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Name: Jackrkazi141FTW

From: Sol Star System, Planet Earth, USA

Favorite TV shows: Codename: Kids Next Door, Transformers, Avatar the Last Airbender (not that legend of Korra crap), Invader Zim, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG1.

Favorite fictional characters: Zim, John "black jack" Geary, Nigel Uno, the reds from RVB, Admiral Thrawn, Scolar Visari.

"Though they sweep over our lands like the sands of winter, never again will we bow before them; never again endure their oppression; never again endure their tyranny. We will strike without warning and without mercy, fighting as one hand, one heart, one soul. We will shatter their dreams and haunt their nightmares, drenching our ancestors' graves with their blood. And as our last breath tears at their lungs; as we rise again from the ruins of our cities..." -Scolar Visari

"Hey... Yeah... You ever wonder why we're here... No, I Never Wonder Why We're here, Semper Fi bitch." -A version of Grif and Simmons opening line from RVB season 2

"Rule 1, on page 1 of the book of war, is: 'Do not march on Moscow'... Rule 2 of war is: "Do not go fighting with your land armies in China." - Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery

"To get ahead in this world you need to think outside the box... unfortunately, these days the box is really, really large." -Me

LIST of OC's:

KND Characters

Numbah 1918/ Jonathan Davis: Formerly the tactical weapons specialist of sector CAL, Numbah 1918 served with Numbah 141 as his second in command during the Beach War and is head drill sergeant and trainer for the KND fleet marines. Jonathan likes commanding from the field, always being on the front lines and in the action. He was the first member of Sector CAL that Schmitt "recruited" into his plans to prepare Earth for the coming invasion and as a result, is the most serious and no-nonsense member of the sector.

Numbah 2552/ Fritz Washington: Formerly the second in command and combat tactics officer of sector CAL, he was appointed vice admiral of the KND fleet by Numbah 141 and still serves as his second in command in the KND. In Schmitt's absence, Fritz essentially became de facto commander of the KND fleet and the primary leader of KND resistance forces on Earth during the invasion.

Directorate Characters

Numbah 1B4/ Supreme Praetor Frederick Oswald: The Supreme Praetor of the Kids New Directorate (KND) Military, Oswald commanded the military forces of the KND in the ancient times during the golden age of the KND empire. As Supreme Praetor, Oswald was second only to the KND Supremarch in rank, a position he held for the entirety of the KND's golden age and into its last days during the final war with the adults. During the Reclamation War, Oswald personally led the legions of the KND military from the frontlines during the protracted siege of the adult territories. But during the final days of the war, Oswald, realizing defeat was imminent, took his personal legion and sealed them and himself away in a secret stasis bunker located deep beneath the KND capital, planning to one day rise and take the adults by surprise, paving the way for a new KND empire.

Shock Major Viktor Strauss: Strauss is a Skasstroten, one of the Directorate's dreaded elite cybernetic shock troopers. He was commander of a Shock Regiment during the Great Revolution, during the end of the war his unit was posted to Site 32 during the final battle of the facility, where upon the activation of the Apocalypse Protocol, he and his regiment were moved to a reserve positions and placed in stasis in the bowls of the facility on standby. Strauss's regiment took severe losses over the centuries due to power failures in the lower portion of the base. As a Skasstroten, Strauss was severely injured in battle and subjected to cybernetic enhancement to improve his combat abilities, these included mechanical legs, arms and other minor enhancements. As a result he is much faster, stronger and more durable than any child or adult. Still loyal to the Autarch and the old ways of the Directorate, Strauss continues to have difficulties finding a place in the new world order.

Federation Characters:

Vice Admiral Alexi Petrenko: Schmitt's second in command in the Federation Navy, he served during Great Galactic War and runs the USF Navy in Schmitt's absence. Alexi is gifted with an almost instinctual grasp of naval strategy and military tactics, a skill that led to his quick rise through the ranks of the Navy. It is popular belief that Alexi will eventually succeed Schmitt as Grand Admiral after his retirement or death. His homeworld is Arcturus.

