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hi im julia and im a dead robot who loves yaoi boy do i love chicken strips sometimes when im home alone ill

hello little follow peoples and people who visit my profile eh

im a shy bird who writes occasionally

(most of the time its rewriting the first 3 chapters of my same sherlock oc fic hnnnn)

on here i usually post my oc fics? so my sherlockxoc (dont get me wrong i love johnlock but i dont have an affliction to it) and my lxoc that is currently in the stages of the making!

im weeaboo trash follow my blog (warning i do play nitro chiral games so there could be nsfw but i try to strive for nsfw free..._)

i have a ao3 im aobears there so dont hesitate to read my stuff there if you enjoy...

uh other than that have fun and read otps that have destroyed your life!