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Author has written 17 stories for Dragon Ball Z/Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon X-overs, Gundam Wing/Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon, and Twilight.

I've been away from this site forever, but after completing the Twilight series, I felt compelled to try my hand at fanfiction again ~_~;

Story Progressions ~

Updated: 01/08/10

.+T w i l i g h t+.

No Small Shards

What if Bella was her natural clumsy self while Carlisle was fixing her wound? Putting herself in a very dangerous situation, how much control does Carlisle really have over his eternal thirst for blood?

I'm pretty sure this will just be a one-shot, but I guess it's dependent on reviews.

Survival 101

Determined to keep Bella warm in the sleeping bag while "camping," Jacob realizes that Edward can only see what he is thinking, not what he was doing... Refusing to let an opportunity of this magnitude pass, he decides the basic rule of Survival One-oh-one is necessary: body heat.. ;)

Updated! with Lesson Two: How to Start a Fire

.+H a r r y P o t t e r / / S a i l o r M o o n +.

The vacation has ended for Draco Malfoy and Usagi Tsukino, the strangest bond forming between them. Returning to Hogwarts, what difficulties will arise as more people begin discovering their relationship? Friends turn their back on the pair, even teachers frown in disapproval... There are even those who plot ways of breaking the two up! The strength of their relationship will truly be put to the test as additional feelings are revealed, more emotions are meddled with, and the discovering that blissful secrecy can't last forever...

Status: Chapter One up! Draco and Usagi must resort to careful sneaking around in order to meet... What happens when a teacher unintentionally aids them in this? Harry gives Usagi a late Christmas present...his subtle way of beginning to let her know of his feelings for her.

Usagi has made an unlikely friend with a member from Slytherin (nope, it's not our favorite blond-haired baddie!) and when the evil Draco Malfoy finds out of this friendship, there's hell to pay for her friend!... unless, of course, she makes a deal. Out of pure desperation to keep her friend safe, Usagi makes a deal with Draco Malfoy... to become his personal slave over the two week vacation approaching! During the course of her stay with him, Draco slowly realizes the full potential of this rare and wonderful oppertunity. Light against dark, innocence against lust... Will Usagi manage to find the good in Draco and bring it out into the light, or will Draco manage to find the dark desires deep within Usagi and taint her innocence?

Status: (Reposted!) COMPLETED !

Desiring Need
Draco Malfoy desires two things from Usagi Tsukino, and he'll do whatever he needs to achieve them. The only question is... for what purpose does he desire these things? Are the motives behind it all really as they appear? Nothing is crystal clear in life, and the blurry image only becomes more distorted with the mingling affairs of love, lust, and power.

Status: Chapter 13 posted! Draco's new powers are seen in action when a deadly youma strikes the powerless senshi... Everyone is rather happy about this new turn of events, but Usagi can't help her suspicions...Sort of working on Chapter 14...not sure when it will be completed.

.+ G u n d a m W i n g / / S a i l o r Mo o n +.

Kuro-Inoch Prison

Kuro-Inoch prison is home to the most powerful of prisoners... The final means for criminals too untame to put anywhere else. But what are the circumstances when the Gundam Pilots and Sailor Senshi are placed there?

Status: Prologue/Teaser posted. Not sure if I'll be updating it anytime soon.

The Predicament

Usagi wakes up after having been captured investigating a military base, the possible new hide-out of Queen Beryl. She is not alone however, two other captives tied up along with her. These two captives? Duo Maxwell and Hiro Yui... Many troubles lie in store for the three... What a predicament!

Status: Started to work on Chapter 2... not sure when it will get finished and posted, as Desiring Need and Slave are on top priority first .:sweatdrop:. -.-

Future Rendezvous ...Deleted! My very first fanfic ever... 'Twas extremely cliche and very bad in grammar and spelling, and I had no interest in trying to finish it up... so I deleted it ;/ I'm considering completely rewriting it with original content and reposting it, but I'll have to think about that. Really eager to attempt one day finishing "Slave" or working on more of "The Predicament" or maybe some more "Desiring Need."

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"New Moon," Birthday scene after Jasper's attempted attack. What if Bella was her natural clumsy self while Carlisle was fixing her wound? Putting herself in a very dangerous situation, how much control does Carlisle really have?
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