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Harry Potter in: When Light and Dark and Evil play Chess by Thrans reviews
Harry dies leaving his twin sister as the girl who lived, now with following the plan of the 3rd overlord, he must bring about a new rain of evil to be reunited with his twin as save her from the manipulations of prophesy. Harem, Crossover, irregular update schedule.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Overlord - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 26,882 - Reviews: 43 - Favs: 232 - Follows: 232 - Updated: 14m ago - Published: 10/15/2013 - Harry P.
Gnosis by Angelic Sentinel reviews
A small Voice calls from the Throat of the World, and the Dragonborn comes. One person can shape the world, but two can change the realms forever.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Elder Scroll series - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 24 - Words: 39,674 - Reviews: 140 - Favs: 229 - Follows: 352 - Updated: 6h ago - Published: 5/9/2013 - Harry P., Dragonborn/Dovahkiin
High School DxD: Rise of The Solar God by WarriorMan199456 reviews
Every hero has a beginning. The path of a hero is forever determined by the events he is placed in. In this Universe, the life and destiny of Issei Hyoudou is determined by a much different genesis. Strong!Non-Perverted!Powerful!Different!MultipleSolarGodForms!Issei. Pairing: Issei x Ophis x Harem. Contains DBZ/Bleach Elements.
High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 52 - Words: 150,640 - Reviews: 824 - Favs: 574 - Follows: 581 - Updated: 8h ago - Published: 1/19 - [H. Issei, Ophis]
I'm a what? by Candles In The Snow reviews
On that fated night in October 1981, Dumbledore left Harry Potter on his Aunt's doorstep. But, unknown to anyone, Harry's magic magicked him away to another world. Years later, on October 31st, 1994, a dying Zack Fair is transported to the Great Hall. Having to compete in the TriWizard Tournament, Zack tries to find his way through this new world, and a way back to his old one.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Final Fantasy VII - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 10 - Words: 38,773 - Reviews: 176 - Favs: 305 - Follows: 379 - Updated: 8h ago - Published: 1/8 - Harry P., Zack F.
Opening Dangerous Gates by LadyD0544 reviews
The Grand Magic Games are over and Fairy Tail is busy! and a certain Celestial Mage is sick of only getting perverted job offers. Until one comes in that isn't, and it requires a S-Class mage with a few tag-alongs to get Lucy's hands on a mysterious black key that looks a lot like a Death God to her.. Wait.. There's something else here too.. Read to find out! [multiple characters!]
Crossover - Bleach & Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 13 - Words: 63,848 - Reviews: 162 - Favs: 195 - Follows: 233 - Updated: 9h ago - Published: 2/25 - Ichigo K., K. Zaraki, Espada, Lucy H.
On Golden Wings by Jumping Jack Sprat reviews
The Winter War has ended and everyone has moved on with their lives. Ichigo is enjoying his seemingly peaceful life when a certain incident has him heading for Tokyo. Will he be able to resolve the problem and go home? Or will he become an unwilling participant in the Sekirei Plan. M for safety and possible later chapters.
Crossover - Bleach & Sekirei - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 16 - Words: 115,695 - Reviews: 386 - Favs: 521 - Follows: 574 - Updated: 12h ago - Published: 5/6/2013 - Ichigo K.
A Family of Foxes & Snakes: Rewind! by Dragon6 reviews
A Re-write of my original story. Failing again, Naruto sees one Anko Mitarashi taking no crap from the villagers. He wonders how she does and bothers her until she answers him. Anko feels sorry for Naruto and take him under her wing. How will Konoha survive when its number one prankster is trained by its number one psycho?
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 27 - Words: 61,385 - Reviews: 655 - Favs: 1,195 - Follows: 1,363 - Updated: 13h ago - Published: 3/9/2012 - Naruto U., Anko M.
Rise of the Lycans by kaleb-yamato reviews
Harry Potter is bitten at the end of his third year at Hogwarts by Porfessor Lupin. But he does not become a Werewolf, no he becomes the Magical Worlds first Lycan.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Fantasy - Chapters: 6 - Words: 67,532 - Reviews: 265 - Favs: 1,002 - Follows: 1,200 - Updated: 13h ago - Published: 3/13/2013 - Harry P., Fleur D., N. Tonks, Daphne G.
