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Weew... The last time I updated this crap was so long ago, oh dear I haven't even been on this site for a while until recently. Well, I would always read fanfics when I could, but writing never really crossed my mind again. I am a busy person!

Okay, lately of course nothing special has happened on the victorious department... I am upset about that... I really hoped the show would have lasted a little longer, even though it stopped already quite a while ago -Coughs- Hue.

I started writing again though, I am trying to finish a chapter of my story that I put on Hiatus without warning. FORGIVE ME! -Bows sincerely- I have my reasons... No I do not, but hey, even if I don't you can't help but to accept the fact that I do! HA! Err... Yes, that was very confusing...

So... Anyone into Byaruki? I'm a huge fan o///o though I don't think I could write down their characteristics that very well, they are a challenge for me, so I'm not sure if I... What the heck am I blabbing? Of course I will soon write a fanfic about them! If I ever get a plot...

I keep losing motivation lately, I get a scene in my head.. But the scene never lasts long enough for me to note it down before it goes to another scene. Which is quite agitating, but I've learnt to live with it uu.

Though, I'm quite upset victorious stopped, but I'm glad all the actors found a further career and never stopped pursuing their dreams c:.

Do your best victorious cast!

A news flitz about mah live e.e

- For some reasons colds follows me everywhere... A few years later typing this, and I have again a cold

- I'm such a ByaRuki freak, my friend even told me so T_T I'm a freak, help! (Do not send people in white clothes after me please)

- The quotes in my story, they are actually from a song called "Listen to one song - Rukia/Byakuya" Until now I haven't really thought about using quotes from other songs, I just like this song quite a lot.

- My English teacher hates me (and my friends) he ordered us to always sit in the front... Yikes! I have done nothing wrong, beside being a bit of an active talker.. oh... Oops. No no no! That was not my mistake, I swear!

- I got a new bike, it's too big for me... Damn... I swear I almost fell of my bike when I tried get off. I have to bike with my toes! Is that normal?!

Geez, you're so interested in this?

What the hell, you okay?

Need me to call the doctor for you?

No! Stop reading!

What? You won't?

Oh gerd... You really need some help...

No seriously...

Get help.

I mean it!

You think I'm joking?

Well I'm not...



Fine, be stubborn, keep reading then.

Now get ready to read my profile xD!

About me?

Name : Yachi

Age : 78 years old. Yes really... ' - ' (If you believe that, go call 911 right now)

Hobbies : Fangirling... Err... Drawing... Writing stories c: ... Smacking people who enjoy nudging into my private life. What makes you think I'm talking about you? Psssh... I also like gaming, rope skipping and playing on the keyboard (Even though I lost mine when I moved D:)

Mating call...?

Just jking I dun bite :D... or mate >:C

Likes :

- Victoria Justice. To be honest, I'm far from obsessive like I was before, but I still admire her. I think she has a decent personality and seems to be quite down-to-earth. Also self-confident and seems to be not too arrogant. She has a decent personality for someone who has pursued a career in the show bizz.

- Food, damn food! Who doesn't love food? You gotta be crazy to not love food! c;

- My OTP is atm : ByaRuki (Byakuya and Rukia). Sure, people might call this incest, but remind you! 1. Rukia's sister is dead : even if he is her brother-in-law it doesn't change the fact that her sister is dead. And there are many occasions where people could fall for their brother-in-law. 2. She is Adopted : meaning no blood relation. Yes yes... No genius needed to figure it out. I just find them really cute together.

- I also still enjoy Bori/Beri/Teck, however you feel like phrasing it.

- My musical talents have slowly faded away due my busy schedule ; = ; I can't say I enjoy studying.

- I enjoy spending my time writing stories now and then (just short drabbles, nothing really to post) and drawing is still strong in my blood. Let's say, I also really like gaming.

- I love listening to Byakuya or Rukia sing o///o ~

Hates :

Divas... Divas






I can't come up with things that I hate... Erm... I dislike my bad RNG strongly, but that's it xD



10 : Girl Up - Victoria Justice

9 : Tabidatsu Kimi E - RSP

8 : Hello - Adele

7 : 7 Years - Lukas Graham

6 : Sakura Biyori - Mai Hoshimura

5 : Transparent Answer - IA

4 : Setsuna Drive - IA

3 : Into Starlight - IA & ONE

2 : Sajin no Shiro ni tatsu - Ryotaro Okiayu

1 : Listen To One Story - Kuchiki Rukia & Kuchiki Byakuya


twitter : VictorianHere ( if ur interested, gotta warn you I do nothing much on it except off the fact that I am rlly stalking Victoria justice xD!)

