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Author has written 2 stories for Final Fantasy: Tactics, and Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン.

Hi and straight to the point is that I am a total noob at writing and I might change my opinion later if I get some reviews saying otherwise. Other than that I am writing this story:

Sword Art Online: The Second Hero - Working on Floor 1 Stage 2

Final Fantasy Tactics: In Another Perspective

Also please do insult me if the work is horrible or needs more of something because it does help even if it is rude. :)

ALSO Four characters will be used repeatedly as they are my initial character name

Jethicur or Jet always a guy

Luna always a girl and the wife of Jet

Shion always a girl and the wife of Luke

Luke always a guy


Age:15 at the end he is 18 birthday is December 25

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Blue Eyes

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5'10" --> 5'11"

Weight: 142 --> 120

Hair Style: Hair falls close to his eyes in the front with his bangs in thick spike of two and back hair overlaps with each other in three layers slightly spiked at the bottom.

Clothing: Tends to wear white clothes over black and he barely even wears visible heavy armor surprisingly the armor has a great amount of protection even though it is light equipment.

Equipment: Final Set

White Dragon Crest Coat-

Storm Tunic-

Dragon Pants-

Chaos Gloves-

Ragnarok Boots-

Appearance into the story- The Main character of the story, Floor 1

Personality: Calm, Collective, Observant, Responsive, Emotional, Honest, Thoughtful, Precise, Simple, Overconfident, Nice, and Vailant.

Bio- A gamer at heart he didn't care about the real world all that much, he was in other games either cold and rude or nice and caring. After playing SAO however had an impact on his life and he began to look forward to the real world with high expectation after graduating custom-made High School. Although he still plays VRMMORPG games to stay in touch with Rukagar who was an American that just bought the game when it came out.

HP: 9500/10000

STR: 8900/10000

DEF: 8000/10000

SPD: 8000/10000

MP 1100/10000

3/10 doesn't even bother using magic rather he only uses it in OSS attacks.

Weaknesses: Easily defeated if he does not unsheathe his final weapon, or the player he fights against out skills him with more experience in combat, other than that, threatening his allies tend to sometimes put his guard down.

In-Game Status: Leader of a Guild, Soloer, Clearer, PK-er Hunter

Outside status: Rich, Iaido practitioner, Game Nerd, Top Class Student

Extra: Called the White Swordsman a nearly legendary title by most players.

ALO Race: Spriggan

Remote Flight until Kirito teaches Jethicur to use Voluntary Flight.

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Sword Art Online: The Second Hero
We watch the world of SAO in another perspective that follows Kirito's story but we are not Kirito, we are Jethicur a teenager trapped in the world of SAO where losing means dying. It is possible for Jethicur to meet everyone that met Kirito in-game. The same story from my first story writing but now extended version.
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