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Well I'm a big Inuaysha and Card Captor fan and plan on writing some fanfics about that. I just love to write and read and during my lazy times enjoy watching some random good anime. I don't really care if people don't review on my page. As long as some one stops by and reads my story that makes me happy.

I'm a female, about 5' 2 and am half black/half white. Inuyasha was my first anime ever and I'm not a big anime fan, but I do watch it every now and then. I am a college student working on my Librarian Science degree, which is a masters, and I work too so whenever I have the time to write I do. If I don't post anytime soon it means I am busy, I didn't forget to post.

I do enjoy reading and it's what I do most of my past time besides writing. Honestly my life would be so boring without books. I try and enjoy life to the fullest because I don't want to leave this world only living a half-assed life. I have to really thank anime for kind of helping me find what I love to do. I had already enjoyed reading but this opened my eyes to so much more in both fantasy and the world of fiction. I only wish authors would write more like this.

I enjoy reading a lot of sotries on fanfiction because it teaches me along the way. The different writing techniques and styles always help me learn something new that I could improve on in my own writing and make me feel good that I'm still learning just like everyone else. Reviews with constructive criticism towards my works help to. It lets me know what I'm lacking or if I'm doing good. Lastly, I'd say just enjoy life to the fullest only because you never know when it's going to end.

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... I swear I'll come up with more later when I'm not this tired

Dangerous Game

I didn't like my other story and had to stop when I came by a song that instantly made me think of this story. The title came to me when I thought of Kagome being badass and actually doing something instead of standing off to the side waiting for Inuyasha to rescue her.

I don't really hate Kikyo, in fact, I love her, but I didn't want to use Naraku as the evil one. She just fit the bill so sorry for all Kikyo fans but this is not for Kikyo lovers.

Blindingly Lovely

So this was so on a whime here. I had been reading so many SxS fanfics and suddenly this dream came to me. Since I'm in a pickle with Deadly Games I thought, well it doesn't hurt to start a new one and see where it gets me. The storyline is pretty simple and kind of cliche. But I'm happy because I really like the story and how it was coming out in my mind.

Syaoran of course doesn't know Sakura, but Eriol and Tomoyo do. The new villan happened to be inspired by my little sister and that wonderful brain of hers. I swear that girl is just so freaking amazing XD

So I dedicate this to her and to our deaf sister (yeah she's not blind) who read my story and have helped me put my thoughts together and create this. Updates may be slow only because I am busy and do have a life.

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