Kyuudou Sennin by Orpheus Kidwell reviews
In a stroke of genius fuinjutsu, Naruto creates a seal that reverses the flow of the Gedo Maza's draining of his bijuu, and becomes the Juubi container as well as drains the chakra and life force of the remaining Akatuski. Using the powered-up version of the Rinnegan he gains, Naruto goes back to the day he was born. Dark!Godlike!Manipulative!Naruto. Twincest. Mass X-over later.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 9 - Words: 66,812 - Reviews: 546 - Favs: 1,592 - Follows: 1,784 - Updated: 13h ago - Published: 10/10/2013 - [Naruto U., Naruko U.]
The Lightning Weaver by Jecht Stream reviews
Morgana Evans! She had gained her power at a cost to London. The Dursley's were afraid of her new powers & dumped her in the city, alone! She was 13 & powerful when mage found her, inviting her to Hogwarts! Many sides want her to be their destruction & leader, but her true side is hers, as the "Empress of Lightning". She'll have them siding with her, on their knees. Multi-Yuri!
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 11 - Words: 53,044 - Reviews: 110 - Favs: 334 - Follows: 388 - Updated: 16h ago - Published: 11/27/2013 - [Harry P., A. Sinistra, Ginny W., Daphne G.]
To My Death I Fight by BahamutReishiki reviews
It's been seven months since Ichigo managed to defeat Aizen during the Winter War. Just recently settling into new life as a normal human, he is shocked when he finds out he has been accepted into the prestigious Honnouji Academy. Unwilling to go, but not having a choice in the matter, he reluctantly decides to attend but wonders just what the next year will bring.
Crossover - Bleach & Kill la Kill/ キルラキル - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 15 - Words: 135,277 - Reviews: 442 - Favs: 544 - Follows: 566 - Updated: 16h ago - Published: 2/2 - Ichigo K.
Alpha, Not Beta by Kandescent Shades-13 reviews
Kirito always took gaming seriously, but now Virtual Reality stops him from seeing the real world. Led by a selfish ambition he wishes to escape the death game of Sword Art in order to see his sister again. Arrogant, selfish, and not exactly fit for responsibility, he leads the life as the only Alpha in this game. The best. But what if being the best isn't enough?
Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン - Rated: T - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 12 - Words: 126,634 - Reviews: 125 - Favs: 290 - Follows: 350 - Updated: 18h ago - Published: 7/10/2013 - Kirito/Kazuto, Asuna
Immortal Elf by Sohara Mitsuki reviews
At the end of the Fourth Shinobi world war. Naruto Uzumaki defeat Obito, Madara and Shinju. He absorb Shinju, Uchiha Madara's soul and Obito's. He later summoned by a young Louise. what reaction will he have? Rated T might change. Naruto x Harem. Godlike Naruto.
Crossover - Naruto & Familiar of Zero - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 10,985 - Reviews: 102 - Favs: 378 - Follows: 436 - Updated: 20h ago - Published: 11/26/2013 - [Naruto U., Louise]
The Guild of Shadows by mack2236 reviews
Blind!Fem!harry. Mentions of attempted rape. Zahara Potter blinded at a young age falls into a guild that tries to keep the world in balance from the shadows. Can she succeed at living two lives and fulfill her destiny, or is she doomed to fail. Shadow mage, Worked hard to be powerful, HP/NT Fem-slash!. (First attempt at a story)
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 9 - Words: 21,962 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 105 - Follows: 187 - Updated: 22h ago - Published: 1/13 - [Harry P., N. Tonks]
Naruto: Legends of Two Jinchuriki by X009 reviews
As Naruto embarks on his three year trip, a single argument and a chance encounter forever change the course of his destiny. Watch as these two hurt souls, linked by a red string of fate and a shared burden, strive to overcome the obstacles in their path. Rewrite of Naruto: Nine and Seven.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 15 - Words: 165,619 - Reviews: 715 - Favs: 1,346 - Follows: 1,461 - Updated: 4/20 - Published: 2/28/2013 - [Naruto U., Fū]
Chaotic Hunter by aLazyButSmartFanPJO reviews
Percy Jackson is said to have died closing the Doors of Death. Everyone is devastated. After 20 years, a new enemy stronger than Gaea herself rises. He comes back to help. Or does he really? My first Percy/Artemis story. Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 23 - Words: 138,534 - Reviews: 398 - Favs: 594 - Follows: 734 - Updated: 4/20 - Published: 7/1/2013 - [Percy J., Artemis] Thalia G., Leo V.
