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Author has written 3 stories for Phineas and Ferb, and How to Train Your Dragon.

Hi! (Yep. Great way to start my profile.) You may or may not know this but my user-name is AquaThePhoenix! (Call me Aqua.) Welcome to my profile! And if you’ve been here before then welcome back, friend! Feel free to look around, have a look at changes ect. Anyways, on to the profile!


Note: I hate to admit this guys, but I've lost interest in this website. I don't read fan-fictions on here anymore. I actually stopped a while ago. I'm not that interested in HTTYD or P and F anymore ether. I'm really sorry about this but... I'm thinking of quitting. If you would like to read fan-fics by me, please go to my DeviantART page. I make fan-fics about my three favourite YouTubers if you're interested. (Mostly Cry. No I don't mean Cry as-in tears, I mean Cry as-in the person.)

Note: I'm a member of DeviantART! Here I am!:

If you're wondering about my FanFiction user-name...

Aqua means water in Latin and phoenix is a mythical bird of fire. I turned Phoenix the mythical bird of fire into Water Phoenix the Phoenix of water.

It just seems... Uuum... I don't know... Cool?

If your wondering about my profile picture...

I found it online!

And made a few changes... *sweatdrops*

Only simple changes though.

DIGITAL COOKIE COUNT!!!: (2) Gimme digital cookies!

Now its time for an inspirational quote made by a YouTuber called Cry during a co-op with Pewds...

Quote: When life gives you bullets... CORMANDO! -Cry

Bold=New changes.

Story News

Teal Blue

Phineas and Ferb

Summary: Incomplete

Genre: Romance/Adventure

Character(s): Perry

Pairings: Phineas X Isabella (Phinbella) Perry X OC

Rating: T



How To Train Your Dragon

Summary: How did Toothless hatch? Why are Night Fury's so rare?... And why is he the only one left?... Read to find out!

Genre: Friendship/Adventure

Character(s): Toothless

Pairings: None So Far

Rating: K Plus But May Go Up To T.


The Skype Call

A Story To Help Me Overcome My Writers Block

Information: A story about my 2nd and 3rd favourite YouTubers. Starring Cry and someone else. Mostly told in third person. A lot told from Cry's POV. Some told from the other guy's POV. If you know who I mean by 'Cry' and want to read it then PM me and I'll PM you the story! It feels weird to write a story about real people... I'm very proud of this one-shot so far but sadly there's no FanFiction for real people. That's understandable I guess. I wonder if there's another website I could join to post it on... Oh well.

Current Obsessions And Interests! (In Order)

My Favourate YouTuber! (Since December) (Toby!) (Hint: Wheeeeew!)

Other YouTubers! (Two others)

How To Train Your Dragon (Since December)

Phineas And Ferb FANFICTION (To be honest, I like the FanFiction for this show more than the actual show)

Minecraft (Don't remember but several months)

Phineas And Ferb ( Since around 2009 when I discovered disney channel)


Amy The Platypus!

Name: Amy Lue Garcia

Gender: Female

Age: 16 in 'Perry! Perry's adventure'

17 in 'Teal Blue'.

33 in possible later chapters.

Personality: Adventurous, slightly crazy, tom-boyish.

Appearance: A golden, creamy light brown with the same tangerine bill, feet, and tail as Perry. She also has the same fedora. Her eyes are light orange instead of Perry's brown-ish ones with 3 eyelashes at the ends. When she's not wearing her fedora, She has 3 pricked up strands of hair like Perry's only they curl at the end to show she's female.

Extra information: 'She's a semi-aquatic egg laying mammal of action!' Amy the platypus! Basically she's a slight tom-boy whose crazy in a funny way. She likes going on adventures and being in dangerous or challenging situations. She has had a crush on Perry since she was 12 (5 years) and will be his mate in the future. The kids will be called Amber (Female) and Dillon. (male.) (Don't judge. I came up with Dillon in one of my random name call out things since he wont be involved much.)

Llliiizzzeeeyyy! Lizzy The Human!

Name: Lizzy Garcia Shapiro

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Personality: INSANE! Optimistic, hyper, creative, and her craziness creeps people out often.

Extra Information: Cousin of Isabella. She looks exactly like Isabella and has the same blue eyes as her, same face shape, and same hair shape. She has red hair like Candace only slightly darker. She is owner of Amy and knows her secret. When she was 12, she was employed as a builder and designer for OWCA.

I have more OC's but Amy and Lizzy are mostly involved in my stories so I will only put them up for now.

About Me

Bold=Skip through

Yes I am from England. Not all English people have that thick London accent though. Just imagine me with a normal common English accent. Not a posh sounding one. Just normal.

Well... I'm female... But that shouldn't change your opinion of me right? I'm a tom-boy. Think of myself as neutral. Hate Pink. dislike dresses. dislike skirts. Feel insulted if I'm called girlie. But I do wear girls T-shirts. Dont feel insulted if I'm called a 'guy' or 'bro' for some reason. I do call a group of girls 'guys'. Not sure why.

Age? I'm 14 years old. My birthdays in October but I wont say when. There's a lot of older people here on FanFiction though. That's why I felt so... pathetic and ant-like when I was 13 here. Don't feel that way though guys. I wont be looking down on anyone! Hey! I was friends with somebody 5 years younger than me once! Amy. She didn't understand some things I said though... But still. My point stands!