Numbah 141/ Grand Admiral Jack Schmitt: The former Autarch of the Directorate, and the current Grand Admiral of the United Systems Federation, Schmitt has led an extensive life long military career with over 1000 years of continuous service. At 1098 years old, he is one of the oldest citizens of the Federation and is also one of a handful of survivors from the Great Revolution that predated it's inception. Schmitt's combat abilities are augmented by his psychic powers, which he gained from an experiment performed during the Revolution. Despite his experience and combat prowess, Schmitt is not without flaws and he often walks a fine line between being a wise mentor and an arrogant old soldier. Time has made him impatient and distrusting, and 1000 years of war has turned him into a gruff and cold individual. From his time in the military he has come to expect absolute deference and confidence from all his subordinates and allies and as such is unused to others questioning his plans and demanding explanations for his actions, which has brought him into conflict with the KND on multiple occasions. In spite of this he is not insensitive to the feelings of others, especially when it comes to war and does truly care about the well being of his men and allies. He still harbors an intense, though mostly dulled, hatred for adults because of the Revolution.

Confederate Characters:

Field Commander Arthurs Vosky: Ex-Grand General of the USF army, Arthurs entered the USF military early in life after being inspired by stories of the Federation's war torn past. He served as an army commander during the Great Galactic War, an event that lent him a great deal of command experience and public renown. Arthurs has always been a vocal opponent of the policies and ideals represented by his opposite, Grand Admiral Schmitt. No one is sure when or how he first became involved with the KMC, only that it was before the GGW. Arthurs has often been considered a ruthless and cold commander, willing to sacrifice innocents and non-combatants in order to achieve his goals. Along with that, Arthurs possesses an inflated sense of self importance as well as a high degree of self confidence and pride. Despite all of this, Arthurs is in some senses, a coward, preferring to lead from behind the lines where he is at least risk and though his is willing to take matters into his own hands, more often he prefers to assign others tasks that he himself is too stubborn or prideful to do. His homeworld is Mars

High Commodore Aleksander Imnis: A High Commander of the Confederate Military, Imnis is the top authority over Confederate forces in the Federation's corner of the galaxy. A sophisticated, high class officer, Imnis comes from a long line military family, with connections reaching back a thousand years to the Great Revolution on Earth. Imnis was born into the Confederacy like many high ranking officers, many attribute his rise to power to the connections accumulated by his family over the centuries. As High Commander, Imnis acts as KMC High Commands envoy to the frontline forces during the Invasion of Earth and as an overseer to monitor Arthurs actions.

Sub Commander Cameron Kreller: Before he deserted to the KMC, Kreller was a low ranked general in the USF army, who served during the Great Galactic War. However, during the war Kreller's entire division was wiped out during an attack on an enemy stronghold, which was ordered by Admiral Schmitt. Kreller blamed Schmitt for the loss of his men and soon after deserted the army, believing that he could no longer trust the Federation Military. When Kreller joined up with the Confederacy, he was placed in charge of a special operations brigade, of which Nigel Uno was a part of. Kreller served as Nigel's CO for the entire time he was a part of the KMC, up until Nigel deserted to return to Earth. Like Schmitt, Kreller is a Great Revolution veteran, and after joining the Confederacy, Kreller took to wearing his old Directorate Army insignia in place of the standard Confederate model. Kreller is a tough, dedicated commander, who sees his men less as subordinates and more as brothers in arms. He can be somewhat sentimental at times, giving himself the persona of a reflective old man, rather than a commanding officer. He is a kind hearted person, but with rigid ideals and morals, of which he refuses to compromise no matter how much trouble it brings him.

