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Hi there! 15 year old from somewhere in America who's just a bit too obsessed with Doctor Who, Rose Tyler, Clara Oswald, Amy Pond, Peter Capaldi, and Jenna Coleman.

So here's the deal:

I recently discovered that all the stories I published on here were s*t, so I decided to delete all of them (except for the one from Delirium, which was actually not too bad).

So, the major problem that I realized had happened was that I HAD NO TIME TO WRITE MY STORIES. Why, you ask? Because I'm in high school, and between class and homework and my a capella group and drama club and Doctor Who, everything was too much and I hadn't updated any of my unfinished stories in probably over a year. Which is terrible. Trust me, every time I looked at this profile, looking at what I had written, I cringed in guilt. It was terrible, because I have another account that I share with my friend but I mostly use for my own purposes, and I regularly update the SYOT that I have there, but here, all my stories were just sitting there, terribly written and not having been updated in a loooong time. Trust me, I felt absolutely awful about it.

So, I decided to make a few changes around here. I would delete all of my stories (except for this one that I wrote for Delirium that was not too bad and I was actually proud of), change my penname and avatar, and completely redo this account.

Due to my recent (last year) obsession with Doctor Who, I'd come up with quite a few ideas for a few fics that were just waiting to be published. Only problem: I have no time to actually write them. Don't worry, sooner or later, I will write those stories and they will get published. But right now, with my schedule, that's not an option. Perhaps I'll bang out a few chapters later, but I won't publish them as soon as I finish each chapter. I'll write the next few chapters, however long it takes, and then when I feel like I have enough chapters, I'll start updating. Hopefully, as I update, I'll write more chapters, thus keeping the flow of the story constant. It would go something like this: I'll write a few chapters, publish the first one, then start writing the next few chapters. Then I'd post the next chapter, and continue writing between breaks as I do, and so on.

It might not be the perfect solution to my problem, but it's the best one that I have at the moment. It'll allow for (hopefully) steady updates, time on my schedule to write stuff, and time to actually, y'know, sleep, breathe, and eat.

Hopefully, anyone who follows this account will not be angry by my deleting all my stories, but I think this change is for the best.

Onto the more fun part. Here are a few stories that I plan/hope to write:

  1. Missing Echoes—A Doctor Who story about all of Clara's echoes from (SPOILER ALERT...) jumping into the Doctor's time stream, starting with the reboot. It's really cool—all the echoes get their stories about what they did in each storyline. It's very interesting. Did you know—not all of her echoes died immediately during the events of the episode? Did you know—virtually none of the echoes met the Doctor? This story is kind of really cool, and I hope that it won't take a long time to develop each chapter.
  2. We Arose from Time—Another Doctor Who story. This is about a character of my own creation discovering the Weeping Angels that have somehow managed to free themselves from the box-shape in Wester Drumlins, and quite apart from not investigating when she gets the touch of an Angel, she investigates, and lets herself get touched by an Angel as she travels back further and further in time. She hopes that by overfeeding the Angels, with help from random strangers who all seem to want to help, she'll create a paradox so the Angels weren't hungry when she first met them, and she can go back home. Until she gets the kiss of an angel. (Hint hint: look at the capitalization! It was intentional!)
  3. Bad Night—Yet another Doctor Who story, which tells us what happened those first few months to Rose after the events of Doomsday (when she first gets rescued by Pete) and after she says goodbye to the Doctor. And then how she discovers a way to find the Doctor.

Various one-shots will also probably be made, but those will have yet to be thought of. Yay!

Link to my tumblr, click here.

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The infamous WORST FANFICTION EVER posted here, unedited, for ur "lulz" -Originally by Tara Gilesbie -Rated M for the "Then he put his thingie into my you-know-what and we did it for the first time." line! -There is more than 1 chap per page
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I Carry Thee in My Heart reviews
We all know that Alex never stopped loving Lena, and we also know that Lena never stopped loving Alex. But what about Coral? What do we know about the girl who spent days with Alex, talking to him, laughing with him? We never know what happened, if she may have loved Alex at all. Did she? Or was there someone else who her heart belonged to?
Delirium, Lauren Oliver - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,009 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 3 - Published: 11/18/2013 - Lena H., Alex S., Coral - Complete
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