Sigh... I won't get anywhere if I make a long speech after each of these will I?

Appearances... Why should it matter? I have honey-blonde hair easily mistaken for brown. Its NOT died that way. I don't like hair die. Its unnatural. It's quite long. I have a fairly normal skin tone. I'm average height for my age. I have light blue eyes... I... think they have some green parts in them too... Cant be bothered to go study them in the mirror...Lets just go with light blue. Don't wear make-up at all. No eye liner, No lip gloss, No lip stick, No nail...Uum... stuff, ect.

Things I like to do: Read FanFictions whenever I can. I have a adult reading level. Never mistake words for other words if you know what I mean. Can read easily and quickly. Can imagine most scenes in stories I read and if there's no scene description my mind will automatically make up the surroundings. I sometimes watch episodes of a series on YouTube or watch episodes of Phineas and Ferb that have aired in America but not the UK yet. I sometimes play computer games.

Note: I don't like sexist people. Male or female. We are all equal. Oh, and to all the sexist boys out there who think girls are pathetic, week, and have bright pink rooms with rainbows and unicorns, We can kick serious bottom too!


1. Sup. (Greeting)

2. Oh, fudge. (Done something wrong/afraid)

3. Fudge... (Same)

4. Fudging _ (Slightly irritated)

5. What the fudge?! (Shocked/confused/afraid)

6. FUDGE! (Afraid/surprised)

(I say 'fudge' a lot.)

7. MEOW! (Irritated by cat's meowing)

8. OOO A BIRD! (...No explanation...)

9. OOO flowers! (... Again...)

10. Shuddup. (Playful joke)

Favourite genre(s) in order: 1.Romance/Adventure 2. romance 3. adventure. Yeah... Can't think of anything else. I'm a total romance nut.

You should know...

Some things I say may come across to you as rude. I NEVER mean to be rude. Hardly ever unless you have annoyed me. Believe me, I am VERY hard to annoy or anger. I'm not affected by insults. Words can't hurt. You would have to do something like... Repeatedly poke me for about... 5 minuets or call me girlie. I’m a peaceful phoenix.

I may look angry when I capitalise things. I'm not. I'm just trying to get my point across.

I accept criticism as long as it has a good ending. Not something like... “This is *! You're a *ing awful writer!” And if I get criticism like that I will simply ignore it. Also please don't use swear words in your reviews. Children could be reading.

I may give some criticism to you but please don't be angry about it. I'm just trying to help.

Extra Information...

Pistachios are awesome.

I draw what I'm thinking about. Like, if its Friday I'll draw 'FRIDAY' or something. I often draw what I'm obsessed with. For example... Toby, a Sup Guy, Cry, something I found very funny, games.

I usually only draw in class... But I do listen. I can draw and listen at the same time. Drawing actually HELPS me listen! I can't focus very well otherwise.

I've got good Minecraft knowledge and Minecraft glitch/error knowledge.

On spring break 2013... It took me a few days of watching YouTube and laughing my... face(?) off to realise how much my life and social life sucks... Oh well! Time to laugh it off as I always say.

I have bad long-distance vision. I need to wear my glasses to watch TV.

Hey!... Wanna be internet friends? *Puppy eyes*

Other Things

I accept PM's. Feel free to PM me about anything. You can PM me if: You want to comment on one of my stories without reviewing, You want me to advertise your story for you, your new to FanFiction and need help, (keep in mind I haven't even been here for a year though,) you want to ask me a question, want to know how to do something on Minecraft without having to look it up, want to chat, want to be my friend... But that would be a little weird. I wont PM you without your permission though.

Random conversation with a non-esistant being just 'cause I think I'm going insane and I'm bored time!

Me: Alright! Lets pick one or two or three...

Yoshi: Yoshi!

Me: Oh, hey Yoshi!

Yoshi: Yo yo!

Me: So... what have you been up to? Gone on another adventure with Mario recently?

Yoshi: 'Shakes head sadly' Yo yo yo... Yoshi yo yoshi yoshi yo yoshi... yo yo yo yo yo... yoshi... yo...

Me: 'Tears up' That... 'sniff' is... so... SAD! waaaah! How could your number of fans be shrinking?! No! You should talk to Mario and make sure you appear in his next adventure to save yourself from being forgotten forever! You still have me if all else fails!

Yoshi: Yoshi! Yoshi yo yo! 'Hugs me'

Me: Yay! I got a digital yoshi hug! Thanks Yoshi!

Yoshi: Yoshi!

Me: Bye!

Thank you very much for reading this! You can be sure I will be reading your profiles too! I don't know what to say next... Outro of Readingness then WavingGoodbyeNess!... What?... Bye!

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Chapter 3 now up! How did Toothless hatch? Why are Night Furys so rare?... And why is he the only one left? A Fic to help me overcome my writers block! My first HTTYD Fic.
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What happens when Phineas, Ferb and Isabella go on a adventure with their pet platypus Perry only to discover his big secret? Read to find out! This was my first FanFiction so its not the best. But its not awful... I don't think. May contain lots of spelling errors in chapters 1-3! I wasn't the best at spelling back then. Plus I forgot to spellcheck 1-3!
Phineas and Ferb - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 12 - Words: 8,664 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 8/31/2012 - Published: 8/18/2012 - Perry, Phineas - Complete