Story Song Themes:

A little side project I started out of curiosity to see if I could find songs that fit the characters, events and factions in my story. I thought it would also help readers (if anyone looks at my profile) a better idea of the personality/disposition of the characters and organizations, plus the songs make for some nice background music while reading. Most of these can be found on YouTube


Schmitt's Theme: Sacred Worlds" by Blind Guardian

Arthurs' Theme: The Last Crusade" by Epica

Kreller's Theme:

Imnis' Theme:


The Federation: "The Mandate" Opening Theme

The Confederacy: "Cadia" by HMKids

The Kids Militant Directorate (KMD): "Authoritarian Theme 2" SimCity Societies Soundtrack

The KND Empire (New Directorate): "Iron Legion" Battalion Wars 2 Soundtrack

The KND: "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons


The War with the Adults (The Great Revolution): "Age of Strife" by HMKids

The Golden Age of the KND Empire: "Europa Nazione" by Legionarii

The Confederate Resurgence (The 3rd System War): "The Dark and Endless Dalek Night" Doctor Who Series Soundtrack

The Great Galactic War: "Destiny Into Darkness" Planetary Annihilation Soundtrack

X-Day (The Confederate Conquest of Earth): "ASAP" by Two Steps From Hell

OC Factions and Races:

(My mind tends to wander in between chapters, which is why most of the factions and characters listed are much better described and laid out than in the story)

The K.M.D. (Kid's Militant Directorate): The ancestral faction of the both the KMC and the USF, the KMD, or as it is commonly referred to, the Directorate, was a rebel army of kids and teens turned military superpower that ruled over two thirds of the Earth over one thousand years ago. Formed out of a revolution where both kids and teens joined together to overthrow the adult government of their home nation, the KMD prospered thanks to innovations gleamed from alien technology, and quickly evolved to become the dominant nation on Earth. The KMD was in essence, an authoritarian military state, where all citizens functioned as extensions of the Directorate Army, with a single leader, an Autarch, acting as dictator of the entire system. Under the direction of Lord Autarch Schmitt, the Directorate waged a massive global war against all over nations on Earth for domination of the planet and the emancipation of all kids and teens. This conflict became known as the Great Revolution and eventually devolved into a hellish, apocalyptic extermination war that devastated the planet and led to the near extinction of the human race. The Directorate eventually lost the war and fled to Mars in hopes of rebuilding and returning, leaving many remants of the war behind on Earth. However, the years in exile eventually led to a fracturing of ideals amongst the survivors, which culminated in a civil war where the Directorate was effectively split down the middle, effectively ending its existence. The Directorate was characterized by its highly advanced military technology, which is considered high tech even by modern standards, as well as its virulent child supremacist ideals and deep rooted hatred for adults.

The K.M.C. (Kids Militiant Confederacy): One of the primary antagonist factions of the KND Chronicles series, the Kids Militiant Confederacy, or just the Confederacy, is a ragtag army of rebels, pirates and outcasts from the Federation. The Confederacy was born out of the remnants of the old Directorate, who fled the Sol System at the end of the Federation Civil War and many of its surviving commanders and soldiers are either veterans of the Revolution or direct descendants of members of the Directorate. The Confederacy has sworn to bring down the Federation for betraying and exiling them, they have sworn a similar oath against the adults as well for the exact same reasons. While the KMC is willing to work with alien races to reach its goals, they are also strong supporters of human supremacy and as a result, are semi-xenophobic. While the Confederacy maintains a network of hidden bases and outposts throughout the Federation's sector of the galaxy, the core of the Confederacy's power as well as its High Command are located in another, unknown sector of the galaxy. This sector is kept a close secret, to insure it stays that way, Confederate personnel are forbidden from visiting or even knowing the location of the High Command sector. Even the Confederacy's top commanders are only allowed communication with this sector and only the KMC's best and brightest are offered a chance to actually go there, though none are allowed to return.

The U.S.F. (United Systems Federation): The primary protagonist faction of the KND Chronicles arc, commonly referred to in story as the Federation, the USF is an intergalactic civilization of kids and teenagers united under the shared goal of peace, prosperity and the right to live their lives free of adult oppression. Founded over a thousand years ago, the Federation was initially created by the survivors of the Kids Militiant Directorate on Mars during the aftermath of the Great Revolution. The Federation's is equal parts peaceful and bloody, having fought countless wars against the Confederates and the myriad of alien races that crowd it's borders, the Federation has developed as a somewhat martial and guarded society. The Federation is totally democratic and is run by a civilian high council with the military high command separate from the main government in order to avoid corruption from political influence and idealism. While not xenophobic, the Federation is essentially an isolationist state, caring not for the matters of the galactic community and preferring to focus efforts on its own advancement and growth. Following the Great Galactic War this has begun to change, it is also important to note that besides the Zigaren, no alien races are allowed into Federation space beyond the border colonies. The Federation encompasses over 200 star systems in the Milky Way Galaxy and is one of the dominant galactic powers, though these numbers have decreased dramatically as a result of the Great War.