The Havoc side of the Force by Tsu Doh Nimh reviews
I have a singularly impressive talent for messing up the plans of very powerful people - both good and evil. Somehow, I'm always just in the right place at exactly the wrong time. What can I say? It's a gift.
Crossover - Star Wars & Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Mystery - Chapters: 12 - Words: 73,852 - Reviews: 1974 - Favs: 3,672 - Follows: 4,032 - Updated: 4/20 - Published: 9/6/2012 - Anakin Skywalker, Harry P.
My Agony behind my Mask by AdilUzumakiAli reviews
You want to know what lies behind this "Smile" ? What i had to go through to reach where i am...my sacrifices? I'll tell you... Strong/Godlike/Harem/ (has music content within also)
Crossover - Naruto & Bleach - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 14 - Words: 56,911 - Reviews: 142 - Favs: 437 - Follows: 514 - Updated: 4/20 - Published: 7/20/2013 - Naruto U., Hinata H., Yugao U., Kushina U.
Naruto Musume no Iru Nichijou by deamondragonsclaw reviews
After leaving with Jiraiya for his three year training trip, Naruto ditches the old pervert and is later adopted by the Kimihito family. Now after three years with his new family, Naruto is playing host in the extra species exchange program, will he fine what he's always wanted or be dragged back to Konoha? Rated M for limes and lemons.
Crossover - Daily Life with a Monster Girl/モンスター娘のいる日常 & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 8 - Words: 20,971 - Reviews: 290 - Favs: 534 - Follows: 576 - Updated: 4/19 - Published: 6/25/2013 - Naruto U., Miia
Broken by Pluto's Daughter 11 reviews
Insanity, he's not insane...but sometimes he let's it overcome him. Rage, he isn't angry all the time but he let's it control him. Broken, that's what Percy Jackson was. Because spending a hundred years in hell is enough to make anybody lose it. But in reality, in the land of the living, it's only been a year. And his betrayers are still alive.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 11 - Words: 48,225 - Reviews: 481 - Favs: 490 - Follows: 565 - Updated: 4/19 - Published: 11/9/2013 - Percy J., Piper M.
Fairy Tail's Lazy Fox by SnowTime reviews
Ever since the first master, Mavis made Fairy Tail, there was a fox. It had the Fairy Tail mark so it was a member. But now is the generation of the third master Makarov and the fox is still there; however, they only saw him as an odd fox with several tails. They know that his name is Naruto, but they never truly knew what he was until the First came around.
Crossover - Naruto & Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Spiritual/Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 13,685 - Reviews: 243 - Favs: 1,145 - Follows: 1,336 - Updated: 4/19 - Published: 8/16/2013 - Naruto U., Mavis V.
The Thunder God and His Maiden by TheTroubledNeophyte reviews
Iris Potter gave up on her life as a witch. She was no longer the Girl-Who-Lived, now she was Dr. Iris Potter, an accomplished astrophysicist who works independently. One day, Jane Foster asked her to take over her project since she could no longer dedicate her time and efforts in it. Accepting her friend's request, Iris Potter did not expect a Thunder God to fall on her truck.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 12,707 - Reviews: 198 - Favs: 676 - Follows: 974 - Updated: 4/19 - Published: 11/24/2013 - Harry P., Thor
Irised Sins by Amouru reviews
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" Lieselotte Potter had always felt her talents were a far cry from what she could have been. AU, Fem!Harry/Tom Riddle
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 14,474 - Reviews: 71 - Favs: 263 - Follows: 347 - Updated: 4/19 - Published: 10/6/2013 - Harry P., Tom R. Jr.