Facebook : SECRECT!


Keek : Idk how to use it!

Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/mychuchiii?feature=mhee (I am not interesting! I post like almost nothing xP!)

tumblr : I have no idea how to use it xD

Stream : .. Nope

Skype : This is personal chizz!

Line : Errr... Do you even know this exist?

WeChat : Well then... Hello fellow Chinese!

Twitch : Huh... Me posting videos? Neveeeer.

Kik : What is this chizz huh?

Are you really that interested in me o///o? Oh...

Hey one last thing the goodbye! AND EVERY OPNION ABOUT VICTORIOUS EPISODES (I can't believe I was this... Lifeless in the past o-o Looking back at myself... Oh well, I shall leave this here.)

My opnion before

Added opinion

So first the Pilot : Ah I actually did like this episode, and I LAUGHED my butt of about the fact that the fake ice briks was still resting on Victoria Justice her head when she was running out of the classes! XD and I lke the cute sweet bori moment in there, I alrdy felt a connection between them right there! And I though OMG they are going to be together! and dung... look where we are now? Season 4 and still no improvement e0e When I watched the Pilot again with a friend of mine, he told me she was failing her lip sync. Ai! D: I do not believe this! Though, this episode was all in all really well put together. 'Being normal is boring' such a strong quote ; w ;.

The birth scene : I liked it very much, but I rlly wonder how Cat got out of the hand cuffs! Still thinking xD. Well damn... That bird is just... No one else thought it was a splendid bird?

Stage fighting : I rlly hated Jade in this episode! And about the fact that no one even believed Tori! C'mon I thought, are they really her friends O,O! Woaw, just so pissed off about the fact that the protagonist didn't even have the guts to deny firmly that she had not hit the girl. Man up!

The birthweek song : No comment I wonder how they got out or when they got out of the recording studio xD and Trina was just being a b*tch in here :3 Really had to ruin Tori's chances on having a career, well then... Damn Beyoncé and her awesomeness >: Not fair.

Jade dumps Beck : I started this episode off with this face :D and ended up in this face :'( says much huh? XD

Tori the zombie : One of the cutest bori moments! I love Beck's voice it's so smexy! *-* I rlly thought they would kiss again actually in this episode cuz their faces were so closee! XD

Robarazzi : Ha! Hilarious! but it seems like in this episode that Robbie has a crush on Tori! I was like wtf? XD

Survival of the hottest : A lot of times I burst out in laughter in this episode xD!

Wifi in sky : I thought that doggie was extremely cute ;w; But no really.. A bunch of Hollywood arts high school students write a script... About a boy? And a closet? And the boy being eaten by the closet? Oh gerd...

Beck's big break : The bori moment and the plot was just amazing! You could feel the love when they hugged each other omg! Get together alrdy!

The great ping pong scam : I think they got another dress for Tori when she got changed xD! I mean she doesn't have the same curves as Jade and I rlly liked the song! It was so cute xP!

Cat's new boyfriend : Ouch I didn't liked this episode... Tori is not a b*tch Dx!!

Freak the freak out : I loved the songs and the way she got back at the b*tches! and I laughed so much xD! I though I was going to pee ;w;

Rex dies : Ha! Poor Trina in the end xD!

The diddly bops : Song 2 you is such an amazing song! I listen to it almost everyday xP! But in this episode really, it was a whole tandre episode xD! They seemed more singing to each other than towards the audience e.e

Wok-star : awwww finally a jori friendship starting to bloom xD!

The wood : HAHAHA THE PHONE CALL WAS SO FUNNY xD! and now we know fact... that Andre tickles his own tummy o,O!

A film by dale squires : I liked the moment Tori said :"A perfect place for revenge." Andre :" watchu got in mind?" Tori :" I don't know, you are smart she is mean think of something" Well dayumn girl, your sure know how to form your perfect team.

Sleepover at Sikowitz : Seems a bori episode to me hint hint! When Beck always invade Tori's personal space xD!