The Samteer (Samteerian Empire): The Samteer are a race of humanoid aliens hailing from the planet Samteerus, standing at around 6ft-7ft tall average, they possess five fingered hands and angular feet with three toes. Their heads are bald with small tufts of fur and a layer if hard bone on the top that looks sort of like a helmet. Their faces are mostly human like except they have flat noses and cheeks and their features are very angular. The Samteerians are an imperialistic and martial race of soldiers, conquerers and warlords. They believe strongly in survival of the fittest and that dominance and expansion are necessary for prosperity. Samteerian society is ruled through a system of dictators and warlords answering to one supreme emperor. The Samteerian's belief that they were the rightful dominant race in the galaxy brought them into conflict with the USF during the Great Galactic War. At the climax of the GGW, the Samteerian homeworld was ravaged by a series of prolonged orbital bombardments by the Federation navy, killing the current emperor and high command and forcing the remains of the Empire to accept USF terms of surrender. Following the end of the war, the Empire's outer systems and border colonies shattered into disarray as independent warlords fought over personal power, however the core Samteerian worlds remained under the sway of the true Empire. The Samteer Empire, though diminished, still remains as a prominent force in the galaxy.

The S.P.C. (Sollarian Planetary Coalition): A faction that is essentially and alliance between several different alien races. A diverse organization, the SPC is essentially no more than an emergency military alliance, forged by several small but powerful empires that felt that by combining their strength they could gain more territory and power. The SPC, despite being an "alliance", is really only a title as each race tends to keep to its own unless it feels the need to work with others. This has led to much dissension in it's ranks, infighting between some the more powerful races over technology and resources is fairly common. No one race rules the SPC, though many have tried and met with varying degrees of success. The key lies in technology, most races in the SPC are evenly matched on this front so acquiring new and advanced tech has become a primary concern of the races of the SPC. Most often each race prefers to steal the tech rather than develop it, the regular raiding operations conducted by their individual militaries has led to the SPC forces being given the reputation of space pirates. The SPC sided with the Samteer in the Great War only because they viewed the USF's defeat at the hands of the Samteerian Empire as an inevitability. When the Federation in turn crushed the empire, the SPC was quick to sign numerous armistices and non-aggression pacts with the USF. The SPC remained largely intact from the war and to this day is still one of the dominant galactic powers.

The Zigaren Republic: The Zigaren are another powerful race native to the Milky Way Galaxy. Zigarens are reptilian in appearance, looking somewhat like a cross between a 6ft tall velociraptor and a crocodile. Zigaren possess thick, scaly skin but no tail. Their heads are angular like a velociraptor's, with back jointed legs and four arms. Zigaren are naturally strong and physically fit, a single Zigaren can lift twice his own body weight and can run for hours without tiring. The Zigaren are a proud and honorable people, their history is of a highly feudal nature, with honor bound knights and warriors engaging in medieval like warfare over land and disputes of honor. While the Zigaren are a warlike and martial people they are not like the Samteer. The Zigaren value peace and freedom as well as individual liberty, coupled with their unshakable sense of honor, makes them a strong but gentle people. The Zigaren are fierce allies of the USF, although the Federation and the Republic fought a brief first contact war long ago, many people have over looked that in the grand scheme of things. The Zigaren were the first race the USF encountered during its early years and as such they are the Federations oldest and closest ally. To date, the Zigaren are the only alien species that the USF has allowed further into their territory than the border. The Zigaren fought alongside the Federation in the Great War, primarily fighting the SPC while the USF fought the Samteerians. Like all participants in the Great War, the Zigaren territories sustained significant damage during the conflict and are still in the process of rebuilding.