Naruto the Twin Tailed Crew by fairy tail dragon slayer reviews
Sequel to 'Naruto the Twin tails' - Triple Crossover
Crossover - Naruto & One Piece - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 9,773 - Reviews: 292 - Favs: 676 - Follows: 658 - Updated: 4/19 - Published: 2/7 - Naruto U.
Sword Art Online: Alternate Story by WillySmith1510 reviews
What happens if Kirito managed to save the Black Cats of the Full Moon guild from their tragic fates? Will this affects how Kirito's journey will progress? Meanwhile, conflicts between major guilds started rising, and a guild war is imminent. KIRITO X SACHI!
Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 17 - Words: 41,663 - Reviews: 83 - Favs: 167 - Follows: 223 - Updated: 4/19 - Published: 3/2/2013 - Sachi, Kirito/Kazuto
DUEL by fantasy1290 reviews
What if when Draco challenged Harry to a duel at the beginning of first year it had a lot more significance then either realized? A duel not only for bragging rights but for injustice and eventual love. Harry/Harem
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 54 - Words: 313,515 - Reviews: 2009 - Favs: 2,228 - Follows: 2,625 - Updated: 4/18 - Published: 2/23/2013 - [Harry P., Fleur D., N. Tonks, Susan B.]
Too Many Dates by fantasy1290 reviews
What if Harry's friends tried to help him out in getting a date to the Yule Ball and he suddenly found himself with too many dates? Hilarity and romance ensues of course. Harry/Multi and eventual harem.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 25 - Words: 152,466 - Reviews: 1015 - Favs: 1,529 - Follows: 2,085 - Updated: 4/18 - Published: 7/25/2013 - [Harry P., Luna L., Padma P., Daphne G.]
Uragiri by yami naruto 1000 reviews
He was betrayed. By those for whom he had sacrificed himself. Now, he is back. Better, stronger and most of all- evil. This is his saga of hate, revenge and betrayal. He is (drumroll) - Uzumaki Naruto. " This shit is awesome!"
Crossover - Naruto & Bleach - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Spiritual - Chapters: 5 - Words: 18,917 - Reviews: 71 - Favs: 245 - Follows: 286 - Updated: 4/18 - Published: 6/8/2013 - Naruto U.
Black Knight by PlaguedAmbition reviews
Naruto was the son of the Hokage, he was an exceptional shinobi nothing should be holding him back from making a name for himself. So why was it that he was removed from his family and forced to live on the outskirts of the village, hidden away from prying eyes. Older Brother Naruto. Naruto small harem. Uchiha Naruto.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 158,636 - Reviews: 404 - Favs: 1,056 - Follows: 1,180 - Updated: 4/18 - Published: 12/3/2013 - Naruto U., Kurenai Y., Yugao U., Mei T.
The Prince of Champions by Primordial Soul reviews
There are heroes. There are legends. There are myths. There are champions. And then there is their Prince. One who stands above all, one who is known and feared as the strongest man alive. One who will stand for justice and for those cannot defend themselves. Ash Ketchum is this man. But when the past calls, can he conquer the trials ahead? Altoshipping, rewrite of the Altomare Ace
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 3 - Words: 8,955 - Reviews: 78 - Favs: 228 - Follows: 248 - Updated: 4/17 - Published: 4/6 - [Ash K./Satoshi, Latias] Gallade/Erlade
Die Another Day by NeonZangetsu reviews
Death has a funny way of coming back to bite you when you least expect it. Having lost the fourth shinobi war, Uzumaki Naruto is content to do just that; to die and pass on to the afterlife. Unfortunately, the Shinigami has other plans for him. Plans that involve righting the wrongs of the past, restoring a broken clan to power and creating a family all his own. Narutoxharem?
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 9 - Words: 105,951 - Reviews: 1762 - Favs: 2,930 - Follows: 3,006 - Updated: 4/17 - Published: 3/28/2013 - Naruto U., Mikoto U., Kushina U.
