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Author has written 12 stories for X-Men: Evolution, Legend of Korra, and Justice League.

Hi everyone! I'm Catmandu22 and I love writing. My photo is a blurry photo of myself I took on accident because I think it's the best representation of me as a person.

If you would like to draw pictures for my stories I would love you FOREVER!!! And, if you would, please draw pictures of my OC's. Ya know, if ya want...



Taylor's PJ'S at the Mansion:

Kelsey's PJ'S:

Riley's outfit Chapter 21:

Kelsey's outfit Chapter 21:


Cassie's First X-Men Rock Evo. Outfit:

Taylor's First X-Men Rock Evo. Outfit:

Riley's First X-Men Rock Evo. Outfit:

Elise's First X-Men Rock Evo. Outfit:

Legends Of High School:

Torra's first party outfit:

I have read about someone posting Anonymous reviews and signing them in someone else's name. Therefore, please note that I will NOT write an anonymous review and sign my name to it. Instead, I am only signing my name to reviews that I write WHILE LOGGED on. I hope that this will help relieve some issues of some sleazy slime-ball's twisted idea of a game. Whoever doing it needs some serious mental help. *If you feel like doing the same: feel free to copy and paste this message into your profile, adding your name to the list...PhantomBrat...CandyassGoth...HeartXCrossbones...digi-assassin...Catmandu22...*

Okay, these are the OC's I use in my stories.

Forum for X-Men's Kids: PLEASE CHECK OUT:

Cassie Reeds (Kelsey Ransom)

Name (X-Men): Blue Moon

Age: 17 (Or soon to be)

Powers: Controls any types of water.

Allegiance: Brotherhood.

Friends on X-Men: No one.

Friends on Brotherhood: Pyro(duh), Wanda, Taylor, and Tripp.

Likes: Bikes, kids, PYRO, and her inner voices.

Dislikes: Inner voices (complicated), Pyro (at times...), and her father. And conclusion jumpers.

Elise Griffith:

Name (X-Men): Cat's Eye.

Age: 16

Powers: Able to morph other objects, use certain abilities of animals (ie- cat's claws, elephant strength, etc...) and turn into a brown house cat.

Allegiance (did I spell that right?): X-Men

Friends on X-Men: Zulie, and William.

Friends on Brotherhood: Taylor and Cassie.

Love Interest: Um... No one!

Likes: Making bracelets.

Dislikes: Bullies.

Taylor Roads:

Age: 18

Code name: Justice

Powers: Brings dreams and nightmares 'to life'.

Allegiance (did I spell that right?): Brotherhood. (First X-Men then brotherhood.)

Friends on X-Men: Everyone, save Jean.

Friends on Brotherhood: Everyone except Toad

Love Interest: Well, wouldn't you like to know?!

Likes: Halloween, and being random.

Dislikes: Dreams, bullies, and stereotypes.

Zulie Kero:

Age: 16

Codename: Need help with that!

Powers: Turns into any animal, can communicate with animals

Allegiance: X-Men

Friends on the Brotherhood: Taylor and Cassie.

Friends on the X-Men: Everyone

Love Interest: Jamie

Likes: Cats, anything cute, and making friend ship bracelets.

Dislikes: Bullies.

William Kero:


Codename: Kero

Powers: Can shape-shift into any object.

Allegiance: X-Men

Friends on the X-Men: Not many, just his sister and... nope that's it...

Friends on Brotherhood: Taylor and Cassie

Love Interest: Taylor

Likes: His sister, TAYLOR, and reading.

Dislikes: Bullies, and having his sister not be near him.

Riley Mathews:

Age: 15

Code Name: Tempest

Powers: Can control all elements, but mostly uses earth.

Allegiance: X-Men

Friends on the X-Men: Jordan, Deadpool, Remy, Amara, and Kurt.

Friends on the brotherhood: Tripp, Pietro, Cassie, Taylor.

Likes: Saying 'Thank Zeus!' and using other Greek gods names, being tomboyish.

Dislikes: Girly things and people

Tripp Langley:

Age: 16

Code Name: Slo-Mo

Powers: Super reflexes. Things that move fast seem slow to him. Only works while he has the power turned on. More flexible than a human.

Allegiance: X Men

Likes: Soda

Dislikes: Jocks

Friends in X Men: Nightcrawler and Iceman

Friends in Brotherhood: Quicksilver

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Newcomer: Revamp reviews
(Rewrite) A young girl with a past hidden in the shadows attempts to find solace in the walls of the Xavier Institute. At first it seems to work, she feels normal. However, as time progresses, her past comes back to cause trouble. Will she remain in her new home? Or will her past force her to embrace a darker path? [STRONG LANGUAGE USED]
X-Men: Evolution - Rated: T - English - Drama/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 7 - Words: 27,107 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 11/11/2017 - Published: 6/26/2017 - Pyro, OC
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Hate. It's a damning, Godforsaken, cruel concept that I thought I would never feel. One person has proven me wrong. In one year, he made me totally reconsider my feelings. Yes, I still believe hate is despicable, nasty, and there are few who deserve it. My name is Savanna Martinez-Gomez and, with that said, I hate Damian Grey. (Companion story to Hazardous By Instincts story Dart.)
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Come one, come all! To the first ever Mutant Awards! For a few weeks I, the awesome Catmandu22, and my friends will be holding the cast of X-Men Evo hostage... Er... I mean as guests. Competions, Paegents, and more! Stay tuned for more!
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