verse with start seeping into the stories. I am hoping this is for the best.

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