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Erin 30s Dog Mom Fangirl, especially of Resident Evil

Hi, All!

Guess who's trying to make a comeback in this, uh, "fine" year of 2020? (Spoiler: it me.)

What's happened in the, oh, 7 years since I last updated anything here? I met a guy, got married, bought a house, got a dog, got another dog, got into dog sports, begged the husband for a 3rd dog, did a lot of dog-related traveling and made a lot of dog-related friends (anyone else sensing a trend, here?) started playing DnD, read a bunch of books, changed jobs, like, 4 times, crossed the decade of experience mark in my field (whoo!), and became a much, much better writer than I was.

This isn't to say I'm not proud of all the fic on here. I am! But in looking at some of it, I know I can do better now, and I'm excited to bring my new skills to all of you.

I promise there's only one fic on this list getting the dreaded rewrite and revision treatment, but only because I need to do so in order to make the rest of my ideas work the way I want them to. :P

So, welcome back, and I hope you enjoy the content you find here!

Current Fics and Status:

Down the Line: Apologies to all the fans of the fic as-is, but I am *totally redoing this one from scratch*. I redid the outline, rethought the plot and how it fits in with RE6, RE7, and potentially RE8, and reconsidered how it fits into a fic-verse I would eventually like to pretend I'll be productive enough to complete. My intent, as of this moment, is to finish and revise the whole fic before posting, so once it's done the updates will be consistent and the plot will need less retconning...because I'll have had the chance to clean it up before y'all see it. ;) I have a goal of finishing it before the end of the year and should be on track to do so as long as I don't get done in by work, COVID, or the T-Virus (it's been a wild 2020, okay? Anything is possible at this point).

Space! Time! Zombies!: Incomplete at chapter 2 (of ?). This fic is absolutely a backburner fic and maybe one day I'll find enough oomph to figure out what I wanted to do with it and, yanno, actually do that thing with it. But please don't count too heavily on it. My college-era free time is all but gone.

Elements of Life Series: Incomplete at 10/41 fics done. BIG SHRUG as I don't know if I'll cycle back around to this one much. I LOVE the early MCU but Endgame was something of a final straw of over-saturation to me, and I'm pretty content letting the wider MCU speak for itself without my input at this point, haha. There's definitely still some ideas, crossovers, and concepts I'd love to put onto paper, though, so we'll see. I never say never when it comes to fic ideas.

Upcoming Projects

Consider this my personal wishlist of fics I'd like to finish.

Resident Evil Verse:

Theory of Evolution, Part 1: Eleven years after Raccoon City, Rebecca Chambers is drawn once more to fieldwork. This time, it's in order to investigate what appears to be a new virus infecting the wildlife outside a popular national park and resort. With symptoms and pathologies that aren't quite like but are reminiscent of the T-Virus, Rebecca struggles to trace the virus's source and put an end to this disease before it spreads beyond the wildlife.

Theory of Evolution, Part 2: The San Pedro raid of a human trafficking ring was only the tip of a much bigger iceberg. Now Carlos and his new partner must race to put and end to the underground labs using trafficked humans as guinea pigs – as well as recover one of the BSAA's own. But what they find inside those labs is worse than they could ever have imagined, and the world might never be the same again.

Causes of TerrorTall Oaks fell to a deliberate T-Virus infection in June, 2013. Within hours of the outbreak, Claire Redfield and her colleagues from TerraSave were called out to help the Red Cross and other NGOs with containment, decontamination, and recovery. While clearing the city of the last scattered survivors, Claire encounters a familiar monster stalking the ruined city, and steps into a deeper conspiracy than she or her colleagues were prepared to handle.

Science and Progress: Three infectees wake up in a sterile room together. That's not the start of a joke – it's the beginning of Piers's new life on the other side of his infection with the C-Virus. Struggling to adapt to his mutations and kept in a closed facility that's secure, luxurious, and still a prison, Piers and his new allies must navigate a world unsure of how to handle them – and the consequences their survival has for the people who don't know they're still alive.

From Small Beginnings: The Wesker Project was considered a dismal failure, shut down, and all but two of its specimens destroyed. Or so everyone thought. Most of the surviving Wesker Children don't know their own origin stories, and all of them are now in their 30s and 40s – and many have children of their own. But genetics are funny sometimes, and the blood of the second-generation Weskers is more powerful than the first. They could be useful...if only someone could track them all down. Enter Jake Mueller, mercenary for hire, who really isn't so sure about manufacturing his own family reunion, especially under the circumstances.


Still Alive: We all know Howard Stark was an eccentric scientist, to say the least. But we also know he wasn't alone in that eccentricity. Decades after his father's death, Nick Fury introduces Tony to some "old relics" – equipment and tools salvaged from Aperture Science Laboratories. The forward-thinking technology baffles Tony, but not nearly as much as the little semi-sapient robot he finds packed away in a styrofoam container. Wheatley, as the little robot identifies himself, is oddly British, quite timid, overly apologetic, and painfully polite...until the day Tony plugs him into the security systems in Avengers HQ.

A Matrix of What-Ifs: After all he's been through, aliens are hardly surprising. But giant robot aliens who can turn into cars? Especially giant robot aliens who have been on earth since the 80s without anyone noticing – except a select few SHIELD agents? Now that's just not fair. Especially since Agent Matthews has absolutely been lying to Tony about her car and the funny thing she wears around her neck since the moment they met.

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