Naruto of the Red Sands by Orpheus Kidwell reviews
On his Seventh birthday, Naruto runs away from Konoha during one of the annual 'Fox Hunts' and has only one thought in his mind. Revenge. He is taken under the wing of Sasori of the Red Sand and becomes the next puppet master, surpassing even his master. Tremble, Konohagakure no Sato, for Naruto of the Red Sands has been born, and he's calling for blood. Dark!NarutoxKinxFuxTemari
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 20 - Words: 98,452 - Reviews: 479 - Favs: 1,004 - Follows: 1,076 - Updated: 4/17 - Published: 8/29/2013 - [Naruto U., Kin T., Fū, Temari]
Percy Jackson and the Forgotten God by Selacha reviews
AU story. When 7-year old Percy Jackson runs away from an abusive home life, he is found and rescued by an ancient god, forgotten by humans and ignored by Olympus. The ancient deity only wants a family, and Percy needs a father. How will his life differ when Percy is raised by the eldest and most powerful of all the Gods? -T rating for child abuse and language.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 5 - Words: 47,738 - Reviews: 291 - Favs: 601 - Follows: 659 - Updated: 4/16 - Published: 7/4/2013 - Percy J.
Bleach: Fissure by ChangeYourLife reviews
Yuzu witnesses a crushing rejection of Ichigo by Rukia just as he's losing his shinigami powers, and decides to take matters into her own hands. As her once innocent brother complex becomes forbidden love, she'll find out just how difficult a path her feelings have taken her on.
Bleach - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 17 - Words: 60,500 - Reviews: 142 - Favs: 133 - Follows: 170 - Updated: 4/16 - Published: 6/16/2012 - Yuzu K., Ichigo K.
The Eternal Victor by Zayad reviews
The Persian Pantheon is at its end. All Persian demigods but one have been killed by the self-proclaimed "God-King" Xerxes. Now, Perseus, the last demigod, and the last of any who have ties to the Persian Pantheon is on his own. The first being who is truly free from anything including Fate itself. What will he do? Only time may tell. AU.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 24 - Words: 55,435 - Reviews: 471 - Favs: 656 - Follows: 743 - Updated: 4/16 - Published: 7/31/2013 - Percy J., Artemis
Second Choice by PinkTypewritter reviews
Integra is dying and Seras realize her unrequired love for Alucard; so she decides to leave Hellsing after 50 years. trying to forget her former master and to find happiness or at least a reason to live, she starts traveling the world... but in one of her travels she finds someone who was supposed to be dead
Hellsing - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 15 - Words: 63,043 - Reviews: 78 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 50 - Updated: 4/16 - Published: 6/30/2013 - [Seras, Hans G.]
Darth Jinsei: The Sith Reborn by Onikai Yoko reviews
Naruto Uzumaki is descended from the Sage of Six Paths who was originally a Sith Lord (Sith can be good in this fic, and yet titles still remain the same) Watch as Naruto accepts training from his mother and the results of said training. living Kushina. Good Kyuubi. Smart Naruto. Naruten or Naruino. Dark:Naruto;sannin;konohagakure clans;Hiruzen Konoha bashing. Temp. Hiatus Lifted
Crossover - Star Wars & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Sci-Fi/Spiritual - Chapters: 10 - Words: 24,455 - Reviews: 41 - Favs: 87 - Follows: 99 - Updated: 4/16 - Published: 11/18/2013 - Obi-Wan K., Naruto U., Kyuubi/Kurama, Kushina U.
Potter In Forks by HERMIT532 reviews
Hari decides the Wizarding World can fix its own mess and leaves to live a peaceful, quiet life. So of course she ends up with wolf shifters and vegan vampires as neighbors. Then Voldemort starts corresponding with her. HP/TMR JR. Bad Dumbledore.
Crossover - Harry Potter & Twilight - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 17 - Words: 76,569 - Reviews: 415 - Favs: 651 - Follows: 777 - Updated: 4/16 - Published: 2/26 - Harry P., Voldemort, Renesmee C./Nessie, Seth
Riddle And The Ancient Contract by HERMIT532 reviews
What if it wasn't anything the current Potters had done that saved little Harika Potter as an infant? What if the child prodigy Thomas Riddle had tweaked the horcrux spell before creating them? And what happens when they discover that nothing is exactly what it seems? FemHarry, DumbledoreBashing EXPLICIT SEX IN LATER CHAPTERS. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 36 - Words: 177,958 - Reviews: 1107 - Favs: 1,356 - Follows: 1,679 - Updated: 4/16 - Published: 11/29/2013 - Harry P., Tom R. Jr., Severus S., Sirius B.