Important Conflicts in KND Chronicles Series:

The Great Revolution: The Great Revolution (also known as the Last Great Revolution and the First War of Uprising) was the very first war between kids and adults. The Revolution took place more than 1000 years prior to the start of the KND's 7th age and marked the first time when kids took up arms against adult oppression. The original child revolutionaries who started the war, formed the Kids Militiant Directorate (KMD) a rebel army dedicated to overthrowing adult control of the world. Lead by the self proclaimed supreme ruler of the Directorate, Autarch Jack Schmitt, the KMD launched a series of rebellions and uprisings across the continent of North America, which at the time was home to the National Republic of Anhur. After the KMD managed to secure most of the west coast, the revolution turned into a full war between the KMD and the Anhurian Military. Aided by alien technologies discovered in the secret Anhurian military research base, Site 32, the KMD began to turn the tide against the more numerous and advanced Anhurian military forces. It was at this point that the Republic realized it could not afford to trifle with the rebels any longer and chose to enter full total war against the KMD. Using the technologies they had recovered, the KMD engineered unstoppable engines of war and terrifying weapons of mass destruction, allowing them to further dominate dwindling adult forces. By the end of the first year of the war, the KMD had captured the Anhurian capital and broken the back of adult resistance on the continent. But the Autarch was not satisfied and turned his sights on the rest of the world. Bolstering his army with conscripts from the Anhurian continent as well as kid resistance cells abroad, the Directorate built up its forces over the course of a full year before waging a war for total global domination against the other adult nations. Fearing total annihilation, the other countries of the world initiated nuclear strikes against the KMD territories, wiping out huge swathes of the KMD army and devastating entire portions of the planet in the process. Enraged over the mass slaughter, the Directorate switched from a war of conquest, to a campaign of genocide. A titanic war of extermination broke out across the world as both sides attempted to eradicate the other. The apocalyptic war ravaged the planet, turning it into a bleak wasteland over the course of the next five years. Depleted from the nuclear strikes, the KMD was eventually pushed back to the doorstep of the first city they had conquered. However, rather than face defeat and assured execution at the hands of the adults, the Autarch revealed a secret project that had been constructed during the course of the six year war, an interplanetary colony ship. In the final days of the war, the Autarch and 50,000 of the Directorate's remaining forces boarded the ship and escaped the planet, leaving the remainder of the Directorate to fight to the death against the adults back on Earth. In the aftermath of the war, the remnants of the KMD made landfall on mars. Swearing revenge against the adults, the KMD began to rebuild, into what would eventually become the United Systems Federation.

The Federation Civil War: The Civil War was the first ever conflict waged by the Federation. The Civil War erupted exactly 70 after the end of the Great Revolution, at the time the resurgent Kids New Directorate, was waging its Global War for Domination against the adults back on Earth. The remains of the KMD in exile on Mars, had rebuilt much of their society and had expanded their reach by establishing small colonies in the asteroid belt and on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. After hearing of the New Directorate's war with the adults, much of the old Directorate High Command and military desired to return and help the KND finish the war with the adults, so that they could finally claim the Earth as their own. However, Autarch Schmitt refused to allow his people to throw their lives away in another pointless war on Earth and forbid the Directorate from participating. Outraged by the Autarch's decision, the members of High Command attempted to take control of the KMD military and usurp the Autarch's rule. The ensuing conflict broke the Directorate in two, most of the old guard and military sided with the High Command forming the Directorate Nationalists, while the newest members of the Directorate and a few dogged commanders, stayed with the Autarch, forming the Directorate Loyalists. Both sides squared off in a four month long conflict that spanned the Solar System. In the end, the loyalists were victorious, but the 15,000 remaining Nationalists escaped the Sol System and vowed revenge on the Autarch and their former comrades. The aftermath of the war halved the Directorate's population and they were forced to abandon many of their newly created colonies. In deep space, the Nationalists formed the Kids Militiant Confederacy (KMC) and set out to build their own empire. Back in the Sol System, the Autarch reformed the KMD into the United Systems Federation and stepped down as supreme ruler, handing power over to a newly created, democratic high council.

