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Name: Melissa (if you must call me by my real name)

Age: 15

Grade: 9th

Physical Description: Erm, short (5'1"), THIN (88 pounds), dirty blonde hair that is *really* strait, hazel eyes, and one ugly nose. It probably isn't *that* horrible, but it irks me. It looks kinda like Cate Blanchette's nose, but uglier. And that's me. :P

Important Facts:

I am obsessed with Lord of the Rings. I love the hobbits, but especially Frodo and Sam. *cuddles hobbits*

I do not believe in slash. I know many very good authors who write it, but I believe that is changing the very essesce of Tolkiens characters. I *especially* dislike hobbit slash, because one of the most important things about hobbits as a people is their childish innocence. *steps off the pulpit* Now I am quite done with that.

In case you want to know, any of you poor souls who are planning on getting together with Elijah Wood should find someone else to obsess over. He's mine. We are destined for eachother. How do I know? you might ask. Well, let me tell you... I was playing this *really* hard computer game, and I was on the final level. I couldn't get any further than about two feet. And then... I was inspired... I said to God, "God, if I win this game, let it be a sign that I am going to marry Elijah Wood." And I won. (My brother can verify this.) So, I am not one of those stalkers who tries to meet him. I am leaving our meeting up to Fate. We are going to have 5 kids. Three boys: Elijah Jr, Sam, and Troy; and two girls: Laurel and Elanor. And also, though my amazing charm, he is going to quit smoking *shakes head* He's so bad :P. *Elijah, where ever thou doth dwell, know that I love thee!*

Now I have a little blurb for you to read, concerning the origins of my love for LotR:

According to some, I was born on April 19, 1989, but I, personally, do not believe that is true. My life really began on August 26, 2002. That was when I first saw The Fellowship of the Ring... and was reborn.

When I was 9, I had attempted to read The Hobbit, but never got passed Riddles in the Dark because it was too scary. Ha. Ever since then I had hated LotR more and more with each passing day. At age 10, I joined the colt of HP fans. *shakes head* All my friends begged me to go with them to see FotR, but I refused. My hatred had doubled since FotR beat HP at basically everthing.

Finally, on August 26, my father brought home the FotR DVD and we all had to watch it. Little did he know that he was creating a monster. My stubborn hatred turned to love as I watched it. The next day, I dragged my mom to the book store, and I got a box set with all 4 books, which I devoured in less than a week. I proceeded to read anything and everything that was Tolkien. And the rest, I guess, is history.

Do I read and/or watch anything else besides LotR? Surprisingly, yes. I really like Shakespeare, but am not nearly talented enough to write fanfiction for any of *his* works. I also like The Count of Monte Cristo (the book and the movie), HP, and this really good book (don't know if anyone else knows it) called "The Crown of Eden." It's a fanstasy, but with a more biblical tone. Love it. Oh, and how could I forget? Pirates of the Carribean is a GREAT movie!!!

If you read and review one of my fics, it would be lovely of you to go read the others as well. I don't know... it's just a nice thought...

I will be trying to update ME on a semi-regular basis... (every week or two)

I have several plot bunnies locked inside the cage of my mind, when by all rights the should be set free. There is no chance of me ever being able to write them, so I would like to give them away to a writer who will treat them with great care. Please contact me if you would like to adopt these plot bunnies. (They are both angsty, non-slash, Frodo and Sam bunnies, but one of them involves Faramir, Denethor, Gandalf and Pippin.) Please! These plot bummies need a loving home!

I am offering my beta-reading services to any writers of non-slash Frodo and Sam stories for the price of you, the writer, shamelessly plugging me in your fic. *hehe* Contact me if you would like me to beta-read for you.

I am also searching for a beta-reader to call my own and would be perfectly willing to shamelessly plug anyone who has need of my services. Once again, email me if you are interested.


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Why Can't it All be Beautiful? reviews
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