Reaching for a Dream by Noodlehammer reviews
Adventure/Humor/Romance. The Sandaime waited too long to approach Naruto, who had no interest in becoming Hokage by then. Another dream already rested in his heart, a dream that would drive him much further than anyone would have believed. Older!NarutoxFem!Kyuubi
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 22 - Words: 271,719 - Reviews: 1475 - Favs: 1,929 - Follows: 1,926 - Updated: 4/16 - Published: 12/12/2013 - [Naruto U., Kyuubi/Kurama]
General of the Pit by Warden Of Ale reviews
Percy is captured by Gaia and changed into the perfect weapon for the upcoming war. To ensure his loyalty he also is reunited with his lost love. Now the ones who once called him friend struggle to find where they stand as Olympus is attacked by the one who was once it's greatest champion. Percy will face many obstacles in his quest to raze Olympus, Will he succeed?
Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 17 - Words: 54,069 - Reviews: 170 - Favs: 197 - Follows: 237 - Updated: 4/16 - Published: 11/13/2013 - [Percy J., Zoe N.]
Gods Successor by Gilgamesh The King of Heroes reviews
God knew he would die in the Great War. Therefore, he made a contingency plan so a successor could be chosen to take his place. These were a cloak, a wand and a stone. Whoever united them would be the new God. Centuries later, Harry Potter does just that and becomes the new God. How will Harry deal with his new position among the Heavens?
Crossover - Harry Potter & High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 10 - Words: 44,747 - Reviews: 212 - Favs: 499 - Follows: 501 - Updated: 4/15 - Published: 3/31 - Harry P., A. Asia, Raynare, G. Rias
The Legacy by storytellerSpW reviews
After Sirius' death, Harry stumbles upon a book which opens his eyes as he delves into the mysteries of magic, learns about the realities of a war, and shifts towards the Grey. Life could be so easy if only there wasn't that scheming Slytherin entering his life in an unexpected manner. And in the end, there is always a price to be paid for everything. HP/DG Contract, 6-7th year
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Drama/Friendship - Chapters: 32 - Words: 296,950 - Reviews: 964 - Favs: 1,170 - Follows: 1,723 - Updated: 4/15 - Published: 10/18/2013 - [Harry P., Daphne G.] Ron W., Hermione G.
Ageless Maelstrom by Dregus reviews
Aizen thought he had everything planned perfectly. That his victory was assured. What if the very thing he thought would bring him victory, had actually had a hand in his defeat, and abandoned him? And what if it eventually came into the hands of one who would need its power most? Naru/harem eventual Uzumakicest There will be bashing, and death.
Crossover - Naruto & Bleach - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 10 - Words: 55,850 - Reviews: 580 - Favs: 1,556 - Follows: 1,727 - Updated: 4/15 - Published: 3/15/2013 - Naruto U., Barragan
A Legend is Born by kevin1984 reviews
We Join Our hero on his first journey, with a surprise Pokemon travelling with him. Kanto region, some canon and some Au mixed in. Pairing Ash/Sabrina/Cynthia
Pokémon - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 45 - Words: 137,653 - Reviews: 1015 - Favs: 1,412 - Follows: 1,318 - Updated: 4/15 - Published: 11/13/2011 - Ash K./Satoshi, Cynthia/Shirona, Sabrina/Natsume
Twisted Fate by moonfeather58 reviews
On his sixteenth birthday Harry Potter discovers that he has been lied to and betrayed by everyone he knows and trusts. Angry at the betrayal he goes out and begins to think through everything that has happened since he entered the wizard world. On his way home he is attacked and turned by a vampire. Betrayed by all he knows he leaves Britain to make a new life for himself.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 29 - Words: 136,427 - Reviews: 263 - Favs: 360 - Follows: 476 - Updated: 4/15 - Published: 12/1/2013 - [Harry P., OC]
Uzumaki's Demon by Saito Uzumaki reviews
Jailed at young age for mass murder, Naruto Uzumaki is finally free. He cares nothing for Konoha, nor his father or brother. Only his mother, his cherry blossom and the truth along with his vengeance. He will find out the reason behind his jailing and the loss of one of his friends, even if he has to rip the Hokages throat out to do so. Naru/Kushi/SakuOOC
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,709 - Reviews: 45 - Favs: 272 - Follows: 257 - Published: 4/15 - [Naruto U., Kushina U., Sakura H.]