The Great Galactic War: A recent struggle in the history of the galaxy, the Great Galactic War or GGW was fought over 9 years before the KMC invasion of Earth. Starting in the Federation year 1058 A.E, it lasted for a full decade and saw loses that reached the hundreds of billions on all sides. The war was fought between two alliances, the alliance between the Samteerian Empire and the SPC (Solar Planet Coalition) and the alliance between the USF (United Systems Federation) and the Zigaren Republic. During the war, the two sides fought over a thin line of space situated between the borders of the 4 galactic powers. Due to similar strengths on all sides, battles eventually devolved into mass conflicts of attrition. Systems would fall only to be retaken two weeks later by a stronger force. Fortresses and trench works that stretched across planets would be taken and lost in weeks and months. But neither side could advance further than two systems beyond the border before being stopped by planetary defense fleets and enemy reinforcements. In it's tenth year, the war came to a head when a joint fleet of Federation and Zigaren warships managed to penetrate the Samteerian defense lines, attacking the exposed shipyards and supply bases directly behind, which crippled the Empire's defense strategy. A month later, the joint fleet reached the Samteerian homeworld and capital. After a pitched space battle, the Zigaren forces managed to hold off Samteerian reinforcements long enough for the Federation Navy to launch an apocalyptic orbital bombardment which ravaged the surface of the planet, exterminating all life and destroying the Samteerian leadership and military high command. Following the destruction of their homeworld and the death of the emperor, the Samteerian chain of command fractured as numerous sub commanders and despots jumped at the chance to seize total political power. In the chaos that followed, Federation forces stormed across the border and overcame the last of the Empire's defenses. With the Empire on the verge of total collapse, the remaining Samteerian commanders were forced to sign an armistice with the Federation, and turned their sights towards re-stabilizing the Empire. With the Samteerians out of the picture, the SPC, knowing they would not stand long against both the Federation and Zigaren, immediately petitioned for peace and signed various treaties with the the two factions to insure that their empire survived the war. With the signing of the final USF-SPC treaty, the Great Galactic War came to an official end in the Federation year 1068 A.E.

The Reclamation War: The war between kids and adults pictured in Operation: ARCHIVE. To put into context, 330 years after the end of the Great Revolution, the Kids New Directorate on Earth began experiencing widespread discontent among their adult workforce. After the Wigglestein incident, the KND imperial council and ruling Supremarch exiled the adults to the northern regions of what would eventually become Canada. Over the course of the next 60 years, the adults built up their own civilization and began to rival the KND empire in terms of industry and technological development. The KND empire, fearing the adults would seize control of the planet once more, launched a preemptive invasion of the adult territories, in order to crush their fledgling civilization before they could surpass the KND. KND Legions initiated massive ground and aerial assaults on the adult cities using huge fleets of bombers and siege craft. Over the course of the next 7 years, the KND forces slowly whittled away the adult's empire, however, the adults managed to dig in around their last few cities and hold off the KND's advance for several years. The KND military, unable to supplement their forces with new kids, was slowly whittled away during this war of attrition. In the 7th year of the war, the adults initiated mass production of the Strider (Octopaddler), a weapon they used to break the siege lines around their last cities. With the KND military concentrated in a thin ring around the cities, there were few forces left to stop the adults as they rampaged across KND territory with their new weapons. The Legion commanders attempted to redeploy their forces to meet this new offensive, but in doing so they weakened the siege perimeter and allowed further adult forces to break through. The war fractured into a dozen shifting fronts as it moved from the northern adult territories into the heartland of the KND. Uncountable lives were lost over the course of the next 3 years. In the final days of the war, the adult armies cornered the last KND Legions at their capital city, forcing them into a last stand. Rather than submit to the adult's rule, the remaining Imperial leaders and citizens embarked upon an exodus to the moon, using an experimental starship developed during the war. Back on Earth, the Supreme Praetor of the Legions, knowing defeat was imminent, hid himself and his legion away in the bowls of the capital's command bunker, hoping to one day emerge and take revenge on the adults. With the KND empire defeated, the adults began rounding up the surviving imperial citizens and incorporating them into their new civilizations. However, only a few short years after their victory, the adult leaders had a falling out and the new civilization fractured into a hundred pieces that spread out across the globe, laying the seeds for what would eventually become the nations that inhabit the world during the present era.

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