Beggin' on your knees : Ok I gotta say Ryder Daniels is pretty good looking, but he is just to old for you Victoria Justice!! GRRR! I definitely did not see this coming, a boyfriend for Tori, no idea why they thought it would be good to throw him in this story, or maybe the whole episode was for this song! -Gasps- LET IT GOOOO, let it goooo ~ Err... -Coughs-

Beck falls for Tori : I first thought that Beck was going to FALL IN LOVE with Tori so I rushed to watch the episode, but he was just literally falling for Tori xD!! UGH the dissapointness e.e Gotta say... A very misleading title...Well done Schneider... Well done.

Ice cream for kesha : I gotta say it was cute when Tori sounded desperate and that Andre tried to reassure her and called her baby o.o! Such friendship! -Coughs-

Tori gets stuck : Okay pretty much rori weird in my opinion xD! And Tori's face was kinda close to Jade's didn't u guys think so e.e? and all that blood it's nickelodeon! I didn't though they would splash so much blood on the floor xD!

Prom wrecker : She neva got the dance did she? e.e

Locked up : I loved the dance at the end :D so now I also can do it xP!

Helen back again : Omg make it shine remix is so awesome! I love the beat xD! and isn't this the first time we see her with glasses?

Who did it to Trina : Rex kinda crept me a bit out in this episode xD!

Tori tortures teacher : I wanted to hug that bunnie and take it home so badly xP!

Jade gets crushed : Omg I was like omg omg omg omg nooo Andre! but at the otherside it was cute rlly cute xD! and apperiantly Robbie has a crush on Cat o,o

Terror on cupcake street : I loved the Pj's ha! I want to buy myself one xD!

A christmas Tori : This was absolutly not rated K in the show! The cloths they were wearing hello welcome to the club OxO! Tori had the most decent cloths on though xD!

The breakfast bunch : A lot ppl dislike this episode because it's a spin off from the breakfast club, but I rlly liked it xD and I laughed out loud a loooots xD and wtf about the fact that Jade suddenly cares about Tori unfriending her on the slap xD! HAHA!

The gorilla club : So cute how Beck says that this is not a place for nice and sweet girls! refering to Tori awww... bori moment :3

The worst couple : YAAAY I WAS RLLY CHEERING ALOUT HONESTLY xD srry bade fans no offense xP!

Andre's horrible girl : It was so wrong what Andre did xD! I liked the song :3

Car, rain and fire : I actually almost puked when Beck kissed Trina e.e I was like omg? what? seriously? and I was lol when they turned the tv on and saw the news in the end xD!

Tori and Jade playdate : Dung dung duuunngg! That's why Jade disliked Beck hanging around Tori ;D! I love the song Take a hint! Omg so much gal power xD

April blank fool : Now I was getting confused, who does Robbie like? Cat or Tori o,o!? But rlly I loved the ending tht Tori jumps in Beck his arms! That was so cute xD! And that shrimp OMG lmao! keep on grounding Tori xD!

Driving Tori crazy : Poor Tori ;w; Must be harsh to have a sister like Trina xD!

How Trina got in : I still have this question in my head xD!

Tori goes platinum : OMG ALMOST dang it! but now we both know if Jade was ok with them to, they would date! They have crushed on each other! I knew it HA!

Crazy Ponnie : LOOl about what Rex said : Is it me or is Tori hotter when she is crazy? hah xD!

The blonde squad : Poor cat in this episode :c I think that guy should've accepted her for who she is Dx but I didn't like her reaction to Robbie his song at the end Dx!!

Wanko's warehouse : Ha Robbie! I like where is is going! Tori : I don't! it was pretty silly though and I learned a new way to each cucumbers xD!!

The hambone king : Awesome catch skills Tori xD! This episode was so much rori! I would've laughed if she ate rotten sushi xP!

Opposite date : Dungg dung dun! NOW WE ALL KNOW 100% that Tori and Beck have feelings for each other! But I think Beck also still got a thing for Jade e.e... Stranger : We are avoinding the obvious question here, do you have feelings for each other? Tori and Beck didn't reply on that question!

Three girls and a mouse : Omg I love the song La boys xD! I knew it that Jade would end up having the boy! but now I honestly think it's weird... and Beck acted so jealous when Tori was coming towards Moose xD or irritated xP! the twinkle aid was also so fun ahaha xD!

I shall never update this further...

What the heck is wrong with you?

Why did you read all of this?

You got no life?

Stop it!

I'm gone...


I'm serious

I mean it...




I said...


You never listen...

What can I do?


I am gonna flee from you



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