Naruto no Jubi by Saito Uzumaki reviews
Naruto Uzumaki was born under a full moon. When the Kyuubi destroys the hospital building the Jubi, queen of all Bijuu takes notice of the baby boy whose life will face great untold misery and challenges, and is still able to wear a smile on his face she names him the new Jubi and gives him the greatest challenge of all. Tame all the Biju and grant peace. God Naruto. Harem.
Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 13 - Words: 165,504 - Reviews: 750 - Favs: 1,773 - Follows: 1,637 - Updated: 4/15 - Published: 10/21/2012 - Naruto U.
A Black Heart by Sedor reviews
Ichigo lost more than just his mother at the age of nine. Now seven years later, he is no longer the smiling, naive boy he once was, but is in fact something far, far darker. AU from the very beginning of Bleach.
Bleach - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Horror - Chapters: 13 - Words: 53,535 - Reviews: 339 - Favs: 480 - Follows: 508 - Updated: 4/14 - Published: 2/7/2013 - Ichigo K.
Fairy Guardian by Writer with bad Grammar T-T reviews
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Crossover - Naruto & Fairy Tail - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 10 - Words: 81,283 - Reviews: 302 - Favs: 577 - Follows: 583 - Updated: 4/14 - Published: 3/4 - Naruto U., Mavis V.
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Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 16 - Words: 74,400 - Reviews: 444 - Favs: 777 - Follows: 931 - Updated: 4/14 - Published: 8/23/2013 - Hades, Percy J., Artemis, Zoe N.
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Fate growled and shoved him away. "Harry Potter! He is mine, he was supposed to stay alive not go and kill himself like a child throwing a tantrum." Death's red eyes flashed and he slammed Fate against the wall by her throat. "He is mine, he is MY MASTER and he was unaware of that fact. You used him for your own selfish needs and he paid the ultimate price! M/M yaoi
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When he realized what the heart is he died, but he is given a second chance in a new world to fully discover his heart. He is sent Fiore in the world of Earthland where there is magic instead of spirit energy. He won't be discovering his heart alone, however, he will be aided by the one and only Fairy Tail Guild! On Hiatus, just so I can rewrite it.
Crossover - Bleach & Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 30,422 - Reviews: 98 - Favs: 176 - Follows: 201 - Updated: 4/3 - Published: 12/16/2013 - Ulquiorra, Mirajane S.
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He said he saw great potential in my small body and he raised me.Because of him I lived,I learned...and I finally found someone I could call nakama.Even if he didn't call me the same.I am his son, I am his student...the dragonslayer of Acnologia.
Crossover - Naruto & Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 37 - Words: 643,899 - Reviews: 2784 - Favs: 2,428 - Follows: 2,142 - Updated: 4/3 - Published: 5/8/2012 - Naruto U., Ultear M.
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Crossover - Naruto & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 2 - Words: 7,799 - Reviews: 78 - Favs: 327 - Follows: 381 - Updated: 4/2 - Published: 3/26 - [Naruto U., Artemis] Hanabi H.
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 15 - Words: 198,346 - Reviews: 614 - Favs: 1,472 - Follows: 1,653 - Updated: 4/2 - Published: 3/13/2013 - Naruto U., Konan
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 15 - Words: 62,157 - Reviews: 346 - Favs: 639 - Follows: 922 - Updated: 4/1 - Published: 1/15/2013 - Harry P., Bellatrix L.
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Bleach - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy - Chapters: 6 - Words: 8,160 - Reviews: 64 - Favs: 218 - Follows: 250 - Updated: 4/1 - Published: 3/8 - [R. Unohana, Harry P., Isane K.]
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Crossover - Bleach & Freezing/フリージング - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: 35,397 - Reviews: 238 - Favs: 435 - Follows: 534 - Updated: 3/25 - Published: 8/17/2013 - Ichigo K., Chad/Y. Sado, Arnett M., Amelia E.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 10 - Words: 132,881 - Reviews: 358 - Favs: 1,262 - Follows: 1,326 - Updated: 3/5 - Published: 9/7/2012 - Naruto U., Fū
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 26,497 - Reviews: 166 - Favs: 950 - Follows: 1,305 - Updated: 3/2 - Published: 3/23/2013 - [Harry P., Bellatrix L.] Rosmerta
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 36,305 - Reviews: 721 - Favs: 2,064 - Follows: 2,136 - Updated: 2/12 - Published: 10/3/2013 - [Naruto U., Tsunade S., Tsume I., Kushina U.]
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 8,997 - Reviews: 45 - Favs: 209 - Follows: 282 - Updated: 1/7 - Published: 1/1 - [Harry P., OC, Lily Evans P., Daphne G.]
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Ichigo accepts an offer that Urahara makes, one that he came to regret. Unfortunately, the said proposal involved dimension travels, and he ended up in a world where reiatsu and reishi do not exist. He didn't know what to do or how to get back, but things got weirder than before when a random dragon came and struck him with big and black tail.
Crossover - Bleach & Fairy Tail - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 31,560 - Reviews: 147 - Favs: 383 - Follows: 452 - Updated: 1/7 - Published: 7/16/2013 - Ichigo K.
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Crossover - Naruto & Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 11,215 - Reviews: 91 - Favs: 468 - Follows: 568 - Updated: 1/7 - Published: 12/11/2013 - [Artemis, Naruto U.] Percy J.
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Crossover - Naruto & Inheritance Cycle - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 22,618 - Reviews: 103 - Favs: 396 - Follows: 425 - Updated: 1/6 - Published: 12/30/2013 - Naruto U.
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Crossover - Naruto & Soul Eater - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,472 - Reviews: 127 - Favs: 566 - Follows: 598 - Updated: 12/27/2013 - Published: 10/14/2013 - [Naruto U., Blair, Arachne G., Mizune]
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Crossover - Devil May Cry & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 60,145 - Reviews: 180 - Favs: 548 - Follows: 531 - Updated: 12/21/2013 - Published: 6/3/2012 - [Nero, Sasuke U.]
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A/N : I don't own Harry Potter or its character, just something that went into my mind. Don't like don't read. Good Albus semi bashing. The characters are same like in the cannon, I just change the year of it and some of it. Dark/Powerful/Evil Harry! Give it a chance. Better summary inside. No pairings yet, give it a chance!
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Justice League - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 22,930 - Reviews: 155 - Favs: 697 - Follows: 808 - Updated: 10/2/2013 - Published: 3/31/2013 - Harry P., Linda L./Kara Zor-El/Supergirl
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 19,453 - Reviews: 105 - Favs: 411 - Follows: 615 - Updated: 10/2/2013 - Published: 7/12/2013 - Harry P., N. Tonks, Tracey D., Fleur D.
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Crossover - Naruto & Familiar of Zero - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 26,355 - Reviews: 121 - Favs: 583 - Follows: 624 - Updated: 10/1/2013 - Published: 9/30/2013 - [Naruto U., Tiffania, Longueville/Fouquet, Siesta]
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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 6 - Words: 19,388 - Reviews: 47 - Favs: 216 - Follows: 249 - Updated: 9/29/2013 - Published: 4/8/2013 - Naruto U., Yugito N.
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Crossover - Naruto & Bleach - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 72,804 - Reviews: 125 - Favs: 244 - Follows: 262 - Updated: 9/8/2013 - Published: 6/17/2013 - Ichigo K.
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Edited and re uploaded my story, no they where NOT deleted.
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Crossover - Naruto & Avengers - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 80 - Words: 192,843 - Reviews: 2015 - Favs: 1,314 - Follows: 1,191 - Updated: 9/3/2013 - Published: 9/8/2012 - Naruto U.
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 19 - Words: 124,384 - Reviews: 970 - Favs: 1,932 - Follows: 2,017 - Updated: 9/3/2013 - Published: 7/24/2010 - Harry P., Luna L.
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